Shocking Discoveries, Part 1 - From Lt Camden

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Shocking Discoveries, Part 1 - From Lt Camden

Postby Daystrom Admin » Mon Mar 01, 2004 10:21 pm

Subject: Shocking discoveries - Part 1
Date: 6/1/1999 9:14 AM US Mountain Standard Time
From: Lt Camden

Shocking Discoveries
Part I

A small, graceful Dominion warship streaked across the stars, and away from the destruction inflicted by the Daystrom. Inside a detention cell, Adam Camden was beginning to stir from the unconsciousness caused by a rifle blow to the head. He sat up and attempted to focus his eyes. Immediately, he could tell he was in a different location. This cell was much too clean and well lit to be underground. As he focused his eyes,
they fell upon the Vorta he'd come to know and dislike intently.
The Vorta stood with his hands clasped in front of him, looking almost humble and unassuming. Adam would have thought him concerned if it were not for the large smile adorning his face. The Vorta extended his hands and spoke, "Lieutenant! I'm so glad you've finally woke up! I thought you were going to sleep forever. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Jardel, a servant of the Founders."
Adam ran his fingers through the small bit of hair on top of his head. He was still trying to get his bearings and did not respond to the Jardel's false pleasantries. Jardel continued, "You'll be happy to know your shipmates have been safely rescued and are back onboard your ship." False delight became obvious distaste with his next words, "Of course, being a primitive culture, they could not accept success graciously and had to level everything
before they left."
Adam couldn't help but let out a laugh. From Jardel's voice, he could tell the facilities destruction was unplanned. He responded with happiness in his voice, "Your war plans slipping?"
Jardel was not affected by Adam's baiting and continued calmly, "On the contrary, things are proceeding according to plan. The Founder has infiltrated your crew with no trouble. The cure will be found, and with the Founders strengthened, this war will come to a quick termination."
Adam spoke with anger to the Vorta, "My shipmates will find that changeling out. Then, he can join the others the Federation has captured, observing their defeat from a Federation prison."
Jardel became obviously enraged by the reminder that several of his gods had been discovered in their espionage and were now Federation prisoners of war. His somber tone became soft and almost demonic as he spoke to Adam, "By the time your crew discovers who "you" really are, they will be observing their defeat.......from the afterlife."

Light years away, on the USS Daystrom, the Founder stood in front of a mirror and observed the form he now took. A smile crossed his face as he saw his form and appearance were stable. Although he would required frequent periods of rest, he felt strong and stable enough to complete this mission.
The Founder was happy with the successes he had already achieved. He had passed through the Federation screening process with little difficulty. The blood that had been taken from Lieutenant Camden had adequately fooled the Federation doctors. Best of all, the ship was now on a course for Earth, where the Founder would have access to any data he wanted. He had expected to have to ask to return to Earth, but was glad to not have to. This
way, no suspicion would be aroused.
As a voice came over the intercom, the Founder turned his head and listened. It was the voice of Lieutenant Arissa Skaya. She spoke with determination and authority in her voice, "All away team members bring their mission uniforms to the science lab."
The Founder furrowed his morphed, human brow, slightly confused at this request. He figured it was a Federation procedure he was unfamiliar with. Or perhaps someone was still suspicious of their easy victory. He was determined to find out and eliminate any possible problems. The Founder did not worry about the clothes as he had worn Camden's uniform instead of shaping one from his body. By dressing with actual clothes, the Founder had less
parts of his body that could show signs of his disease.
After retrieving the uniform, the Founder proceeded to the science lab where he found Arissa. He placed the uniforms in front of her and smiled, "Here are the uniforms you asked for. What's going on?"
"Hello Lieutenant. Put the uniforms over on that table," Arissa said, continuing to read her PADD as she pointed to a table in the corner.
The Founder placed the uniform over on the table and walked back over to Arissa. Arissa grabbed her tricorder and walked over to the table. Adam followed close behind her and said, "So what's going on?"
"Just doing a routine investigation," she said, keeping her eyes on her tricorder. "We can't be too careful. It seemed just a little too easy for us to escape."
The Founder smiled, covering his shock at her intuition, "Easy? I guess that depends on what side you were on. But what do you hope to find anyway?"
She looked up at him with a serious expression and spoke grimly, "It's what I hope not to find. Traces of a changeling."
The Founder furrowed his brow. She was apparently more intuitive than he'd thought. He had to find some way of stopping this investigation before he was discovered. "A changeling? We did a blood test. Doesn't that pretty much rule that possibility out? Besides, aren't they all infected with that virus that destroys their morphing abilities?"
Arissa returned her attention to her tricorder. As she looked for residue from a changeling, she spoke with determination, "Well, I'm sure there are ways of overcoming anything if you're determined enough. We can't be too sure."
The Founder could see he would not be able to sway Arissa from this course of action. He decided to try a different approach. If he could become part of her effort, he could destroy any possibly damaging evidence before it came to light. "I guess you're right. Is there anything I can do to help? I am thoroughly trained in Security and Intelligence."
Arissa looked up and smiled weakly. It was not in her nature to trust anyone, especially someone who, in her mind, could be the very one she was searching for. "I couldn't have you be part of the investigation. It would raise too many suspicions." She lowered her voice and leaned closer to the Founder, "Besides, you are one of those under suspicion. You, along with Commander Acura and Doctor Ranau were separated from each other. I'm afraid
that's the way it has to be."
The Founder could again see Arissa's determination. He could also see that anymore attempts to intercede would only raise suspicion. He decided to take another route to solving the problem. "I suppose you're right. Let me know if you need anything."
The Founder walked out of the lab and to a nearby turbolift. As the doors closed, he cringed in pain as his hand violently morphed. His illness was becoming more severe, and the situation more critical. He had to attain the cure quickly if he was to survive and succeed in this mission. With that, he decided to proceed with his search now instead of waiting to arrive at Earth.

