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Pierre Remi Trabeaux

Postby Dr. Trabeaux » Thu Dec 01, 2005 8:56 pm

Dr. Pierre Remi Trabeaux

DOB: October 4
NEW New Orleans

Parents: Lt. Gen Jacques Alain Trabeaux
Madeleine Rive Trabeaux

Age: 32 Rank: Lt

Current Duty Station: Chief Medical Officer USS Phoenix

Biographical Profile

Section A: Training History
-Pre-med Degree University of Alabama

-Spacefleet Academy, Marine Corps Option (medical; Rank: 100 of 262)

-Holds a 4th Dan black belt in Shen Chuan a striking, locking, throwing art. Major components are the concepts and principles of MODERN KENPO, and KOREAN HAPKIDO, but Professor's Wally Jay's unique approach to JU-JITSU is also a vital element in the development of the system, as is the influence of AIKIDO and AIKIJITSU, as well as numerous styles of Gung Fu, Judo, wrestling, boxing, Thai boxing, American Kick Boxing, Arnis, Jeet Kune Do, Dim Mak principles.

-Has numerous awards for accuracy with throwing weapons. At one point competed at what would be considered the national level.

Section B: Personal History
Pierre was born in NEW New Orleans Louisiana 84 years ATBO (after the big one). He was raised in the true military brat fashion moving every few years where ever his father’s career would take him. Pierre was always partial to the southern United States and returned there as soon as he could get out of his fathers house. He attended the University of Alabama where his life took an unscheduled twist. Pierre ran into case of being at “the wrong place at the wrong time” and was brought up on criminal charges by the school. General Trabeaux pulled some strings and got Pierre in Starfleet as opposed to going to jail.

Pierre took the Marine Corps option to try and get some distance between himself and his father. After 7 years in the corps Trabeaux decided he needed to distance himself further from his father. His commander at the time, Col. Sanders, had it on good authority that the USS Phoenix was going to be transferred to intel. Sanders was Pierre’s mentor, the closest thing he ever had to a father, he taught Pierre everything he knew about military tactics. So when Sanders recommended Pierre get reassigned Trabeaux begged, bribed, and pulled every string he had to get assigned to the Nix.

Psychological Profile:
Pierre has very serious aggression issues with his father. Military family relationships are well documented in Starfleet, and never have I known a case as drastic as this one. Fortunately, his aggression has only manifested itself in the form of insubordination, and only toward his father. I am not sure where this aggression stems from, but since Gen. Trabeaux will not press charges on his son little can be done about it. I don’t foresee Pierre escalating this odd activity in any way that would affect his career, provided Gen. Trabeaux doesn’t press charges. Considering Pierre’s training and ability in the martial arts, the fact that he has restrained himself from actual violence speaks volumes about him.


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