The Game is Afoot

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The Game is Afoot

Postby Telar tr'Isma'il » Sat Oct 20, 2007 5:20 pm

Erei'Riov Telar tr'Isma'il stopped at Ne'Arrain Linds t'Lohan's quarters and rang the chime.


The doors swished open and he stepped inside. As they closed he heard the sounds of soft, lyrical music coming from the main area. "Lovely music au have here. May I ask vah it is?"

"A work the Lloann'na call 'Unfinished Symphony,' Rekkhai, by a ... Franz Schubert. Evidently his friends thought he had na completed it before he died."

"He did finish it then?"

"Ie but the title they gave it became somewhat too popular, I guess." t'Lohan reached down and switched the music off. "At any rate it may distract us from vah I believe au came about. Fhaen be seated Rekkhai."

tr'Isma'il sat down. "Ie, I have come about vah we were talking about in Main Security. Au have ideas on jamming other systems?"

"Ie, Rekkhai. If I may." t'Lohan produced several ISDs and began showing her Daise the ideas. "Basically vah we do is run false images through the security camera system of whomever it is we wish to foil. An away team can plant one of these chips in the Security system of a ship and then we can plant any kind of images by means of holoimaging remotely from here."

"So we are able to gain an advantage on them and they won't know vah hit them at the time we board them and take over?"


tr'Isma'il shook his head and grinned. "t'Lohan, au are the perfect addition to the Security staff here. As soon as I can speak with the Enarrain, I am going to put au in for a commendation ... and a field promotion to Arrain for this." He pointed at the ISDs.

t'Lohan facepalmed in shock. "Au ... Rekkhai, this can na be true ... all ... all I did was ..."

"Was show me how we could get a strategic advantage over enemies we've never had." He patted her shoulder. "Au deserve it."

t'Lohan felt herself tense inside and took a deep, shuddering breath as she saw tr'Isma'il gather the ISDs and stand. Na, she thought. Not hna, Elements, na ... She looked up at him. "Stay," she gulped softly, her eyes almost brimming. "I wish ..."

tr'Isma'il sat back down next to her, placing his arm on her shoulder. "Vah is it au wish?"

... to be continued ...

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"No country was ever saved by great men, for they will not go to the lengths necessary."
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