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FKA USS Freedom 07-07-21 - "Can You Hear Me-ow?"

PostPosted: Wed Jul 25, 2007 4:25 pm
by Murray
"Can You Hear Me-ow?"

The away team is just about to reach the town in the Egyptian world when Vak'Surik beams down. Needless to say, she is less than pleased about her superiors flagrantly being around the locals, who treat them as gods. But agrees with them that as exposure of the fakery could be fatal, the only logical course of action is to go along until they can conviently leave. Especialy when her communication booster doesn't quite work, "Can you hear me now?" "What? A'chala says meow?" Meanwhile, Half and Lott get a bath. Then a vulture egg falls on Half's head. Asking for a bottle of what they use for shampoo, she instead gets a modern mini-wetvac.

Where did it come from?