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FKA Constitution

Postby Capt Kevin Acura » Thu May 11, 2006 4:35 pm

As of May 11, 2006 ...

After a few years of rewrite discussion and construction we now have new version of the FKA Constitution. It has been passed by the Senior Council and now will be placed into effect immediately. Distribute this to all members of FKA and/or direct them to the boards where this will be copied exact.

The Constitution follows ...


FKA Constitution
Version 3.1

Updated on 0604.23 to v3.2


The purpose of the Federation-Klingon Alliance Sim group, henceforth referred to as "FKA," is for members to enjoy group based role-playing, or "Simming." The leadership of FKA will strive to enhance and uphold the principles of FKA, it's council and members.

Article 1:

The FKA Command will consist of two branches, the Executive and Legislative. The Command will be the governing body of FKA, and will make and enforce all regulations for the organization. The Executive Branch will consist of the FKA Commander and the FKA Vice-Commander, as well as the Judge-Advocate General (JAG) group. The Legislative Branch is hereby named the FKA Senior Council (or just Council), which will include every CO, XO and/or designated representative of every Sim that is part of the FKA.

Article 2:

A.) Executive Branch

An Executive branch, led by the FKA Commander, will enforce and uphold all regulations and laws made by the FKA Council. Also included in this branch is the Judge Advocate General's (JAG) group, designed to enforce the rules of FKA by holding hearings and the like. The JAG will also represent FKA to other clubs/organizations, though each CO is permitted to represent his/her Sim to others. The head of the JAG is appointed by the FKA Commander, and may be replaced at any time. The FKA Commander shall appoint a Vice-FKA Commander, who will hold the rank of Admiral (or the equivalent rank in the Empire that the character serves in). The rank of the FKA Commander may be an Admiral, but may not exceed Fleet Admiral, which is the highest rank attainable in the FKA.

The FKA Commander is elected by the FKA Council on an annual basis. A Commander serves for one year. There is no limit to the number of terms a Commander or Vice-Commander may serve. Elections will be held for two (2) weeks, or until all sims have voted, whichever comes first. Elections will be held the two weeks before January 1. An FKA Commander elected on January 1 will take office immediately. A majority vote is required for a candidate to win. The only qualification required of the Commander or Vice-Commander is that they be an active member of an FKA Sim.

Candidates must be nominated by December 15, respectively, to be eligible to run for the office of FKA Commander. Nominations should be made to the entire Senior Council.

The FKA Commander has the authority to approve or veto any bill passed by the Senior Council. He/she also has the right to propose bills to the Council, approve new ships (with approval from the Council), and begin new club programs (with approval from the Council).

The Vice Commander and JAG officer are both nominated by the FKA Commander. If there are no objections in a period of 7 days after nominations are presented the Vice Commander and JAG officer assume office by default.

The Vice-Commander takes the place of the FKA Commander if he/she takes a leave of absence, resigns, is impeached, or is otherwise unable to function.

B.) Fleet Status: FKA Fleet Commander, Vice Commander

1.) At the order of the Senior Council. The FKA Commander and/or Vice Commander may inspect any Sim of the FKA to insure it is a viable entity within the FKA.
2.) At the order of the Senior Council, FKA Commander or JAG Officer, shall investigate and report on any situation on which there is a dispute and has not been resolved through the normal chain of command, involving any member(s) of the FKA.
3.) At the Order of the Senior Council, resolve any dispute that requires the presence of a neutral or disinterested party.

Article 3:

The FKA Senior Council will be composed of all Commanding Officers (CO's) and Executive Officers (XO's) of FKA ships. The Council elects an FKA Commander once every year.

A bill may be proposed by anyone on the Council. The Council will debate every bill and then will hold a vote once all debate is concluded. A 51% majority vote will pass any bill.

Once a bill is passed, the FKA Commander must approve it. If approved, the bill becomes law and is enacted. If the FKA Commander vetoes the bill, the bill will be placed on the table for discussion again. Council may vote to override the veto. A 2/3-majority vote is required for an override.

The Council has the authority to make demotions/promotions of any senior officer (Captain rank and above), elect the FKA Commander, propose and vote on bills, approve new ships (must get approval from FKA Commander; treated exactly like a bill), and approve the FKA Commander's choices for Vice-Commander and JAG officers. The Council may also impeach and remove an FKA Commander or Vice-Commander if its members feel the action is necessary. If a Commander is impeached and ejected, he/she will be replaced with the Vice-Commander. If the Vice-Commander is impeached, then the Commander will replace him/her at their discretion. In the event that there is no acceptable Commander or Vice-Commander, the JAG officer will assume temporary command while the Council immediately elects new leadership. Impeachment requires 2/3 majority vote, after investigation by the JAG.

Article 4:

The following positions are developed for the FKA Command, and all active FKA members are eligible to hold these posts. The only requirement is being active in the FKA.

Commander (CiC)
Vice-Commander (2iC)
Judge-Advocate General (JAG)

Article 5:

All powers not given by this document to the FKA Command are hereby granted to the ships. A CO (Commanding Officer) will head each ship, and an XO (Executive Officer) will be second in command. The CO and XO of each ship will represent that ship on the Senior Council. The Council will approve the posting of COs to sims by simple majority. All other postings on a ship remain in the sole purview of the CO.

It is expected that a CO and XO should always represent the feelings/views/opinions of the officers on his/her ship while in the Council.

