Run for FKA Commander Post

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Run for FKA Commander Post

Postby ltcdrjohnsams » Tue Nov 15, 2005 9:35 pm

To the Council and FKA members:

I am hereby announcing my bid for FKA Commander!

John Sams Lieutenant Chief
Security Officer Human =/\=
Olympus IV Colony

Chief Tactical Officer
Bios Info. Security Level 1
4608.09 Born
46409.15 Entered Public School
47906.12 Graduated From School
48710.05 Begin Training at Starfleet Academy
49006.17 Graduated from Starfleet Academy
49020.05 Stationed on Deep Space 9 For *Classified Mission*.
49700.01 Assigned to Olympus IV as Chief Tactiacl Officer

*Major *Minor
O Tactical O Science
O Security O Psychology
O Engineering
O Medical
O Ship Operations

I also served on Deep Space 9 during the war with the dominion
breifly befor being assigned to Olympus IV Colony under the
Command of Admiral Molly D Hall
Since that time I have commanded and served under different
command levels and different missions which at one point
in time I was held captive under the Breem for quite some time
and tho my escape was pure luck thanks to the Kardassians
who turned against the Dominion.
I also Managed the FKA website in maintaining its appearance
and helping to keep it the best site that it still is today.
I know with the previous exsperience I have had with the FKA
makes me a better Commander and knowing all Command
Levels that I do I am better qualified for this post.

Thank you for taking time in my submission to this command
level post

Lt Cdr John Sams
Olympus IV Colony
Posts: 42
Joined: Tue Feb 22, 2005 2:40 pm
Location: Olympus IV Colony

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