Busted and Loving It - Joint Log

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Busted and Loving It - Joint Log

Postby Just Jeremy » Fri Aug 18, 2006 11:04 pm

Busted and Loving It.
Joint Log by: Lt.Commander Jeremy Johnson and Doctor Roxanne Morales

Lieutenant Commander Jeremy Johnson had orders to venture forth toward Earth after a few hours had passed. These orders were from the Captain, a mission to aid the Intelligence community in a matter they could not be seen operating within. The particular mission Jeremy was soon to be part of was entirely too public and the Regayov was the only ship closest to respond to the delicate matter. There were a few hours to spare, as aforementioned, that meant time to catch up with the latest central core of the rumor mill. He stepped up to Roxanne's door and tapped the chime.

Dr. Roxanne Morales sat cross-legged on the floor, one twin between her legs, the other currently pulled at his sisters shoes. She heard the chime and knew instantly it was Jeremy, his always enthusiastic presence radiated almost visibly through the door. " Enter!" She said as she remained seated. Roxanne knew that Jeremy would most likely join her on the floor with the kids.

Jeremy walked in and placed hands on his hips as he looked toward Roxanne. The door almost bumped him as he hadn't walked in quite as far as he had planned. "Oops!" He stepped forward a bit more with lips pursed and furrowed. It was obvious he made another attempt to appear stern. He miserably failed, but he tried. "We ... need to talk!" A break in the stern expression again, before he leaned forward toward the family and clutched knees as he waved at the little ones. "Hello my little darlin's!" He said before he stood up and returned to the persona of the stern Jeremy Johnson.

Roxanne rolled her eyes in replay as she simultaneously pointed to the floor just in front of her as invitation. "What's up?" She asked as she tried not to anticipate anything when it came to her dear friend Jeremy, because the anticipation made the entire scenario that much more fun. She held Kelly by the arms and allowed her to stand and bounce happily. Roxanne looked at Jeremy and tried not to laugh. "And if you keep your face that way....it'll stick! You know you don;t want those wrinkles permanently!"

Jeremy looked up and rolled his eyes then started to tap his foot in an attempt to maintain the aggressive stance, before he threw up his hands and laughed with a bright smile. He seemed to melt fluidly down to his knees and grabbed the little baby girl into his arms. He snuggled his cheek under Kelly's chin to gift the baby with extremely warm hug. "Hey my little dahlin'! Mommy and Poppy Jeremy need to talk. Don't we ..." He paused mid-sentence as he looked past the little girl toward mother. "... Mommy?"

Roxanne looked between Jeremiah and Jeremy quickly as if in faux shock. "We do? " She spoke next to Jeremiah as if in a vain attempt to lighten the situation. "What did you tell him? Are you still mad cause I took your binky after you chucked it at your sister?" Roxanne smiled as she motioned for Tamblin to take both babies in for their shots. The mother in her felt this could get to in-depth for the babies. Roxanne kissed them both and motioned for Jeremy to do the same.

"Noooooo ... but this might be about a binky! Just not Jeremiah's binky! Or should I say ... winky!?" He lowered Kelly into his arms, before he kissed the top of her head and handed her toward Roxanne. A lean toward Jeremiah and zzzzrbrrt to his cheek, before he smiled sweetly toward them both. "I'll see you later! Love yooooou!" The you so melodic it was almost sickening.

She watched as Kelly and Jeremiah were whisked into the other room, her smile still painted in place from ear to ear. "You know what, despite Jeremiah's constant taunting of his sister, they are surprisingly well behaved." She acted as if she hadn't heard Jeremy's inquiry. "Did you ever think about the fact those two are nothing like me. I know they're mine, but ..."

Jeremy looked toward Roxanne and crossed arms. One hand lifted so that index finger touched chin so that he looked up toward nowhere in particular. It was just an exhibit of his profile and the seriousness exuded. He pointed to her and parted lips as if to say something, then waved his hand and motioned no. His arms crossed and chin touched again by same index as if in more thought, before he finally spoke. "Yes! They're yours ... and Poppa Jeremy's, but ..." His hands fanned out suddenly. "NEWS FLASH ... doodoodoo doo doo doodoodoo doo." He made the sound most heard before breaking news reports and then said. "Where were you on the night of maybe two days ago ... maybe one ... and where ... did you wake up? Is there something you're not telling me? Hmmm? Is the Kitty on the paaaaaaaaRRrrrowl!"

Her stomach hit the floor hard, and it didn't have far to go from where she was seated. Roxanne stood up and walked across the room, avoiding eye contact. She knew if Jeremy knew, that if he'd found out about it, then EVERYONE knew and not because he told, but because others were talking. The always infamous rumor mill. " I ... I don't know what your talking about. I was here the whole night! I had to do my evaluations for the med staff." She motioned her hand toward a stack of PADDs. They were filled with incomplete reports, but Jeremy wouldn't know that.

Jeremy looked toward Roxanne and his face almost flowed into the saddest puppy dog face. "Why are you lying to me? I ... I ... " A brief sigh. "Okay then, I see how it is ..." Jeremy rolled to a knee and stood. " ... it's all he say she say ... and we have nothing to talk about huh?"

Eyes dropped and a guilty look flashed across her face before her ability to lie resurfaced. She ached inside, because her fear of getting in trouble with the captain outweighed her emotions. "I ... he ... we ... no ... nothing happened ... we had a drink, or two ... and ... we
... I went to work the next morning ... he ... I ..." She looked downward toward the floor as shame washed over, because she loved Jeremy and knew he could see through her jumbled story. " I ..." The rest of the words drowned in the singular tear that crept down over the apple of her cheek.

