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Federation Klingon Alliance New Business

Postby Capt Kevin Acura » Mon Oct 31, 2005 10:28 pm

I am sending this so that all of you in the group can know what's going on in FKA. There are some exciting things going on and I hope that some of you out there are eager to join in. All input is welcome.

First let's take a look at the boards ...

The boards have been now clearly divided into more user friendly sections. Each ship has been arranged on the boards alphabetically and Each ship has it's desired categories. If any ship would like an additional category it's Hosts have only but to put in a request to one of the board Administrators or to me in Email form.

Also on the boards. Members of FKA are now free to post avatars and ship/Sim tags. We have a small team of volunteers willing to help those that are unable to create their own forum art.

And there is now ranking. Contact your Sim host for request. What is ranking? See board topics in Lounge.

Now let's take a look at the Hornet ...

The Hornet is FKA's newsletter and it needs staff members/volunteers. The newsletter is looking for people willing to do interviews, articles, comedy, research and maybe help with some of the graphical content. There will be contest and polls on the Hornet that just may determine the direction of the organization as a whole. Input is needed. The Hornet is created by you for you.

The upcoming election for FKA command is coming up. Make sure if you are interested you make it known to your ships Hosts!

Organization growth. FKA has been in talks with several individuals that may possible create a Klingon Sim for FKA. This is in the works and there are no confirmations. If there is anyone interested in this ... please ... again let your host know.

There are two sims that are showing interest in possibly joining FKA. You, the forum, will be notified when and if that becomes more of a confirmed reality.

Please make sure that everyone on your sims have applied for membership to the boards so that they can post and become more of a part of the FKA community.

Please make sure that you are aware of the newsletter links, the boards and topics therein.

Send Pertinent Email to: CaptKevinAcura@aol.com
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