Daise of our Lives, Part III: t'Lohan's turn

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Daise of our Lives, Part III: t'Lohan's turn

Postby Telar tr'Isma'il » Wed Sep 19, 2007 11:21 am

"Ne'Arrain. Walk with me."

Ne'Arrain Linds t'Lohan looked up with mild surprise from her technical work to see the Daise beckoning her. She stood quickly and followed him quietly.

"This is a change," remarked tr'Isma'il, as they headed down the corridor.

"Vah is a change, Rekkhai?" inquired t'Lohan, unsure as to his meaning.

He smiled and looked at her. "When I went to do the same thing with Ereins T'Nal and S'Nac -- show up and tell them to come with me -- they behaved like frightened little animals. Au may be somevah of a thorn in my side, Ne'Arrain, but perhaps au did na earn that rank simply for na reason. Hna," he continued before she could gloat or interject something self-congratulatory, "as au know, we have a situation. It would seem au have taken an inordinate amount of interest in Erein S'Nac, completely aware of his involvement with Erein T'Nal, who is very stressed herself, and inserted au'rself between them in vah the Lloann'na call a ménage à trois. Erein S'Nac has informed me that au deliberately took advantage of him and got him drunk, then seduced him, and io thing has led to another. Further," he said as she was trying to open her mouth and holding up a hand so as to indicate she was na to try to speak, "Ne'Arrain t'Kirna is hna in Medical, and came close to dying, as the result of all these antics. Hna I suppose au would be quite content to blame all this on T'Nal and the way she behaved when she was released from the Br'tehh ... however, all of this is interconnected, au, T'Nal, S'Nac, so there is na io person to whom io may look and say he or she started it. That is the game of a veruul. So in the future," he said, coming to an abrupt halt and turning to face her in the eyes, "show Erein T'Nal all the courtesy she is due as a fellow Security officer -- she does have seniority here -- and keep au'r dealings with Erein S'Nac purely professional. Dismissed to duty."

Again he turned on his heel and walked off down the corridor before she could salute or reply.

As she returned to her station, she thought about his last words. "Show Erein T'Nal all the courtesy she is due ... and keep au'r dealings with Erein S'Nac purely professional." She shook her head. Show that susse-thrai respect? Keep dealings with S'Nac professional? Like Areinnye I'm going to.

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