Quiet After the Storm - From Nghtengail

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Quiet After the Storm - From Nghtengail

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Subject: Quiet After the Storm
Date: 3/23/1999 8:17 PM US Mountain Standard Time
From: Nghtengail

Gail leaned back in her chair at her workstation, thankful for the quiet that now surrounded sickbay. Every thing and everyone had finally settled down, giving the tired doctors and nurses a chance to take a breather. Although Gail suspected that quiet wouldn't last long, she was going to take advantage of it while she could. First thing was first though, she quietly activated her computer console and started to record her status report to the Chief
Medical Officer.
"Medical Officers Log, Dr. Gail Dailey Ranau reporting," Gail sighed, then continued. "Sickbay has finally been drained of it's flood of patients. Most patients exhibited the usually bumps, bruises, cuts and broken bones of being caught unaware and jostled around during our most recent experience. Triage treated and released all of these patients. Patient reports pending, and numbers of wounded and names are attached to this report. Patients with
more severe injuries were found in Engineering due to a plasma eruption. Ten patients were admitted with burns, contusions, fractures and concussion. Of these, three have been released, and six remain in sickbay under observation. I regret to report we lost one patient, Lt. Pepperidge, due to the extent of his injuries."
Gail paused, rubbed her eyes slowly, then continued, "Every effort was made to treat him, but his wounds were to extensive and his body suffered from shock. The death certificate has been submitted for the Chief Medical Officer's signature and the body has been placed in stasis. We are undergoing efforts to notify the next of kin at this time."
After pausing again to slowly inhale, Gail continued, "All of the doctors, nurses and other medical staff, and including other ship officers who pitched in, working during this crisis should be commended on their efforts to quickly route and treat patients. They did an outstanding job," Nodding to herself, she finished, "Final patient reports will be submitted after this duty shift is over. Computer, end report and submitted to the appropriate
"Please...oh please let sickbay be quiet for ten minutes...just for my break, eh?" Gail sighed sipping her hot chocolate. She picked up her copy of "3D" and sighed, wondering if her husband's picture was in this issue. Maybe then, after working such a long shift, she could remember what he looked like again.
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