Dr. M Balm Ingfluid ON the JOB

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Dr. M Balm Ingfluid ON the JOB

Postby DrMBalmIngfluid » Wed Jun 21, 2006 6:45 pm

Lt Paul Bearer and Ens. Ben Grimm relayed Lt Ryan's body to the Morgue section of the Regayov's Sickbay. Doctor Morton Balm Ingfluid followed them in to the perform the autopsy on Ryan. QUITE set in his WAYS about DEATH, the curmudgeonly Doc Ingfluid said a "MATTER of FACT" epitaphet over the body.
"Life came, Life went...may there be insight to the WHY," *Morty* muttered as he removed the clothing from the corpse. From there he put the items into a microscanner for analysis of where Ryan had been, finally to wind up in the recycler once that test was concluded.
The findings were hardly a help to point where Ryan had been prior to being detained by Regayov personnel. "Someone was clumsy, or DAMN nervous" was the retort as Doc Ingfluid looked at the analysis of coffee stains found on the clothes. Yridian Ore Dust was the MAIN finding, but that had been the cargo on the freighter Ryan was found on. Only logical that it was saturated throughout the material.
Examination of Ryan's gastrolintestinal tract shead MORE light, but that was into the character of the man, more than WHERE he had been and who his associates were. There was an ulcer getting onto the size of a small pearl. "maw'qoH (crazy fool)" Morty muttered in Klingon," No need to have been in pain, but YOU were avoiding common areas weren't you?" The contents were pretty STANDARD fare for a cargo freighter except for Betazoid Llama Milk and Capellan Cocoa Granola.
The llama milk Doc Ingfluid understood...ease the pain in the belly, but the cocoa granola. "Just HAD to have your indulgence, HUH?"
Morty programmed a TRACE on the importation of the treat from Capella, just on an OFF chance it would lead to something. Nothing ELSE about the body was unusual until the examination of the brain. Ryan had had augmentations done. The left hemisphere showed signs of scorching eminating from a foreign implant. Carefully the pathologist removed the implant, immediately placing it in a stasis box where it would remain perserved despite whatever TESTING would be done to it and TEST it he did. Ingfluid ran EVERY test he could think of on the small device. He quietly cussed the results whenever they came up with nothing to lead them forward. The ONLY point of interest was the metalurgy analysis. The alloy was a mix Morty had NEVER run across before and called in Commander Blake N. Decker, the Regayov's current Chief Engineer. It was FRUSTRATING to know even Decker hadn't encountered the alloy before, which left them with NO physical clues.
Morty could only HOPE that Dr. Morales had gotten ENOUGH information telepathically. He had hung back in Sickbay long enough to KNOW Roxy would be alright, but it had been a CLOSE call. The device being examined had been designed to recognize the mental touch of a telepath, LEACH onto it and ATTACK with an energy overload along the tenuous connection. The device had also been keyed to Ryan's metabolic pattern. That he had been SO weakened by his attempted suicide had SAVED Dr. Morales.
Morty filed the report of his findings to Captain Zeta and XO Mordonnon Zel. It didn't relieve the frustration he felt about the ENTIRE case, but he didn't WANT to think about what Mr Johnson HAD to be going through.

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Not to mention, very punny.
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