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Here will be the chat logs from each week's sim.
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11:11 : ##############Begin Sim#########
11:11 : ##############Begin Sim#########
11:11 : ##############Begin Sim#########
11:12 : RegajK2 : (( "Siohban and Taul plotted something involving K'Yele, and possibly Ilia." Where were you on that one, Jhu >:| ))
11:12 : Aelvna tVecj : ((She's with meeeeeee))
11:12 : tr eK ibilia : (( Baw chicka baw-baw. :D))
11:12 : ookamikuro : ((Thank you for standing in.))
11:12 : RegajK2 : ((thankyou karen. >:o ))
11:12 : tr eK ibilia : (( That was directed at Ael, not you losers. ))
11:13 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( LOL ))
11:13 : ookamikuro : ((Guh...))
11:13 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spekt'or> ::hails the Hnoiyika from his scout ship::
11:13 : ::glances at Jhu in the flitter:: _Do_ you have anything on him?
11:14 : tr eK ibilia : ::looks over the fruits of her search so far::she had managed to get access to the senator's estate's systems after several long hours of rooting about and had finally found something useful::
11:14 : Telar trIsmail : ::in Main Security, briefing officers:: ... and in conclusion, do vahever is necessary to bring him in for interrogation. Remember, though ... this is NA a "wanted ... dead or alive" mission.
11:14 : Erein tLynta : ::fixed on something on her monitor....doesn't even notice at first the comm...or if there's even anyone else on the bridge to answer::
11:14 : ookamikuro : K> ::leaves the hydroponics bay, heading towards his office. He'll have a lot of political fallout to take care of as soon as Telar goes into motion, but thankfully it'll take his mind off his current dilemma::
11:14 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Jhu sat silently in the transport as they left the manor's property, her gaze following the line of buildings as they moved through the city. At Ael's question, she glanced over.:: Of course. Everyone has a vice or a secret.
11:15 : tr eK ibilia : (( ::cue Ilia comming K'Yele and breaking down his delicate mental walls:: ))
11:15 : Aelvna tVecj : ::lolls her head back against the rest:: Ie, but usually they're _secret_. Or perhaps they never are, and we've just trained
11:15 : ourselves not to look.
11:15 : tr'Spekt'or> ::hails again, more insistently, on more channels, setting off at least one alarm::
11:15 : Telar trIsmail : He is to be brought in alive and as unharmed as possible. Regardless of vah he has done, he is a Khre'Riov and we must respect him for that. Ssuegn? ::looks from io side of the ranks of the officers to the other::
11:16 : tr eK ibilia : ::writes down a summary of her findings so far: The senator had taken two trusted, long-term servants with him when he disappeared--obviously not foul play::
11:16 : Telar trIsmail : Officers > ::grim mutterings amongst them:: Ssuaj-ha Rekkhai.
11:16 : Erein tLynta : :::absent mindely hits the button that normall y quiets alarms at her station...startles as it still goes off...looks around::
11:17 : Aelvna tVecj : ((heehee, t'Lynta))
11:17 : Erein tLynta : ::moves over to another station...::+COM+ This is the Hnoiyika
11:17 : Telar trIsmail : Very well ... dismissed and set out immediately.
11:17 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Secrets are a difficult burden to keep to oneself. Our dear Deihu confinded to the wrong person. ::She shrugged. It happened every day.:: I'm sure I'll be hearing from him soon. ::Her brown eyes lingered on Ael's face.::
11:17 : tr eK ibilia : Notes> The estate had recently purchased a long-range scout ship which could no longer be visually accounted for... which made the possibilities for destinations nearly endless.
11:17 : ookamikuro : K> ::enters the hwaveyiir just as t'Lynta picks up the comm, and pauses on his way to his office::
11:17 : Aelvna tVecj : ::sets jaw:: No doubt. But I wonder if I will be hearing from his son, first.
11:18 : ::rolls head in Jhu's direction to meet her eyes:: And I wonder, which is the better contact?
11:18 : How far will he go to please me?
11:18 : tr'Spekt'or> +Hnoiyika+ Permission to come aboard. This is an inspection.
11:19 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Probably. ::She smiled, amused by the thought.:: He certainly wasn't interested in me. If you pay him even the slightest attention, you will have a contact for quite some time. His interest will fade, of course. Males are like
11:19 : Telar trIsmail : ::heads to TL, steps in with t'Kirna and tr'Moussa:: Hwaveyiir. ::'lift zooms::
11:19 : ::'lift doors open, steps out, heads to Tac::
11:19 : JhuCaevra tTalia : that. But while it lasts, I'm sure you could gain quite a lot from him.
11:19 : Erein tLynta : ::looks around the bridge for anyone of higher rank to hand this over to::
11:19 : tr eK ibilia : Notes> As for the intelligence officer... his last verified location was aboard a transport ship, which had since reported a short-range scout ship missing.
11:20 : JhuCaevra tTalia : That has no bearing on the Deihu's compliance, however. He is not interested in his son's life or influenced by him. That much was certain.
11:20 : Erein tLynta : +COm+ Please standby while we confirm security authentication
11:21 : Aelvna tVecj : > +Hnoiyika+ Standing by. ::sends codes::
11:21 : ookamikuro : K> ::goes down into the command pit, leaning against his chair:: Was this scheduled?
11:21 : tr eK ibilia : Notes> Unless he was simply sitting powered-down in the middle of deserted space, the most likely location would be in a mid-sized asteroid field previously used for mining but since largely disused.
11:21 : Aelvna tVecj : True. Two for the price of one. But, tell me, Advocate...
11:21 : What do I actually want from him?
11:21 : Erein tLynta : ::pulls up a schedule:: Not that anyone told us about.
11:21 : Capt Kevin Acura joined the chat
11:22 : Aelvna tVecj : (Hola, Commander!)
11:22 : tr eK ibilia : ::frowns at the notes, frustrated by not having any better guesses as to where the senator could be hiding::of course, she had a gut feeling about it, but no evidence to speak of::
11:22 : Telar trIsmail : Security authentication of ... of vah?
11:22 : Capt Kevin Acura : (:::Waves:::)
11:22 : Erein tLynta : ::runs the codes::
11:22 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Want I should order them to bow and scrape? <g> Might be fun...))
11:23 : tr eK ibilia : ::appends a recommendation that they pursue the intelligence officer in the asteroid field under the assumption that he would be able to lead them to the senator, if the senator was not in fact already with him::
11:23 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Now that is an interesting question. I shall have to think on that for a while. Perhaps you should as well. There are things the Hnoiyika could gain from such an association.
11:23 : ookamikuro : K> +tr'Spek+ This is the Daise'Erei'Riov. May I ask what you're here to inspect?
11:23 : tr eK ibilia : ::sends these notes and the recommendation to K'Yele as a report::
11:23 : Aelvna tVecj : ::frowns at Jhu:: As long as I don't find myself being wed on the steps of the Imperial Palace.
11:24 : tr eK ibilia : ::leans back against the stiff back of her chair, staring down at the console, which still displayed the notes::tightens one eyebrow and stares::
11:24 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spekt'or> I'm from Customs, as you can see on my papers. I have to make sure there are no contaminants aboard, either cultural, biological, or military,
11:24 : before you're cleared for your next mission.
11:24 : tr eK ibilia : ((How about intellectual?))
11:25 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spekt'or> And we DO want you out of here, Daise'Erei'Riov.. ::looks at clipboard:: tr'Woodlock. ::sardonic smile::
11:26 : ookamikuro : K> +tr'Spek+ Certainly. Which areas of the ship do you plan to be inspecting, so we know where to receive you?
11:26 : Erein tLynta : ::ponders the biological...and wonders of Kyle's purpleness had totally faded::
11:26 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Laughing.:: Somehow, I seriously doubt you would ever allow that to happen. ::Still smiling.:: I have to thank you for your help this evening. I'm sure I would have made headway with the Deihu, but it would have taken much
11:26 : longer to do so without offending him. He seemed impressed by you and your career.
11:27 : Telar trIsmail : ::looks at light on Tac console:: Just vah we need at this point ...
11:28 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spekt'or>+Hnoiyika+ Well, all of it. It's not a very large ship, now, is it?
11:28 : tr eK ibilia : ::very slowly sliding down in her seat, mostly imperceptibly, as she ruminates on her collected information::
11:29 : (( Oh, burn. ))
11:29 : Aelvna tVecj : ((::dies at t'Lynta::))
11:29 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( Purple... everywhere? ))
11:29 : Aelvna tVecj : I was happy to serve as... a distraction. I learned a lot too. As much as I desired, to, I think.
11:30 : I may incorporate all of this into my dealings with the fleet, but... I may leave the actual work of it to you.
11:30 : Your talent with the words you do and don't use are as quick as mine with the kaleh.
11:30 : ookamikuro : K> ::silent for a moment:: +tr'Spek+ You're clear to dock in the aft shuttlebay. ::then he presses the button to cut the comm:: We need to be prepared to move the prisoners out of the brig as soon as possible.
11:31 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spekt'or> ::flies scout toward aft shuttlebay::
11:31 : Telar trIsmail : ::opens audio channel:: +unidentified craft+ This is the Hnoiyika. Identify au'rself. ::through clenched teeth, quietly::
11:31 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spekt'or> ::writes on ISD:: See how crew interacts without their Enarrain.
11:31 : tr eK ibilia : (( Are we letting him inspect Taul's closet? ))
11:31 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::She nodded slightly.:: This is only the first of such contacts. The actual building of the relationship takes much, much more time.
11:31 : RegajK2 : ((go for it.))
11:32 : ((if you've ever seen felix the cat..)
11:32 : tr eK ibilia : (( The laser-eyed ratabot army guarding it will be happy to treat you with the utmost respect as they sublimate your head? ))
11:32 : Telar trIsmail : Unidentified craft > +Telar+ This is Ilyas Qasim. We need to speak to ... to Erei'Riov Telar tr'Isma'il of the Hnoiyika.
11:33 : +Qasim+ ::blinks:: This is he. State au'r business and whence au come. ::tries to place name ... Qasim, Qasim ... ::
11:33 : Aelvna tVecj : ::fingers the hilt of her knife, idlely, as if being comforted:: Don't you find it exhausting?
11:33 : Erein tLynta : We could beam the prisoners into his own shuttle after he steps out. Would be the last place he'd look.
11:34 : Aelvna tVecj : ::contemplates:: Or invigorating?
11:34 : tr'Spekt'or> ::docks::opens hatch::
11:34 : Telar trIsmail : Qasim > +Telar+ I am here on ... family business for my brother Turhan. I must speak to au alone, Erei'Riov. Requesting clearance.
11:34 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::She sighed softly and leaned back in the seat as the flitter took them through the city.:: Both, in some way, but mostly exhausting. It takes quite a lot of effort, as you've seen. ::She frowned.:: And I usually don't get
11:35 : through an entire meal. A shame, seeing as how his food stores come from his personal -organic- farms.
11:36 : Telar trIsmail : ::sighs deeply:: Vah am I, a Grand Central operator or something ... +Qasim+ Au have five siurena in the main Scoutcraft bay. Clearance granted.
11:36 : ookamikuro : K> ::sweeps out of the hwaveyiir, moving quickly through the ship to the aft shuttlebay. The doors open, and he tries to look unfazed to see the inspector:: Jolan tru and aefvadh.
11:36 : Aelvna tVecj : Yes. I believe that was my greatest disappointment. I am still hungry.
11:36 : tr eK ibilia : ::looks up from her thoughts to glance at the report message, which hasn't yet been acknowledged::wonders what's going on, since the ship is still flying steady::
11:37 : Telar trIsmail : ::to t'Kirna and tr'Moussa:: With me. ::heads with them to the TL:: Main scoutcraft bay ... ::TL zooms::
11:37 : ::TL doors open::
11:37 : Qasim > ::docks in scoutcraft bay::
11:38 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> Greetings. ::bows deeply::
11:38 : Telar trIsmail : ::heads with t'Kirna and tr'Moussa to the craft::
11:39 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> I realize, of course, that as repairs are being made and your crew is planetside, I should not expect perfection.
11:39 : tr eK ibilia : ::flicks through the computer's logs of the last five siurenna curiously::raises an eyebrow at the arrival of an inspector::
11:39 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> I am simply here to avert disaster. ::polite smile::
11:39 : Telar trIsmail : ::scout craft doors open::
11:39 : Jolan ... tru ...
11:39 : ookamikuro : K> ::offers a marginally shallower bow:: I am certain what you see will be up to your standards. What do you need to see first?
11:40 : Telar trIsmail : Ilyas Qasim > ::steps out of craft, together with his sister Noor:: Jolan'tru Erei'Riov. ::indicating Noor:: My sister Noor. We are here on business. Au are perhaps acquainted with io El'Riov t'Arnal?
11:41 : I? I am afraid na.
11:41 : JhuCaevra tTalia left the chat.
11:41 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna, tr'Moussa > ::exchange "tr'uh-oh" glances::
11:42 : Laehval tTemarr joined the chat
11:42 : Telar trIsmail : Ilyas > ::looks at t'Kirna and tr'Moussa:: Would it be possible au are?
11:42 : Aelvna tVecj : ((omg it's a totally different person!))
11:42 : tr'Spek> Let's start with the engines.
11:42 : Laehval tTemarr : (( AIM is bugging on me. ))
11:42 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> ::opens tricorder::
11:42 : ookamikuro : K> All right, if you'll follow me to Engineering?
11:42 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > She is yy'a, I am afraid, Etre ... tr'Qasim.
11:43 : Ilyas, Noor > ::also exchange glances:: This is not good news ... I must report this to my brother. He know ... I mean, knew her. How did she die?
11:44 : Laehval tTemarr : Jhu'Caevra> Would you care to stop someplace and have dinner before we return to the ship? ::One brow lifted as she turned toward Ael. Was it an offer, a challenge, or simply a question?::
11:44 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> I am pleased you would do this tour yourself.
11:44 : tr'Spek> Who is your Daise'Engineer?
11:45 : I would. ::says without ornament:: The thought of going back to the replicator and the mess hall...
11:45 : After what we have seen. ::the last sentence laying a little blame on Jhu::
11:45 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > By her own kaleh, Rekkhai. ::to Telar:: She was instrumental in giving us the information about that mad Khre'Riov, Rekkhai.
11:46 : Ah. So she knew she would die as an informant.
11:46 : t'Kirna > ::nods::
11:47 : Laehval tTemarr : Jhu'Caevra> ::She acknowledged no blame and rarely apologized. Instead, she just smiled and leaned forward to program a new destination into the flitter's control system.::
11:47 : ookamikuro : K> Taul, is his name. A former professor from Ra'tleihfi Theoretical Institute before he took a commission. He should be in Engineering now in fact. ::leads the inspector along::
11:48 : Telar trIsmail : ::turns to Ilyas and Noor:: Au must excuse us but we do na have any more time for conversation here. How did au get here? Au are na Rihannsu.
11:48 : Laehval tTemarr : Jhu'Caevra> We're still both dressed up, so perhaps someplace nice... though not too fancy. I dislike posh restaurants that are more interested in the look of the food than how much they give you.
11:48 : Telar trIsmail : Noor > We are El-Aurian, Rekkhai. We have peaceful dealings with many races.
11:48 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> Isn't that institute a little... fringe?
11:48 : RegajK2 : ((boo))
11:49 : Laehval tTemarr : (( Ni! ))
11:49 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Bite me, man of mystery <g>))
11:49 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods:: Understandable. But au must leave hna, I am afraid. Please forgive me but duty calls.
11:49 : Aelvna tVecj : I am in complete agreement, Advocate.
11:50 : Telar trIsmail : Ilyas > Thank you, Erei'Riov. You and your associates have been of great help. ::to Noor:: Come on, let's get going.
11:50 : ookamikuro : K> In what way, academically or politically? It all depends on who you listen to--in most circles, it's regarded as the most important theoretical physics university on ch'Rihan.
11:50 : Telar trIsmail : Noor > ::smiles:: It was fun crossing the Neutral Zone once again.
11:50 : Ilyas, Noor > ::enter shuttle::
11:51 : ACTION > Ilyas' shuttle departs.
11:51 : RegajK2 : ((snap))
11:51 : ookamikuro : K> ::considers perhaps the inspector deems theoretical physics, as a discipline, to be "fringe." Maybe seeing a planet blown up because of an arithmetic mistake would change his mind.::
11:51 : Laehval tTemarr : Jhu'Caevra> You never call me by my name. ::Looking out at the passing city, her face illuminated by the lights outside.::
11:52 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> And is theoretical physics important to your mission? ::asking with wide-eyed wonder, more than cynicism::the Hnoiyika is just a name on a list, and he is a
11:52 : small, small man::
11:53 : ookamikuro : K> You might be surprised how often theory turns to practice, in deep space. ::They enter Engineering!::
11:53 : RegajK2 : ::Taul was sitting back in a chair, his office chair brought out into the main engineering. Tapping into a padd, he entered a constantly encrypted equation.:: I think the social variables are more complex than. Visitors.
11:53 : Aelvna tVecj : ::furrows brow:: I suppose no matter where we go, we'll be recognized.
11:53 : Telar trIsmail : Security personnel > ::file into scout craft bay, begin taking positions in various craft, launching io by io::
11:53 : ookamikuro : S> ::is sitting atop Taul's console, leaning languidly backward and chatting with him. She blinks curiously toward the entrants.::
11:54 : Telar trIsmail : ::watching the various scout crafts launching:: And so it begins ...
11:54 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> ::takes it in:: Remarkably clean. But these modifications.. ::flips the ISD screen to some blueprints:: What do they do?
11:54 : Telar trIsmail : ::turns to t'Kirna and tr'Moussa:: We launch last.
11:54 : Laehval tTemarr : If the the person, the rank, at least. Your uniform will get us a private room in several places I know. But then, so will my smile.
11:54 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> ::looking first at the equipment, doesn't even notice the human at first, because he can't process that one would be there::
11:55 : RegajK2 : ::A Ratabot walks past the Inspector as Taul says:: They enhance the ship's systems to no longer be so -utterly- mundane.
11:55 : Telar trIsmail : Nveid, I seem to have come across that family name before. Can au place it? Lloann'na database somewhere?
11:55 : ookamikuro : K> ::was seriously expecting Siobhan to be safely hidden away in the ductwork, as she always seems to be when he comes here. The fact that she isn't could have spelled awkwardness, but the inspector seems thankfully vacant::
11:56 : Aelvna tVecj : ::laughs:: So which do we use?
11:56 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::ponders:: I can almost think of ... Areinnye who *is* that brother they mentioned? ::looks at t'Kirna::
11:56 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> ::attention returns to Taul when he speaks:: And... what is that? Is she a...modification?
11:57 : tr'Spek> ::wonders if it's a robot::
11:57 : tr'Spek> ::ignores the ratabots, as he saw some with glowing eyes on the Khellian just last week::
11:57 : ((3 minute warning!))
11:57 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > Turhan? ::shrugs and snorts:: The *Kheinsa* of the ... Dhey'str'om. ::pronounces name with difficulty::
11:57 : RegajK2 : ((heh))
11:57 : ookamikuro : S> ::raises an eyebrow:: And what are you? A tourist?
11:58 : S> ::Universal translator unnecessary--she says that in fluent Rihannsu::
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : ::shakes head:: Lloann'na ... needing a therapist to hold au'r hand. ::turns:: How did he come to know t'Arnal?
11:58 : tr'Moussa > They are El-Aurian, Rekkhai. Well-traveled I suppose.
11:58 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> ::smiles and bows deeply:: In a manner of speaking, ie.
11:59 : Telar trIsmail : ::raises brow:: ::snorts:: "Kheinsa" ...
11:59 : Aelvna tVecj : ((I'm totally calling it Dheystrom from now on))
11:59 : RegajK2 : ::Taul said:: That's my assistant, ::saying that amused him, for some reason:: She's Sio. Pleasant, no?
11:59 : Laehval tTemarr : Jhu'Caevra> They'll see the uniform first. It is hard to hide, unless you prefer to remove it. ::She let that drift off into silence, still peering out the window.::
12:00 : Sunday, September 17, 2006
12:00 : Telar trIsmail : ::looks at scout craft:: All right hna, our turn. ::gets in last craft with t'Kirna and tr'Moussa::
12:00 : ookamikuro : K> Actually, he is a customs inspector, here to make sure that we're in good shape to go back out on mission. And I'm sure you've had the ship repaired well enough for that.
