FKA USS Freedom 07-05-19 - "Take That You Rat"

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FKA USS Freedom 07-05-19 - "Take That You Rat"

Postby Murray » Tue May 22, 2007 11:12 am

"Take That You Rat"

Finally, the ship is once again under way, ready to take on a new mission. Unfortunetly, there's a fly in the ointment, or rather a number of rats. The fur flies as the crew takes on the little troublemakers gnawing at them in their own ways from washing machines, to using as brassier twirlers, to fainting, to swallowing, to singing.

In between and after, there are hints a romance may be underfoot, if only nothing goes wrong in the holodeck (fat chance).

On a couple other notes, we found a theme song for our snakegirl:

Also, now that our hiatus has ended, there's now a reason to update the site. But getting back at it, it's been a case of HTMHell ( Not sure what's wrong.

Here's what would have gone in the "Captain's Log"


<P> <B> SD 5/19/07 - "Take That You Rat" </B> Finally under way again. I thought we'd never leave.

Despite Droolin being shipped out, the questions about Lott continued, though she never was taken again into custody and to my knowledge never again approached on the matter. But as the charges already had been dropped, they may have been nervous of the attention they might have brought.

The supposed incident has been the butt of a few "under my skin" jokes

But that's behind us, and what lies ahead is a new exploration mission. Some stars, some nebula, and some planets. Many of it is just rock and vaccum, but there are some inhabitable planets in our path. Some real blue skies instead of the holodeck. Speaking of which, we managed to scrounge up a few entertainment programs, though not all of us got what we tried. Shortly before his departure, Droolin had been wailing about getting a fishing program instead of the "adult entertainment" one he wanted. Well, I'm putting this to some good use. A little time to relax. Half should have no trouble with the Bridge under normal circumstances, and I never did get "Bubba" from the old fishing program.

But that's not what's on my mind about my plans to use it, at least not foremost. I'll be inviting a friend.


She and I have had something of a history. It seems she was developing some feelings to me, but Dammers won her over, and I though he was the one more suited for her. Then he disappeared, vanished. He never did appear again despite hopes. I continued to keep my distance partly because I wondered if it might interfere with our duties, especially after she became Counselor.

But what now that the Counselor herself needs a dear friend. Her eyes are Caitian, not human, but I still see the sadness in them.

Then there's the kids. I suppose Tarra helps with the little ones, but K'Torr and T'saal are older and more aware. I never did get a good impression of how they reacted to Dammer's vanishing, but I doubt it was good. They really could use a father figure.

Maybe I'm feeling my age. I've devoted so much to Starfleet. True I've been entrusted with a ship, but the Admirals have been a royal pain. All these years, and what do I *really* have to show for it? What do I do should I ever find myself out of a job? I have no family to go to.

Well, not yet.

Yes, the "Captain" detail about dating subordinates, but this isn't exactly a warship, and I doubt anyone is going to accuse someone like her of being intimidated.

What's this? A few reports of rats being found in the ship? This soon into the mission and trouble starts. Oh well, what could a few rats do?
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