Memories of the Beginning

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Memories of the Beginning

Postby Hfai Nnea Liorae » Sun Jan 18, 2004 2:11 pm


Nnea Liorae wandered the corridors of the Hnoiyika, a wraith compared to the other crew members. She felt dwarfed by most of them, a mere 4'10 at her tallest and seemingly younger than them all. Not many knew that an Ancient lay beneath the adolescent facade that she wore. Just how many lifetimes she'd lived was a mystery to all save those on her home planet of Gozol.

Still musing as she strolled through the pulsing arteries of the ship, Nnea could not help but smile at the thoughts of her first encounter with the strange spacefarers. It had been a surprise to most when she'd chosen to leave her backwater world to explore the galaxy. She’d even surprised herself at the time for, though there were a few tales of those that had ventured forth from the homeworld, there were no instances of such bravery in her own lifetimes. But she had felt compelled. The Goddess had a plan for her, of that she was certain. It was a huge decision to leave the lush surroundings of her tropical planet for the cold metallic life aboard a space craft.

Gozol was a feral planet, wild with life and greenery and a myriad of lifeforms. It was also void of most technology, a choice made by the Ancestors long ago. Those that came after regarded that choice as sacred, for it made Gozol a peaceful planet, bereft of the chaos that inhabited other worlds. They were not ignorant of technology, however, nor did they scorn the knowledge that had been given to them. Every child learned of the past - from the violent beginnings to the serenity that now reigned. They knew of communicators and transporters and ships that flew the paths of the Goddess, high above among the twinkling stars. They learned of weapons and the evils that had befallen the other races. And by learning, they were exposed to the rest of the universe without making the same mistakes themselves.

Therefore, it was curiosity (and not alarm), that had led Nnea’s people to greet the strangers that arrived on Gozol in one of those space-sailing ships. She had been a mere Acolyte then, a servant of one of the Higher Priestesses that guided the people. The strangers needed help with one of their own who had fallen into darkness. Knowing that no other could aid, Nnea had volunteered to accompany them and serve as a healer, both of the mind and of the body. She had extensive training in both and felt the knowledge she could gather of the outside worlds would benefit her people.

That first day aboard the Hnoiyika seemed a lifetime ago. Or nearly. She was still amazed at how naïve she’d been, despite all of her learning and higher knowledge. Naïve and foolish. They had welcomed her and her talents … until they discovered how ‘talented’ she really was.

More than a few of the crew were afraid of her, though her form was slight and she was far from imposing. Nnea's power was what made others hesitant to befriend her. Though commonplace on Gozol, such things as teleportation and telepathy were not tools of the outside world. Once, those ‘gifts’ had been rogue, wild and erratic, made so by the chaos of so many untrained minds. Though it had taken her several months and the journey had been agonizing, Nnea now had full control over all aspects of her life. Several of the Hnoiyika had assisted, sacrificing so that she might overcome the obstacles that plagued her, and she had become stronger for it. She silently hoped that they did not regret those sacrifices.

She had been with the Hnoiyika for a number of years now, and in that time she had grown to know several of the crew. She had delved into their deeper thoughts, learned of their darkest secrets, and she had discovered the breaking point of many. But still she circled them all as an outcast orbiting the chosen few. Her dance took her within and among on occasion, but she'd not yet found the niche that brought her acceptance. Not yet. But she was ever the optimist - almost sickeningly so.

Nnea finally reached the quarters that she now called home, her dark gaze sweeping the room. This ship was not the original ship she'd boarded, but it was like in structure and design. The Hnoiyika she'd first seen as she was shuttled in from Gozol had been like a gloriously terrifying raptor hanging in space. She was awed by the vista, having never imagined that man could build something so large.

That ship had since disappeared, destroyed by circumstance long ago. When it vanished, Nnea realized that it was not the ship that gave the Hnoiyika its potential... it was the people. As long as her crew remained loyal and steadfast, as long as they pushed beyond the disheartening circumstances to a brighter future, and as long as there were people willing to make sacrifices for the betterment of their fellow crew members, the Hnoiyika would live.

Her destiny lay with that ship and its crew. She only wondered if her death lay with it as well.
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