Jeremy leaned toward her and whispered almost sweetly. "Liar Liar ... pants on fire! Fess up or I'm out of here like Castle's last date in the Starbucks when he went to the potty."

Roxanne looked up at Jeremy with eyes dampened with tears, but she smiled. His charm and energy made her laugh. "Who's the Betazoid in the room?"

"I can't read your mind honey? But I know you and I know body language. And that's a just got some swing in those hips!" He said as brow lifted and lips clenched crooked to offer up a "Oh no you din't" expression in his already animated persona.

Roxanne laughed then inevitably sighed. "How many people know? Please tell me not many. I'm so toast if its spread all over the ship and to be honest I didn't know his name until he came into sickbay. Damn! I don't even remember it now!" There was a look of guilt that littered her facial expression. " But ... " She paused for a deep breath. " ... it was good, and well needed. I can't say I wouldn't do it again. I can't say I won't. Oh Jeremy ... I'm a whore." She looked to her hands and then exhaled more words. "I'm going to lose my job, because I can't hold my liquor and make good decisions. I can't just go to the holodeck, because its not the same. It was ... he was ." She smiled almost sly like. " ... good!" She melted into the couch and thought about how good it felt to forget about everything for that one night.

Hands were folded behind at the small of his back then started to rock back and forth on his heels. Both brows up now. "I am not your judge or jury RoxXxy baby. If you like a little twist in the sheets ... Chubby Checker away." Jeremy sighed and unfolded his hands as he walked over to join her on the couch. His hands slid under hers and lifted them. Thumbs caressed at her knuckles. "But RoxXxy, I know this is going to sound sooooooooooooooo odd coming from me and you better record it, because I don't know if I can say it again, but you can't be a whore RoxXxy. You're a mommy and who wants a mommy that a whore. It just can't work and besides ... there's something else. Tell Jeremy what's wrong. I'm putting on my Counselor coat." He shimmied as if a Counselor labcoat transported onto him, but of course nothing was there. "You have to be responsible RoxXxy! Time to ..." His voice raised an octave or two. " ... GROW ... up."

She squeezed his hand and leaned into him. "I know I can't be random, but I'm tired of being a grown up. I've been adult for practically my whole life. I regret ever going home. I regret falling in love or lust. I regret getting pregnant. I don't however regret the twins. Jeremy ... I love them with all my heart and to be honest, they are what keeps me on the straight and narrow." She sighed deeply as if a bit of life drained from her core being. " ... but Jeremy will I ever find someone to love me? I mean I have so much ... what is the term? Baggage? I feel this is that is the only way I'll ever be liked ... loved ..." She played with his hand. Her thumbs caressed his knuckles. " I mean ... besides by you."

"Okay ..." Jeremy slid one of his hands from the embrace of hers and positioned it in between them with only index finger pointed upward. "Number one! You don't have a choice but to grow up. HELLOOOOOoooooooooooOOoo ... I say ... AGAIN ... you're a mommy!" Now two fingers up and offered as if he counted down the reasons visibly. "Stop feeling sorry for yourself girlfriend! It's really unattractive and it's so ... not ... you! Who will love you if you can't love yourself and ..." He held up three fingers then did a double take toward the finger to make sure the three were up as mentally planned. "Sex is good, but it's not a band aid for problems. It'll only lead to more problems ... I mean ... sweetheart ... are we gelling here ... because this is all I've got. I'm tapped out. I got a D in xenopsychology!"

Roxanne laughed accompanied by a nod and deep sigh that followed. "Well, hopefully I didn't screw all this up for myself. I have worked hard to get here. I've endured a lot of pain to make it to where I am." She turned to her right and stared toward the center table of the quarters where picture of the twins rested. " And I love them so much. I don't want to hurt them." She looked at Jeremy to stare. " I do need to grow back up, but when the hell did you grow up?" She playfully pushed him a bit, before yanking the dainty Lt. Commander into her arms for a warm hug. " Are we in an alternative universe? I kinda needed that proverbial slap in the face, but do you think the captain is gonna be mad? Do you think I'll be court-martialed? Or demoted for conduct unbecoming ... or ... or ..." She began to hyperventilate and panic in true Jeremy fashion.

"Hell no girl! Everyone has a one night stand every now and then? Lord forgive me girlfriend ... " He leaned in and whispered to her with hand over his mouth. "I know." He yelped as he was hugged, before laughing and wrapping his arms around her. Jeremy laid his cheek on her shoulder. "Ehh! I'll talk to ma'am sah and fix it. I'll tell her as ..." Jeremy offered the motion of quote unquote fingers. " ... second officer I handled the situation." He turned his head to kiss her nearby cheek due to hug. "Okay?" Jeremy leaned back in her arms and looked toward his best friend. "Okay?"

Roxanne started to calm and caught her breath as she nodded. "OK! So no more? No more ... uh ..." She pulled out a pillow and whacked him with it. "And where were you to talk me out of this before I did it?" She growled and whacked him again.

"Phhbt girlfriend! Sleeping with Leon from Engineering ... I needed my oil checked ... well not exactly sleeping with him, but ... I'll give you the details after I get back from this away mission okay. Let's just say ... I call him the Lone Ranger now... Hi Ho... Silver!" Jeremy stood and acted as if he was on a saddle as he trotted in place. His finger whirled overhead as if it was a readying lasso. "AWAY!"

She laughed in response. "How do YOU get to sleep around and not get in trouble, but I do it and it's the biggest thing since replicatable sliced bread!"

"I don't get caught! Hee hee!" Jeremy said before he gripped a pillow and whacked her back to start a massive pillow fight.
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