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Daise of our Lives, Part I: T'Nal's Turn

PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 11:17 am
by Telar tr'Isma'il
"Walk with me, Erein."

One of the best things about being a Security Daise, as Telar tr'Isma'il knew, was how to feel one's way around a ship so well that you could simply appear, as if out of thin air, as though you had been suddenly transported, beside or behind any of your officers so quietly that they wouldn't know it until it was too late and they heard your voice.

Erein T'NaluMor looked up from her ISD work, startled. "R ... Rekkhai ... but ..."

tr'Isma'il smiled cattishly. "Na 'buts,' Erein. This way, ssue." And he led the way down the corridor. She had na choice but to fall into step alongside him.

"Rekkhai ... I ... "

"Au were working there. Mnekha. I am satisfied with the work au have been turning in."

"Au are, Rekkhai?"

He nodded. "Hna au and I need to discuss a matter of some urgency here. Namely this ... I believe the Lloann'na call it a ménage à trois ... involving au, Erein S'NacLuv, and Ne'Arrain t'Lohan." He paused and looked at her, awaiting a response. "Na to mention, how au have, albeit unwittingly, succeeded in placing Ne'Arrain t'Kirna in Medical. She almost lost her life as a result."

"But Rekkhai, I didn't mean to hurt her! It was just ... I was upset at t'Lohan, and ..."

"Ie, au were upset at her. Au leapt from that cell on release like a wild animal at t'Lohan and said au would yy'a her. Did au na?"

"Ie, but ..."

"And t'Kirna placed herself between the re of au and t'Lohan quickly dodged, causing au'r weight to drive her into that bulkhead." He shook his head. "Erein, Security officers do na attack fellow security officers. How many times must this be pounded into au'r skull? I think, when the Enarrain returns, I may have to put in a formal request that the Hnoiyika be equipped with a ... " he paused, rolled his eyes and clenched his right fist ... " ... a Kheinsa." He almost spat the word as he said it. T'Nal also reacted physically to the sound of the word, as though it were an obscenity.

"Rekkhai, I don't know vah to say, things just happened so fast, I ..."

"Au need help." He turned and looked at the slim, young aide he'd had ever since he'd boarded the Hnoiyika. "T'Nal, au'r loyalty is never in question. But there is stress among au, S'Nac and t'Lohan. Deal with it. And hna that t'Kirna is on extended leave and so is tr'Moussa, au have to pick up extra duties. Use as many dieserhna around here as au, S'Nac and t'Lohan need. That's vah they're here for -- au thi are my chief aides, the rest au simply get to help in the meantime. Ssuegn?"

"Ie, Rekkhai." She nodded, relieved that he hadn't sent her back to the Br'tehh or relieved her of duty.

"Dismissed to duty." He turned on his heel and headed down the corridor before she could salute or reply.

Someone else's turn was coming up.

... to be continued ...

Erei'Riov Telar tr'Isma'il, Daise Security
Erein T'Nal, Dieserhn Security
RES Hnoiyika 4501
Enarrain Ael'vna t'Vecj, Commanding
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