Bio: Mordonnon Zel - 6th Host to the Zel Symbiont

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Bio: Mordonnon Zel - 6th Host to the Zel Symbiont

Postby Mordonnon Zel » Thu May 18, 2006 1:03 am


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Subject: Biographical Record of Mordonnon Zel
POSITION: Executive Officer
Rank: Commander

NAME: Mordonnon Zel
NICKNAME: Don or Donnon (latter no longer in use)
SPECIES: Trill (Joined)
BIRTHDATE: SD: 6704.25
MARITAL STATUS: Widower, Deb Haikaliku Zel, passed away from exposure to a virus while being a Medical consultant to REMOTE Starfleet Outposts.
CHILDREN: Corla Hokubaliniki Zel, born 0107.10


HEIGHT: 5'10"
EYES: Hazel
HAIR: Black


Mordonnon is the YOUNGEST of an EXTRAORDINARY Trill family which is kept fairly quiet to appease the Symbiosis Commission. Bhlel Zel was a Matriarch who BELIEVED it was the Highest HONOR to be Joined and instilled that belief in ALL 12 of her children. Mordonnon and his fraternal twin, Mercaida were the LAST offspring his mother had at the age of 69. The ELDEST Quadruplets, Tigrette, Telia, Tanzal, & Tigil, each assisted their mother while Donnon and Caida were young. Tanzal took special care of him, while Tigrette looked after Caida. Not only was Bhlel Matriarch of her OWN family, but was seemingly Matriarch of the Londstar District on the Southern Continent of Trill. She was a ROBUST figure in Mordonnon's life. Her IMPACT was SO DEEP that when she was declining in health, Mordonnon who had been serving as a liasion to Starfleet came home to Trill and IMPLORED the Symbiosis Commission to be allowed to inherit the Zel symbiont. Bhlel realizing she had created something of a "Joining Cult" within her family...(see separate History: Gerant Zil) told the Commission Mordonnon was the ONLY choice that would be the SMOOTHEST transition for ALL beings concerned. So at 25, Mordonnon was joined with Zel. His mother had been 94 when she passed away.

Don had always enjoyed *tinkering* and when holo-technology came to Trill he found a means to a meanful career. He attended Starfleet Academy as a significantly OLDER cadet, but Fleet was anxious to have MORE Trill join the ranks. He also founded "The Skull Empire". As Morale officer for Nightwing Alpha-1 he took over the Skull and Bones Tavern making it the PREMIERE restaurant in the sector. Other businesses followed to create the Skull Empire. Londo Focquowee, Mordonnon's business partner is managing things while Don is away on duty. It wasn't the SAME after Deb died and so with Corla at stable age, Zel chose to continue his Fleet career aboard a ship.

Joined Siblings: Tigrette Lorn, Telia Rond, Tanzal Voch, Tigil Dund, Hovis Orel, Clanid Faz, Cloyd Narl, Sharlan Tav, Bencere Xan *Gerant Zil* special circumstance

Unjoined Siblings: Mercaida Zel


Mordonnon was a bit of a LONER while at the Academy for his first two years. Being raised in a COMMUNAL Household he cherished his privacy. Don discovered the Holodeck could provide that. He spent hours recreating scenic vistas on various planets where one could feel as though you were the ONLY being in the Universe. Fellow cadets soon discovered Donnon's SKILL in holoprogramming and were ALWAYS challenging him to come up with MORE and MORE sophisticated stories, scenarios and exercises. He found a kindred spirit in Lt Reginald Barclay, who came back to the Academy on a Graduate Student Program between field assignments. Don left the Academy with firsthand Barclay schematics that to his dismay were EVENTUALLY stolen and bootlegged across the Galaxy.


He took the Security track with a secondary specialization in Holo-programming


Mordonnon EXCELLED in Hands-on Coursework, found challenges in THEORETICAL courses and PASSED in classes that were of little interest to him.


Typical Childhood Maladies; Excellent Health prior to Joining; Interdimensional Incident leading to POTENTIAL Transporter Sensitivity in the Zel Symbiont; Broken left forearm in an accident aboard NightWing Alpha-2 Premiere Medical Spacestation of the Fleet; maintains a workout regimen which includes Free Weights

While on board Nightwing-Alpha-1 there was a interdimensional rift in space. A childlike energy being passed thru the rift. With only a child's understanding the being turned Mordonnon and other crewmates into animals. Zel was the Universe's LARGEST PackRat. Transporter technology restored everyone to normal, but began a sensitivity in the Zel Symbiont. Mordonnon takes a steadying medication to counteract the Transporter effects.


9205.15 Joined with the Zel Symbiont
9704.27 Graduated SFOL Academy
9706.01 Special Civilian Liasion on board Nightwing Alpha-1
9911.10 Married to Lt Deb Haikaliku on Nightwing Alpha-2
0104.04 Independent Security Assignments - Galaxy Hopping
Sideline Chef and Catering Jobs
04 - Assigned Chief of Security USS Regayov
0510.26 Promoted to XO of the Regayov, elevated to rank of Commander


First Host: Vilvetia - j. 26 - d. 72 Occupation: Chef; Mother of a single daughter

Second Host: Sarkon - j. 20 - d. 63 Occupation: Political Analyst and Executive Assistant; Father of 5 - 3 sons, 2 daughters

Third Host: Lyda - j. 20 - d. 53 Occupation: Astrophysicist; No children, career devoted

Fourth Host: Ilminnia - j. 15 - d. 60 Suspicious circumstance Occupation: Artist/Illuminator; Mother of single son, died in accident

Fifth Host: Bhlel -j. 22 - d. 94 Occupation: Extraordinary Matriarch; Mother of 12 - 6 daughters, 6 sons

Sixth Host: Mordonnon - j. 25 - Present Occupation: XO USS Regayov, Independent Caterer/Chef Father of 1 daughter: Corla Hokubaliniki Zel
Commander Mordonnon Zel, XO USS Regayov
6th Host to the Zel Symbiont
Mordonnon Zel
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