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Log #7, CO, RES Osprey: Closing in on S'iur

PostPosted: Wed Feb 14, 2007 1:10 pm
by Enarrain Isa
RES Osprey RPV 10704
"Those who want war will find causes, no matter how many of them you take away."
-- S'Task

"Direction of the vessel?"

"Headed towards S'iur, Rekkhai," replied T'Nal.

"Straight towards the sector capital," murmured Isa as he sat back in the command chair. "And such a small world at that ... whoever is piloting that must know something we do na. Helm, increase speed," he said, looking up. "I am determined to find out just vah this ... whoever ... is doing here in our space. Friendly or unfriendly. T'Faeum," he called over his shoulder to the Interrogations Daise. "Take Tactical for the time being. Watch for any unusual signs regarding the vessel and I mean any."

"Ie, Rekkhai," replied Erein t'Faeum as she crossed the Oira from Security to the Tactical station and seated herself next to T'Nal.

"Elements be with us, and may the wind be at our backs," said Isa as he leaned forward, watching, waiting.

The two craft slid silently through space as they closed in towards S'iur.

... to be continued ...

RES Osprey
Enarrain Mirok i-Rehu tr'Isa, Commanding