Arissa sat in the lab reading over countless lab results. She had spent a significant amount of time testing the uniforms she had received in a meticulous effort to find anything suspicious. As she waited for the computer to finish another test, she noticed her eyelids becoming heavy, and she decided it was time for some caffeine. She called out to the replicator behind her, "Computer, tea."
She entered a few more commands into the computer and then took her tea from the replicator. As she sipped it, she smiled in approval, "This should keep me going for a little while."
She returned to her seat and sat the cup beside her. When the computer chirped, she pulled the results from the latest test. As she read down the results, her face broke into a smile. Her suspicions had been confirmed. She jumped from her chair, leaving the lab to inform the Captain. As she walked to the door, her vision became blurry and the room started spinning. She grabbed the wall, trying to steady herself.
She tapped her comm badge, "Medical emergency in the science lab." As she approached the door, she collapsed and became unconscious.
From behind her, a figure stepped from the shadows. It was the Founder, who looked over her with an evil grin. He proceeded to Arissa's terminal where he deleted her latest findings which incriminated him. Then, he returned his stare to her, lying on the floor. Figuring her dead, he left to begin his search.

To be continued
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Shocking Discoveries, Part 2 - From Lt Camden

Postby Daystrom Admin » Mon Mar 01, 2004 10:22 pm

Subject: Shocking discoveries - Part 2
Date: 6/1/1999 9:14 AM US Mountain Standard Time
From: Lt Camden

Shocking Discoveries
Part 2

The Founder sat in Lieutenant Camden's office tapping at the keyboard. He was attempting to connect to the mainframe of Starfleet Intelligence and find the cure his people so desperately needed, but could not gain access. The Founder cringed as his arm morphed slightly. His condition was quickly worsening, so it was even more imperative that the cure be found.
He winced as the computer returned with another message of 'Access Denied.' Surely Camden's security codes were sufficient to get into this computer. The Founder decided to try another approach, "Computer. Why can I not access this mainframe."
The computer replied, "Access to intelligence files is limited to the computer core terminal."
The Founder grinned slightly, closer to his objective. He leapt from his chair and headed for the computer core.

Arissa opened her eyes and attempted to focus on her surroundings. Above her, she saw the face of Doctor Gail Ranau, who was tending to her. Arissa tried to sit up, but Gail took her arm and said, "Easy there. Just relax."
Arissa laid back down on the biobed. She was confused and a little frightened, "What happened to me?"
Gail responded calmly, "You were apparently poisoned. A plant residue was put in your tea. It's invisible to the toxicology scans, but I caught it on another scan."
Arissa became stonefaced as her mind finally put all the pieces together. She'd discovered the changeling aboard and he'd attempted to kill her to keep his cover intact. She knew she had to act quickly in order to prevent it from happening again. She jumped up from the bed and headed for the door, "Computer, locate Lieutenant Camden."
"Lieutenant Camden is in the computer core," the computer responded.
"Security to the computer core. We have an intruder," Arissa called out as she walked out the door.

Down in the computer core, the Founder navigated deeper and deeper into the mainframe of Starfleet Intelligence. Although the process was taking quite a while, he was pleased with his progress. After a little more navigating, he found a series of encrypted files. He entered a series of commands that activated a Dominion cracking program, and after only a few seconds of waiting, found himself looking at the information he'd come for.
The Founder let out a breath of relief and a smile as he downloaded the information onto a PADD. With this information, the Founders would regain their strength and lead the Dominion to victory over the Federation.
The sound of a door opening caused the Founder to jerk his head up from his task. Arissa walked through the door and walked towards him. From her expression and speed, the Founder knew he had been discovered. He tapped the console and activated a forcefield around the room.
Arissa spoke with determination as she walked, "Stop right there. I know who you are. I don't know what you've done with Lieutenant Camden, or even if he's still alive, but you're not going to succeed."
The Founder calmly looked up at her and drew his phaser, "I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I've already succeeded. As for Lieutenant Camden, if he is dead, you'll soon see him."
The Founder took aim with his phaser at Arissa and fired..........
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