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Kal El's Bio

Postby Kal El » Thu Nov 09, 2006 10:07 pm


Rank: Lt jg.
Current assignment: Ship’s Counselor, USS Phoenix
Full Name: Kalel Ballard
Date of birth: April 1, 2341 (current age 35yrs)
Place of Birth: Atlanta, Georgia
Parents: Jor El and Laura Marie Ballard
Education: University of Notre Dame and Starfleet Academy (2359-2367)
Marital status: Married
Wife: Anita Nicole Ballard
Children (2): Jor El (10 boy) and Laura Ockham (7 girl)

Training History:
University of Notre Dame:
BS: Psychology

Starfleet Academy:
Martial Arts
Security Studies

Personal History:
Kal El grew up in a small suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. His father worked two jobs to provide for the family while his mother stayed home with Kal El and his four brothers. Home schooled by their mother, all excluded in different academic areas: Kal El in history and philosophy.

At the University of Notre Dame, Kal El became active in the mentoring program and peer tutoring. He was also a star quarterback for the football team. He excelled in all classes and graduated with a 4.0 grade point average and as valedictorian of his class in 2363.

While attending Notre Dame, Kal El also reunited with Anita Nicole Ockham, a neighbor from Atlanta. They grew up three houses apart and played together with their siblings as children until her father, Wolfgang Ockham was asked to join Starfleet Intelligence as a civilian liaison. After that he never heard from her until they ended up in the same College Algebra class. In college, both served as peer tutors and became reacquainted. They quickly fell in love and were married a month before Kal El started Starfleet.

The academy again gave Kal El a chance to excel academically. He was in the top 3 of his class. He was given his first assignment as ship’s counselor aboard the USS Atreides. During his service there he saved the life of a Vulcan named Merrick.

Aboard the USS Atreides, Kal El excelled and rose quickly in rank. He and Anita had their first child and named him Jor El after Kal El’s father. Their second child was born three years later. She is named Laura Ockham.

Shortly after the birth of Laura, Kal El was recruited by Starfleet Intelligence to be Ship’s Counselor for the USS Phoenix.

Anita Ballard
Kal El
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