Daise of our Lives, Part II: S'Nac's Turn

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Daise of our Lives, Part II: S'Nac's Turn

Postby Telar tr'Isma'il » Wed Sep 19, 2007 11:19 am

"Walk with me, Erein."

Just as it had been with T'Nal, Erein S'NacLuv had been taken completely by surprise when tr'Isma'il showed up while he was busy organizing datachips and going through a proposed upgrade of the central Security etrehh -- as Linds was an Engineer, deputized hna to the Security department, she could see to that. But fvadt! there he was without any warning. S'Nac had almost dropped a handful of 'chips. "Rekkhai ... veherr ... I ..."

"This way, Erein." And tr'Isma'il led the way down the corridor as S'Nac hurried to fall into step beside him, just as it had been with T'Nal.

"Honestly, Rekkhai, vahever it was, I didn't do it ..."

tr'Isma'il laughed and then turned and put his hands on S'Nac's shoulders. "Hna, hna, naio is saying au have committed a crime, my boy. I simply wish to speak with au io on io for a while. Rihan to Rihan. Come. This way." He gestured down the corridor and they resumed their walk. "It seems ..." he said after a pause, " ... it seems that there is a lot going on between au and this Ne'Arrain t'Lohan, is there?"

S'Nac flushed green. "Vah can I say, Rekkhai. I have known her for some time."

"In vah manner?" tr'Isma'il turned to stare the Erein in the eyes, peering, looking for any clue.

"We have known io another as friends, Rekkhai."

"And then au wind up in bed together?"

"We ... well, I was monitoring some equipment and she happened to show up from Engineering. After a while she said my shift might be over and when I checked the chrono it was. And then she suggested we go to the Mess Hall for some drinks."

"Just some drinks and friendly chat?"

He nodded. "Ie, Rekkhai, that's vah I assumed. But Linds ... Elements, she can hold her ale but I can't. Ask T'Nal about it, she'll verify it for au. Anyhow ... we were talking, drinking and ... well, I passed out. And when I woke up, it was in Linds's quarters."

"So she seduced au and took advantage of au?"

"Ie, Rekkhai. That's vah happened."

tr'Isma'il nodded. "Hann'yyo, Erein ... this conversation has been very instructive." He smiled thinly. "Au are dismissed to duty." As he had with T'Nal, he quickly turned on his heel and headed down the corridor before S'Nac could offer a salute or say a word.

The Daise was na finished. Someone else's turn was yet to come.

... to be continued ...

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