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Postby Murray » Thu Oct 04, 2007 4:52 pm

To my friends and colleauges,

For some time, attendance has been dropping in the sim. Some have stated personal matters, but I feel that is not the only reason. In both fiction and comics, I've seen artists and writers whose performance declined in their later years. And I feel I've gone past my peak as the sim leader.

I am resigning as Captain of the USS Freedom sim.

I would have prefered to turn things over in smoother circumstances. But the sim can't continue like this. As of now, active simming has been temporarily suspended. Most likely for at least a month. We will resume when we've chosen a new Captain, and we get some more players into the sim. I'll be bringing in a new character, and I recall at least one other plans to as well.

Although the sim itself is over, the chat room itself will still be open at the usual time for general conversation and swapping of ideas.

I've been in the sim for about a decade, Captain for a bit more than half that time. I've had some crazy moments with my friends, and will work to make sure that it will start up again. The ship of borderline Section-8's.

Though this time, someone else will be in the Big Chair.

See you soon,

*walks off, leaving a baseball sitting on the desk*

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