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Target Data: Alehuna Mining Facility

PostPosted: Thu Oct 05, 2006 9:35 pm
by CaptQT
Alehuna: Small dreary planet with .7 (Earth) gravity. It was once a livable mining colonization, but as the mines ran dry, colonists did not have the funding to pursue newer deeper mines and the planet was mostly abandoned. Those left behind began working with Shi'ar Joe to bring in new labor to dig and man the mines. Very little natural life remains around the habitable areas as the waste from the mines has polluted the area. The only vegetation in the mining area includes farming areas for growing grains to make bread and a form of gruel for the miners.

The targeted compound starts with the hangar to the south of the compound. This is where slave ships land and offload. The area is dusty, dirty and dilapidated. There are no air or spacecraft located in this area so as not to tempt the incoming slaves, but the hangar does allow those making shipments to stay and make repairs if needed.

Directly to the west of the hangar are the fields for growing the slaves' food.

Directly north of the fields are the slaves housing. These are old rundown houses where the previous colonists lived. Where the colonists mostly lived one family to a home, the slaves live 10 or more to a house. North of there, separated by large fields and a stream, are nicer, larger homes where the "bosses" live.

East of the bosses homes are the client landing area. This hangar is very well kept and clean, though it would not meet Viento's standards. There are a few personal craft here, though the number varies with who is on the planet. There is also a larger transport that will hold at least a dozen passengers.

In the center of the compound lies the office building. Projections show 3 stories above ground with possibly 2 stories below. The building is cinder block, with some reinforcing.

The portal to the mines, due east of the office building lies at ground level in the side of a large hill. (about 40 m tall). The portal itself appears to be gravel, There are stones framing the mouth of the mine, but inside, most of the support beams are wood from the trees that used to populate the area to the south of the mine. To the north of the mine shaft lie abandoned homes. Further east lies an abandoned mine shaft. Through out the area are small vent shafts to allow air to get into the deeper tunnels.

The interior of the mine: The mouth of the mine extends 100 yards. From there, entrants are greeted by an elevator shaft. There are only two levels below this, both with 3 branches. There is a wired emergency communication system in place throughout the mine with the main call box next to the elevator shaft.

Security at the site is medium. There are anti-air/spacecraft placements on the sides of each hangar. There is also a shielding system that can cover the compound when activated. Power supplies for this are located around the south hangar. Guards are in place around the perimeter for the boss housing and the slave housing, as well as sentries and bosses in the mine entrance. There are also guards in place at the office entrances. Once past the guards, entry to the office building is limited by primitive card readers. Windows in the office are protected by a blast proof film.