Transition, SF RES Golden Eagle to RES Osprey

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Transition, SF RES Golden Eagle to RES Osprey

Postby Enarrain Isa » Tue Jun 20, 2006 10:18 am

Until such time as a new message board is allotted to the RES Osprey this one will have to suffice.

The RES Osprey RPV 10704 is under the command of Enarrain Mirok i-Rehu tr'Isa. Posts that have been filled include Daise Security/Tactical, Daise Engineering and Daise Maenak (CMO). Other posts remain open. Please e-mail the CO at for more details.

The Osprey is a patrol Warbird, leading a fleet amounting to 5, along the borders of Rihannsu space. Its mission is a long, lonely one, touching along the outposts of Federation, Klingon, Tholian and other areas. Occasionally it, and its 4 companions, is assigned to deep reconnaisance missions across neutral zones, bringing it within Federation space, into Cardassian, Bajoran, Ferengi and sometimes Breen space.

Since the time of the Tomed Incident, debate has raged within the Rihannsu Star Empire as to the wisdom of re-emerging from isolation. Some have argued that isolation is the very nature of what the Rihannsu are and that change would work only for the worse. But others have argued, passionately, that change must take place, even as the shadows are chased away each morning when Eisn rises and so the Empire must emerge from its own shadows and join the other Galactic powers. After the Dominion War, the die seems to have been cast in this direction. But will it remain so?

Find out ... in the pages of the logs of the crew of the RES Osprey, an FKA e-mail Sim.

This announcement was brought to you by the Staff of the United Network Command for Law Enforcement.
Enarrain Mirok i-Rehu tr'Isa
CO, RES Osprey RPV 10704

"These are the Times that try men's Souls."
~~Th. tr'Paine, The Crisis
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