FKA USS Freedom 07-08-11 - "Malice from Vulture, to Pal

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FKA USS Freedom 07-08-11 - "Malice from Vulture, to Pal

Postby Murray » Wed Aug 15, 2007 7:20 pm

"Malice from Vulture, to Palace of Culture"

Still on the Egypt world and in town, Vak-Surik and a city guardsman are knocked out from a dropped ostrich egg. This gets the people all in a tizzy until Half and Lott tell them to have the guards bathed in a ritual bath. They then get a message from the Pharoah: he wants to see them, as soon as possible. So they go over to his palace. But the meeting is postponed when Half gets a "call of nature." While she's gone, Lott does a tricorder scan for any more signs of modern tech around.
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