Dangerous Alliances

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Dangerous Alliances

Postby Hfai Nnea Liorae » Sat Jan 21, 2006 1:41 am

Dangerous Alliances
A tale of Senate Advocate
Jhu'Caevra t'Talia

She stared into the eyes of a killer and trembled. He was a professional - the way he stood, the way he spoke, the cold eyes that stared at her and calculated her worth to him. He had pinned her to the wall in one flowing movement and pressed the knife to her throat before she had time to register what had happened. Had he wanted her dead, she would be. Instead, he was holding her captive for a time, probably wanting information.

Jhu released the breath she’d been holding, feeling the kiss of the dagger blade against her skin. Warmth trickled down her neck and she knew that even that slight movement had drawn blood. Remaining completely still, her gaze still locked on his, she waited for him to ask the questions that kept her alive. After what seemed an eternity, the security officer she knew only as “tr’Aragorn” finally spoke.

“Political Intelligence Liaison. I checked aur file when I heard au would be visiting my domain. Au have had that title since we last ch’Rihan, but have never visited the dheno offices before. Why?”

“I have na had a reason to serve in that capacity.”

“Or, it was something made specifically for the purpose of giving au a reason to visit the dheno offices.”

“Au are most wise.” The look in his eyes and the way he shifted the dagger told her that lying to him would only give him reason to kill her sooner. Flattery, on the other hand, often worked against the most unsuspecting of people. “I came to secretly observe au, intending to find a way to approach au.”

“For what purpose?”

“The Daise’Dheno suspects au and aur female counterpart. In fact, I am fairly certain that she’s been apprehended by now. Au saw the alerts. Is she na overdue to contact au? Au were preoccupied with the time. I’m assuming there has been another ‘accident’ on the planet’s surface.”

Jhu continued to meet his gaze, watching his expression flicker from neutrality to annoyance and back again. He was a professional, but he was still fallible. When he remained silent, she continued, hoping to delay the moment of her death.

“He also suspects that au are Tal Shiar. I do na know where he has gotten that information, but he seems sure of it.”

Now he couldn’t help but frown. His brow furrowed, he glanced briefly to the door. “He seems to have significant intelligence contacts. Na that it matters. I do na intend to remain long enough to speak with him about what he suspects.”

His attention focused upon her again. “And he sent au to spy on me? Amusing. Au are nothing if na transparent. I caught those glances au threw at me when au thought I was na looking.”

“What if I simply found au attractive?”

He blinked as though that thought never crossed his mind. To her astonishment, he grinned. “That would have been funny, would it na? I think au are spying on me because au begin to trail me around the ship, but au are really just obsessing over me and trying to get me alone. Au finally corner me and I slit aur throat without ever asking why au were following me.”

"Ie. Quite amusing.” Jhu frowned at him, her gaze shifting to the blade that still hovered at her throat. “Do au plan on doing that anyway, or do au think we could reach some sort of agreement?”

“What sort of agreement? What do au have to offer that would keep au alive?”

He eyed her warily, but removed the blade from her neck. He kept it readily available in his hand, his grip tightening on the hilt for just a moment. Despite the fact that the immediate danger had passed, Jhu did not shrink away from him. Instead, she closed the distance between them very slowly. Her hands slid up the length of his broad chest and over his shoulders, fingers toying with the hair at the nape of his neck. Pressing her body fully against him, she dragged one knee upward to caress his inner thigh.

“I’m sure,” she murmured breathily. “We could come to some sort of arrangement…”

“It will na be sexual,” he muttered, seemingly annoyed by her attentions.

“Why? Are au impervious to womanly charm?”


“Ah, and what gives au such strength?” Tilting her chin up slightly, she peered into his eyes again.

“I am na attracted to females.”

Of all the answers that Jhu was expecting, that was not one of them. She gaped at him for a moment, unable to think of what she was going to say next. While she was attempting to work through her surprise, he took the opportunity to disengage her arms from about his neck, pushing her a few inches away. Seeing his disgusted expression, Jhu could not help herself – she began to laugh. And she couldn’t stop. One hand over her mouth as she leaned back against the wall, she dissolved into a fit of uncontrollable giggles.

