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Biography for Fiora Mestarine

Postby Fiora Mestarine » Wed Jun 21, 2006 10:19 pm

Name: Fiora Lirael Mestarine
(FEE-aura Li-RYE-el MESS-tah-reen)
Species: Telandrian
Gender: Female
Age: 123 yrs
(Looks 18-20 earth yrs)
Date of Birth: Day 23 of the month of Ashane in the time of the Moon
Place of Birth: Phaedran, Telandria ll
Marital Status: Unbonded
Rank: Ensign
Current Assignment: USS Regayov
Current Position: Science Officer, with a little medical on the side.

Height: 5'0" tall
Weight: 103lbs
Hair Colour: Light Brown w/ Blonde & Red highlights
Hair Length: VERY long, down to her rear.
Eye Colour: Light Blue with purple specks
Distinguishing Marks: Has pointed ears that resembles an 'elf'. (See Telandrian Appendix for more information.)

- Ardwyn Mestarine (mother)
Priestess of Saraluna/Templekeeper
- Adalus Mestarine (father)
Agricultural Specialist/Farmer
- Illara Mestarine (sister +2 yrs)
Scholar of Space Technology

Fiora Mestarine was born in the bustling town of Phaedran, on the Telandria II. She was born to loving parents, Ardwyn & Adalus Mestarine & was the youngest of two daughters.

She was an ambitious child, always wanting to learn new things. She was rooted with a very strong faith system, & was trained to be a Priestess of Sarluna & healer, like her mother, from a very young age. Despite her serious dedication to her faith & future status among her people, she craved the outdoors & adventure.

It was when the Telandrians were approached by the Federation for citizenship that Fiora began to fantasize about leaving her world & exploring others. Healing was already deeply rooted within her being, so she decided to she wanted to be a healer, a doctor, out among the stars. While her parents were against her decision at first, they decided to support their daughter in her dreams, as long as she agreed to continue her training in the healing arts & kept true to who she was. With their blessing, Fiora took the entrance exam to the Academy (after many, many hours of studying) & became the first Telandrian to enter Starfleet.

Life at the Academy was rough at first. Being the only one of her species there, she often felt like an outcast & was the brunt of many jokes at her expense. Fiora gained the nickname, "Elf Girl", almost immediately because of her pointed ears & small stature.

While it was discouraging, she focused on her studies, her healer training & kept herself grounded with her beliefs. Eventually, she decided to also focus on Science, in order to be more flexible with whatever ship she was assigned to. Time flew by & suddenly graduation was upon her. She graduated from Starfleet Academy & was assigned to the USS Regayov. & now, her adventure begins.

In a small system with two dull suns and a very large moon, the planet of Telandria ll went relatively unnoticed for thousands of years. During all that time, the people there were developing and evolving at a quick pace. A curious race, they began exploring the universe around them. After discovering their solar system had only one planet with intelligent life, they set out to explore beyond their own celestial bodies.

Not long after, they had their first encounter with the Federation. That was 82 years ago. It took nearly 25 years for the people of Telandria ll to agree to join the Federation. They feared their culture would be lost somewhere in the mix. But the people took great strides to keep their culture booming and it remained that way since.

In the present, the presence of the Telandrians is minimal (with only an Ambassador for the planet in active functions). In fact, most people do not recognize the name Telandrian off hand.

1. Appearance
They are humanoid and they resemble an Earth fantasy creature called an "elf". All Telandrians have pointed ears (which provides acute hearing abilities) and most never exceed the height of 5'6".

Skin tone, hair and eye colour varies.

2. Personality
The people of this race are very gracious and friendly. Though sometimes over-impressed with themselves, most prove to have reason for those egos. Their way of life is fairly simple. Despite technological advancement, they live mostly in small villages and towns and are very knowledgeable of woodland areas. Most of the planet is woodland areas.

They focus a lot on honing an individual's skills, but most of them are excellent archers and healers. Artistic endeavors are also high on the prestige list.

Personality traits vary, but pretty universally, Telandrians are very curious, confident and gracious.

3. Religion
The Goddess Saraluna (also known to them as the Lady of the Moon, Maiden of the Silver Sky and Mistress of the Night) is who the Telandrian's worship. The very large moon in the system is regarded as a form of Saraluna herself, and thus, many rituals and gatherings in her honor are done on the full moon. It is then they believe her power is the greatest.

Her Dogma is as follows: Let all whom Saraluna's light fall on be welcome. As the silver moon goes on it's constant journey in the sky, so does the the cycle of life. Trust in her light and in her radiance. All who live in her light shall feel her presence and blessing. Look to the silver moon and she will be your constant guide.

Her symbol is a crescent moon with a woman's face, giving the impression that the moon is like a cloak she is wearing. Surrounding her are stars, and there is one star on her forehead.

4. Calendar
Their year is 380 days long and their are 10 months in a year, each 38 days long. Daylight time is 5 hours long and night time is 22 hours long. Needless to say, Telandrian's prefer the brilliance of their moon to the dull shimmer of their two small suns. The months of the year are as follows: Feryshar, Selgaunt, Mesune, Akhlaur, Solonar, Allustriell, Ashane, Eltabar, Nimpeth, Lareal.

Birthday's are presented like this: Fiora Mestarine was born on Day 23 in the month of Mesune in the time of the Moon (if born during the Moon's habitation of the sky) or in the time of the Circles of Light (if born during the binary suns habitation of the sky).

Telandrian's live very long, full lives, as compared to Terrans from Earth. Between ages 1-119, you are considered a youth. 120-350 you are adult, 351-550 is middle-aged and 551-750 is venerable.

5. Love, Marriage and Family
Just like any race, love plays a key part. It was customary in the past to have children betrothed at a very young age, guaranteeing the continuation of the bloodline. It has since changed and Telandrian's may be with whoever they wish. Their marriage and family rites remain solid in tradition though.

It's proper to wait exactly one year from betrothal (engagement) before marrying. Then, on that one year anniversary, the two are bonded in a ceremony conducted by a Priest

or Priestess of Saraluna. The bonding is deep and nearly empathic, as it's been said the two, from that day forward, share their hearts, souls, thoughts and lifeforce.

Children are bound to come along in any marriage, and when a Telandrian woman becomes pregnant, she carries the child for 7 months. She is regarded as most beautiful and radiant when with child, because her eyes might become brighter in colour, her skin lighter in tone and she even has a bonding (like with her husband) with the unborn child.

When childbirth begins, she is usually in need of solitude, except for her husband, and usually only the two of them are there for the actual birth. After the baby (or babies, as Telandrian's are known for their multiple births) is born, it is blessed in Saraluna's name and given it's name two hours after birth.

6. Death
When someone dies, a Telandrian will hold the death rite. It involves the lighting of candles and gentle chanting and praying to Saraluna, so that she will carry their soul safely to the stars. It is believed that each star in the sky is a soul that has left their body and is waiting to move on to a higher plane of existence.

7. Telandrian Cuisine
Here are some examples of common fare that is eaten by Telandrians:

Sapphire Stew - A beef stew-like meal of a bright blue colour. Has vegetables, meat and broth. It is a common meal eaten in many households.

Shoon Cakes - A delicate pastry made with sweet berries folded into a lightly browned crust and covered with powder-like sugar.

Nyth - The ale of choice. Made from a tart fruit found in nearly any woods. Slightly alcoholic.

Also included in their diets are fresh fruits, vegetables, herbal teas, rice, cooked meats, various breads, grains and cheeses.
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