FKA USS Freedom 07-05-26 - "Mission Brief Blunders"

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FKA USS Freedom 07-05-26 - "Mission Brief Blunders"

Postby Murray » Mon May 28, 2007 1:12 pm

"Mission Brief Blunders"

The Captain meets with some of the Bridge Crew to discuss the upcoming mission, which among other things, they'll be studying a primitive world. But doing so while following the Prime Directive of non-interference means they can't be discovered, and considering how things on the ship have a way of going wrong, will the hologram disguises that will allow them to look like the locals be enough? The Captain's clumsy remark to Lynx while discussing back-up measures doesn't help concerns.

What will the crew find? Stay tooned.


Is Admiral S'Cowl showing more confidence in us, or setting us up?

As a science vessel, our primary mission is exploration. But since Admiral Scowl assumed command of the sector, we've been limited in our missions. We've been scouting lone stars, asteroids, gas giants, and dead worlds. But no inhabited worlds before Contact. He cited Captain Treki's meeting up with some natives on one mission, but that was ages ago, and not under my watch.

But now we have one.

Little information was given about the people themselves. The world is terrestrial, Class M. But of the people, little other than an absence of technology and that they appeared human. They may have been transplanted by the "Preservers."

But studying them means adhering with the Prime Directive, no interference with the normal development of a world. This includes accidental. So we'll have to take precautions, and with nonhuman crewmen, some measures will have to be made. Half should be no problem, but Lynx and Lott ...

Fortunetly, we have some portable hologram projectors that should provide a disguise for them. Things do have a way of going wrong, so Lynx should probably take a robe with a hood just in case. Lynx herself seemed a bit miffed about all the precautions they had to take about not being discovered, sarcasticaly suggesting if it was that important they could just kill any eyewitnesses. I responded with a half-serious remark that they could just leave empty containers of local alcholoic beverages if spotted to discredit witnesses. She then wondered if we'd be introducing it instead of copying them, and thus violating the Directive.

I reminded her this was a human world we were studying, adding, "At what time did Caitian and Kzinti develop alchoholic beverages?" I had been trying to suggest their histories were a bit different in this case to compare, as humans have been fermenting drinks since agriculture was developed, and sometimes sooner. But her response was to throw me a sharp look and storm out.

Lott suggested an apology to her might be a good idea, "think carefully about what you just told her." Could she have taken it as suggesting that the two races weren't so crazy about booze made them less? I find that hard to believe, but I will send her a message to her to clarify what I told her.

Seems human or Caitian, I always end up with my foot in my mouth when it comes to the ladies. Oh well, such is life.
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