12:00 : Telar trIsmail : ACTION > Telar launches the last craft after the other Security personnel
12:01 : ookamikuro : S> ::rolls her eyes at the assistant comment, hopping off Taul's console and walking to her own:: We'll talk more about your calculations later, Taul.
12:01 : Telar trIsmail : ::q:: Khre'Riov tr'Asputin, here we come.
12:02 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> And to make sure there aren't any biological or CULTURAL contaminants. We are all Rihannsu here, aren't we, men?
12:02 : ########End Sim#########
12:02 : ########End Sim#########
12:02 : ########End Sim#########
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Postby Enarrain tVecj » Sat Sep 23, 2006 11:13 pm

11:15 : Aelvna tVecj : ############Begin Sim###########
11:15 : ############Begin Sim###########
11:15 : ############Begin Sim###########
11:16 : tr eK ibilia : ::still in her office, ignoring the arrival of the inspector since it has nothing to do with her or her assignment::
11:16 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek: ::still eyeing...the woman::
11:16 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( Did you miss this one too? Laehval tTemarr : Jhu'Caevra> They'll see the uniform first. It is hard to hide, unless you prefer to remove it. ::She let that drift off into silence, still peering out the window.:: ))
11:16 : Telar trIsmail : @ ::in scout craft with t'Kirna and tr'Moussa, following all the other craft, in pursuit of Khre'Riov tr'Asputin::
11:16 : ookamikuro : S> ::gives Spek a bit of a snarky "can I help you?" look::
11:17 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Ahahaa))
11:17 : RegajK2 : ::Taul tapped a few buttons on the console, then took a chip from it, offering to to the inspector. At his 'what's this' look, Taul said:: Picture of her. So you don't have to keep staring.
11:17 : ookamikuro : K> As you can see... Engineering is in fine shape. Would you like to carry on to another part of the ship?
11:17 : Aelvna tVecj : ::feels the transport slow to a stop:: I do not intend to make a spectacle of myself. That would distract from you. ::pursed smile:;
11:18 : RegajK2 left the chat.
11:19 : Aelvna tVecj : ((I guess a picture is all I get...))
11:19 : tr'Spek: ::glances at the XO:: Well. This ship has a bridge, does it not?
11:19 : tr eK ibilia : ((Not now that her keeper is gone.))
11:19 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Rowr))
11:20 : JhuCaevra tTalia : I doubt au have ever made a spectacle of aurself. ::Jhu waited for the attendant to open her door. She stepped out lightly and viewed the establishment before them. It was quite crowded, with several groups mingling out
11:20 : Telar trIsmail : @ Hna let me get this straight .. ::eyes the two:: ... the El-Aurian visitors we had, who crossed our Neutral Zone ... are kin to a Lloann'na Kheinsa ... who KNEW that yy'a El'Riov in our own Defense Ministry!?
11:20 : RegajK2 joined the chat
11:20 : tr eK ibilia : ::flicks through the pages of updates on her news reader, looking for anything relevant to her current search, doubting there'll be much to find::
11:20 : Aelvna tVecj : I shall continue to address you with due respect in public and in records. ::leans close to Jhu's ear:: But should you prefer I address you more informally at dinner...
11:21 : ookamikuro : K> It does. If you'll follow me. ::He leads the way out of Engineering toward the lift::
11:21 : Telar trIsmail : @ t'Kirna, tr'Moussa > ::nodnodtr'nodditynod::
11:21 : Aelvna tVecj : ::gazes around the patio:: Then when in ch'Rihan... ::gestures::
11:21 : Telar trIsmail : @ Elements ...
11:21 : JhuCaevra tTalia : front while they waited on a table. With a slight smile at the doorman, Jhu slipped inside and nodded to the host. He gave her a long look, glanced past her to Ael, then nodded with a smile for both of them.::
11:22 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> :: follows K'Yele, scribbling in his notebook::
11:23 : ::straightens her collar, and feels ten years younger, surrounded by civilians she doesn't have to persuade to anything::
11:23 : ookamikuro : S> ::rolls her eyes as the door closes:: Do I ever hate functionaries. We don't need functionaries, right?
11:23 : RegajK2 : ::taul replied:: We'll use this Robot technology. The rest will be soap.
11:24 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::She glanced over her shoulder to Ael as the waiter came to show them to their table. She said nothing, but a slight smile tugged at the corners of her lips. The man bowed slightly to them and then led the way through the crowded
11:24 : Aelvna tVecj : ((...soap?))
11:24 : ::guessing Jhu didn't learn this back on the hellhole they'd gotten her from::curiouser and curiouser::
11:25 : RegajK2 : (( <g> ))
11:25 : ookamikuro : K> ::enters the lift:: Hwaveyiir. ::It zooms after the inspector has gotten in:: I hope you are pleasantly surprised by our ship so far. Our uhlans keep it in top order.
11:25 : JhuCaevra tTalia : room to a private setting. There were tables and booths enough for a dozen important-types, but none were occupied. He led them to a booth and waited for them to settle themselves.::
11:26 : ookamikuro : S> ::claps lightly at the idea:: Universe always could use fewer functionaries and more soap.
11:26 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> Well, it doesn't smell too bad. Which gives you a higher grade than you'd think.
11:26 : ::wryly:: Who's going to see us here?
11:27 : JhuCaevra tTalia left the chat.
11:27 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ( ? )
11:27 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Eeee.))
11:27 : ((welcome back!))
11:27 : ((More on the Federation counselor, pleeeeease <g>))
11:28 : ookamikuro : K> ::doesn't reply to that, but he hopes that when t'Lynta moved the Klingons out of the brig she cycled the air supply in the room as well. The doors open:: Here we are. ::and he strides out onto the hwaveyiir first::
11:28 : tr eK ibilia : (( Well, she's 5'8... slight build.. of a Mediterranean heritage. B: 78 W: 64 H: 80.. she likes candlelight and walks on the beach at midnight.))
11:29 : ookamikuro : ((Sligh... oh. Centimeters.))
11:29 : tr eK ibilia : ((Oh yeah, huh? Those are the only ones I ever see. Cause somehow Americans haven't fallen that far yet. :| ))
11:29 : JhuCaevra tTalia : I thought the point was to get a decent meal without the fuss. If we wanted to be seen, we'd have gone someplace far more exclusive. ::No menus in this restaurant. The waiter began rambling off their dinner and drink choices.::
11:29 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> Are you sweating, Daise'Erei'Riov?
11:30 : Telar trIsmail : @ tr'Moussa > Well Rekkhai ... I have na idea how *he* happened to know El'Riov t'Arnal.
11:30 : tr eK ibilia : ::turns away from the generally useless news, having made a few routine index entries::fixes her gaze back on the report, which still hasn't received any comment::
11:31 : Aelvna tVecj : ::chuckles:: I was making a quip. I'd certainly prefer a quiet meal.
11:31 : Telar trIsmail : @ ::turns and gives tr'Moussa a long look:: Are au saying, our intelligence is ... *inferior* to Lloann'na intelligence, Ne'Arrain? ::drums fingers on console, visibly upset::
11:31 : Aelvna tVecj : ::glances at the waiter, then at Jhu:: Order for us both.
11:31 : ookamikuro : K> ::Is he? He is. The assassinations bit must have taken him more off guard than he realized:: Your arrival broke me away from my daily calisthenics. ::he explains::
11:32 : Telar trIsmail : @ tr'Moussa > ::beginning to sweat:: Well, na, Rekkhai, it's just ::voice beginning to go falsetto::
11:32 : tr eK ibilia : ::wonders how K'Yele can write it off now, after seeming so close to the edge earlier::
11:32 : ::leans forward, leaning her lips against her interwoven fingers::glances down, out of the corner of her eye, at the announcement of the inspector's arrival::frowns against her hands::
11:32 : Telar trIsmail : @ t'Kirna > ::raises brows and jaw drops::
11:33 : @ It's just *vah*?
11:33 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Certainly. ::Gaze narrowed slyly, Jhu glanced away from Ael and gave the watier her personal choices for both their dinners and drinks. As he hurried off, she placed her elbows on the table and clasped her hands together.::
11:33 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> ::raises eyebrow::it's a question he asks rotely, just to catch people off-guard, and he sees he did::
11:33 : tr eK ibilia : ::pulls her head back slightly:: Computer, current location of the Daise'Erei'Rriov?
11:33 : Computer> Hwaveyiir.
11:33 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> Calisthenics... I suppose you do what you have to, on a ship too small to run the corridors. A far cry from the warbirds I see.
11:34 : tr eK ibilia : ::stands, picking up an ISD with a copy of her report on it, and walks from the office toward the hwaveyiir::
11:34 : Telar trIsmail : @ tr'Moussa > :::harrumphs mightily::: Veherr Rekkhai! As I was saying, na, our intelligence is naturally far superior to that of the Lloann'na.
11:34 : RegajK2 : Action: ::A light on the Sub-commander's console beeps insistently, indicating he has an encrypted message::
11:35 : tr eK ibilia : (( Hey, if he ignored mine... :| No fair cutting in line! ))
11:35 : RegajK2 : (( <g> ))
11:36 : ookamikuro : K> ::ignores the not so subtle insult:: I am sure that just means you have less you need to inspect. Please carry on. ::he notices the insistently flashing light, but ignores it as well, for now::
11:36 : Telar trIsmail : @ Well? Explain these ones. Explain how the Kheinsa on the ... ::pronounces with difficulty:: ... Dhey'str'om ... knew an El'Riov, admittedly now yy'a, in the Rihannsu Defense Ministry!
11:36 : tr eK ibilia : (( Owned. ))
11:36 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::She studied Ael across the table for a long moment, leaning forward to rest her chest on her arms.:: I do na believe we've ever attended any sort of function alone together...
11:36 : Telar trIsmail : @ t'Kirna > Rekkhai if I may ...
11:36 : RegajK2 : ((I'm not impatient. The best roasts take all day.))
11:36 : Telar trIsmail : @ Ie, Ne'Arrain?
11:36 : tr eK ibilia : ::arrives on the hwaveyiir, stepping from a lift::glances around quickly to orient, then moves over to K'Yele casually but professionally::
11:37 : ::standing to one side, speaking quietly:: Rekkhai, if I'm not interrupting...
11:37 : Aelvna tVecj : Well, our duties rarely intersect... ::wishes for a drink, or at least something to do with her hands::
11:37 : I suppose we should have considered teamwork before, though, given the success of today. ::slight smile::
11:38 : ((K'Yele only loves meeeee))
11:38 : ookamikuro : K> ::glances toward Ilia, then back toward the inspector:: If you'll excuse me. ::He leaves the inspector to do what he must, sparing him a glance every now and again to make sure he isn't doing anything he shouldn't,
11:38 : Telar trIsmail : @ t'Kirna > Rekkhai. ::steeples hands, inhales, looks back up:: Na disrespect intended, but these are na members of the Lloann'na themselves. The El-Aurian homeworld was demolished centuries ago by the Borg.
11:38 : ookamikuro : and walks to the back of the hwaveyiir to speak with Ilia::
11:39 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> ;;walks to the front of the hwaveyiir, examining the viewscreen::
11:39 : tr eK ibilia : ::offers K'Yele the ISD with her findings on the two remaining contacts::continues to speak quietly:: I believe, rekkhai, that this information shouldn't be waited on...
11:39 : Telar trIsmail : @ t'Kirna > They have gone elsewhere in a huge diaspora. They trade with whomever they please. I saw the markings of a former family of traders upon those who visited us.
11:39 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Rarely. ::She agreed. Her attention shifted to the waiter as he brought their beverage, an expensive bottle of some potent alcoholic substance that had been aging in second cavern of the ancient something or other and had to be
11:39 : Telar trIsmail : @ So ... they were na passing secrets?
11:40 : tr eK ibilia : These men are fugitives and they know it... I'm not sure how long this information will remain helpful before their trails go cold. As it is, only the field operative's location is relatively certain.
11:40 : JhuCaevra tTalia : bottled and transported by two hundred white-clad virgins or some other such nonsense. Jhu nodded her approval and waited for him to pour the drink and leave.::
11:40 : Aelvna tVecj : I will not dwell too much on how that smells like engine exhaust...
11:41 : Telar trIsmail : @ t'Kirna > Likely na. And as for that Kheinsa ... ::dismissive gesture:: Leave him be. He is likely a former admirer of the El'Riov and I doubt she would have passed secrets to him.
11:41 : ookamikuro : K> ::glances down toward the ISD, scanning it for a moment:: This is remarkably thorough for so short a time. Hann'yyo. I'm afraid that if I foist the inspector onto someone else, though, the man will take it as an
11:42 : insult and drag the process out for days. I will see to this as soon as I am done with him.
11:42 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::She chuckled, bringing her glass to her lips for a taste, letting the crisp liquid roll across her tongue and down her throat.:: It tastes clean. Like the air after a rainstorm.
11:42 : Telar trIsmail : @ ::unsheathes kaleh, lays it out, blade pointing towards t'Kirna:: Au'r oath upon this, Ne'Arrain.
11:42 : tr eK ibilia : ::presses her lips together and nods:: Ssuaj'ha, rekkhai.
11:42 : Aelvna tVecj : That's something I can't taste on a ship... :::takes a sip herself, and sighs with pleasure::
11:42 : tr'Spek> ::eyes Ilia::
11:43 : Telar trIsmail : @ t'Kirna > My oath upon au'r Kaleh, Rekkhai. ::softly lays palm of hand on blade of kaleh, draws it back, not flinching from the wound::
11:43 : ookamikuro : K> ::nods slightly to Ilia, setting the ISD down on his console before moving towards the inspector:: Are there any questions I can answer? ::He doesn't add, "to get you out of here sooner?"::
11:44 : Telar trIsmail : @ ::nods and sheathes kaleh:: Very well. I am satisfied with au'r word.
11:45 : @ We shall io day have to pay this ... Dhey'str'om ... a visit and speak to this ... *Kheinsa* ::last word spoken with utmost contempt::
11:45 : tr eK ibilia : ::bows to the inspector and K'Yele and moves back to the lift::
11:46 : JhuCaevra tTalia : In the past, I've gotten the feeling that you've avoided me as much as possible. ::Her glass settled on the table in front of her, leaning foward again on her arms.:: You still do not trust me...
11:46 : Telar trIsmail : @ ::renews tracking squadron of scout crafts:: ::q:: Hna, where can au be hiding, Etre tr'Asputin? Au'r madness will na last for long.
11:47 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> Ie, you can. Who was that?
11:48 : Telar trIsmail : @ t'Kirna, search our database. Does the Khre'Riov command a ship of his own?
11:48 : Aelvna tVecj : ::meets Jhu's eyes:: What is there to trust?
11:49 : tr eK ibilia : ((Oh sure, the inspector is all over the human, but the sallow Rihannsu walks in and just tries to do her job..!))
11:50 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Heee))
11:50 : ookamikuro : K> Ilia t'Reki, former chief engineer, now the ship's intelligence officer.
11:51 : Telar trIsmail : @ t'Kirna > ::going through computer:: Scanning database ... hold. I have it. RES ch'Audebed RAV 2189.
11:51 : RegajK2 left the chat.
11:51 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> ::nods:: She seems a little pale. I've seen all I need to of the hwaveyiir. I know you don't have an oira. ::smirks::
11:51 : tr'Spek> Show me the cargo hold.
11:52 : Telar trIsmail : @ Nveid, see if au can track this ch'Audebed. Look for its ion signature.
11:52 : ookamikuro : K> ::once again ignores the not so subtle jab at the small ship they're on:: If you'll follow me. ::into the lift, and down they go::
11:52 : Telar trIsmail : @ tr'Moussa > Ie Rekkhai. ::begins scanning::
11:52 : RegajK2 joined the chat
11:52 : RegajK2 : ((moo))
11:53 : ookamikuro : ((You've been in the city too long...))
11:53 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> No music? ::peers around the transport tube thing::
11:53 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::A flicker of hurt changed her features for a brief moment, but it was gone in an eyeblink, leaving doubts that it had existed at all. She averted her gaze to her glass.:: Today was a good day...
11:53 : tr eK ibilia : (( ::stares at K'Yele through her TV screen, willing him to start a capella-ing:: ))
11:53 : ookamikuro : K> Not regulation. I can request some if you would like. Ah, but here we are. ::The doors open, and he leads to the cargo bay::
11:53 : RegajK2 : ((iiiii'm gonna whup somebody's ass... ::sing::))
11:54 : Aelvna tVecj : Ie. And it has brought me... understanding. ::tries to soften her stance::
11:54 : ookamikuro : ACTION: The cargo bay is cavernous and empty.
11:54 : Aelvna tVecj : And yet it remains that you were assigned to watch me. ::tilts head:: What have you seen?
11:54 : tr'Spek> Did you unload anything upon your arrival at ch'Rihan?
11:55 : tr'Spek> ::after the human and the rats, is a little disappointed by the rest of the tour::
11:55 : Telar trIsmail : @ Well?
11:55 : JhuCaevra tTalia : You wish to know what I've reported back? ::Her eyes flitted back to Ael, brows lifted.::
11:55 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> ::looks at his clipboard:: Hydroponics, HIC, mess hall... barracks... ::sighs:: Perhaps I should come back tomorrow.
11:56 : No, no. ::shakes head:: I am sure it has been fine. After all, I still have my job.
11:56 : RegajK2 : ((you hear that?))
11:56 : Telar trIsmail : @ tr'Moussa > Veherr Rekkhai but the traffic here around ch'Rihan is quite dense and io ion trail looks almost exactly like another.
11:56 : RegajK2 : ((i'm the frickin HIGHLIGHT of hnoiyika :| ))
11:56 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Well, technically, K'Yele is... <g>))
11:56 : RegajK2 : ((dude, rats?))
11:57 : ((the human is merely a decoration or the ratabots:| ))
11:57 : ookamikuro : K> Na, we had no cargo to offload-- ::damn, the lazy inspector is trying to drag this out:: I am sure the rest of the inspection won't take much longer. We may be able to offer you some ale in the mess hall, as well.
11:57 : Telar trIsmail : @ ::turns to face tr'Moussa:: MUST I radio the Hae and call for my Aunt Anisa's help EVERY TIME au can't solve a problem!? Elements, man, eliminate the background ...
11:57 : ookamikuro : ((Like the beautiful, nearly-nude women who carry cards around at wrestling matches.))
11:58 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> ::perks:: Ie, perhaps. Perhaps since we're in this part of the ship, we should see the science and propulsion labs.
11:58 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Ie, you do. And that has nothing to do with what I report back. The Senate is interested in where your loyalties lie and from what I've given them, they know that you are interested in what is best for the Empire.
11:58 : Not necessarily the Galae.
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : @ ::to t'Kirna:: Au go and show him how. At this rate the ch'Audebed might be warping out of Rihannsu space beyond our reach.
11:58 : RegajK2 : ((::bump kyle for truth:: ))
11:58 : ookamikuro : K> Certainly, follow me. I am afraid our chief science officer is on the hwaveyiir, so she won't be able to offer you the tour.
11:58 : Aelvna tVecj : ::gestures dismissively:: The galae is but a means to an end. Not any appropriate model of utopia.
11:59 : ookamikuro : ((Oh god my truth!))
11:59 : Telar trIsmail : @ t'Kirna > Ie Rekkhai. ::heads to tr'Moussa, brushing up suggestively against him as she does::
12:00 : Sunday, September 24, 2006
12:00 : Telar trIsmail : @ tr'Moussa > ::realizes he will not need tr'Viagra that night::
12:00 : Aelvna tVecj : ((1 minute warning!))
12:00 : Perhaps I have not been fair. I have relied on you, and you have always come through. ::lifts her glass to her lips:: It has been a good day.
12:01 : Telar trIsmail : @ t'Kirna > ::softly:: Hna we begin by eliminating the "noise" of freighters and the like ... minor ships.
12:01 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Which they, too, believe. ::She leaned back in her seat, still peering across the table. She nodded again.:: Ie. I am pleased how things played out. I shall have to bring you along on every social call I make.
