A Day in the Life

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A Day in the Life

Postby Telar tr'Isma'il » Thu Aug 23, 2007 3:21 am

Telar tr'Isma'il sat at the desk in Main Security and looked grimly over the ISD's he'd been given by t'Kirna earlier before the firestorm had broken and he'd had to order her and tr'Moussa to drag T'Nal of to the br'tehh. And t'Kirna had just returned from that area and had described T'Nal as the kind of person the Lloann'na would call a "red-head." He looked up at her. "A ... vah?"

She shrugged. "'Red-head,' Rekkhai. Euphemism for a woman with hair the color of ... of expensive citrus liquor. They seem to be renowned for losing their tempers very easily."

"Hmm, ie, they do have variances in color, only we never seem to notice it as ours is rather uniform," mused tr'Isma'il. "And au say such types seem to have temper problems?"

"Whether true or na, I have na idea. Just a thing I heard passed on somewhere."

"All right, dismissed; I'll have to interview the participants later. And t'Kirna?"

"Ie, Rekkhai?"

"While tr'Moussa keeps an eye out on T'Nal ... au keep an eye out for both S'Nac and this ... t'Lohan. I want na more trouble and especially as the Enarrain is down hrrau the planet. I want na mess for her to return to."

"Ie, Rekkhai." She saluted smartly and exited.

Na mess, that's for sure, he thought as he sighed and stretched, putting the ISD's down. Can't afford it hna we're this far away from ch'Rihan. He drummed his fingers on the desk as he pored over the various data at his reach; hna to formulate a solution to the problem. Part io, of course, was interviewing each of them -- separately, he hoped; part re would be finding that workable solution and putting it into effect. And it wouldn't be easy.

Ne'Arrain Linds t'Lohan. Let us see here. He grasped an ISD and ran over the details of her record. Born Stardate 8607.02 ... he looked up, genuinely startled. That young and already in Galae and serving on a Battlecruiser? He scrolled through the ISD, searching in vain for some salient detail that might pop up. No member of family connected to the Senate ... no powerful military connections ... just ... a precocious 21 year old Rihannsu serving in Engineering? Was t'Reki aware of this? He'd have to ask. This ... nei'rrh in the ointment was becoming a pain in his side. But how to take care of a problem when it involved someio else's department?

And then, suddenly, the answer presented itself.

He touched his t'liss.

"tr'Isma'il to t'Kirna. Report to the desk in Main Security immediately."

"Ie, Rekkhai." And within minutes there was t'Kirna, saluting and taking a seat at tr'Isma'il's gesture to do so.

"Always punctual, t'Kirna," nodded Isma'il. "I believe we might all benefit from solving this current problem ... the io between T'Nal, S'Nac and his friend t'Lohan?"

"Au'e, Rekkhai," replied t'Kirna. "A problem of the highest priority to be cleared before the Enarrain returns."

"Precisely," nodded Isma'il. "Which is why I have asked au here. Hna. We all know that Ne'Arrain t'Lohan currently works in the Engineering department."

"Ie, of course."

"Suppose she should be transferred elsewhere?"

"Rekkhai?" t'Kirna knitted her brows, looking confused.

"Suppose we were to ... shall we say ... borrow her ... at least temporarily deputize her ... and appoint her as an aide to au, so au would be able to keep tabs on her all the time ... and of course in Engineering they can always appoint someio else to fill the vacancy." He leaned forward, grinning conspiratorially. "Vah do au think?"

All of a sudden t'Kirna realized what her Daise was talking about. "So ... she's given a job here in Security, and keeps her hands to herself?"

"Precisely. And when the Enarrain returns I will have the formal request for t'Lohan's permanent change of venue from Engineering to Security all taken care of and it can go without a hitch. And meantime T'Nal will be released and hopefully will na involved in incidents such as the io which occurred."

"But, Rekkhai ... if she finds t'Lohan's hna a Security officer, won't that provoke her to another one?"

"That's exactly where au and tr'Moussa are to come in. To ensure problems like that don't recur. And when au are na on duty, appoint others in Security to likewise keep tabs. Brief them of this ongoing spat. Ssuegn?"

"Ie, Rekkhai," nodded t'Kirna.

"Well hna." He rose as did t'Kirna. "The interviews have na yet begun and I want au at my side at all times. And she's na to know about her switch of departments until after the interviews. Meantime, I think we can each take a well-deserved break. Let's go to the Mess hall. It's been a day in the life; and quite io to remember so far, don't au think?"

"Far be it for me to say na, Rekkhai," said t'Kirna, falling into step beside tr'Isma'il, as they made their way towards the 'lift.

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