Knock the Stuffin' Out of 'Em - From Nghtengail

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Knock the Stuffin' Out of 'Em - From Nghtengail

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Subject: Knock the Stuffin' Out of 'Em
Date: 6/8/1999 10:08 PM US Mountain Standard Time
From: Nghtengail

A Dailey Enterprise...

Gail watched Jor-El walk out of the gymnasium with his head bowed slightly, his appointment with the Counselor pending. Twirling the boxing gloves by their laces, Gail fumed a bit on her own. How dare they! Grrrrrr... She growled to herself, angry beyond words at what the Dominion had down to Jor during his incarceration. Why I'd like to kick their'd like to...Suddenly the glove she was twirling in her hands caught
Gail's attention. She glanced around the empty room as she slipped the gloves on, then walked over to the punching bag that she'd forced Jor-El to punch earlier.
"I'd like to deck them," she gave the bag a moderate punch. "Knock their teeth in..." She punched again, watching the bag swing. "Bash their brains in..." Gail started to punch the bag hard, and in rapid succession, "BREAK EVERY BONE IN THERE BODIES!" Whether it was from the residual effect from taste of anger Jor-El had projected to her or her own rage at what had been done to her husband, Gail's punches came fast and furious. Sure, the scene
wasn't as pretty as Jor-El's punches, his training making his punches look graceful even when he was angry. But they were serving their purpose, to vent her own anger. Until Gail noticed that the bag wasn't as heavy as it was when she started.
She stopped punching, holding out her gloved hands to stop the bag's swing and looked down. Her eyebrow quirked and she smirked at the mess on the floor below the bag. "Gee, looks like ya knocked the stuffin' out of it, Hell'n Gaily." She slipped off the gloves and wiped the sweat off her forehead with the back of her hand. Sauntering out of the room, she tossed the gloves at an officer just entering the gymnasium. "Better have the custodial crew
stop by...someone left a mess in there." She smirked, feeling a little more like her old self again.
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