What ... happened?

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What ... happened?

Postby Turhan Qasim » Thu Sep 28, 2006 2:56 am

When I joined FKA 7 1/2 years ago, The Hornet was a very active newsletter and had been so ever since 1993 when the FKA was founded. It was in a weekly format ... I'm afraid we just got swamped with the tons of logs coming in during the latter part of 2000 and especially the sheer volume from the Golden Eagle alone (oh the irony ...) which forced Hornet to go to a bi-weekly format ... and then somehow, in mid-February 2001 IIRC it just ... stopped. I offered to take up the editor's job later that year but it was too much for one person (I lost my staff).

We NEED a Hornet as a dynamic part of FKA. We Sim, this entails character development, chatlogs and stories and so forth. Granted, the FKA boards are a splendid place for people to publish their logs (although this is not uniformly adhered to), but we could perhaps instill in people the desire to write more and strive for better by having a log competition. Hornet used to award a "Log of the Week" recognition from its staff to whichever log, out of the entire FKA, during the past 7 days, in its opinion, had been better than others.

Interviews with various members ... highlights on various Sims ... announcements of upcoming projects ... the possibilities are endless once the staff of the Hornet gets together and decides what the agenda is and gets to work.

But what happened to our newsletter? Where'd everyone go?

Turhan Qasim Ye Blue-Penciller from Helle
Turhan Qasim
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Postby Laehval tTemarr » Thu Sep 28, 2006 9:48 pm

Believe it or not... we're on it.
Kevin and I have already been discussing possible solutions to the Hornet issue and will make some suggestions as soon as we think we have something worth presenting to the Council.

Your FKA Commander is (and has been) hard at work to make the FKA better. So keep your knickers on. ;)

P.S. To everyone - If you have something you'd like to present (about anything in the FKA), feel free to e-mail us. Questions, ideas, and suggestions are always welcome!

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Laehval tTemarr
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Postby Turhan Qasim » Fri Sep 29, 2006 12:49 pm

Laehval tTemarr wrote:So keep your knickers on. ;)

Wrong ... gender ... :P

Turhan Qasim Ye Blue-Penciller from Helle
Turhan Qasim
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