12:01 : Telar trIsmail : @ tr'Moussa > ::nods ... returns the favor by softly grasping her thigh::
12:02 : Aelvna tVecj : ::laughs:: Hann'yyo.
12:02 : Telar trIsmail : @ t'Kirna > And hna ... gradually we eliminate Birds of Prey ... Battlecruisers ... until only the Warbirds are left.
12:03 : @ t'Kirna > ::raises brow, looks down at him:: From this we can deduce his ship's position. ::heads back to her seat::
12:04 : Aelvna tVecj : ########End Sim#######
12:04 : ########End Sim#######
12:04 : ########End Sim#######
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October 1, 2006

Postby Enarrain tVecj » Sat Sep 30, 2006 11:13 pm

11:11 : #########Begin Sim##########
11:11 : #########Begin Sim##########
11:11 : #########Begin Sim##########
11:11 : tr eK ibilia : (( Wearing tiny, steel-tipped spats. ))
11:12 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek: ::admiring the plants:: Who maintains these? I can tell they live, and are not replicated. Strange, even for those devout.
11:12 : tr eK ibilia : (( ... tap tap tap..? ))
11:12 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek: I did not consider yourself or the Enarrain to be particularly...devout.
11:12 : Jhu, let me ask you something... ::sets down wine glass:: What did you want out of life, before you got this?
11:13 : Telar trIsmail : @ All right, Nveid, start eliminating the last ion trails ... t'Kirna, take point and prepare to fire weapons if needed.
11:13 : tr eK ibilia : ::in her office again, sitting listlessly at her desk, chin in hand, staring at the wall and swaying a heel back and forth::
11:13 : Telar trIsmail : @ tr'Moussa > Continuing scan Rekkhai.
11:13 : @ t'Kirna > Bringing weapons online Rekkhai.
11:14 : @ Readying tractor beam.
11:14 : ookamikuro : K> Perhaps there are some things you would not guess about myself or the Enarrain. But to answer your question, I maintain these plants. We use their seeds and oils to restock the replicators' protein supplies.
11:16 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::She glanced up from the food that had recently been delivered.:: Truthfully? ::She hesitated, as though pondering the consequences of revealing that part of herself to Ael. Peering back down, fork cutting at her food, she
11:16 : answered softly.:: I wanted a place to belong. A home, I think.
11:16 : Telar trIsmail : @ ACTION: tr'Moussa eventually eliminates ion trails until just one remains -- that of the RES ch'Audebed RAV 2189
11:17 : @ tr'Moussa > I have it Rekkhai. ::sends coordinates to tr'Isma'il and t'Kirna::
11:17 : @ Mnekha. Open a channel. ::leans back::
11:18 : @ tr'Moussa > Channel open Rekkhai.
11:19 : Aelvna tVecj : Among a family? ::gestures:: I mean, a traditonal one?
11:20 : tr'Spek> And this has healing properties as well... ::gently brushes the leaves with the tips of his fingers:: And that one. Psychedelic. ::slight smile::
11:20 : tr'Spek> I recall it processes well due to the fibers.
11:20 : tr'Spek> Daise'Erei'Riov, I feel I have not been frank about the nature of my inspection.
11:20 : Telar trIsmail : @ ::leans forward:: +ch'Audebed+ RES ch'Audebed this is the Security Daise of the RES Hnoiyika. Power down au'r weapons, lower au'r shields and surrender Khre'Riov tr'Asputin to us immediately.
11:21 : ookamikuro : K> Oh? ::resists a sudden urge toward sarcasm, keeping his face schooled:: And what is the nature of it?
11:21 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> This is the only hydroponics bay on a ship smaller than a patrol warbird. I saw the videos of tr'Polas. I don't know what happened, but...
11:21 : tr'Spek> Certainly, things are afoot.
11:22 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Jhu shook her head slightly, chewing her first mouthful of the light-flavored dish she'd ordered. Dabbing at her mouth with her napkin, she glanced again to Ael as she reached for her glass.:: You think I could have a
11:22 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> But really, what I most need to know, is, are you insane?
11:22 : ookamikuro : K> I'm interested to know if you mean the clinical or metaphorical sense.
11:23 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> ::clears throat:: Purely clinical.
11:23 : JhuCaevra tTalia : traditional family? ::She snorted in contempt.:: A spouse and children and a comfortable home to keep? ::Again, she shook her head.:: I've never dreamed that dream.
11:23 : Simply a place to belong... a group of people that I could learn to care about, who I could trust without question, who could trust me without question. A family unit, perhaps.
11:24 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> It is the galae's belief that from the clinical, comes the metaphorical. What are matters of spirit to anyone, as long as they come with a sound mind?
11:24 : ookamikuro : K> Then I am certain you will be happy to know I have passed every annual psychological screening since I entered Galae service.
11:24 : Telar trIsmail : @ ch'Audebed flunky > +Telar+ Who do au think au are to dictate to the Khre'Riov? Begone nei'rrh.
11:25 : @ ::exchanges glances with t'Kirna and tr'Moussa:: +ch'Audebed+ I do na think au heard me *clearly* last time. Surrender the Khre'Riov. Hna.
11:27 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> I knew that. And now that I've seen it for myself, Daise'Erei'Riov... Now that I know you can operate without fanaticism... What of the Enarrain's insanity?
11:27 : Telar trIsmail : @ tr'Asputin > +Telar+ And vah, Etre Daise, do au propose to do with me once I ... ::laughs:: "surrender"?
11:27 : Aelvna tVecj : ::smiles at Jhu:: And did you ever think of enrolling in the military?
11:28 : ookamikuro : K> ::His eyes narrow slightly:: I'm yet more interested to hear what you mean by that.
11:28 : Telar trIsmail : @ +tr'Asputin+ Place au under arrest and bring au to my Enarrain on charges of conspiring to commit mass murder within the Empire.
11:29 : @ tr'Asputin > ::laughs louder and more boisterously than a ... Klingon:: Have fun Etre Daise. I shall na surrender to au or anyio else.
11:30 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> I mean, why follow her, when the ship could be yours? Surely you have disagreed with her. I know you have been biting your tongue
11:30 : Telar trIsmail : @ Well hna we have our work cut out for us. ...
11:30 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> for hours. But you have nothing to hide from me.
11:30 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::She looked a bit shocked by that question. Finishing another bite, she licked her lips.:: Me? Galae? No, I've never once considered it... ::Her brow furrowed slightly.:: I do not think I'm the uniformed type... I mean...
11:31 : I do not have what it would take to become a military officer. For one, I dislike combat situations. I also think I lack the strength... will, determination, physical...
11:31 : Aelvna tVecj : ::picks up her fork:: You've seen my career. And yet, the sense of knowing my place, knowing my ship, knowing where my food and my
11:31 : plans for the day come from... it is very strong within me.
11:31 : Will, determination, and physical prowess are not things you lack, t'Talia.
11:32 : Telar trIsmail : @ +all Scout craft+ Begin pursuit of the ch'Audebed. ::relays coordinates to other craft:: Be thorough but work with caution. Fire only on my command and do na target crucial areas.
11:32 : @ t'Kirna > That takes all the fun out of it Rekkhai. ::smirks::
11:33 : ookamikuro : K> The only biting of my tongue I've done has been to keep my tone civil with you. Now you merely confirm this inspection was as pointless as I surmised it was to begin with. Let me know exactly what you want from me, so
11:33 : Telar trIsmail : @ I know, I know. But he has to be captured alive. We can't just blow his ship to pieces.
11:33 : ookamikuro : I can hurry you off of this ship--Enarrain t'Vecj's ship.
11:33 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> Awfully sure of your authority, aren't you?
11:33 : Telar trIsmail : @ t'Kirna > Too bad. Well I know of a new HIC program to write once we get back ... ::grins::
11:33 : Aelvna tVecj : Violence...
11:34 : ookamikuro : K> As you must be yours, to openly question an Enarrain of the Galae on her own ship to her subcommander.
11:34 : Aelvna tVecj : ::gazes toward the rest of the restaurant, toward open space:: It's my duty to keep you away from that.
11:34 : JhuCaevra tTalia : But even you cannot protect me from it always. ::Quietly.:: You know as well as I do, Ael'vna, that I'm all but useless in any sort of combat situation. I would run rather than fight and feel faint at the sight of blood...
11:35 : Aelvna tVecj : ::chuckles softly, but does not look back::
11:35 : Telar trIsmail : @ ACTION > Telar's rag-tag "fleet" of Scout Craft begin pursuing the ch'Audebed
11:35 : Aelvna tVecj : I have done my best. In that, whatever my feelings toward your loyalty, I would rather die than fail. You do not deserve... that.
11:36 : JhuCaevra tTalia : You and your officers are strong. Strong enough to do your duty. I fear I would buckle under such stresses. ::She was still frowning, obviously upset at having to admit her own failings.::
11:36 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Call them fighters, Telar! <g>))
11:36 : Telar trIsmail : (( fighters ))
11:36 : Aelvna tVecj : (( ::giggles:: ))
11:36 : tr eK ibilia : (( ... now lick her toes! ))
11:36 : Aelvna tVecj : Well, there are different kinds of stress, I suppose. You do the things I could never do, and you do them well.
11:36 : ookamikuro : ((Stay on target... Stay on target...!))
11:36 : Aelvna tVecj : (( Watch your six! ))
11:37 : Maybe it is a partnership.
11:37 : ookamikuro : ((I can't shake him--aaugh!))
11:37 : Telar trIsmail : @ t'Kirna > ::shakes head:: WHEN can I fire!? ... Rekkhai.
11:37 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> Do you not think they should be openly questioned, from time to time?
11:38 : Telar trIsmail : @ Easy does it ... and make sure the area au target only *disables* the ship. Ssuegn?
11:38 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::She bit down on her lower lip, her gaze still resting on her plate.:: I hardly think that I possess any sort of talent that you could not cultivate on a whim. This evening is proof enough that you have political skills aplenty.
11:38 : Telar trIsmail : @ t'Kirna > ::growls:: Ie Rekkhai.
11:38 : ookamikuro : K> If their conduct warrants it. You've yet to give me any reason or indication why hers would.
11:39 : Aelvna tVecj : Nonetheless.. ::stretches her hand across the table:: I am a soldier, and I will make it my mission to help you achieve your dream.
11:39 : Even if that is as simple as keeping you out of harm's way.
11:39 : Telar trIsmail : @ ::nods:: Mnekha. Then, I will activate the tractor. Hna when enough of us employ *this* tactic against the ch'Audebed ... ::raises brow::
11:39 : @ t'Kirna > ::nods:: I see ...
11:40 : @ Nveid send the fighters the information for what lies ahead.
11:40 : @ tr'Moussa > Ie Rekkhai. ::sends info::
11:41 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::She looked to Ael's hand, then lifted her eyes to meet the Enarrain's.:: Why would you care about my dreams? About my desires? ::Said it with half-hope, half-curiosity.::
11:41 : Aelvna tVecj : The Hnoiyika was out of contact for four weeks during the Polas mission.
11:41 : ((tr'Spek said that))
11:41 : tr eK ibilia : (( PSYCH OUT. :D ))
11:41 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> I have not insulted you by inquiring as to the nature of your mission.
11:41 : tr'Spek> I am simply evaluating the fallout.
11:41 : ((I hate Iiiiilia))
11:42 : tr eK ibilia : (( ::was just complimenting Ael on her character consistency:: ))
11:42 : Telar trIsmail : @ tr'Moussa > All fighters reporting in as ready Rekkhai. All coordinated.
11:42 : @ Mnekha. Moving in hna ...
11:42 : Aelvna tVecj : You've been here two years, and you haven't betrayed me. t'Talia... I see there is nothing to betray me for. You would not be happy with a life such as the Deihu's.
11:43 : And you are not happy here. But... I believe it is a better direction.
11:43 : ookamikuro : K> Indeed we were, and as protocol dictates, we will provide logs detailing the entire mission, including its complications. The Hnoiyika is not the only ship to unexpectedly go out of contact, is that reason for suspicion
11:43 : Telar trIsmail : @ In ... thi ... re ... io ... HNA!
11:43 : ookamikuro : of its commander now?
11:44 : Telar trIsmail : @ ACTION > The fighters all begin firing at the ch'Audebed, targeting non-lethal areas ... then cease firing and all applying tractor beams from different directions
11:44 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> The Enarrain is not under specific suspicion. These are routine stress tests.
11:44 : tr'Spek> Please, speak comfortably. ::calculating smile::
11:45 : Telar trIsmail : @ tr'Asputin > Vah'Areinnye! Condition Red! ::to Helm flunky:: Get us out of here hna.
11:45 : @ ch'Audebed Helm flunky > I'm trying Rekkhai but ...
11:46 : @ tr'Asputin > BUT VAH! Just GET US MOVING!!
11:46 : JhuCaevra tTalia : What? What would you counsel? ::She carefully placed her hand on the table as she leaned forward. Her fingers remained just shy of touching Ael's. Her frown had lessened somewhat, though she was still puzzled over
11:46 : ookamikuro : K> You will find, etre tr'Spek, that I am not stressed. Merely growing increasingly annoyed by your evasiveness and lack of candor. Who do you represent?
11:46 : Telar trIsmail : @ ch'Audebed Helm flunky > ::shrugs:: Veherr Rekkhai but we are being tractored and ...
11:46 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Ael's manner. She was the one person Jhu never expected to give her advice, and the one person that she'd wanted it from the most.::
11:47 : Telar trIsmail : @ tr'Asputin > ::pulls ie'yaak, shoots Helm flunky:: ::looks around:: This is impossible.
11:48 : @ +ch'Audebed+ Khre'Riov tr'Asputin ... this is the Daise from the Fighter Squadron of the Hnoiyika. Surrender.
11:48 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> I represent the galae. ::stiffly:: The legitimate galae. Of which you are a part of.
11:49 : tr'Spek> You know, the military-industrial complex that tries to preserve ch'Rihan, not destroy it.
11:49 : Telar trIsmail : @ tr'Asputin > +Telar+ I have told au once, I have told au again, Daise, I will na surrender. Urru Areinnye and have a NICE day.
11:49 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Urru Areinnye = Up yours?))
11:49 : Telar trIsmail : @ ::to t'Kirna:: Target the forward shields.
11:49 : (( go to Hell ))
11:50 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Aha))
11:50 : Telar trIsmail : ( pretty much the same ... )
11:50 : @ t'Kirna > With pleasure Rekkhai.
11:50 : ookamikuro : K> Spare me your hollow appeals to patriotism. What office? What division? This "inspection" is anything but routine, it's the first I've been subjected to in nearly twenty years of Galae service.
11:50 : Telar trIsmail : @ FIRE!
11:50 : Aelvna tVecj : ::still, moving neither toward nor away from Jhu:: Stay. There are greater prizes than the petty politics of one small planet.
11:50 : Telar trIsmail : @ t'Kirna > :::fires::::
11:51 : @ ch'Audebed Ops flunky > Rekkhai our shields are failing ...
11:51 : @ Nveid ... beam him aboard.
11:52 : @ tr'Moussa > Ie Rekkhai. ::hits transport button::
11:52 : @ ACTION > Khre'Riov tr'Asputin is beamed aboard Telar's fighter
11:53 : @ tr'Asputin > ::looking around:: Na! NA! Au can na ...
11:53 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Stay on the Hnoiyika? ::All activity stilled, her full attention on Ael.:: Stay to what purpose? What is my purpose? ::A question she had asked herself so many times before.:: How could I contribute?
11:54 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Gah, the specific questions!))
11:54 : Telar trIsmail : @ ::holding ie'yaak up:: I think we can ... Khre'Riov. ::motions to seat:: By all means be seated. And hna back to the Hnoiyika. Pleasant journey. ::bows::
11:55 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> ::offers a data disc:: You will find all the data here. I will be filing a report with the galae, under environmental systems in long-range patrol ships.
11:55 : Telar trIsmail : @ tr'Asputin > ::sits down, fuming at tr'Isma'il, t'Kirna and tr'Moussa::
11:55 : @ Nveid send a message in the clear to the other fighters. We're heading back.
11:56 : @ tr'Moussa > Ie Rekkhai. ::sends message::
11:56 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Spek> Now, weren't you going to throw me off your ship?
11:56 : tr'Spek> I'm sorry... The Enarrain's ship?
11:56 : Telar trIsmail : @ ACTION > Fighters, led by Telar's, head back towards the Hnoiyika
11:57 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Talia... Advocate... ::glances around the restaurant, and leans forward:: While you were asleep, we captured anti-Imperial Klingon agents.
11:57 : Telar trIsmail : @ I am quite sure au will enjoy the hospitality of our vessel when we arrive, Rekkhai.
11:57 : Aelvna tVecj : Radicals, if you will.
11:57 : ookamikuro : K> ::takes the disc:: Throw is a harsh term. But I will take pains to hasten your departure. If you would follow me to the transport bay.
11:57 : Telar trIsmail : @ tr'Asputin > ::glares silently::
11:57 : Aelvna tVecj : We're going to return them to the heart of the Kll'inghannan Empire.
11:58 : Stay. Stay for that. If you don't, I have a feeling we're all going to get ourselves killed.
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : @ ::texts t'Kirna and tr'Moussa: There will be commendations in this for all, au'rselves included::
11:59 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::She nodded, though was a bit dismayed that Ael had reverted to calling her "Advocate". She had called her Jhu once and probably was not aware of the slip.:: Stay for the Klingons... Ie, I know them too well.
11:59 : Telar trIsmail : @ t'Kirna, tr'Moussa > ::exchange grins::
11:59 : ookamikuro : ((If we don't all get hanged for arresting a Khre'riov instead.))
12:00 : Sunday, October 1, 2006
12:00 : Aelvna tVecj : ((We'd still need Jhu for that, presumably))
12:00 : ::leans back, withdrawing:: Can you not think of any other reason you'd want to stay?
12:00 : ((one minute warning!))
12:00 : tr'Spek: ::follows along::
12:00 : Telar trIsmail : @ +Hnoiyika+ RES Hnoiyika this is tr'Isma'il ... fighter squadron is on its way back, mission accomplished. Requesting clearance for docking.
12:02 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Looks like tr'Spek is leaving just in time <g>))
12:02 : tr eK ibilia : Hwaveyiir Jockey> ::glances over his shoulder as the Daise Erei'Rriov and the intruder leave the hwaveyiir::
12:02 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Her face fell slightly, her fingers curling into a fist. The moment passed and she felt... dismayed? cheated?:: Na. I could be of use with that, I suppose...
12:03 : ookamikuro : ((They were in the hydroponics bay, not the hwaveyiir. :())
12:03 : tr eK ibilia : (( Look... they both have Hs and Ys...))
12:03 : Telar trIsmail : @ t'Kirna > Don't worry Khre'Riov. We'll see to it au're kept all comfy cozy aboard. ::smirks::
12:03 : Aelvna tVecj : ::tightens jaw:: I am glad we have a single purpose, then.
12:03 : tr eK ibilia : HJ> ::presses a button:: Acknowledged.. ::sends docking coordinates:: Do you need any facilities prepared aboard ship..?
12:03 : Telar trIsmail : @ tr'Asputin > ::looks at her as though he could kill her:::
12:04 : Aelvna tVecj : #####End Sim#####
12:04 : #####End Sim#####
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Postby Enarrain tVecj » Sat Oct 14, 2006 11:13 pm

11:21 : Aelvna tVecj : #########Begin Sim########
11:21 : #########Begin Sim########
11:21 : #########Begin Sim########
11:21 : ::enters the hwaveyiir, refreshed and rested after her excursion to the
11:21 : surface::
11:21 : tr eK ibilia : (( Way to establish dramatic tension right at the beginning! ))
11:21 : Aelvna tVecj : ((It's called warming up the audience))
11:21 : ::not dwelling on her encounter with Jhu or the Deihu, but somehow feeling
11:22 : tr eK ibilia : (( Yeah, you know all about warming people up, don't you. :| ))
11:22 : Telar trIsmail : :::in scout craft bay, having docked and overseen the other fighters' return to the Hnoiyika, with t'Kirna, tr'Moussa and the Khre'Riov:::
11:22 : tr eK ibilia : ::leaves her office, tired of waiting for a response to her report after her shift has already ended::
11:23 : ookamikuro : ::makes his way back to the lift, and then up to the hwaveyiir. He pauses as he sees Ael, unexpectedly:: Enarrain, jolan tru. I trust your excursion went well?