Article 6:

Ranks give structure to the Fleet, as they provide "goals" that officers can strive for. A CO must hold the minimum rank of Captain, excepting the provisional Captaincy given to those COs who command sims applying for membership with the FKA. These COs are given the provisional rank of Commander, and are not allowed to vote, though they may be placed on the mailstring at the Council's discretion. Once they are approved and accepted into the FKA, the CO is promoted to Captain. The following is a general list of ranks:

Fleet Admiral (FAdm)
Admiral (Adm)
Vice Admiral (VAdm)
Captain (Capt)
Commander (Cdr)
Lieutenant Commander (LCdr)
Lieutenant (Lt)
Lieutenant, junior grade (Ltjg)
Ensign (Ens)

La'quv (FAdm)
Sa' (Adm)
'ech (VAdm)
HoD (Capt)
RawI (Cdr)
Sogh (LCdr)
Lagh (Lt)
La' (Lt)
Da' (Ltjg)
Vaj (Ens)

Galae'Khre'Riov - GKhr (FAdm)
Daise'Khre'Riov - DKhr (Adm)
Khre'Riov - Khr (VAdm)
Enarrain - Enar (Capt)
Daise'Erei'Riov - DErv (Cdr)
El'Riov - Elrv (LCdr)
Erei'Riov - Erv (LCdr)
El'Arrain - ElArn (Lt)
Arrain - Arn (Lt)
Ne'Arrain - NArn (Ltjg)
Erein - Ern (Ens)

These ranks are not set in stone, and all simhosts have the authority to put in place whatever rank structure fits their particular Sim, up to the rank of Commander, or equivalent. Captain ranks and higher are to be approved by the Council. CO's are given the freedom to use whatever promotion system they feel is most appropriate. When players transfer from one Sim to another, their old ranks may or may not be transferable. This is left to the discretion of the Sim's command team to decide.

Article 7:

Amendments to this document at any time with a 2/3 majority vote from the Council. The FKA Commander must also approve the amendment. Amendments to this Constitution will be written as rewrites to the particular section or as additions of Articles, not as Amendments to be added at the end of the document. In this way, the Constitution will remain a document easy to read to everyone in the FKA, with information readily available in its logical place.

Article 8:

This document must be distributed to all CO's, who will, in turn, distribute it to each officer on their Sim.

Article 9:

Out-Of-Character Discussions

In all matters of a player having a dispute with the Sim-host or another player in the Sim, all discussion of said matters shall take place out of character or persona for the handling of these matters.

All dispute within-Sim between a character and another character shall be handled in-character. Role-playing diverse personas creates conflict, the essence of characterization. If this in-character interaction evolves into a player dispute, use guidelines as set forth in paragraph 1.

All Council matters, as well as in-Sim matters relating to Council matters (the Sim-host taking a poll as to how to vote on a Council topic) shall take place out of character, and on a player to player basis.

All matters not covered by the aforementioned paragraphs shall be directed
(a) to the Sim-host (not the entire mailstring) for direction and/or opinions as how to proceed (in or out of character)
(b) to the Council in an out-of-character fashion. At which time, the JAG officer shall become involved to assist in the mediation of said dispute.

player- a participant in the Sim.
host- the player running and organizing the Sim, also referred to as CO
Captain- the character the host is playing
character- any persona a player is using in-Sim

Article 10:

Judge-Advocate General

The JAG officer's duty is to assist in the mediation of any dispute occurring between players on a Sim that has not been resolved to the satisfaction of one of the players. In order for the JAG to become involved, one of the players directly involved must show that an incident has already occurred in which the player has been wronged, or that the character has been unfairly singled out for harassment by another player or character.

The player must be able to show that they have tried to resolve this issue, out of character, with the other player, to no avail. If this has been done, then the player is expected to go to the host of that Sim for assistance. The only exception to this is if the complaint involves that host. If this is the case, they are to discuss it with the Sim's XO or second-in-command. Only after these avenues have been exhausted should the player go to the JAG officer for assistance.

At this time, the JAG officer is to meet with the players involved, as well as the Sim-hosts, to discuss the issue separately and if needed jointly. All discussions at this point are to occur out of character. The JAG officer is authorized to mediate any dispute between the players and to offer potential solutions, to which they are free to accept or reject. During the investigation, the JAG officer is to keep the FKA Commander informed of the situation, or the Vice-Commander if the Commander's Sim is the one involved or vice versa.

If the dispute has been resolved to the satisfaction of both parties involved, the JAG will make a report to the Council, outlining what had occurred and what the findings of the investigation were. This is for information purposes only. No approval is required of the solution, as it was acceptable to the Sim-Players involved. The matter is considered closed.

If the dispute has not been resolved to the satisfaction of both parties involved, and the JAG has exhausted all means of assistance in the matter, the incident will be referred to the FKA Command Staff ( Admiral and Vice Admiral ). At this point, the JAG will turn over all materials to the FKA Commander, and the JAG's involvement will end at that point. However, the JAG will not discuss the situation with anyone but the FKA Commander (or the Vice-Commander if the CiC is involved).

Article 11:


The FKA shall use the WebServer at to maintain a website for the organization. This website shall be maintained by a webmaster, who will either be a council member, a player on one of the sims in the FKA, or someone appointed for the job by the FKA Commander. This job is an appointment, but does not come with any rank specifications. Hence, no promotions will be forthcoming for this duty.

The webmaster has the right to advertise his/her name and email address on the main page of the website, right after the FKA Commander, FKA Vice-Commander, and JAG. These four people will be identified on the main page of the website.

The main page of the webpage will give an overview of the purpose of the FKA (similar to this document's Preamble), links to the CURRENT FKA Constitution, CURRENT FKA Newsletter and to CURRENT FKA Sims.

The FKA Webmaster is responsible for updating each Sim's webpage(s), but it is the responsibility of each Sim's CO to inform the webmaster of corrections and updates that need to be made.

Each CO has the authority to publish their own webpage for their own Sim, instead of having one maintained on the FKA server, provided that the webpage cites that the Sim is part of the FKA, the webpage has a link to the FKA's main website, and that there is a link to that site on the FKA website.
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