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Duty Log

Postby Just Jeremy » Sat Sep 30, 2006 12:27 am

Computer! Record now!

This is a Jeremy Duty Log
This is a Jeremy Duty Log by Jeremy
This is a Jeremy Duty Log by Jeremy on Stardate ... I don't know. Computer will fix it.

Well, Ginsu has returned with his big sword and I gave him quarters close to the Captain. He has to guard her body.

We have a new guy. Jag Dumus. He's cute, ribbed for pleasure and apparently has a really big gun. I think he's going to show it to Ginsu and they may play with it or something. I don't know. Either way, I gave him quarters across the hall from mine. In case he ... needs anything.

Weapons are ready to go. New Tactical moves have been uploaded and some of them are quite fancy. I can't wait to pull some of these off although ... some of these ... the Kama sutra was easier to follow. Go left here ... go right here ... more thrust there ... more thrust here ... fire here ... fire now ... fire later. Oh my lord ... at times it's almost too much.

Hmmm ... What else? What else?

Oh ... Captain has scheduled time off suddenly. I figure it's to meet with Ginsu and go over ... security procedures. Maybe I should meet with someone tonight. One can never be too on top of things. And there is born my new life's motto.
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