11:23 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin > ::looking balefully around him:: Au will pay for this, I swear. A plague hrrau au'r house.
11:23 : tr eK ibilia : ::heads down to the mess hall to relieve her eyes from text-spying by people-watching::
11:23 : Telar trIsmail : ::shrugs:: Tell that to my friend Mercu'tio.
11:23 : Aelvna tVecj : ::turns, hands clasped behind her back:: Ie. Did... yours?
11:24 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin > Who?
11:25 : ookamikuro : ::shakes his head:: Not as well. We were boarded by a... customs inspector. Or so he claimed. It's evident now that he was lying, but he left a message that he says will explain his purpose. I believe
11:25 : Telar trIsmail : ::smirks:: Nabody important. ::gestures with ie'yaak:: Hna move.
11:25 : Aelvna tVecj : ((You should have tea, Aensai!))
11:25 : ookamikuro : you may be under suspicion, but I do not know for what.
11:25 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin > I am a Khre'Riov and au ...
11:25 : Lt Tebok trKhev : [tea?]
11:26 : Telar trIsmail : ... ::interrupting him:: am this ship's Daise of Security and au are under arrest. Move.
11:26 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Ie. Or ale, I suppose. Since the Hnoiyika is in orbit, not much call to duty stations))
11:26 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna, tr'Moussa > ::likewise aim their ie'yaaka at tr'Asputin::
11:26 : tr'Asputin > ::glares and gets out::
11:26 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::sitting in his quarters drinking tea -- ah so refreshing and perfect is that Lhev tea::
11:26 : Khev^
11:27 : Telar trIsmail : +Ael+ We have the prisoner Ihhei. We are en route to the br'tehh and await au'r instructions.
11:27 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Now we're rocking))
11:27 : tr eK ibilia : ::stands indecisively at the service area, reading the menu over and over, having trouble making a decision since she continually takes her eyes off the menu to
11:27 : ::pointedly watch people walk past her::
11:27 : Aelvna tVecj : For awhile, Daise'Erei'Riov...
11:27 : Telar trIsmail : (( and role-playing ... ;) ))
11:27 : Aelvna tVecj : I was feeling rather good about myself.
11:28 : I see now that the universe continues to plot, despite me.
11:28 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin > ::moving dejectedly on under ie'yaak-point towards a holding cell::
11:29 : ookamikuro : My apologies for having to dampen your mood. ::He offers the "inspector"'s ISD to her, contents as yet sight unseen::
11:29 : Telar trIsmail : Hna step this way Rekkhai ... ::gestures to cell::
11:30 : tr'Asputin > ::steps inside as Telar throws up forcefield:: Au shall pay for this I swear.
11:30 : t'Kirna > And au shall pay for Liat, Rekkhai.
11:30 : Aelvna tVecj : ::accepts::
11:31 : Do you trust anyone, K'Yele?
11:31 : ::activates the ISD and skims::
11:31 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > Na to mention all those people hrrau Llhuni who are yy'a.
11:31 : ookamikuro : I believe that if I did not trust you, ihhei, I would have read that before I gave it to you.
11:31 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin. Ha .. wait did au say Liat? What of her?
11:32 : t'Kirna, tr'Moussa > ::exchange glances::
11:32 : Aelvna tVecj : ::slight smile;: I was speaking more universally.
11:32 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > She is yy'a, Rekkhai.
11:32 : tr'Asputin > ::pales::
11:33 : Aelvna tVecj : "Report on Hnoiyika Environmental Systems Analysis of Long-Term Travel" ::reads out loud::
11:33 : ::skims:::
11:33 : ookamikuro : ::shrugs slightly:: My crew. The Elements. It is a short list.
11:33 : Telar trIsmail : Guard him closely. I shall be hrrau the hwaveyiir. ::exits and heads to the 'lift:: Hwaveyiir. ::'lift zooooooooooooooms::
11:34 : ::TL doors open, steps out onto hwaveyiir::
11:35 : ookamikuro : ::glances up toward Telar:: --Ah, which brings me to the second order of business, ihhei. I will allow tr'Isma'il to deliver the report...
11:36 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods:: Rekkhai. Ihhei. We have the Khre'Riov hrrau the br'tehh. Alive and unharmed as requested.
11:36 : tr eK ibilia : ::choosing one Uhlan entering in a group of three, she fixes her gaze on him blankly and orders::continues gazing as she retrieves her tray and moves to a table, keeping her head a slightly more than comfortable angle::
11:37 : Aelvna tVecj : It says we have rats. ::looks up:: Eh? Excellent. I'm surprised he remains unharmed. Did your team also escape scrapes?
11:38 : Telar trIsmail : Ie, Ihhei, we managed to pull through quite well. Minimal damage to the fighters and the Khre'Riov's ship is still in suitable condition.
11:38 : Aelvna tVecj : Does anyone know he's missing?
11:39 : Telar trIsmail : We managed to disable his communicator array so I would guess na, Ihhei.
11:40 : Aelvna tVecj : Well, we've got a little time. Let him stew. Have your team get some rest. They've earned it. But...the rats. ::taps the ISD and looks at both men::
11:40 : The galae inspector recommends against the fleet exterminators, and instead suggests we keep a tighter lid on our food stores.
11:41 : ookamikuro : ::furrows his brow slightly:: Is that all it says, ihhei?
11:42 : Aelvna tVecj : ::hands him the ISD:: It goes on for several pages. You'll be pleased to learn no one has lice.
11:43 : Telar... This man, he destroyed the village?
11:43 : ookamikuro : ::glances down at the ISD, scrolling through it. tr'Spek had certainly made it sound like this ISD would contain something of import--he may have to examine it for a hidden or encrypted message::
11:44 : Telar trIsmail : He gave the orders for Llunih to be bombed into the ground, Ihhei, as part of some plan to terrorize citizens on ch'Rihan. He called it "Phase Io."
11:45 : Aelvna tVecj : I think the lack of extermination is important.
11:45 : Telar trIsmail : We are trying to figure out vah "Phase Re" and vah could succeed it could be, and to prevent it.
11:45 : Aelvna tVecj : ::nods to Telar:: That's the first priority. But...if you can find a way to undo the political damage...
11:46 : tr eK ibilia : (( ... bye all. I'm off to foist off a failed craft gift on a friend for his birthday! Because that's the kind of friend I am. ))
11:46 : tr eK ibilia left the chat.
11:46 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods:: Ssuaj-ha Ihhei. We can na allow a Rihannsu to turn on his own ke'rhina.
11:47 : Aelvna tVecj : ::softly:: We cannot.
11:48 : Telar trIsmail : The Khre'Riov is being guarded and we are awaiting instructions regarding interrogation Ihhei.
11:49 : Aelvna tVecj : ::glances at K'Yele, then back at Telar:: I do na think torturing a galae officer on my ship is wise. But I am sure he will know fear.
11:50 : Telar trIsmail : Na, torture is out of the question. But he must answer for vah he has done.
11:51 : ookamikuro : ::nods slightly toward Ael at that:: If you can extract a confession, then he will face the punishment of the Empire's justice system. Which is not particularly forgiving.
11:52 : Aelvna tVecj : I'm glad you see. We are different from those who would harm Llunih.
11:54 : He will pay.
11:55 : Telar trIsmail : Shall we keep him in the holding cell or do au wish him to pay a visit to au hrrau au'r Chambers, Ihhei?
11:55 : Aelvna tVecj : He will stay in the holding cell. He is under arrest.
11:55 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods:: Ssuaj-ha.
11:57 : Aelvna tVecj : I'm glad the inspector wasn't here to see this. ::shakes head:: I take it he saw everything else?
11:57 : ookamikuro : Everything except our... other prisoners.
11:59 : Aelvna tVecj : Soon they're going to outnumber us.
11:59 : You don't think the Khre'Riov would collaborate with Klingons, do you?
11:59 : ookamikuro : I doubt that he could, ihhei. But we should keep them separate just in case.
11:59 : Telar trIsmail : I should hope na ... but he seems insane.
12:01 : Sunday, October 15, 2006
12:01 : Aelvna tVecj : Keep an eye on him. Have Aensai review all the security footage while he's here. Maybe Tomalak will actually come in handy.
12:01 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods:: I shall see to that Ihhei.
12:03 : Aelvna tVecj : ######End Sim#######
12:03 : ######End Sim#######
12:03 : ######End Sim#######
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11:25 : Aelvna tVecj : ###########Begin Sim##########
11:25 : ###########Begin Sim##########
11:25 : ###########Begin Sim##########
11:26 : ::blissfully unconcerned with K'Yele's obsession over the report::
11:26 : ::more worried about the high-ranking military officer in the hold:: I know Telar has a personal stake in this...
11:26 : As does tr'Moussa, whom we have called a hero, but...
11:26 : tr eK ibilia : ::sits with her elbows on the table, her food halfway to her mouth, staring over it at a table of uhlans to her left::
11:26 : Aelvna tVecj : I'm not sure how well this can end if it is discovered.
11:27 : tr eK ibilia : ::waits in this pose for a while but, with no results, sets her food back down and takes out an ISD::begins exaggerratedly taking notes::
11:28 : ookamikuro : K> ::shakes his head:: I told tr'Isma'il I would pull political strings for him if need be, but I'm nearly sure I have none left to pull. It is better than allowing the plot to go on unimpeded, though.
11:28 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin > ::angrily pacing back and forth in his br'tehh cell::
11:28 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Jhu peered at herself in the mirror, smoothing one hand down the utilitarian jumpsuit she wore, turning to one side to catch the view from behind. It was quite a change from some of the more revealing outfits she had in her
11:28 : ookamikuro : K> ::glances from the ISD in his hand, to the other one on his console, Ilia's report:: I have some reading to do. If you'll excuse me, ihhei?
11:28 : Aelvna tVecj : ::nods:: I have some strings of my own...
11:29 : JhuCaevra tTalia : arsenal, but did not particularly feel the need to impress anyone on the Hnoiyika. Perhaps they would view her differently if she stopped flaunting her non-Galae status.::
11:31 : Telar trIsmail : ::sitting at desk in Main Security, going over ISDs ... pondering vah things life has dealt him ... how to face ... Elements ... the distinct possibility of ... a life without Lera::
11:32 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::On her way out of her quarters, she paused to collect her all-purpose ISD. Upon it, she had loaded the ship reports of the last few days that she could read at her leisure. She had been quite busy making contacts on ch'Rihan and
11:33 : Aelvna tVecj : Oh, ie. ::gestures at K'Yele::
11:33 : I will command my own ship for awhile.
11:33 : JhuCaevra tTalia : wanted to stay up-to-date on the Hnoiyika's activities - some of them quite interesting, she found.::
11:34 : ookamikuro : K> ::Bows slightly and moves off, scooping up his ISDs. He notes a flashing message on his console telling him he's received an encrypted
11:34 : message as well, and transfers that to yet a third ISD, before heading off to his office::
11:34 : Telar trIsmail : T'Nal > ::passing by main desk, mouths to S'Nac, "The poor Daise has definitely become Lerafied ..."::
11:35 : S'Nac > ::shrugs::
11:35 : tr'Moussa > ::in br'tehh area, keeping close guard on the Khre'Riov::
11:36 : t'Kirna > ::taking a break from guard duty, fetching some ale::
11:37 : ::goes back to ISDs::
11:39 : tr'Asputin > ::ceases pacing, sighs, grunts and sits down::
11:40 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::As the lift rose, Jhu continued to study the reports, lips slightly pursed. Reaching the bridge, she stepped out and took a quick look about to see who was on duty.::
11:43 : Aelvna tVecj : ::looks over her shoulder and nods at Jhu::
11:43 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin > ::q:: Au will pay for this, I swear.
11:43 : Aelvna tVecj : ::the wariness of her past expression gone::
11:43 : ::feels almost...welcoming::especially with this Khre'Riov issue::
11:43 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > I'll bet.
11:44 : tr'Asputin > Ie, au will, au, au'r e'lev, au'r Daise, au'r Enarrain ... everyio. And au'r little fvai too!
11:45 : tr'Moussa > ::rolls eyes::
11:45 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Enarrain. ::A bit surprised to see Ael on the bridge, though she didn't really know why.:: Could I inquire as to the current situation?
11:46 : Aelvna tVecj : ::stands::
11:47 : We are still officially docked, though our maintenance inspections are over.
11:47 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin > Au think me dense, au think me insane, do au!? Au shall see, soon.
11:47 : Aelvna tVecj : ((I've now forgotten if we actually received our next set of orders)))
11:47 : tr eK ibilia : (( "Don't get assassinated" ? ))
11:47 : ookamikuro : ((I believe we have not.))
11:47 : Telar trIsmail : (( fuck the orders, we're having fun ))
11:48 : ookamikuro : ((We have some goals!))
11:48 : Aelvna tVecj : There's been some... police action. ::lowers voice:: We've arrested a senior member of the galae and believe him to be part of a conspiracy to destabalize the government.
11:48 : ookamikuro : ((We've got some Klingons to jettison, we've got a terrorist Khre'Riov to interrogate, we've got an XO who's on a hit list, and we've got an Enarrain who's being investigated by customs for illegal vegetable trafficking.))
11:49 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::arrives, sipping ale, having overheard the last:: Indeed? *Au* shall see, soon, Rekkhai, if the Elements have any sense of justice.
11:49 : Aelvna tVecj : ((And an infestation of rats))
11:49 : RegajK2 : ((frell that!))
11:51 : Aelvna tVecj : I was wondering, Advocate, if when this all goes public, we can attach him a different name than ours.
11:51 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Destablize the government? ::Both brows arched upward as she approached Ael's chair.:: I'm assuming the circumstances are classified? I did not see a report concerning that...
11:52 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > I'll spell au, Nveid. ::seats self, straddling chair, sipping ale, facing tr'Asputin::
11:52 : ookamikuro : ((Not so much.. "classified" as... "we didn't tell anyone that we did it."))
11:52 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > Hann'yyo ... ::hands ie'yaak to t'Kirna, heads off to replicator::
11:53 : Aelvna tVecj : Nothing's been reported, yet. I only heard myself 30 minutes ago.
11:54 : JhuCaevra tTalia : What happened, exactly? ::She stood with her hands clasped in front of her, though was not taking notes on her ISD.:: Perhaps if I know the circumstances, I could assist you in finding an alternate plan.
11:54 : Aelvna tVecj : I am sure you're welcome to watch the interrogations. ::purses lips::
11:54 : ::nods:: That is my hope as well.
11:55 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > So ... au really think we do na know vah'Areinnye au were planning, eh? ::sips::
11:56 : tr'Asputin > ::nonplussed:: I really have na idea vah au are talking about. Planning? Planning vah?
11:57 : Aelvna tVecj : I'm not sure how it all unfolded... ::sits back in her chair, waves Jhu toward the one opposite K'Yele's::
11:57 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > Au know, Rekkhai, there are a few ways of doing it. Au could simply admit vah au did here and hna.
11:57 : tr'Asputin > Surely au jest.
11:58 : tr'Moussa > ::re-enters, sipping ale::
11:58 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Does anyone but Ilia know that K'Yele's in a pickle?))
11:58 : ookamikuro : ((Nope, not at the moment.))
11:59 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::She took a seat, glancing briefly at the side console.:: Who was involved? ::Meaning, who should she speak with.::
11:59 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > Or au could answer to the Daise ... or to the Enarrain.
11:59 : ookamikuro : K> ::is sitting in his office, going over Ilia's report. When he's done with that, he'll move on to whatever Taul saw fit to send him strongly encrypted. For now, he decides to set the inspector's report aside,
11:59 : tr eK ibilia : (( Unless you are a supar hax0r and intercept the report. :| ))
11:59 : ookamikuro : though he's sure there's something there to be found.::
11:59 : RegajK2 : (( ::sigh kyle:: ))
12:00 : Sunday, October 22, 2006
12:00 : tr eK ibilia : (( I sent my message 2-3 weeks ago. Suck it. ))
12:00 : RegajK2 : ((no, he just misunderstood what it was <g> ))
12:00 : tr eK ibilia : (( Oh. ;) Suck it anyway. ))
12:00 : RegajK2 : ((he also totally forgot about it till i reminded him :| ))
12:00 : ((so he's two-for!))
12:00 : Aelvna tVecj : ((5 minute warning! Since we started so late))
12:01 : ookamikuro : ::His encrypted message was not actually from Taul.::
12:01 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin > ::grimaces::
12:01 : tr eK ibilia : (( Slick. ))
12:02 : ookamikuro : ((I learn from Denny Hastert's press officer.))
12:02 : RegajK2 : ((badum dum))
12:02 : Aelvna tVecj : It is a security matter. Telar has been coordinating, but he is not point. There is something else.. :::produces the inspector's report::While we dinner..
12:03 : the ship was inspected by the health inspector. the Daise'Erei'Riov is worried about what they put in the report. You may wish to read it. I'm sure you've already
12:03 : received a copy, but... You may have overlooked it.
12:03 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > Well?
12:03 : ookamikuro : ((Today Speaker Hastert's Chief of Staff, Scott Palmer, made the following statement: "What Kirk Fordham said did not happen."))
12:03 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin > Do au'r worst.
12:04 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Ie. I did not pay it any attention. Usually such things are routine and uneventful. Trouble from that area? Something that may need to be buried or dismissed?
12:04 : Aelvna tVecj : Or something that IS buried.
12:05 : ((I sure have a lot of inflection today))
12:05 : Telar trIsmail : ::gets up from desk, heads towards br'tehh::
12:05 : RegajK2 : ((you SURE do.))
12:06 : Aelvna tVecj : #####END SIM########
12:06 : #####END SIM########
12:06 : #####END SIM########
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October 29, 2006

Postby Enarrain tVecj » Sat Oct 28, 2006 11:05 pm

11:14 : ####Begin Sim#####
11:14 : ####Begin Sim#####
11:14 : ####Begin Sim#####
11:15 : ::turns away from the brig camera feed and looks at the viewscreen:: I hate this place. Looking into the heart of my world and seeing
11:15 : such corruption.
11:15 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin > ::in br'tehh cell, pacing like a caged sseikea::
11:15 : Aelvna tVecj : ::sneers at the Khre'RIov again:: You were better off, Jhu, in the badlands. At least you had a soul.
11:16 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna, tr'Moussa > ::sipping tea and standing guard in the br'tehh::
11:16 : ::arriving in the br'tehh area:: Report.
11:17 : ookamikuro : K> ::sets down Ilia's report, brow furrowed. If he keeps furrowing his brow as much as he has the past several days, he'll probably begin to look his age. He turns to the other
11:17 : transmission, then, and examines the encoding::
11:17 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > We have each asked the Khre'Riov to consider confessing vah he has done to us, Rekkhai. He says he shall do na such thing and that we should do our worst.
11:17 : JhuCaevra tTalia : A strange point of view. ::But she wasn't going to contradict.:: Should I contact K'Yele about this matter? Is it still in his capable hands?
11:18 : tr eK ibilia : (( Haha... yes. Give him another report.. >:| ))
11:18 : Telar trIsmail : ::looks from tr'Moussa and t'Kirna over to tr'Asputin:: Rh'e ... Na the best decision, with all due respect, Rekkhai. ::mock bow::
11:19 : Aelvna tVecj : ::looks over her shoulder:: He's got other things on his mind.
11:19 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin > Au will release me from this cell HNA!!
11:19 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::She glanced at the live feed for a moment, studying their captive and Telar's interaction with him.::
11:20 : ookamikuro : K> ::frowns thoughtfully as he recognizes a bit pattern--and another, and then a third:: --Perhaps I don't have to go to them, perhaps they'll come to me. Risky. ::Probably a bad sign
11:20 : tr eK ibilia : ::stands from her table in the galley, gathering her dishes::walks past the table of Uhlans, uncomfortably close to the backs of two, on her way to the recyclers::
11:20 : Telar trIsmail : ::shakes head:: I am afraid na, Khre'Riov. Au may have a flag rank but au are on board the RES Hnoiyika and will answer to the authority of Enarrain Ael'vna t'Vecj while au are here.