Annoyance and anger flashed across his face. After listening to her for a few moments, he lifted his dagger high and stabbed downward at her. Jhu squeaked and ducked the incoming blow, throwing her arms over her head as she cowered on the floor. The blade impacted where she’d just been standing, the force of the blow and the density of the weapon such that it imbedded into plated wall with an ear-piercing shriek. Trembling, no hint of her recent insane gaiety showing, she peeked out at him to see if another blow was to follow.

“Au act like a whore and cower like a slave,” he spat at her. Reaching down, he grabbed the front of her tunic and lifted her to her feet, holding her a few inches off of the ground. “I do na like people laughing at me, least of all a whore like au.”

Brown eyes wide with fear, Jhu clutched at the hands holding her aloft and took a deep breath. “My apologies. I was na laughing at au because of what au said… I was laughing at the situation. Surely au must see the humor in it?”

“Enlighten me.”

“Au are a fine specimen of Rihannsu,” she babbled on. “I find that the only consistent weapon I have at my disposal is myself – my wit, my charm, my body, and my ability to seduce. Au have greater strength and are weapons trained. Au are also intelligent, else au would na have this mission.”

Taking a deeper breath as he lowered her to the ground, she continued, “What else would I have to use against a male of aur caliber? And in a stroke of ironic humor, au took that away as well.”

Jhu bit down on her lower lip to keep from laughing again. His grip slowly loosened until finally he released her entirely. While she backed a few steps away from him, he yanked his dagger from the wall and sheathed it. Blocking the only exit with his massive form, he crossed his arms and stared at her, not the least bit amused. Wisely, she decided to come directly to the point.

“Au will na be able to get off of this ship alive without my assistance.”

“That is na true, though the probability may be extremely low. Continue.”

“Aur counterpart is probably already in the brig being questioned and there is na doubt that the Daise’Dheno will be coming for au next. She is lost to au and au can na save her.”

“A regrettable circumstance, but necessary. She would do the same to me.”

“I assume that au have a cloaked ship nearby somewhere?”

“Ie. A cloaked shuttle synced to follow the Hnoiyika remotely. We were to beam to it once we had completed our mission.”

“Menkha. All au need to do is to reach a hteij. I’d suggest a cargo or storage bay hteij.”

“Ie. I already have that portion planned out. And what part will au play in all of this?”

“I am aur hostage in case something goes amiss. If au divert our lifesign readings elsewhere and we take the crawlspaces to whatever bay au have mapped, they will be a while in finding us. But if they do happen to come looking for au, au will have me as a hostage.”

“And au are worth something to these people?”

“Na as much as I’d like, but to some… besides, the repercussions of my death would reach the Senate and those that I serve will be forced to take some action. Keep that in mind as au toy with the idea of killing me once au reach the hteij.”

The twitch of his cheek betrayed the fact that he was probably thinking that exact thought. He continued to peer at her, studying her for another few moments. “And what is aur gain in helping me?”

“Besides prolonging my life past this day?” Jhu smiled wryly. “Au would be a useful contact to have within the Tal Shiar. A favor from time to time would suffice.”

“And what do I gain from leaving au alive when I escape?”

“Aur mission here is obviously a failure. Au have destroyed many lives on the planet, but au will na be able to stop the union from taking place. I am of the mind that it was aur secondary purpose to cast the Hnoiyika out of favor once again. That goal may yet be achieved, but na at the present time. When au have another opportunity, it would help to have a trusted individual aboard.”

He nodded slowly, mulling over her offer. “I do na trust au and I definitely do na like au…”

“Get in line,” she muttered.

“But I suppose it is better than the alternative.”

“Agreed,” she agreed because she knew the alternative probably involved her blood splattered across the walls of the very room they were standing in and her extremely dead body on the floor.

He stared at her for a few minutes longer as if weighing the facts in his mind. Finally he gestured to a maintenance wall plate near the floor at the far end of the room. “Remove that and we’ll enter the crawl spaces from here. I’m going to lock the doors to keep out the casual observer. They’ll believe us to be in a meeting and will na realize we have left the deck until later.”

He turned his back to her in order to program the door lock, displaying his superior positioning. She was no threat to him and he knew it. Jhu grimaced as she moved to remove the wall cover. She’d gotten herself into an extremely volatile situation and was certain that she wouldn’t escape unscathed. Until he’d made it off the ship, she would have to be doubly careful in everything she did and said. The man was ready to snap and she would be the closest target if that happened. If she was very fortunate, she would make it through the situation alive. If she was even more fortunate, she may have made herself a valuable contact. Elements she should be so lucky.
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