FKA USS Freedom 07-06-16 "Egypt Me on the Fare"

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FKA USS Freedom 07-06-16 "Egypt Me on the Fare"

Postby Murray » Wed Jun 20, 2007 6:38 pm

"Egypt Me on the Fare"

A'Chala joins the survey team of Lott, Half, and Ben Dover, then proceed to head to the structure pointed out by the tricorder, and find a Pyramid with statues exactly in the design of Ancient Egypt. Seeing no people nearby, Lott and Half fawn over the statues. Then a blunder causes an object to fly into a nearby bush, folllowed by voices. When the characters go over to investiate, a man and woman jump out, and seeing Lott and A'Challa start bowing down to them.

Captain's Log:

Not much new to report. The temp Science Officer expressed some concern that security for the away team was inadequate, so I granted his request for Ensign A'challa. She'll have to stay away from the people, or wear a cloak or that new invention. But I wonder if ...

Uh oh, getting a report of some strange frequencies that are interfering with space radio and transporter signals. They could be cut off if something goes wrong.
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