I am hereby announcing my bid for FKA Commander!

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I am hereby announcing my bid for FKA Commander!

Postby ltcdrjohnsams » Fri Nov 18, 2005 1:15 pm

To the Council and FKA members:

I am hereby announcing my bid for FKA Commander!

John Sams Lieutenant Chief
Security Officer Human =/\=
Olympus IV Colony

The reason why I am running and I feel that I am qualified for
this post is for the simple fact of my previous exsperience with
being a member of the FKA council.

I am 45 years of age male I have been a member of FKA for
quite some time. I am very active and I enjoy a good challenge
and I beleive that becoming an FKA Commander will be the
best challenge for me.

I'm an easy going person but when presented with problems I
act fast and try to resolve them in a timely matter and some
of you have learned that first hanned.

I am always available for support wheather or not its tech
support or moral support I am available. I constantly read
messages here to keep myself updated on events here on the
message board.

I feel that if I am elected that I will be putting my best foot forward
and will be able to take the responsibility of FKA Commander
with ease. I am here for the different commanders and crew
members for whatever the needs arrise here at Command Level.
Vote for me and you will not be disappointed

Lt Cdr John Sams
Chief Tactical Officer
Chief of Security
2nd in Command
Olympus IV Colony
Under the Command of Admiral Molly D. Hall
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Joined: Tue Feb 22, 2005 2:40 pm
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