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FKA Future and Past

Postby Capt Kevin Acura » Wed Jan 03, 2007 3:10 pm

I have been for days trying to think of what to write. I tried to figure out what would be the proper and correct thing to say in this situation and I came up with nothing. Why? I'm not a politician, never wanted to be, so things like this never come easy for me. What am I going to do or say then? I think ... I'll focus more on how. I'm going to approach you as I always do and that's just as a normal guy in group conversation. With that out of the way ... Let's get this over with.

2006 was a really good year for the Fleet. We completed unfinished projects, made allies, built bridges, added new sims and broadened FKA's horizon's on the net.

There are many things that we still have to work on that stem from 2006, but I hope that together we can inspire each other to make those things no longer issues on the table. I could easily sit here and say 2006 was a perfect year and everything went exactly as planned, but I'll never mislead you, because 2006 was not a perfect year. 2006 was not all I felt it could be and until we see more input and fleet interaction 2007 will be no different. I know I'm supposed to be positive with the glitz and glam, but I prefer to keep it real. Let's look at the positives of 2006 and the negatives.

Positives. We have new sims. We have more board activity. We have new allies who are willing to help us and in turn we are willing to help them. Many long-standing issues were settled, completed and moved past which opened the table for new ventures. We have constantly updated website and boards. Things are better organized and fleet awareness is up.

Negatives. After July ... board activity dropped in many areas. The Hornet never quite took off. Membership increase was low and recruiting was on many levels borderline unsuccessful. The community idea of FKA has struggled and within that many ventures that could've been a success turned into stalled failure. Shoreleave was a chaotic event to say the least and reflected the lack of FKA community and pride. Visible sim activity dropped. Sim cancellations.

How can we turn those negatives around? Input ... pride within your creativity and the fleet that supports you. I know it's corny to say this, but a man once said ... sort've ... Ask not what FKA can for you, but what you can do for FKA. Yeah that is a stretch, but I think it gets the point across. Don't look at the ship or member next to you and ever mutter ... When is the last time they did anything for the fleet or my sim? Look at yourself and ask ... What's the last thing you did for your fleet or sim?

Look around you ... Star Trek organizations are dying. Some imploding and others exploding in flames and online text wars. And some org's are just fading away. I don't want FKA to go through any of that. I feel that this organization can and will survive. We have the talent. We have the core strength to push forward into a strong presence within the Trek arena ... IF ... we all show we care.

Let's be real ... it's just role-play and all that so it's really low on the totem pole of priorities in most of your lives. Many of you are married, have kids, demanding jobs, sickness and more offline drama than any one person deserves, but ask yourself. A sim is 1 hour out of 168 in a week. Give one more hour a week to do anything to support the fleet and if you look at it from this perspective ... How can you all not have time? So that excuse ... Does that sound realistic now? We spend more time than that watching cheesy commercials between our favorite shows in a week.

2006 was a good year. It was a productive year, but it was also a frustrating year. I can only push so much. I can only be so much so in 2007 so there will be some changes. Things will get better organized and the focus will be shifted. My goal for 2007 ... Together with all of you make this year the best and most productive year in FKA history. Change isn't bad ... it's inevitable within the realm of survival.

Live Long and Thank you
Captain Kevin T. Acura
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