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Mr. Sperlock

Postby Sperlock » Fri Jan 26, 2007 10:53 am

Character name: Sperlock

Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Chief Science Officer
Ship: USS Regayov
Species: Andorian
Homeworld: Earth(!)
Age: 25
Marital Status: Single
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Blue
Hair: White, Short
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 175

Appearance: At first glance Sperlock looks to be an average Andorian, with blue skin, short white hair and long antennae. He usually wears a small smile as if he finds something amusing only he can see. This humor can easily take a sarcastic, cynical bend though, and if he's not happy he usually finds ways to let you know. He's rarely out of his science uniform.

Parents: Father (retired merchant/freight hauler), Mother (housewife)

Siblings: Three: 2 Brothers (31, 27), Sister (24)

History: Sperlock was born in, of all places, southern California. His father ran a small franchise of Federation Express couriers through the Core Worlds, and Earth seemed a good place to set up. His mother, a learned historian, seemed content to stay at home and raise the children.

Sperlock's childhood was as smooth as one can expect on a strange world with lots of brothers and sisters. As a boy children teased him about being an Andorian, but that quickly faded when school began. Still, they'd planted the seed of doubt: He clearly wasn't human, and knew very little about what was he?

Continued growth in the application of replicator technology unseated his father's business: Why hire a cargo hauler when you can make what you need from a pattern? He wound up running a single freighter, flying long hours between worlds, not to make ends meet (as replicators trump poverty) but in a fit of pride and survival instinct. He argued an Andorian should never let the government do what they can for themselves. Given the freakish nature of the Andorian clan/governmental system he didn't trust them, and passed this on to his children.

Sperlock, meanwhile, continued his epic quest to determine just where he belonged. He couldn't get to Andor, so he listened to his parents speak of home and read up on Andorian history and culture. His natural curiousity suited him well for the sciences, and Sperlock joined Starfleet Academy at age eighteen. Though he's mastered the physical sciences, his true strength appears to be social: Psychology, Government, History, Culture, Theology and so forth.

One year later his father suffered when his freighter exploded two light years out from the Terran system. Federation rescuers retrieved him, but the ordeal cost him his health and much of his spirit. At fifty-six his father's more or less retired, but despondent: His children are grown, and he's yet to find a new cause to keep him busy for the rest of his life.

Perhaps this explains Sperlock's apparent greed. He doesn't like money for its own sake, but, like his father he doesn't like being dependent on others - even an all-encompassing Federation. His quick analytical mind, plus forever being an outsider, makes him very good at finding the flaws in any system.

Y -3: Graduated from Starfleet Academy with Honors. Brevetted to Lieutenant (jg)
Y -3: Assigned to USS Columbia (SC-31850), Colonial Operations Command
Today: Promoted to Lieutenant. Assigned to USS Regayov, Chief Science Officer
Lieutenant Sperlock
Chief Science Officer
USS Regayov
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