A Fine Mess, Part I

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A Fine Mess, Part I

Postby Telar tr'Isma'il » Sun Aug 19, 2007 10:16 am

"C'mon, S'Nac, I mean, shift's over," said t'Lohan, tossing her head so her hair would have the appropriate effect on him and then loudly snapping her gum once more. "We can hang around, like, wherever we wanna."

"Wellllllllll ... I'm not sure, Linds," replied S'Nac, nervously, thinking of T'Nal. "I mean, like, where are we going to start?"

"Mess Hall, for openers. Let's stop there and get something to drink."

He shrugged. "Can't hurt."

You betcha it can't, S'Nac. ...

And the two of them made their way to the rather ornate Mess Hall of the Leaf and began chatting over some Ale.

Of course, t'Lohan had counted on her being more capable -- MUCH more capable! -- of holding her liquor than her poor friend from Security, so eventually, as S'Nac began to have trouble keeping his eyes open, she got up and made her way around the table.

"Okie dokie S'Nac ... time for beddy-bye. This way." And so saying, she wrapped her arm around him and escorted him down to her quarters. Now let's just hope that susse-thrai T'Nal doesn't show up or I'm one very yy'a hlai. ...

Trouble, however, did not emerge in the form of T'Nal or any other suspicious person, and she quickly keyed in the access code to her quarters, and then dumped S'Nac on her bed as the doors swished shut. She turned and locked the door with an elaborate code.

Then she turned back around and leisurely stripped and then sat on the bed next to S'Nac and stroked him. "Oh S'Naaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaac," she purred.

"Mmmm ... whaa?" he called from the depths of slumber.

"Time to wakey-wakey."

to be continued ...

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