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Postby Telar tr'Isma'il » Thu Feb 14, 2008 5:17 pm

It had been excruciating. He had disgraced her. Bad enough that she had been caught off guard -- in Engineering, of all places! And then he had said he would add her to his "collection." He only wanted her to prove he was superior and she was not. There was na jol on his part. Na a single bit. She knew what was coming; and sure enough he had ripped her clothes from her, leaving her exposed. And she knew what would come next.

Elements, protect me from this ... from this monstrosity, she thought. She felt none of the tenderness and passion she had enjoyed when she and Telar had been e'leva; this was brute force, a show of raw, naked power.

And then when he'd had his way with her he had shoved her into a narrow chamber. Io which was completely dark. He'd calculated it so she would panic and try and scream; she knew better. All he would do would be to come back for me ... and then vah? More of the same? She stayed as still as possible.

Her mind was awhirl. Just how could this have happened? She was a soldier of the Empire. A failed io, came a far-off voice. She concentrated and then remembered whose it was. Her ri'nanov, of course. That sarcastic tone, so often taken with her when she had been so young. ... Ie, ri'nanov's voice. And how could she face ... she could na think of him as Telar any more. He was her Daise.

But how could she show her face to him? There was na mnhei'sahe left ... she'd been violated, shamed. She'd failed.

And there, in the darkness, she began shedding quiet, hot tears. Tears of sorrow, and of eternal shame.

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