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Lt Jag Dumas

Postby Dr. Trabeaux » Wed Sep 27, 2006 10:16 pm

Jag “The Dragon” Dumus

DOB: October 4
Huston, TX

Parents: Unknown

Age: 24 Rank: LT

Current Duty Station: Engineering USS Regayov

Biographical Profile

Section A: Training History
North Georgia Collage and State University- 2 years
Spacefleet Academy, (engineering; Rank: 98 of 289)

-Holds black belt in Filipino Arnis, and also studied Dim Mak

-Also Captain of the Rifle team at NGC. Invited to the Olympic tryouts while at NGC placed 4th, 1 shy of competing

Section B: Personal History
Jag was born in Huston Texas, he was left by his parents, assuming because of his Klingon parentage. Jag was bounced around from home to home while young when he got a little older I decided he wanted to go into the service. So he attended North Georgia College and State University, the senior military college of Georgia. While at NGC Jag was captain of their prestigious rifle team, and was even invited to the Olympic tryouts. After the tryouts Jag put all the money he had into getting a phaser rifle built based on the stock of the old Russian Dragonov sniper rifle. The butt end of the rifle stock has a metal engraved plate on it with the inscription “The Dragon” in honor of weapon it is based off, it is also where Jag gets his nickname. It’s one of his few actual personal effects, and since he is VERY good with it he is given a good deal of liberty. After 2 years Jag decided he needed to move on so he left the collage to join the academy, Daystrom is his first assignment out of the academy.

Psychological Profile

Due to his Klingon parentage Jag has a shorter than average fuse and a hotter then average temper, both of which are inside acceptable ranges for humans and are well below that of the average Klingon. Being an orphan we have no idea just where in his genealogy the Klingon in him comes from. Jag has just enough Klingon in him that he constantly has a look of deep concentration. However, his forehead ridges are not so small as to be mistake for pure human. He is very motivated about Starfleet, probably from his lack of steady parental role models. Starfleet will be the only family that won’t leave him.

Dr. Landsdale,
Starfleet Medical

On an away mission on Aluran Prime Jag was bitten by a DNA altering alien and was infected with a parasite that attempted to restructure his DNA. Due to his mixed physiology the parasite had a hard time doing it’s job and was removed, however apparently the alien could see in the infra-red spectrum and that part of the DNA restructuring was a success. As a side effect Jag can shift his vision to the infra-red spectrum. Jag can control this shift, however having never seen anything in the infra-red spectrum before, he has a hard time interpreting what he is seeing. If he applied himself to practicing, which he seems to have done, he should be able to over come this handicap given time. The only adverse effect is his sensitivity to bright light, which is within normal limits.

Maj. Anastasia Romany
Acting CMO USS Daystrom
Jag Dumas
Ensign Engineering: USS Daystrom
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