Announcements for 0406.24

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Announcements for 0406.24

Postby CaptQT » Thu Jun 24, 2004 7:57 am

Hey gang! We have some guests joining us for a few weeks in the sim! I hope you'll ah....well, don't make them feel *too* welcome because I'd like to keep my ship, but please do be sure to copy them on duty logs, etc so everyone in the sim knows what's going on. check e-mail for mailstring

Also, please be sure to remember to post your logs on the message board as well, that way there is another place to check in case the mail string doesn't copy correctly. Our message boards are at: (Phoenix boards are about halfway down)
Sim chat logs will be kept, as usual (though I will try to upload them more often ::sheepish grin::), at under the Missions link.

See y'all tonight!
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