A Ranau Report - From JorElRanau

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A Ranau Report - From JorElRanau

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Subject: Long Distance Call
Date: 10/13/1998 9:12 PM US Mountain Standard Time
From: JorElRanau

A Ranau Report

A Subsidiary of NightenNau productions.

Jor-El sat up slowly, yawning. Gail had already left for duty and he wouldn't be seeing her again until about 1900 hours, just before he was to report for duty in her place. That gives us a whole...what? Five minutes? he thought sarcastically. Things had calmed down in sick bay long enough for it to actually be a little....boring. He swung his legs around and put his feet onto the floor, rubbing the sleep from his green eyes. He showered,
dressed in a clean uniform and was at his desk in a matter of a half hour. He looked at the computer screen and noticed the messages waiting for him. "Computer...replay messages..." The computer complied and he zipped through a few medical alerts, smiled at the message from Gail, reminding him of their lunch date, and blinked as an unexpected message appeared on the screen.....

Melissa's face appeared on the screen. "Red...I know you're busy....but the children wanted to talk to you..." Jor-El cringed. He had set the computer on autoanswer because he wanted to spend time with Gail before she left for duty. He missed the children's call. Melissa continued, "Well...anyway, you're probably on duty, so I'll just let them leave a message....."

She stood up and Jad-El sat in the chair in front of the screen. "Hey...Daddy. I got an "A" on my spelling test today...and the teacher asked me to be in the second-grade spelling bee. Isn't that great? I hope I do good. So, how you doing Daddy? Mommy says that you getting married again. Is that true? You can tell me....I can keep a secret. Honest!" Jor-El chuckled deeply, shaking his head a little. Jad-El rattled on, "Is she nice? Is she pretty? Can she play hide-and-seek? What's her name? Where is she from? Where does she live?"

Melissa's voice came from the background, gently admonishing the curious little boy. "Okay, Jade...that's enough...let Munchkin speak to him...."

"But, Mommmmm....." Melissa must have given Jad-El a stern look, because he pouted and said, "Okay, Daddy, I gotta go....here's Kerian'a...." and with that, he stood up.

Melissa sat back in the chair in front of the screen with Kerian'a in her lap. She tried to coax the 2-year-old to speak. "Okay, Munchkin....say 'hi' to Daddy....come on....say 'hi'....."

Kerian'a looked blankly at the screen, then broke into a wide grin. "Hi....Daddy...." Then started to chant, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy......." She giggled and buried her head in her mothers shoulder, casting little glances at the screen every once in a while.

Jor-El sighed deeply, touching the screen lightly with his fingers. A tear slowly trailed down his cheek. He wiped it and watched the screen sadly. Daddy's Munchkin....

Melissa laughed softly, "I guess she's in that mood again......I'll try to contact you again, Red. Maybe we can have a 'live' chat next time," she teased. "Take care...and give Gail my best." And with that, the screen clicked off.

Jor-El leaned back in the chair and ran a hand through his red hair. He missed his children dearly and silently cursed the path he took to this point in his life. He couldn't even calculate the next time he would be able to see them again. He sighed, picking up the picture of them on his desk and stared at it. But if I hadn't made that decision.....I wouldn't have Gail now. He shook his head, then slow smile crossed his face, his dimples
caving in his cheeks. He looked down at his chrono. He was supposed to meet Gail in the lounge for lunch, and then had five hours to kill before he went on duty. Mustn't keep the lady waiting, he thought with a smile. "Computer, please alert me on my com badge of any incoming messages from Betazed." The computer acknowledged his request as he stood and walked from his quarters to meet Gail.

Jor-El Ranau....b.k.a. "Red"
Medical Officer, USS Daystrom/RES Daen

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