11:20 : ookamikuro : if he's begun talking to himself in his empty office, but oh well. He inputs the initialization vector and decrypts the message.::
11:20 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin > ::shakes fist:: Au will regret this, young scoundrel!
11:21 : Aelvna tVecj : We've got to get him off the ship. He's wiped out whole towns with
11:21 : impunity on his own homeworld.
11:21 : I doubt we'd survive better.
11:21 : JhuCaevra tTalia : To what end? ::Her brow furrowed slightly as her attention returned to Ael.:: Is he insane or following someone's orders?
11:21 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > Instructions, Rekkhai?
11:23 : ::nods:: Ie. There is an old Rihannsu proverb: "Let a sleeping fvai lie. Just do na prick a rabid io with a sharp stick." Au have au'r orders. ::nods at tr'Asputin, exits to Main Security::
11:23 : Aelvna tVecj : ::blinks:: I had assumed... insane. Do you think there is a bigger conspiracy?
11:23 : Beyond the comfort of rich and powerful men?
11:24 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin > ::retires to the back of the cell and sits, dejectedly, on the bench::
11:25 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Even if he is mad, he may still be following someone else's orders. Those with delusions are easily swayed and make perfect scapegoats if a plan falls through. Some religious leaders have this sort of power over their fanatics.
11:26 : tr eK ibilia : ::leaves the galley, heading back to her quarters, jaw set a bit tensely, staring past everything in the halls::
11:26 : Aelvna tVecj : ::turns to face Jhu:: That's disturbing.
11:26 : But we won't be able to break a true fanatic. Not even Telar. We could be wasting our time.
11:27 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::sits for a while at desk, looking over ISD::
11:27 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Ie, but I doubt he's so far gone if he is, indeed, following the vision of someone else. He has yet to spout any particular mantra and usually the fanatics cannot wait to rail about their cause.
11:28 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > Anything interesting there?
11:28 : Aelvna tVecj : So he needs... a believer?
11:28 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > Na, just the usual boring intelligence we pick up from the Lloann'na every once in a while.
11:29 : JhuCaevra tTalia : He will look for someone he can bend to his cause in order to escape. Someone he thinks can be easily manipulated.
11:29 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > Like ... ?
11:30 : JhuCaevra tTalia : I would be interested in knowing what Telar's impression of him is and the details of what, exactly, led to his capture.
11:31 : Aelvna tVecj : Shall I bring him in to debrief you?
11:31 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::shrugs boredly:: Hmmm well like ... ::keys in something at random:: how 400 years ago some veruula actually bet their money on a series of games called ... ::pronounces:: "bheys-ball" ...
11:31 : tr eK ibilia : ::enters quarters, not pausing her stride for the door which she trusts to open dutifully::glances around the room briefly::
11:32 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ... and how these ... "Tigers" were supposed to defeat ... "Char-dinnals." ::looks up:: Idiots.
11:32 : tr eK ibilia : ::locates a utility bag and begins to pack it with a few changes of clothing, blank ISDs, and equipment::
11:32 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Shouldn't he be reporting to you in such matters? ::She arched a brow, stating in her own round-about way that she shouldn't be put into any sort of place of authority. It would change the way others perceived her.::
11:33 : ookamikuro : K> ::gazes at his screen as the decryption finally concludes--unhelpfully, it tells him only, "The Crimson King is coming." Well. Elements help him, if the Crimson King really
11:33 : exists; if it's just a euphemism, it's nothing he hasn't already figured out. He glances back to the other report, and composes a communique to Ilia--gratitude for the thorough report
11:33 : and I plan to act on it immediately. Vague enough should someone decide to read it.::
11:33 : RegajK2 : Action> Another encrypted message appears, blinking, on his personal terminal.
11:33 : Aelvna tVecj : I authorized the arrest, but it's not an... official mission.
11:34 : tr eK ibilia : ::looks up from her bag as she closes it to the flashing light on her desk::
11:34 : Aelvna tVecj : (Oh. I totally misread that, Jhu. Aherm.)
11:34 : ookamikuro : K> ::begins to stand, but pauses as the message indicator blinks. He decrypts this new message, wary that it might end up being worse than the last.::
11:34 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::sips at tea:: Those Lloann'na. From vah I heard they stopped playing that game centuries ago.
11:34 : RegajK2 : (it's good we're not epileptics on this ship))
11:35 : tr eK ibilia : ::frowns slightly at the message, but acknowledges it::
11:35 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Perhaps you can request his input and allow me to sit in on the debriefing.
11:35 : Aelvna tVecj : +Telar+ I see the Khre'Riov is cooling his feet. Report to my chambers.
11:35 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::raises brow:: Rh'e? Useless intelligence on an obsolete game. Pah.
11:35 : tr eK ibilia : (( All of the message indicator flashes are tested on children from the outer planets for potential neurological dangers. ))
11:35 : Telar trIsmail : +Ael+ On my way Ihhei. ::gets up and heads to TL:::
11:36 : ::enters TL:: Hwaveyiir. ::TL zooooooooooooooms::
11:36 : Aelvna tVecj : ::heads for her chambers, says to Jhu:: I'm sure your presence in my chambers can be left to the imagination.
11:36 : Telar trIsmail : ::TL doors open, steps out::
11:37 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Stands as Telar stepped out of the lift, following Ael to her chambers.::
11:37 : Yours or mine? ::Said quietly.::
11:37 : ookamikuro : K> ::shakes his head with a frown as the new message is no less cryptic than the last, though more concrete: "Package is waiting in the transporter room." He sweeps out of his
11:37 : Telar trIsmail : ::follows Ael and Jhu to the Enarrain's chambers::
11:37 : ookamikuro : office and into the nearest lift:: Deck four.
11:38 : Aelvna tVecj : ::bows slightly before taking a seat behind her desk::
11:39 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Stands off to one side, hands clasped lightly in front of her, her gaze shifting to settle on Telar.::
11:39 : tr eK ibilia : ::slides into the chair at her desk, frustrated but emptied::pages blankly through the day's news::tries an entertainment channel::
11:39 : Aelvna tVecj : Please provide a rundown on tr'Asputin's situation. I've been reviewing the data records, but I would like a verbal timeline.
11:40 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods:: It would appear, Ihhei, that this Khre'Riov has some sort of plan to commit a genocidal campaign on a number of regions on ch'Rihan.
11:40 : Aelvna tVecj : To what end?
11:40 : Telar trIsmail : Unknown as of yet. And he does na say anything.
11:41 : As to the timeline ...
11:41 : While we were on leave, tr'Moussa and t'Kirna were headed to Llunih, where Nveid has family. Or ... had. As they approached the city
11:42 : they found it had been destroyed.
11:42 : When they went back to the capital to report this they were detained for a while and finally managed to make their escape.
11:42 : tr eK ibilia : ::after a few minutes of the escapism of the show, switches the monitor off::taps another button on her desk and stands::walks over to her bed as the room's audio begins to play the current communicator traffic of the ship::
11:43 : ookamikuro : ((Damn spy.))
11:43 : Telar trIsmail : They learned that this was just "Phase Io" of a much larger campaign. Exactly what "Phase Re" might be and if it is followed by anything more is unknown.
11:43 : After which, the Khre'Riov was captured.
11:43 : RegajK2 : ::As K'yele entered the transporter room he saw a young woman standing next to the pad, looking a little confused. She wore an assistant command uniform, and had a disruptor and a pad.::
11:44 : ::she glanced toward him, bob bobbing a bit:: Oh, Hi, Subcommander. I was sent to, ::she started toward him,:: Make sure you are sa--::and then she tripped over the stair, tumbling toward him::
11:44 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ( satisfied? )
11:45 : RegajK2 : ((heh!))
11:45 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Where, exactly, was this Khre'Riov capture and under what circumstances?
11:45 : Aelvna tVecj : ::folds hands:: And as much as I would like to see his head on a pike at galae headquarters for what he has done... I believe we
11:45 : are agreed that Phase Re takes precedence over revenge?
11:46 : Telar trIsmail : Ie ... if we can ever get the information out of him.
11:46 : ookamikuro : K> ::catches her as she falls, a bit roughly at the shoulders and holding her at arm's length. He's not quite sure what to make of her, so he's silent for a moment, then:: You're the 'package'?
11:47 : Telar trIsmail : We captured him before he could leave local space around ch'Rihan. ::to Jhu:: A number of us went out in fighters.
11:47 : Aelvna tVecj : And no one knows?
11:48 : Telar trIsmail : Na, Ihhei. Only us.
11:48 : RegajK2 : Well that's demeaning, ::brushing herself off:: I'm to keep you safe. And you're to keep my identity a secret. My cover is that I'm an assistant sent from admin,
11:49 : meant to partly train with you as well as aid you. The Guard have -not- put a count out for your head.. but someone's after you. We're to, well, solve that. We believe -He- has gone rogue.
11:49 : JhuCaevra tTalia : If others found out that you are holding them on this ship, what do you think the general reaction would be?
11:50 : Telar trIsmail : It could be catastrophic were that information to be made public.
11:51 : Technically Galae Command could accuse us of ... mutiny.
11:51 : Aelvna tVecj : Or treason.
11:51 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Even though he has committed such crimes? ::Her brows arched slightly.::
11:52 : Telar trIsmail : Ie, they might insist on ... technicalities, formalities, and the like. His status as a flag officer.
11:52 : ookamikuro : K> Forgive me if I'm still a bit wary. I've no reason to believe you or the Guard, or that you are one. And I don't see why they'd be concerned whether I live or die. -- who, exactly, do you believe
11:52 : has 'gone rogue'?
11:54 : JhuCaevra tTalia : So what do you believe we should do with him? ::Still peering at Telar.::
11:55 : Telar trIsmail : Step io, interrogate him. Get the information from him. And then -- take him to his ship.
11:55 : RegajK2 : :She gestured dismissively, handing the padd over:: Here are the appropriate orders, encrypted to the Guard's public key. He has gone rogue. You know, ::she glanced about nervously:: Him.
11:56 : He's taking out you, and all yours. Your generation. We're not sure why. But he took out the generation before, as well. A few are still in hiding.
11:56 : tr eK ibilia : (( Large, horrifying transvestite, crab-clawed devil figure in a tutu? ))
11:56 : ookamikuro : ((+20 pts))
11:56 : RegajK2 : The Praetor wants you to get to the bottom of it. ...So you're like, super special or what?
11:56 : Aelvna tVecj : ((2 minute warning))
11:57 : ::glances at Jhu, and then focuses on Telar:: Maybe what we need is an inside man. Someone who can get him back to his ship.
11:57 : But what if he turns us in?
11:57 : ookamikuro : K> ::glances at the ISD, then back to her:: I worked directly under his predecessor. You're telling me the Crimson King isn't just a myth they use to scare new Intel trainees?
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : If we get the information from him, we can quickly report it to Galae Command so that, by the time he's on board his ship, they'll be sending someio to arrest him formally.
11:58 : RegajK2 : ::scratching her head:: Well, that's... .. One thing I'm telling you.
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : They can't ignore the damage done to the city of Llunih. Not on their own homeworld.
11:59 : Aelvna tVecj : So we're doing the galae's dirty work.
11:59 : Telar trIsmail : As usual ...
12:00 : Sunday, October 29, 2006
12:00 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Are there any other alternatives to releasing him to his ship? I dislike the fact that he may have a chance to escape his fate...
12:00 : ookamikuro : K> Well, at the least it would explain how the murders were done so tactically. -- still, you seem a bit... young, to be working with the Praetor's own intelligence service.
12:00 : Telar trIsmail : I do na know. If he is kept here the secret might leak out.
12:01 : Aelvna tVecj : #######End Sim#######
12:01 : #######End Sim#######
12:01 : #######End Sim#######
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11:23 : #########Begin SIm#########
11:23 : #########Begin SIm#########
11:23 : #########Begin SIm#########
11:24 : ookamikuro : K> I suppose... I'll see to getting you quarters.
11:25 : Aelvna tVecj : ::leans back in her chair:: As much as I'd like to radio-tag the Khre'Riov, perhaps we need a more subtle approach. A member of his crew?
11:25 : Do you think they are loyal to him? He couldn't have
11:25 : exterminated that town on his own.
11:26 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Jhu frowned as she pondered the situation, trying to reach some conclusion to their problem. Her eyes lifted to study Ael.:: Either they are loyal to him or afraid of what will happen if they disobey...
11:26 : Aelvna tVecj : But he's gone... Loyalty would go further than fear in that situation. Since the source of their fear has been removed.
11:27 : RegajK2 : ((sigh, okay))
11:27 : Aelvna tVecj : ((uh.)0
11:27 : RegajK2 : ((Windows isn't loading, trying to remember what the heck i was doing here))
11:28 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Guarding Kyle))
11:28 : JhuCaevra tTalia : True. He must have at least a few loyal officers. Perhaps his command staff? And if that is the case, then how are we to board his ship in order to tag it or one of his crew?
11:29 : Aelvna tVecj : ::stands:: Well, we could visit in an official capacity. As Enarrain, or Advocate, or... That inspector. Though considering the cooperation
11:29 : the Daise'Erei'Riov gave him, that would not be a way to get close to someone.
11:29 : RegajK2 : Of course, ::she said:: My quarters. ::Then more surreptitiously:: I've also brought word that one of your crew members :;walking with him::
11:30 : tr eK ibilia : (( ::awaits new role in life:: ;) ))
11:31 : RegajK2 : have come under the King's sights, for growing too close to finding the right path. It may be wise to draw -her- into this, and utilizing whatever information, or ties, she may have.
11:32 : tr eK ibilia : (( ::exhales and puts away stabbing knife:: ))
11:32 : RegajK2 : ::Further adding:: and it'd be best to.. minimize knowledge of this little.. embarrassment to those who -need- to know... Or already do.
11:32 : ookamikuro : K> ::pauses at those words, barely out the door into the corridor:: t'Reki?
11:32 : Aelvna tVecj : ::walks to the door of her chambers and looks out, where Aensai is quietly in command::
11:32 : We can only hope to find someone who knows everything that goes on aboard the warbird. ::laughs faintly::
11:33 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::She nodded, reminding herself to speak with K'Yele about his situation, wanting to know exactly what transpired while they were away.:: Perhaps if I take a look at the ship's roster...
11:33 : RegajK2 : ::Stopping as well:: That's right. ::Realizing:: Though, it may be too late. We should find her at once.
11:35 : ookamikuro : K> She's onboard. Etrehh, location of Erei'Riov t'Reki?
11:36 : tr eK ibilia : Etrehh> Erei'Rriov Ilia t'Reki is in her quarters.
11:36 : Aelvna tVecj : ::nods absently::
11:36 : tr eK ibilia : ::yawns, leaning over her terminal to cover her mouth without moving her elbows::
11:36 : ookamikuro : K> ::gestures for the new arrival to follow:: --as I think of it, what is your name, and rank?
11:37 : tr eK ibilia : ::blinks rapidly, trying to clear her eyes again, then pushes back from the desk and stands up, resigning to sleep::
11:37 : Aelvna tVecj : Don't let me keep you from your... work.
11:38 : tr eK ibilia : ::shuffling to her toilet area, brushes against a large potted plant set against the wall::looks back at it absently, reassuring herself she hasn't damaged its stems::
11:38 : RegajK2 : Etayra t'Noor. You can give me whatever rank seems appropriate.
11:39 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::A few steps away from Ael, she tilted her head slightly, regarding the other woman.:: A dismissal if I ever heard one. ::With a slight smirk, she brushed past her and stepped onto the bridge, heading directly for the lift.::
11:39 : Aelvna tVecj : ::shakes head, and walks to the command chair:: Aensai.
11:40 : tr eK ibilia : ::rubbing a leaf between her fingers diagnostically, blinks::eyes focus on the wall behind the plant, between the branches, on a small matted panel::
11:41 : ookamikuro : K> If you like. If you plan to have a cover identity here, you will need to play the part of an uhlan. ::They arrive at Ilia's quarters, and he presses the chime::
11:42 : tr eK ibilia : ::blinks again and looks up at the sound, jumping slightly as it breaks her concentration::
11:42 : ::eyes trailing on the panel, walks to the door::stands a bit back from it as it opens::
11:43 : Aelvna tVecj : ::watches him take helm, and take the command chair:: Might as well do a shift.
11:43 : tr eK ibilia : Oh, good eve... ::looks curiously at t'Noor:: .. good evening, rekkhai, ihhei...
11:43 : ookamikuro : K> May we? It's about the matter we discussed before.
11:44 : RegajK2 : ::She folds her arms, glancing past the other officer. Best not to say anything out of the ordinary out here.::
11:44 : tr eK ibilia : Er, certainly.. ::steps to one side of the door, allowing them in::
11:45 : RegajK2 : ::Etayra stepped in past Ilia, glancing around. Once K'yele was in, and the doors slid shut, she asked:: Have you noticed anything unusual?
11:45 : ookamikuro : K> ::enters, and waits for t'Noor to follow and the door to close. He's about to explain, but she preempts him::
11:45 : tr eK ibilia : ::knits her eyebrows tightly at Etayra's question:: In what sense..?
11:45 : Aelvna tVecj : ::brings up simulations and tactical backlogs modeled by the crew in her absence::
11:46 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::After the short lift ride, she arrived at her own quarters and entered, moving to her desk. A few short keystrokes brought up the information she requested on the Khre'Riov's ship. She entered the names from the roster into her
11:46 : RegajK2 : ::She says nothing, and simply starts moving about the room, letting her superior deal with this::
11:47 : JhuCaevra tTalia : personal database and began to cross-reference those posted to the ship against various lists and records she had stored. There was bound to be at least one person they could use on that ship.::
11:47 : tr eK ibilia : ::narrows her eyes at Etayra's back as she begins moving, glancing to K'Yele for a cue, wondering if she can order this stranger to stop wandering her quarters::
11:47 : RegajK2 : ::stalk stalk::
11:48 : ookamikuro : K> This is Etayra t'Noor, she was sent here by Praetorate intelligence. She filled in a few of the missing pieces in the puzzle. It's not the Tal Shiar or the Praetorate that's
11:48 : taking out old assets, it's a rogue agent. They call him the Crimson King--assassin of assassins, the one who "retired" those who were considered too much of a security risk.
11:50 : tr eK ibilia : ::nods slowly, keeping one eye on Etayra's movements:: And so? If they know that much, why have they sent her here?
11:50 : Aelvna tVecj : ::contemplates putting the Klingons and the Khre'Riov in the same cell::
11:50 : ::just for awhile::
11:50 : ookamikuro : K> She's to be my... bodyguard. ::That's said with a hint of irony:: The reason we're here is, she thinks you may have inadvertently caught the Crimson King's attention.
11:50 : RegajK2 : E> ::stops near the bed, frowns down at it a moment. Looks for any unusual powder. Hrm, only dandruff.:: Are you certain there's nothing out of place? Nothing you didn't place here?
11:51 : Action> ::in Ilia's bathroom, the panel slips open, and tiny squirming mechanical centipedes begin to flow out... a dozen make it out, and the panel slides closed again, silent.::
11:51 : tr eK ibilia : ::glances fully back to K'Yele at his statement, then back to Etayra, a bit more wide-eyed at her question::
11:51 : (( ... ))
11:51 : ookamikuro : ((I didn't put those mecha-bugs there.. I think...))
11:52 : RegajK2 : ((maybe i misunderstood :| ))
11:52 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( Death by centipede! ))
11:53 : tr eK ibilia : ... what are those..
11:53 : ::steps away from the direction of the bathroom as the centipedes begin to crawl into the room::
11:53 : ookamikuro : ((We're in the bathroom? :( ... oh wait, maybe :) ))
11:53 : RegajK2 : ::She stops, glancing toward the bathroom as the mechanical killers approach:: By the-- Get out! ::pushing them both toward the door, then::
11:54 : tr eK ibilia : (( ... why are you bugging my room, Kyle? I thought we were friends. :( ))
11:54 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Jhu leaned back in her chair while the programs ran, her gaze shifting to the portal in her room and the stars beyond.::
11:54 : (( Did anybody name the Khre'Riov's ship? ))
11:54 : tr eK ibilia : Wh.. ::stumbles out the door and lands against the wall::
11:54 : RegajK2 : ::The mechanical centinpedes seem to crawl with thousands of tiny bugs, and before their very eyes, the carpetting and bulkhead is ripped apart, and the centipedes -grow-::
11:55 : tr eK ibilia : And now what? ::stares at Etayra::
11:56 : ookamikuro : K> ::is escorted out the door thusly:: Elements. +TR+ Transport anything inside Erei'Riov t'Reki's quarters that is moving into a containment field.
