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Character Biography Guidelines

PostPosted: Mon Apr 03, 2006 12:26 am
by Molly D Hall
You have all created a character to play in the Olympus IV. You have written a biography for that character. Now you must stick to that bio. Stay in character, and be believable. For example, if your character is a Vulcan, don't go around telling knock-knock jokes. If you're a ruthless Klingon, don't adopt a pet tribble. What you DO want to do is develop your character. Experiment with different situations. How would your character react to a big disappointment? A letter from home? A disagreement with a senior officer? Be creative.

In creating a bio, the same basic information is presented for everyone. A good format to follow is:

Rank: (will be assigned upon acceptance to the sim)
Position: (pick three and list in order of preference)


Siblings: #
Sister: (whichever is appropriate, both are not needed)

Psi Rating: (must be included if your character is telepathic)

Timeline: List of dates of important events and what the event was
ie: 49801.01 Assigned to Olympus IV Colony

Personal Background:

Give us an idea of who your character is. In this section, you give us a description of each of the events listed in the Timeline.

Tell us why your character has been assignted to Olympus. Tell us how the birth of a younger sibling affected your character's personality.

Psychological Profile:

Some people like to include this in their bios. Here is where you tell us your character's outlook on life, how they feel about certain types of people, and how they act in certain situations (stress, joy, parties, etc.).

Basically, you can have fun with a bio. Include what you feel is necessary to give an accurate description of who your character is.

You may want to create a "reoccurring character" for the sim. This is a character that is not played by a real person, but can be written about by anyone. Reoccurring characters are the 9,987 crew members on board Deep Space 9 that you never see on the TV show. A reoccurring character you might create could be anything from an Engineering Ensign to your cat Fluffy. You can include these characters in your stories, or write a whole story or log from their point of view. If you are writing from their point of view, be sure to make that clear in the beginning of the story. Reoccurring characters do not need bios, but bios can be created if desired.