Duty Log: Stardate 9808.18 - From LtJG Sekar

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Duty Log: Stardate 9808.18 - From LtJG Sekar

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Subject: Duty Log: Stardate 9808.18
Date: 8/23/1998 5:23 PM US Mountain Standard Time
From: LtJG Sekar

=/\= Duty Log - Lieutenant Junior Grade Sekar =/\=
Stardate: 9808.18

The ship is currently in orbit around the planet from which we recovered our away team a few days ago. At this moment, Daise'Erei'Riov Latar and El'Arrain tNyrek are onroute to the planet's surface to continue the investigation into the death of a former crew member. Although many of our current crew, myself included, did not know this person, we are all eager to conclude this matter, as it will bring resolution to the death of a comrade. As for myself, I continue with my temporary assignment, covering both Tactical and Helm. Although this assignment has been quite challenging, I have found the experience extremely beneficial. I would certainly not have expected to be at the helm of the starship when it executed a landing manuever. As for now, I have put the ship into a low orbit around the planet. It is my belief that the magnetic field from the planet, will cloud the Klingon sensors and help us avoid detection. I have also set the Tactical sensors to passive, also to help hide our position. While these actions will not completely hide our position, it should give us some time to complete the investigation, and be on our way.On another subject, I saw today that Kattie Fox has joined our crew. I became acquainted with her some time ago, before she was a cadet, and find it agreeable that we will be able to continue our friendship.

=/\= End Log =/\=
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