11:56 : tr eK ibilia : ::puts a hand to her hip instinctively for the disrupter, but having been in her quarters, is not armed::
11:56 : RegajK2 : ::As the door slides closed, she falls into character, fretting::No they'll-- ::but they hear the unmistakable chime of the transporter::
11:57 : ookamikuro : K> ...They'll what?
11:57 : RegajK2 : Damn. They've been updated since -your- time, Sub-commander. They'll redirect the transporter beam throughout the ship using Eren-refraction. ::glancing to Ilia, knowing she'll know of it::
11:58 : Aelvna tVecj : ((I think so...Khellian?))
11:58 : ookamikuro : ((Not our Khre'Riov, the evil one.))
11:59 : ((.... well, okay, the evil one we have in our brig. I have to be more specific.))
11:59 : K> ::raises an eyebrow in the spy's direction:: You mean to say...
11:59 : tr eK ibilia : ::blinks:: What? Why would.. ::trails off into a frustrated grunt, thoughtful:: There's almost nothing we can do from here... and they've already been dispersed...
12:00 : Sunday, November 5, 2006
12:00 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Indeed. Um. And we don't have our own Khre'Riov, do we?))
12:00 : RegajK2 : ::The lights in the corridor dim briefly, before flickering back in place.:: Hopefully that was localized, ::she remarked:: They'll be aiming for you two. Their objective shouldnt be the ship
12:00 : Aelvna tVecj : ((2 minute warning!))
12:01 : ookamikuro : K> Will containment fields hold them?
12:01 : RegajK2 : Possibly, temporarily, but they'll adapt, ::she said:: Classified technology.
12:02 : ookamikuro : K> Well. Let's go to Engineering, then. If there's a solution, we'll find it there.
12:03 : tr eK ibilia : Just as likely we'll find them there.... ::strides along, turns brusquely to Etayra:: What do you know about the technology?
12:04 : ookamikuro : ((I know that your face!))
12:05 : RegajK2 : ::stepping along with:: Far less than you could figure out by studying it, ::and then she listed off the details she did know, finishing with:: sorry I don't have more detail.
12:06 : tr eK ibilia : ::doesn't allow her frustration to verbalize, instead ignoring t'Noor and focusing on brainstorming as they walked towards engineering::
12:06 : Aelvna tVecj : #####End Sim########
12:06 : #####End Sim########
12:06 : #####End Sim########
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Nov 11, 2006

Postby Enarrain tVecj » Sun Nov 12, 2006 12:10 am

11:23 : ##########Begin Sim#########
11:23 : ##########Begin Sim#########
11:23 : ##########Begin Sim#########
11:24 : tr eK ibilia : ::rushes into engineering and up to the nearest diagnostic panel::
11:24 : Aelvna tVecj : ::paces the hwaveyiir:: Let's arrange docking with the (what's the ship again, telar?)
11:24 : Telar trIsmail : ( ch'Audebed )
11:25 : tr eK ibilia : ::quickly scans the ship for anomalies::heat, mass, coding...::
11:25 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Still in her quarters, she took another look at the list she had compiled with a few possible names and then downloaded the list onto an ISD. Before she left her room, she queried the computer for the location of K'Yele.::
11:25 : Aelvna tVecj : The ch'Audebed.
11:26 : tr eK ibilia : What I want to know... is why these things were in my quarters... ::eyes rove over the results as they scroll onto the screen::taps out a containment field half a meter around each anomaly::
11:26 : Aelvna tVecj : ::watches the warbirds loom closer on the viewscreen::
11:27 : ookamikuro left the chat.
11:27 : tr eK ibilia : (( ::drops a centipede down Ael's color so she has some excitement:: ))
11:27 : Aelvna tVecj : ((down my color!?))
11:27 : tr eK ibilia : (( Or collar. Whatever the heck. :| I'm just TOO EXCITED. ))
11:27 : Aelvna tVecj : ((::laughs::))
11:28 : tr eK ibilia : All right... the computer's found ... five of them. ::glances from K'Yele to his-attendant-whose-name-I-already-forgot::
11:29 : Aelvna tVecj : +Telar+ I feel it would be ideal if we could put your conciousness into tr'Asputin's body for the discovery of Phase Re.
11:29 : +Telar+ but I suppose if we could do that, we could just READ his mind, thus making transference unnecessary.
11:30 : tr eK ibilia : Attendant> They might have combined with each other once released. We did see them growing. It's not like they could have just ... created ... all that mass out of nothing.
11:31 : Telar trIsmail : +Ael+ Ie, true enough. The man is a stubborn old bird. ::glares at the Khre'Riov::
11:31 : tr'Asputin > ::glares back:: And au will never get that information, au scum.
11:31 : Soon enough we shall.
11:32 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::She tapped the ISD against her hand as she left her quarters, entering the lift and heading to the engineering deck. She arrived a few moments later, searching the room for Ilia and K'Yele.::
11:32 : tr eK ibilia : ::nods curtly:: Then even if we miss one or two, the damage will be containable... ::glances over her shoulder to make sure Taul isn't farming any self-replicating nanoweapons in the engineering containment fields::
11:33 : ::too busy to notice Jhu's arrival, as everyone is trusting to her "expertise" on the strangely confident word of Attendant::
11:33 : Attendant> ::turns sharply at Jhu's entrance:: You can't be here.
11:34 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( Etayra ))
11:34 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::sips at tea, looks over ISD, looks up at tr'Asputin, smirks::
11:34 : tr eK ibilia : Attendant> Er... ::catches herself, then::takes a figurative step back, demurring to K'Yele::attempts to become his shadow, like she's supposed to be::
11:34 : (( Whee, thank you. ))
11:35 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin > ::glares::
11:35 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Arches an eyebrow at Etayra and blinks.:: Oh? ::Studying her curiously as she moved up beside Ilia.:: Something happen that I should know about? ::Her attention finally shifting to Ilia.::
11:36 : tr eK ibilia : ::still focused on the work at hand, and really the safety of the ship, transports the massive anomalies from their disparate places on board into separate containment fields within the containment area of eng::
11:36 : ::instinctively moves away, maintaining a buffer zone between herself and Jhu::
11:37 : Aelvna tVecj : +Telar+ We have docked.
11:37 : tr eK ibilia : ::glances up from the screen at Jhu, then back to it to confirm all the anomalies have been accounted for:: Na, not a thing.
11:38 : (( ::pictures a small rogue centipede leaping out and sucking the Khre'Rriov's brain out before he's handed into custody:: ))
11:38 : Telar trIsmail : +Ael+ Acknowledged Ihhei.
11:40 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Her lips twitched slightly in amusement as she watched Ilia work, following her movements to discover the reasoning behind them.:: Ahh... I see. Then au have time to speak with me about the situation with the Khre'Riov?
11:41 : tr eK ibilia : Actually I'm in the middle of a different assignment. Perhaps you noticed my preoccupation. ::stonily::
11:41 : Telar trIsmail : (( ::slices tension on the hwaveyiir with a butter knife:: ))
11:43 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Na... I had na idea. ::Still watching her as she moved about. Her gaze slid again to Etayra, wondering what she had to do with the situation.:: Could I assist au with aur current situation?
11:44 : tr eK ibilia : Etayra> ::quietly sucks in her breath, puffing her chest out slightly in defiant-seeming necessity::firmly positioned slightly to the side and behind K'Yele::resists the urge to slide further behind him::
11:44 : Etayra> ::tries to look legitimate::
11:45 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin > ::grittily:: Vang'radama au qiuu'n ...
11:45 : tr eK ibilia : Centipedes> ::writhe in the background, behind a clear barrier, tapping their legs against their shimmering containment fields::
11:46 : Ilia> ::gazes levelly at Jhu:: I'm not sure, ::glancing at K'Yele in a show of deference before continuing:: but I believe things are under control for the moment.
11:46 : Shouldn't you be seeing to the Khre'Riov's situation right now? I see we've just docked. ::gestures at a panel::
11:46 : Telar trIsmail : ::snorts:: Be careful, Khre'Riov, just *who* au accuse of being "traitors." A lloann'na by name of Ann t'Coulter was fond of calling just about anyio she disagreed with "vang'radam" as well.
11:48 : tr eK ibilia : ::but after a moment, shakes her head once::looks at Jhu, levelly again:: But what was this problem you needed my consultation on? Maybe I can help you with that and let you get back to work.
11:48 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Ie. I have been working on it, but needed your input on it. Both of au. ::Glancing from Ilia to K'Yele and back again, she nodded.::
11:49 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin > ::blinks:: SHE!? I thought Tal'Shiar had exposed "her" as a "him" centuries back. ::taps throat:: "Adam's apple" or vahever they call it ...
11:49 : Aelvna tVecj : ::tries not to feel queasy about having such a criminal on her ship::or letting him go::
11:49 : Telar trIsmail : ::shrugs:: Be that as it may, Rekkhai, she -- or he -- used that term far too often. As do au.
11:50 : t'Kirna > ::snickers quietly::
11:50 : tr eK ibilia : ::waits for Jhu to continue, not otherwise responding::
11:51 : Telar trIsmail : At any rate, we have docked with the ch'Audebed. Au shall be handed over to the authorities.
11:52 : JhuCaevra tTalia : We're planning on tracking our "guest" so as to alert the proper authorities later. ::Eyes Etayra suspiciously, but continues.:: I've also reviewed a list of his current crew to find a possible point of contact. Someone
11:52 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin > Handed over to WHO? On MY ship!? Impossible.
11:52 : JhuCaevra tTalia : that would aid us. ::Holds out the ISD with a small list of possibilities on screen.::
11:52 : Telar trIsmail : Na, Rekkhai, we have our orders.
11:53 : tr'Asputin > ::going postal:: THAT IS WHY I SAID AU ARE ALL A BUNCH OF VANG'RADAMA!!!!
11:53 : tr eK ibilia : ::takes the ISD, as K'Yele has excused himself from the proceedings to examine the centipedes::
11:54 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > Rekkhai, io of us may very well have to volunteer to become ship's Kheinsa if this keeps up.
11:54 : tr eK ibilia : ::frowns:: But isn't the Khre'Riov being handed over to authorities as we speak? They're not the "proper" ones, I take it?
11:54 : Telar trIsmail : ::eyes her:: And are au volunteering, Ne'Arrain!?
11:55 : t'Kirna > ::shrinks:: I ... well ... Na, Rekkhai, I just meant ...
11:55 : ::nods:: Ie, it is an exhausting situation. ::ponders:: Leave for the crew sometime ...
11:56 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Na. We believe that they are either loyal followers or in fear of the man. He will na stay incarcerated for long.
11:56 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna, tr'Moussa > ::exchange glances, remembering vah'Areinnye happened the last time THEY were on leave::
11:57 : tr eK ibilia : ::nods:: And we didn't put any trackers on him while he was being held? ::raises her eyebrows skeptically, finding that to be somewhat disappointing work::
11:59 : And we can't even add anything to him while he's being transported... ::frowns at the other ship, wondering who in the world docks anymore::
11:59 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin > None of au shall get away with this, ever.
11:59 : Aelvna tVecj : (We will go another 5 minute since we started so late!)
11:59 : JhuCaevra tTalia : I would hope they have, but that is na my department. Surely Telar would see to such a detail. If na, perhaps he has something else in mind. ::Shrugs.::
11:59 : tr eK ibilia : ::besides paranoiacs...::turns back to Jhu::
12:00 : Sunday, November 12, 2006
12:00 : Telar trIsmail : I doubt au shall have the last laugh, Rekkhai.
12:00 : tr eK ibilia : ::glances down at the list again::tries not to get distracted by the electronic clashing noises of the metallic centipede legs-on-containment-field thrashing::
12:01 : Telar trIsmail : Hrrau that note ... au both keep guarding him. ::heads out towards TL::
12:01 : t'Kirna, tr'Moussa > Ie Rekkhai.
12:01 : ::enters TL:: Hwaveyiir. ::'lift zoooooooooooooooooms::
12:01 : JhuCaevra tTalia : All of this may be useless, depending on what actually happens, but the Enarrain wishes to be prepared. ::Pausing to let Ilia look over the list, she glanced briefly to the containment field and the creatures within.::
12:02 : tr eK ibilia : ... he keeps a maid? ::glances up at Jhu:: My. I suppose he won't keep the menials around after he's released, though...
12:02 : Telar trIsmail : ::TL doors open, steps out onto hwaveyiir::
12:03 : Aelvna tVecj : ::stands and nods to Telar::
12:03 : Telar trIsmail : Ihhei. Our prisoner is still cursing and swearing revenge and the like.
12:03 : tr eK ibilia : ::pulls up the bio sketch of one or two:: How much are you expecting to get out of these people?
12:04 : Aelvna tVecj : So he has not learned about peace and understanding in his time here?
12:04 : ((1 minute warning!))
12:04 : Telar trIsmail : Hardly. He calls the lot of us traitors and so on.
12:04 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::She shook her head slightly.:: Minimal contact, though we would prefer someone that had access to orders and his upcoming activities. Especially his activities.
12:04 : tr eK ibilia : Of course none of them are quite bosom confidantes... ::so few dictators have them, unfortunately...::frowns a little again::
12:04 : Telar trIsmail : Everything must be his way.
12:05 : Aelvna tVecj : I am sure he is used to getting it.
12:05 : tr eK ibilia : ::nods:: Then what about this one? The second defense advisor?
12:05 : Telar trIsmail : Quite. He is being well guarded and is pacing his cell like a hlai in a cage.
12:05 : tr eK ibilia : ::holds the list back out to Jhu::
12:06 : Aelvna tVecj : ############End Sim############
12:06 : ############End Sim############
12:06 : ############End Sim############
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11:06 : Aelvna tVecj : ##########Begin Sim##########
11:06 : ##########Begin Sim##########
11:06 : ##########Begin Sim##########
11:06 : ::re-reads the inspector's report, feeling that he may have missed some things::
11:06 : ::or she may have missed some things...::
11:07 : RegajK2 : ::is with the subcommander::
11:07 : ((the hell's my name again?))
11:07 : ookamikuro : ((Oh fer... I don't even have my logs because Vista ate my bootloader.))
11:07 : Aelvna tVecj : ((They're on the boards, dude))
11:08 : ookamikuro : ((I meant my IM logs, cause it was in our IM somewhere.))
11:08 : ((So how did the centipedes die last week and are we still in Engineering?))
11:09 : tr eK ibilia : (( I did magic and we are still in Engineering. I assume Jhu has left to implement my BRILLIANT SUGGESTION. ))
11:09 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Etayra t'Noor. ))
11:09 : tr eK ibilia : ::turns to face Etayra (( Thank you. :D )) and K'Yele, looking a bit toward the strung-out end of the collected spectrum:: So now what?
11:10 : You have time now to tell me where those things came from and why I'm being targetted.
11:10 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin > ::in br'tehh, pacingpacingpacing::
11:10 : Aelvna tVecj : ((And tr'Asputin's ship is RES ch'Audebed RAV 2189))
11:10 : tr eK ibilia : (( ::rock salutes your librarian/reading/archiving skills:: ))
11:10 : RegajK2 : I believe you're being targetted because you've placed yourself in the target. And perhaps you know something, or you know something but don't know you know that you know, you know?
11:10 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::looks over at tr'Moussa:: He's been going like that for how many hours?
11:11 : tr eK ibilia : ::stares at Etraya::
11:11 : ookamikuro : K> ::turns to face Etayra as well:: Why don't we start with-- ::glances toward Siobhan, who has poked her head out from a maintenance shaft on the upper deck and is
11:12 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::checking chrono:: 19 1/2 straight. ::makes face:: I just wonder how come he hasn't collapsed or had some sort of seizure or what by now.
11:12 : Aelvna tVecj : ::to Aensai, on the bridge:: I can see why our people were great explorers, and left their homeland.
11:12 : ookamikuro : listening intently:: Why don't we go to my office.
11:12 : tr eK ibilia : (( Etayra! Not Atreyu..! Etayra, not Atreyu ... ))
11:12 : Aelvna tVecj : Orbiting is... boring.
11:12 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin > ::grunts, continuing to pacepacepace::
11:13 : Aelvna tVecj : And quiet.
11:13 : tr eK ibilia : ::leaves Eng, not sparing a glance for Siobhan::waits for the others in the hall::
11:13 : ::is only interested in finding out what's going on, or being freed to find out on her own::
11:13 : RegajK2 : ::Taul says, ater they leave:: Well that was interesting. I say we spy.
11:14 : Telar trIsmail : ::arriving in br'tehh area:: So, how's our prisoner today? Ah the ever-present ray of Eisn I see. ::smirks::
11:14 : ookamikuro : K> ::exits as well and leads them up to his office; as soon as they get into his office, he accesses the ship's internals and shuts off all monitoring devices in a
11:14 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin > ::glares at Telar::
11:15 : ookamikuro : twenty-meter radius:: Let's start with what you know of the Crimson King. Because it's obviously more than I do.
11:15 : RegajK2 : ::Etayra steps along with the other pair, then once htey're isolated, she asks :: So what do you know?
11:15 : ::She says:: Who, me or her?
11:15 : ookamikuro : K> You.
11:15 : Telar trIsmail : Ah, fear na Rekkhai. We have docked with the ch'Audebed. And hna we hand au over to the authorities. ::nods to t'Kirna and tr'Moussa:: Take him out.
11:15 : ookamikuro : S> ::nods in Taul's direction:: Sounds like an idea to me. Information is the only hard currency.
11:15 : tr eK ibilia : ::raises her eyebrows at Etayra, still very skeptical::stands to one side in K'Yele's office and watches her, awaiting the explanation::
11:16 : Aelvna tVecj : News feed: Secretive but powerful Khre'Riov tr'Rasputin has been conspicuously absent from public events on ch'Rihan's moons this week. While his flagship has not responded to
11:16 : civilian inquiry, there are rumors of assassination. Please enjoy this musical montage of his career.
11:17 : tr eK ibilia : (( I hope my recorders are working... Ilia loves musical montages. :( ))
11:17 : RegajK2 : E> Oh. ::Arms folding:: The Crimson King's decided to take most of us out. I imagine you noticed some of your old friends have gone.. missing. Whatever you may think you know about their
11:18 : deaths you're either wrong, or seeing only a partial picture. They were killed by him... ::then a glance to Ilia:: You were researching the incidents?
11:18 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin > ::watches forcefield fall:: Au truly believe I am na a free man, eh?
11:18 : t'Kirna, tr'Moussa > ::levelling disruptors at the Khre'Riov::
11:18 : tr eK ibilia : I was trying to locate the survivors.
11:19 : Telar trIsmail : I should think na, Rekkhai. ::gestures:: This way.
11:19 : ookamikuro : K> I was the one researching my old contacts--as far as I can tell, there are only two still alive. A former handler, and a fellow asset.
11:19 : Telar trIsmail : ::leads way to exit from Security::
11:20 : tr'Asputin > The thi of au can na hold me back of course.
11:20 : RegajK2 : E> ::a slight nod:: And did you find anyone? ::a glance to Ilia::
11:21 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods:: So we can na. +Detail+ Deploy.
11:21 : ookamikuro : (("Yeah--MONTHS AGO"))
11:21 : RegajK2 : ((heh))
11:21 : tr eK ibilia : (( I HAVE THE NOTES. ))
11:21 : (( But thanks for ruining the surprise of me pulling the names out. :( ))
11:22 : Telar trIsmail : ACTION: The corridors leading from Security on the Hnoiyika through the airlock and onto the RES ch'Audebed are lined with Security personnel, from both ships.
11:22 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Hee, and yet, that's the last thing I remember))
11:22 : tr eK ibilia : ::nods to Etayra:: The two the Daise Erei'Rriov mentioned are Senator tr'Roullam and a field agent named tr'Dielan.
11:23 : Telar trIsmail : As I said, Rekkhai, the thi of us may na be able to. However our Security people, and au'r ship's, may make a difference in the equation.
11:23 : tr eK ibilia : tr'Roullam disappeared from his estate months ago, and tr'Dielan from his last mission a few weeks prior.
11:23 : I assumed they were rendezvousing to try and buy strength with numbers, however paltry.
11:23 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin > ::eyes widen:: Au ... this is impossible ...
11:23 : MOVE, Rekkhai. ::draws kaleh to emphasize:: Hna.
11:23 : ookamikuro : K> As far as I was able to tell, they actually did disappear, they weren't discreetly assassinated. I assumed they were tipped off, or noticed the same pattern that I did.
11:23 : RegajK2 : E> One, or both of them, holds the key to finding the Crimson King, then. It suggests that you knowledge of them is itself sensitive information... We have to find them if we can stop him.
11:24 : tr eK ibilia : In my report to the Daise'Erei'Rriov, ::nods toward his desk with a slight stiffness:: I conjectured where they were most likely to meet up.
11:24 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin > ::humiliated, walks the long corridor down to the airlock::
11:25 : ookamikuro : K> I was going to travel there as soon as my business aboardship concluded--but then, that is when you showed up.
11:25 : Telar trIsmail : By the way, Rekkhai, we do have a reception for au, so do na feel so all alone.
11:25 : tr eK ibilia : And if someone knows about my report besides myself and the Daise'Erei'Rriov... then they also know about my conjecture and have had several days' lead.
11:25 : ::says with a dulled voice::
11:25 : RegajK2 : E> Then it's a lead we need to catch up on, ::she insisted::
11:25 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin > A ... a reception?
11:26 : ::nods:: Ie indeed, Rekkhai, right hrrau au'r very own Oira, so let's get moving, shall we?
11:27 : ookamikuro : K> Given the events of today, it might be safer for you to come along, t'Reki, but I won't order it. This is my problem, and I apologize for getting you involved in it to begin with.
11:27 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin > ::wonders what dignitaries may be waiting for him on the ch'Audebed ... moves along::
11:28 : tr eK ibilia : ::nods curtly:: I would be glad to assist, rekkhai.
11:30 : ookamikuro : +Ael+ Enarrain, I have need to borrow Erei'Riov t'Reki to attend a personal matter off-ship. Permission to disembark?
11:30 : ((+to))
11:31 : Telar trIsmail : ACTION: Telar, t'Kirna and tr'Moussa escort Khre'Riov tr'Asputin through the corridors to the airlock, board the ch'Audebed, head to the Oira, where a mysterious figure sits in the command chair, back to them.
11:31 : Aelvna tVecj : +K'Yele+ What is your itinerary? We are currently docked with the ch'Audebed.
11:33 : ookamikuro : ::checks their destination, checks the distances, and replies:: +Ael+ We should be back within two weeks.
11:33 : Telar trIsmail : ch'Audebed Aide > ::looking up from the person facing away in the command chair:: Ah, Erei'Riov tr'Isma'il. I am Daise'Erei'Riov tr'Moro, aide to the Galae Investigations Daise.
11:34 : Aelvna tVecj : +K'Yele+ TWO WEEKS!? ::begins pacing the hwaveyiir:: The Empire may crumble. But, go, go. ::pauses:: Should I come?
11:34 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods:: Rekkhai. Well, as au see, we are here from the Hnoiyika, delivering Khre'Riov tr'Asputin back to au.
11:35 : tr eK ibilia : (( Hee... leave Aensai on the bridge, and all the senior command staff will take a scout to a borderland asteroid field! ))
11:35 : ookamikuro : +Ael+ Na, ihhei. I'm sure you have more important business to do on ch'Rihan in any case. ::a bit dryly::
11:36 : Aelvna tVecj : +K'Yele+ Do na... disappear, Daise'Erei'Riov.
11:36 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moro > ::nods:: Hann'yyo Etre tr'Isma'il. ::nods to t'Kirna and tr'Moussa:: And to au'r Security aides as well. ::turns to tr'Asputin:: Rekkhai, aefvadh back aboard the ch'Audebed. ::slow smile::
11:36 : ookamikuro : +Ael+ Ssuaj'ha.
11:36 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna, tr'Moussa > ::holster weapons::
11:37 : ookamikuro : ((God, it only happened like... three times. Will we never live it down?))
11:37 : Telar trIsmail : Rekkhai, au are free to go hna. ::smiles, holsters kaleh:: Our job is done. ::turns and walks out with t'Kirna and tr'Moussa::
11:38 : tr'Asputin > I ... I can na believe it ... it is my ship again! Etre tr'Moro ... tr'Isma'il said something about a ... a reception here?
11:39 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Aensai would blow up the ship!))
11:39 : Telar trIsmail : Mysterious figure > :::still with back to tr'Asputin, drums fingers on chair console:::
11:39 : tr eK ibilia : (( No! He might give it to his father, though. ))
11:39 : ::turns to them:: Two weeks, then?
11:39 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moro > ::looks down at ... whomever it is:: Shall we?
11:40 : RegajK2 : E> ::resting her hand on her holster, she said:: Sir, ::to K'yele:: You may want to bring.. your real weapons.
11:40 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin > Well? I mean, my ship ... my ship ... !
11:41 : ACTION: Command chair slowly turns, revealing ... a very attractive Galae Officer sitting there. Obviously io of flag rank ...
11:41 : tr'Asputin > ::pales::
11:41 : ookamikuro : K> That should give us enough time to get there, do what needs to be done, and get back. ::to Etraya:: I'll meet you in the scout bay, then.
11:42 : tr eK ibilia : ::turns to go back to her quarters and numbly salvage supplies for the trip::
11:42 : Telar trIsmail : Galae Officer > OUR ship, tr'Asputin, na au'rs. ::rises:: I am Galae'Khre'Riov Mira t'Zimro and I suggest au do na cross me or au will have another tour of the airlock ... AFTER we undock.
11:43 : t'Zimro > Am I understood?
11:43 : tr'Asputin > I ... ie ... Ssuaj-ha, Ihhei ...
11:44 : RegajK2 : E> ::goes::
11:44 : ( ::gives ilia stimulant:: ))
11:44 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Oh ho ho, tr'Asputin got PWNZED))
11:44 : ookamikuro : K> ::heads out of his office and first to his quarters, where he retrieves his sheathed sword from its stand. He packs it with everything else that he thinks might be
11:44 : required, and then makes his way to the scout bay::
11:45 : Telar trIsmail : t'Zimro > ::hands behind back, slowly circles tr'Asputin:: Au were engaged in illegal Galae activity, Etre. The atrocities that au were committing were worthy of only the Tal'Shiar.
11:46 : RegajK2 : E> ::settled in the scoutship, adjusting her Plasma rifle, aiming it at nothing in particular as she adjusts the sights, and assures everything is working properly.::
11:46 : Telar trIsmail : t'Zimro > ::stops behind tr'Asputin's back, hisses:: This is unacceptable, do I make myself plain!?
11:46 : ookamikuro : S> All this stress over one assassin. God. You'd think they'd never been targeted for assassination before, try multiple attempts every day.
11:46 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin > ::breaks into a cold sweat:: I ... ie, Ihhei ... ::teeth begin chattering::
11:47 : RegajK2 : T> Bonus points when you get the assassin to profess their love to you and convince them to kill themselves for thinking about killing you.
11:47 : tr eK ibilia : ::surveys the damage of her quarters::takes care to re-encrypt her data, copy it to a chip, and lock the chip into a self-destructing safe::
11:47 : Telar trIsmail : t'Zimro > So talk. About ... Phase Re.
11:47 : tr eK ibilia : ::throws a few changes of clothing and her personal ISD into a bag and heads down to the scout bay also::
11:47 : ookamikuro : S> ::lobs a rubber ball at the opposite bulkhead of engineering, catching it after it drops down to the deck and then back up to her catwalk:: You were always better at that.
11:47 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin > ::speechless, shivering::
11:48 : RegajK2 : T> Well that's only because you -tortured- them all. Yet stll managed it, now and then.
11:48 : Telar trIsmail : t'Zimro > HNA, Etre. We have so little time and so much to do ...
11:48 : ookamikuro : (("takes care to re-encrypt her data, copy it to a chip, and lock the chip into a self-destructing safe" -- then feeds the safe to a giant lizard, then throws the lizard into a volcano, then blows up the volcano))
11:48 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin > ::quivering even more::
11:48 : RegajK2 : ((giggle :| ))
11:49 : ookamikuro : K> ::enters the scoutcraft with his bag over his shoulder, holding a data chip:: Our destination's on here. Ready to leave?
11:49 : tr eK ibilia : (( I'm sorry that I take security so seriously, Mr. All-My-Friends-Are-Dead-And-I'm-Next-on-the-List.
11:49 : ))
11:49 : Telar trIsmail : t'Zimro > ::walks around to face tr'Asputin:: Answers, Etre, answers. Hna. ::cuffs him across the face, very hard, catching him off guard because t'Zimro is a little more diminuitive than even t'Kirna::
11:50 : tr eK ibilia : ::enters just behind K'Yele:: Ie.
11:50 : RegajK2 : E> Any time ::sliding the power pack into the weapon smoothly.::
11:50 : ookamikuro : S> Well, you know, some people are into that kind of thing. Who was I to judge. Well okay, I was in a perfect position to judge, but you know what I mean. I wonder if they'd
11:50 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Asputin > Ihhei, I ... I ... ::feels something warm in his pants ... pitches forward, faints::
11:50 : ookamikuro : notice, if we stowed away. Sounds more interesting than this place.
11:51 : tr eK ibilia : (( Five people on a scout? Yeah, I think we'd notice. ;) ))
11:51 : (( S> ::stands very, very still in a matted gray jumpsuit and face paint:: ))
11:51 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moro > ::gestures to a few lackeys:: Get him to Medical, see to his care ... and get him a clean set of clothes. Fumigate the Oira, it stinks.
11:51 : ookamikuro : ((Suddenly you hear from one of the storage compartments: "Ow! Dammit Taul you're kneeing my face!"))
11:51 : RegajK2 : ((oh my god))
11:51 : (I want to say yes ust for the face paint))
11:52 : Telar trIsmail : t'Zimro > ::covering nose:: Elements, I'll say.
11:52 : Oira lackeys > ::choking some, carry the Khre'Riov off the Oira::
11:52 : RegajK2 : T> ::glance at her:: ... You realize that I'm now the only senior officer left on the ship.. er.. aren't I? Didn't the others leave? ::a glance around, then a shrug:
11:52 : ookamikuro : S> Nah, the commander's still here. ::throw, bounce, catch::
11:52 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moro > Mission accomplished, eh Ihhei?
11:53 : RegajK2 : T> Damn. Doesn't she ever have someone trying to assassinate her? Maybe we should contract someone. Get her of the ship for a few days.
11:53 : T> Woman needs to -live-!
11:54 : Telar trIsmail : t'Zimro > ::looking up at tr'Moro:: Accomplished? Whatever do au mean? ::seats herself in command chair, daintily crosses her legs, files her exquisitely shaped nails:: ::m:: We've only started with him.
11:54 : ookamikuro : S> Isn't what's-his-face, security-man still here too? He outranks you. ::throw, bounce, catch::
11:54 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moro > Ie, of course, Ihhei.
11:54 : ookamikuro : K> ::sits down at the controls of the scout, puts in the data chip and uploads the destination::
11:54 : tr eK ibilia : ::sets her bag inside a storage compartment and settles into the secondary seat on the scout::prepares for departure::
11:54 : Aelvna tVecj : ((3 minute warning!))
11:55 : ookamikuro : ACTION: Scoutship carring K'Yele, Ilia, and Etraya lifts off and speeds toward adventure
11:55 : RegajK2 : T> I didn't think he counted. He seems to always be.. ... Busy.
11:55 : Telar trIsmail : ::arriving back in Security with t'Kirna and tr'Moussa:: A job well done. ::looks around:: Everyio. Galae bids au Hann'yyo for escorting this criminal to justice.
11:55 : RegajK2 : T> Didn't he have to give an abortion some time? Or was that deliver a baby.. or he... had a baby? I'm not sure ::touching his head::
11:56 : Telar trIsmail : ::dismisses Security officers to their various posts::
11:56 : tr eK ibilia : ::plays a musical montage in the back of her mind as the scout soars off::
11:57 : Telar trIsmail : ch'Audebed Security Daise > We are happy to have provided service to au, Erei'Riov tr'Isma'il.
11:57 : Aelvna tVecj : ((not adventure!))
11:57 : ookamikuro : S> Nono, he told that other security officer that she needed to have one. That or resign. Commander's policy, I think--no babies.
11:57 : Telar trIsmail : And we are grateful for the cooperation. It was an honor to serve with au. Elements be with au.
11:57 : tr eK ibilia : (( Is _that_ what the soup of the day was in the mess hall? ))
11:57 : Telar trIsmail : ch'Audebed Security Daise > And may the wind be at au'r back.
11:58 : ACTION: ch'Audebed Security personnel return to their ship.
11:58 : ookamikuro : S> God I'm sick of doing nothing but listening in on other people's boring lives down here. Let's start planning.
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : t'Zimro > Hail the Hnoiyika. It is time we left.
11:58 : tr'Moro > Channel open Ihhei.
11:59 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Last lines, people!))
11:59 : ookamikuro : ((Those aren't very interesting last lines...))
11:59 : Telar trIsmail : t'Zimro > +Hnoiyika+ RES Hnoiyika this is the RES ch'Audebed. We thank au for au'r service and cooperation and the work here is done. Please prepare for undocking.
12:00 : Sunday, November 19, 2006
12:00 : ookamikuro : K> We should arrive within two days at maximum warp. In the meantime, t'Noor, I want you to tell us everything you possibly can about the Crimson King.
12:00 : Aelvna tVecj : #########End Sim########
12:00 : tr eK ibilia : (( SFX> Ch-THOOM ... would that be a good last line? ))
12:00 : Aelvna tVecj : #########End Sim########
12:00 : #########End Sim########
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Postby Enarrain tVecj » Sun Dec 03, 2006 12:10 am

AelvnatVecj (11:08:10 PM): ####Begin Sim#####
AelvnatVecj (11:08:10 PM): ####Begin Sim#####
AelvnatVecj (11:08:10 PM): ####Begin Sim#####
AelvnatVecj (11:08:21 PM): ::in her chambers, setting up additional meetings
AelvnatVecj (11:08:33 PM): with Deihu and arranging to take an advisory role
Telar trIsmail (11:08:38 PM): ::enters 'lift from Main Security:: Hwaveyiir.
AelvnatVecj (11:08:42 PM): at the galae for the time they'll be in drydock::
Telar trIsmail (11:08:48 PM): ::'lift zooooooms::
AelvnatVecj (11:08:48 PM): ::nothing like making your presence known::
RegajK2 (11:08:49 PM): ::fiddle with kick ass rifle::
AelvnatVecj (11:08:58 PM): ::she thought, if she treated ch'Rihan like any other
AelvnatVecj (11:09:03 PM): backwater hellhole she had to infilitrate,
AelvnatVecj (11:09:11 PM): her goals would be easier to reach::
Telar trIsmail (11:09:14 PM): ::TL doors open, steps out onto hwaveyiir, heads to Tactical::
tr eK ibilia (11:09:18 PM): # ::on shuttle, cruising toward the asteroid field where she traced tr'Dielan's last location::
tr eK ibilia (11:09:49 PM): # And so what if my lead turns out to be wrong? ::glances at Etayra out of the corner of her eyes, then looks at K'Yele::
Telar trIsmail (11:10:04 PM): t'Kirna > ::sitting at desk in Main Security:: So what do we do now?
RegajK2 (11:10:20 PM): # :yes, there:: Then we're following a dead lead and will probably end up dead.
Telar trIsmail (11:10:32 PM): tr'Moussa > ::looking down at her:: Vah do au mean by that, e'lev?
tr eK ibilia (11:10:58 PM): # ::sighs and slumps back in her chair, though the high backing makes it pretty much a moot motion::
ookamikuro (11:11:04 PM): # K> ::sits at one of the other shuttle seats, running a knife steel over the blade of his weapon to ensure its sharpness::
ookamikuro (11:11:06 PM): On the other hand, if we don't end up dead, at least the Crimson King won't have gotten to tr'Dielan before us.
Telar trIsmail (11:11:31 PM): t'Kirna > ::tsk'ing:: After all that ... adventure we've been through. ::spreads hands:: Just vah'Areinnye is there to DO?
AelvnatVecj (11:11:57 PM): (Champagne?)
Telar trIsmail (11:12:27 PM): tr'Moussa > ::chuckling, sipping at some tea:: Do na worry, e'lev, the Elements will think of something sooner or later. Count on it.
AelvnatVecj (11:12:46 PM): ::re-reads the inspector's report, and writes a memo to have someone
AelvnatVecj (11:13:03 PM): speak on the Deihu floor about the need for hygiene in deep space::
RegajK2 (11:13:07 PM): # ::an odd expression:: How do you figure?
tr eK ibilia (11:13:19 PM): # ::says nothing to the optimism of that...::
ookamikuro (11:14:37 PM): # He obviously thinks that this lead is genuine--if he thought it was a dead end, he would have just let us follow it without bothering with the assassination attempt.
Telar trIsmail (11:15:05 PM): t'Kirna > ::sighs:: I just ... want to kick some very bad ass is all.
AelvnatVecj (11:15:11 PM): ::contemplates sending Jhu to the panel on conjugal relations on military vessels
ookamikuro (11:15:13 PM): # And he has some head start. But if it is a dead end, then at least he won't have followed it and gotten to tr'Dielan first.
AelvnatVecj (11:15:21 PM): entitled Resolved: Vulcans Had It Right::
tr eK ibilia (11:15:53 PM): # ::feels the need to say:: Unless he knew where tr'Dielan actually was and was only trying to isolate you...
Telar trIsmail (11:16:03 PM): tr'Moussa > ::sits next to her, puts his hand on her thigh:: And that's vah we're paid to do, e'lev. Sooner or later ...
RegajK2 (11:16:17 PM): # I'm with her. It could be a trap. He may be pulling us from Imperial support.
Telar trIsmail (11:16:45 PM): t'Kirna > ::sighs, leans against him::
ookamikuro (11:16:48 PM): # Why would he need to? He's proven himself perfectly capable of carrying out assassinations within the very heart of the Empire.
ookamikuro (11:17:07 PM): # Hundreds, if you're right about the nature of former agents' "retirements."
JhuCaevra tTalia (11:17:25 PM): ::The quiet of the hydroponics bay was maddening. Jhu sat on one of the benches in the garden where she and K'Yele had last spoken, her gaze fixed on a random spot on the floor.::
tr eK ibilia (11:17:41 PM): (( Aww.. we'll send you a postcard! ))
tr eK ibilia (11:17:51 PM): (( Etayra's little finger. ))
ookamikuro (11:18:09 PM): ((Jhu doesn't seem very good at the whole meditation thing.))
AelvnatVecj (11:18:25 PM): ::does not even think of her wayward XO::does not need him for a
AelvnatVecj (11:18:27 PM): desk job::
AelvnatVecj (11:18:44 PM): ::the higher her profile, the better his cover::unless someone wondered where he was:
AelvnatVecj (11:19:00 PM): ::rubs the bridge of her nose:: I'll say he's on his honeymoon. That'll concide nicely with the
AelvnatVecj (11:19:07 PM): conjugal conference on the mainland.
RegajK2 (11:19:59 PM): # Not that a hundred of them match up to you, ::she remarked::
ookamikuro (11:20:27 PM): # ::glances toward a console as it beeps:: Shouldn't listen to everything you hear in stories. In any case, trap or no, we'll be approaching shortly.
tr eK ibilia (11:21:18 PM): # ::raises her eyebrows slightly, turning her attention to the consoles and entry procedures, where she preferred it::
AelvnatVecj (11:21:21 PM): ::feels a bit safer with Ilia off the ship::ponders why::
tr eK ibilia (11:21:29 PM): ((.. hey! ))
JhuCaevra tTalia (11:22:21 PM): ::The particular spot at which she stared was no different and no better than any other spot on the floor. Had it been slightly discolored or held an escaped puddle of water, shaped vaguely like a continent on some alien world,
AelvnatVecj (11:22:24 PM): ((What? You're secretly evil! <g>))
RegajK2 (11:22:26 PM): ::As the commander ponders that, Taul basks in his control of engineering::
ookamikuro (11:22:32 PM): ((She is..?))
JhuCaevra tTalia (11:23:49 PM): it might have been better at holding her attention. As it sat, however, it was singularly boring. Shredded remnants of dead leaves fell from her fingers and she sighed, unable to clear her mind.::
tr eK ibilia (11:24:18 PM): # ::maps out the probable entry path of tr'Dielan's shuttle and begins long-range scanning to try and pick up any trails among the asteroids from that point::
Telar trIsmail (11:25:27 PM): T'Nal > ::passes through in Main Security, seeing t'Kirna and tr'Moussa sitting together:: Oh well if it isn't Rekkhai and Ihhei Kissy-face themselves holding down the fort. I feel so ... *secure.*
Telar trIsmail (11:26:01 PM): t'Kirna > ::looks up at T'Nal and glares:: Au ...
ookamikuro (11:26:18 PM): # If I remember right, these asteroids used to be covered with mining bases to feed the shipyards during the Terran conflict. There will be a lot of old housing and machinery. Are you reading anything?
JhuCaevra tTalia (11:26:55 PM): Mental. ::Jhu abandoned the hopeless pretense of meditation and rose from her seat, leaving the annoyingly quiet plants behind as she entered the corridor.::
AelvnatVecj (11:27:04 PM): ::fingers fly over the terminal controls, stacking her schedule, so she
AelvnatVecj (11:27:13 PM): won't think about the empty corridors of her ship::
Telar trIsmail (11:27:14 PM): tr'Moussa > ::rises, placing a hand on t'Kirna's:: That will na be necessary. *Erein,* fhaen state au'r business here. ::narrows eyes at T'Nal::
tr eK ibilia (11:27:16 PM): # ::shakes her head:: It's difficult, since there's a lot of shifting in the asteroids' locations since the trail would have been made. A lot of interference from the metals.
AelvnatVecj (11:27:24 PM): ::even misses tr'Asputin::someone to torture, something to do::
Telar trIsmail (11:27:44 PM): T'Nal > ::throat dries quickly:: I ... Rekkhai ...
Telar trIsmail (11:28:28 PM): tr'Moussa > Au were just passing through. Very well, pass, and keep on patrol.
Telar trIsmail (11:28:53 PM): T'Nal > ::flushes green, salutes and does as ordered::
ookamikuro (11:29:20 PM): # ::closes his eyes and takes a few deep breaths, then shakes his head:: One mind out of nothingness for light-days around, and I can't feel a thing.
tr eK ibilia (11:29:54 PM): # ::frowns:: Maybe we'll get a better read from the plane above the field.
Telar trIsmail (11:30:05 PM): t'Kirna > ::smirks, turns and follows T'Nal's direction, q:: Susse-thrai ... ::turns back to tr'Moussa:: Where were we? ::smiles::
JhuCaevra tTalia (11:30:15 PM): ::She rarely had reason to visit the HIC, but threat of reports and actual work that she'd left in her room was enough to drive her there. She had no intention of starting another round of paperwork until she'd achieved at least
ookamikuro (11:30:52 PM): # ::nods:: Try it. ::he doesn't bother to add that it will make them a much easier target as well; blundering blindly around the field searching would do just the same.::
Telar trIsmail (11:31:04 PM): tr'Moussa > ::seating self again:: Why, holding down the fort, as Erein T'Nal herself said. ::smiles broadly::
JhuCaevra tTalia (11:31:17 PM): at least a few hours of total relaxation. The tension in her neck and shoulders had developed into a dull, throbbing headache and she had no desire to seek out the bumbling medical technicians on board.::
Telar trIsmail (11:31:23 PM): t'Kirna > ::bursts into laughter at his remark::
tr eK ibilia (11:32:33 PM): # ::tilts the shuttle up and pushes up a small distance above the field::tries following the trail again::
ookamikuro (11:33:39 PM): ACTION> Something appears on Ilia's sensors. It isn't an ion trail or signs of the shuttle, but it is a faint power signature, deep within one of the hollowed-out asteroids.
RegajK2 (11:34:02 PM): ((cough.))
JhuCaevra tTalia (11:34:47 PM): ::Reaching the HIC, she entered a program of her own devising and waited a few moments for it to load. When the computer signaled readiness, she moved past the doors and engaged the privacy lock.:;
tr eK ibilia (11:35:00 PM): # ::frowns:: I found a hot asteroid...
ookamikuro (11:35:05 PM): ((Well you weren't really, doing anything. So. If you have something better in mind, feel free to retcon! :D))
ookamikuro (11:35:20 PM): ((I sorta thought you were waiting on us to do something.))
AelvnatVecj (11:36:13 PM): ((Way to live in the moment <g>))
tr eK ibilia (11:36:16 PM): # ::angles the shuttle back down into the field, towards it, gingerly::
tr eK ibilia (11:37:00 PM): # No obvious weapons stations or anything above a micro-object in our path...
RegajK2 (11:37:04 PM): # ::doop::
ookamikuro (11:37:16 PM): # Any life signatures you can detect?
tr eK ibilia (11:38:07 PM): # ::shakes her head:: The asteroid's mineral distribution makes for good sensor shielding, but it is radiating heat.
tr eK ibilia (11:39:12 PM): # I'm getting a surface map of the rock now... ::puts it up on K'Yele and Etayra's screens as the information comes in::
AelvnatVecj (11:39:20 PM): ::sends security on leave::we can set the automatic alarm for the ship::
tr eK ibilia (11:39:38 PM): (( Oh sure, and when you come back the rims'll be gone. ))
JhuCaevra tTalia (11:39:57 PM): ::A spa setting was what she needed. The clean lines and minimal decoration of the interior was done in cool, soothing colors. Jhu accepted a towel from one of the attendants and turned for the sauna,
JhuCaevra tTalia (11:40:46 PM): shedding her clothing as she went. The heat seeped into her as she entered the stifling room and she threw the towel down on one of the benches, relaxing in the nude.::
ookamikuro (11:40:52 PM): # ::glances at the map:: Can you get any scans of the interior of the mining installation or the asteroid? It would be best not to go in blind. I'll check to see if
ookamikuro (11:40:54 PM): the schematics are still registered with architectural databases.
tr eK ibilia (11:41:19 PM): # It looks like there are a few breaks in the surface that are directly releasing the heat signature... I would say those are good bets for entrances.
Telar trIsmail (11:42:18 PM): t'Kirna > ::gets up, nervously, starts pacing:: Elements but I know something is wrong, Nveid. I can feel it.
Telar trIsmail (11:42:38 PM): tr'Moussa > How? Wrong about vah?
RegajK2 (11:43:00 PM): # ::puts her awesome rifle over her shoulder::
tr eK ibilia (11:43:00 PM): # The sensors are still having trouble getting past the metal deposits. There's no one on the surface levels of the mining station.
tr eK ibilia (11:43:36 PM): # ::shakes her head:: If he's looking to disappear, even out here, he would have had to go underground.
Telar trIsmail (11:43:36 PM): t'Kirna > ::grits teeth, continues pacing:: There was something about that Khre'Riov. Something that hinted ...
ookamikuro (11:43:39 PM): # All right. Your opinion, does this feel like a trap? ::a glance toward their guest:: And yours, t'Noor?
Telar trIsmail (11:44:04 PM): tr'Moussa > ::sets cup down:: Ie? Hinted vah?
tr eK ibilia (11:44:27 PM): # I think not. The approach was simple, but... that doesn't speak against it being tr'Dielan, since boobytraps would just alert passersby to his presence.
ookamikuro (11:44:59 PM): # And that's not to say there aren't traps inside.
tr eK ibilia (11:45:04 PM): # The asteroid is big enough for comfortable living areas beneath the mineral deposit shielding. Did you find schematics?
JhuCaevra tTalia (11:45:05 PM): ::Perhaps she could have visited one of the elite spas on the planet's surface, but she was hesitant about leaving the ship just now. She had more invitations than she could possibly handle and the only way to politely decline
Telar trIsmail (11:45:10 PM): t'Kirna > Hinted ... that all was na quite well. That ... someio might be continuing the show for him. ::looks at tr'Moussa:: A loyalist of sorts.
tr eK ibilia (11:45:11 PM): # ::nods::
Telar trIsmail (11:45:30 PM): tr'Moussa > But where do we have the evidence?
ookamikuro (11:45:41 PM): # I found schematics for the modules that these installations were built from, but they apparently were assembled as needed in any required configuration.
tr eK ibilia (11:46:10 PM): # ::sighs::
JhuCaevra tTalia (11:46:12 PM): them without offending anyone was to plead work and remain on the ship. Should she decline and later be seen on ch'Rihan it would no doubt be reported and could cause her to lose some of her contacts.::
AelvnatVecj (11:46:27 PM): ((Sanctuary!))
Telar trIsmail (11:46:49 PM): t'Kirna > Nveid, Nveid, I can *feel* it hrrau my body, hrrau my blood, hrrau my bones. Cut off the head ... another part takes over. Or worse still, another head grows back.
RegajK2 (11:46:54 PM): # ::shift::
tr eK ibilia (11:47:02 PM): # Permission to make final approach to the asteroid..? ::glances to K'Yele::
Telar trIsmail (11:47:45 PM): tr'Moussa > So au say another agent takes over even though Galae says he's done for?
ookamikuro (11:48:20 PM): # ::glances toward Etayra, finding her insight unhelpful, then nods to Ilia:: Permission granted, make the approach.
Telar trIsmail (11:48:33 PM): t'Kirna > Why na? And besides ... vah he's done is almost as filthy as the work of the Tal'Shiar. Maybe they themselves picked up on it.
JhuCaevra tTalia (11:48:47 PM): Music. Program seven. ::Jhu leaned back against the bench and closed her eyes as the room filled with her musical selection, something to distract her from her own thoughts. She hated opressive silence.::
Telar trIsmail (11:48:52 PM): tr'Moussa > ::pales:: ::vqw:: Elements ...
tr eK ibilia (11:49:28 PM): # ::pulls the shuttle into a low position beside the asteroid, trying to stay well within the field's interference::powers down the engines once the positioning is steady::
Telar trIsmail (11:49:49 PM): (( ::cue Prelude to Gurre-lieder, 20th Century:: ))
RegajK2 (11:50:20 PM): # ::left shift::
Telar trIsmail (11:50:43 PM): tr'Moussa > Let's go. Hna.
Telar trIsmail (11:50:58 PM): t'Kirna > ::looks at him questioningly::
ookamikuro (11:51:02 PM): # There are docking hatches over on that bulkhead. Pull into one of those, I'd prefer not to use the transporter if we can help it. Even if it's tr'Dielan inside, we need to keep a low profile.
ookamikuro (11:51:09 PM): # ::stands, meanwhile, and checks his gear::
Telar trIsmail (11:51:11 PM): tr'Moussa > To alert the Daise.
tr eK ibilia (11:51:50 PM): # ::nods::hopes there aren't any tripwires inside it::uses the thrusters to maneuver from their low position toward the surface, approaching an open hatch::
Telar trIsmail (11:51:54 PM): t'Kirna > ::nods, falls into step with him wordlessly as they head towards the 'lift after putting someio else on duty at main desk::
RegajK2 (11:52:11 PM): # ::right shift::
Telar trIsmail (11:52:14 PM): t'Kirna, tr'Moussa > ::enter 'lift::
Telar trIsmail (11:52:39 PM): tr'Moussa > Hwaveyiir. ::'lift zooooooooms::
Telar trIsmail (11:53:09 PM): t'Kirna, tr'Moussa > ::TL doors open, step out onto Hwaveyiir::
ookamikuro (11:53:37 PM): # t'Noor, you'll be with me on the interior. t'Reki--I don't like these asteroids interfering with the sensors. Do recon of the sector and make sure nobody sneaks in the back way. Thrusters only.
Telar trIsmail (11:54:05 PM): ::turns on seeing Security personnel reporting:: Ie?
RegajK2 (11:54:35 PM): # ::move the rifle to her side, setting it on standby:: Of course. It'l be an honor, ::she remarked as she picked up her pack, slipping it over a shoulder.::
tr eK ibilia (11:54:41 PM): # ::nods:: Ssuaj'ha. ::pulls into the hatch slowly, carefully, as if going slower will keep a sensor from going off::
Telar trIsmail (11:54:48 PM): tr'Moussa > Rekkhai ... we have something of urgency to report to au, concerning the Khre'Riov.
tr eK ibilia (11:54:54 PM): # ::lands without any problem, though, so it must have worked::
RegajK2 (11:55:04 PM): ((I was thinking, why do people in star trek have space suits? Why do't they have portable force fields?))
Telar trIsmail (11:55:15 PM): ::eyebrows raise:: Au mean, tr'Asputin? Go ahead fhaen.
AelvnatVecj (11:55:20 PM): ((The power output is too great for portability?))
tr eK ibilia (11:55:39 PM): (( Your MOM is too great for portability. ))
RegajK2 (11:55:40 PM): ((Think so? Hrm..))
ookamikuro (11:55:47 PM): ((Voyager's Doctor required 29th-century technology for portable force-field generation.))
JhuCaevra tTalia (11:55:47 PM): ::With her thoughts drifting and the tension in her body slowly draining away, Jhu sighed and relaxed totally for the first time in a long time.::
RegajK2 (11:55:57 PM): ((yeah i was just thinking that actually (kyle) ))
RegajK2 (11:56:07 PM): ((but that was like, an ipod mini))
tr eK ibilia (11:56:10 PM): (( You know you agree with me. :| ))
RegajK2 (11:56:13 PM): ((Surely they could do it in a backpack))
Telar trIsmail (11:56:15 PM): tr'Asputin > Rekkahi, it has occurred to us that, even though he has been taken into custody by Galae, and they have declared that his activities have been put to a stop ...
ookamikuro (11:56:46 PM): # ::moves toward the docking hatch:: Elements guide, Erei'Riov.
tr eK ibilia (11:56:57 PM): # ::sends a command to the base's computer to close the bay doors and repressurize::
Telar trIsmail (11:57:04 PM): t'Kirna > Rekkhai, just because *he* has been stopped does na mean there may be others. Loyalists willing to do his bidding.
tr eK ibilia (11:57:07 PM): (( I guess they did, with that timing. :D ))
Telar trIsmail (11:57:25 PM): tr'Moussa > In Galae or, more likely, in the Tal'Shiar.
ookamikuro (11:57:32 PM): ((I was figuring they were airlocks, not a bay, but s'okay.))
tr eK ibilia (11:57:43 PM): (( Well, fine. :| ))
Telar trIsmail (11:57:44 PM): ::eyes narrow:: Na them ...
RegajK2 (11:57:57 PM): #::move::
tr eK ibilia (11:58:19 PM): # ::nods to them as they disembark::
Telar trIsmail (11:58:44 PM): t'Kirna > Rekkhai, we have studied the history of vah are called terror organizations ... they do na answer to any government ... when a leader is captured, someio else takes over.
ookamikuro (11:58:59 PM): ACTION> Etayra and K'Yele exit the shuttle onto the asteroid mining station. Deep inside, they hope to find the key to stopping the Empire's most feared assassin turned rogue.
Telar trIsmail (11:59:27 PM): So ... hna that tr'Asputin has been despatched ... others might emerge from these terror cells ... and strike elsewhere?
AelvnatVecj (11:59:36 PM): ((2 minute warning!))
tr eK ibilia (11:59:51 PM): # ::quietly disembarks from the station, thrusting back into the space between the asteroids::
Telar trIsmail (11:59:58 PM): tr'Moussa > ::nods:: Precisely Rekkhai. At any place in the Empire.
RegajK2 (12:00:34 AM): $ So where do you think these fellows are? Suppose you'll recognize them? ::she glanced around the bay filled with containers::
Telar trIsmail (12:00:54 AM): t'Kirna > ::hands tr'Isma'il an ISD:: This is only a rough sketch of vah we know Rekkhai ... much work remains to be done.
ookamikuro (12:01:40 AM): $ t'Reki only tracked tr'Dielan here--him I would recognize. But I assume he'll see us before we see him, so let's hope he recognizes me.
JhuCaevra tTalia (12:01:46 AM): Attendant> ::Knocked briefly on the door of the sauna and waited for Jhu to bid him enter. He blinked as he found her in the nude, but was too much of a professional to blush.:: Miss? I was told to collect you...
JhuCaevra tTalia (12:01:56 AM): Attendant> For your massage...
RegajK2 (12:02:07 AM): $ I trust you departed on good terms?
Telar trIsmail (12:02:16 AM): ::looks over ISD, nods:: We may have to go to Condition Yellow, or Condition Red, as a result of this. +Ael+ Some new information regarding the Khre'Riov and his activities just surfaced.
ookamikuro (12:02:50 AM): $ Eh--nothing worse than a black eye and a few bruises. I'm sure he's forgotten all about it.
AelvnatVecj (12:03:53 AM): #####End Sim######
AelvnatVecj (12:03:53 AM): #####End Sim######
AelvnatVecj (12:03:54 AM): #####End Sim######
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11:14 : Aelvna tVecj : #######Begin Sim#########
11:14 : #######Begin Sim#########
11:14 : #######Begin Sim#########
11:14 : :;glances at the list of communiques from ch'Rihan::scowls::
11:15 : ::hits the tab to show just the ones from other vessels::
11:15 : ::deletes all non-urgent::
11:15 : Lonely Fedora : T> ::remarks to Sio:: So if you agreed to disagree on agreeing, wouldn't you be contradicting the agreement?
11:15 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Poor Kyle))
11:15 : ookamikuro : # K> ::checks his gear once he and Etayra are onboard the mining outpost:: Air is stale, must still be running at minimal life support.
11:16 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Enjoying her massage at the hands of an excellent holographic representation of a masseuse, Jhu's thoughts ranged on the happenings of late and she couldn't help but revisit the question she'd asked Ael... What, exactly, was her
11:16 : purpose?::
11:16 : ookamikuro : # S> Depends on the scope of the disagreeing. If you don't agree to ever agree on anything, then yes.
11:16 : Lonely Fedora : #E> Or the scrubbers are broken.
11:16 : ookamikuro : # S> But if you're just not agreeing to agree on one particular issue, then you can feel free to agree to the disagreement.
11:16 : Aelvna tVecj : ::reads a compelling invitation from the head of a cruiser group, the RES Leaf::
11:18 : ookamikuro : # K> That's also possible. Let's go. ::He leads out of the small docking module and into the corridor beyond:: See if you can find data access, we'll want to download a map of the interior as soon as we can.
11:18 : Telar trIsmail : Security personnel > ::going fairly batty now that tr'Isma'il has set them to task to dig up dirt on tr'Asputin's movement::
11:18 : Aelvna tVecj : ::reads "Thanks to the arrest of Khre'Riov tr'Asputin, the Senate is sending observers to virtually all vessels currently at ch'Rihan. I believe you have experience in these matters."::
11:19 : +Hwaveyiir+ Please pull the files for Enarrain t'Lahra of the RES Leaf. I believe...::cuts the comm and says in her chambers:: I believe I know that name.
11:20 : Telar trIsmail : +Ael+ Pulling files hna Ihhei.
11:20 : ookamikuro : ((C'mon ex-girlfriend! C'monnn! That would be such a deliciously awkward party!))
11:20 : Telar trIsmail : ::keys in codes, looks at screen::
11:20 : Aelvna tVecj : ((I feel so transparent))
11:21 : ((But no, not exactly <g>))
11:21 : Telar trIsmail : ::thinks ... vah an odd name, Leaf ... sounds so ... so ... disgustingly Lloann'na::
11:21 : ookamikuro : ((New girlfriend of ex-girlfriend? That'd be even BETTER. :D))
11:22 : Aelvna tVecj : ((::laughs:: And shush, Telar. They can't ALL be cool names. <g> It stands to reason there are some stupidly-named ships of the fleet. DIVERSITY))
11:22 : ::contemplates her own government observer::currently doing Elements knows what, Elements knows where::
11:22 : ::will tell t'Lahra that once you gain their trust, there's nothing to fear::
11:23 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Not wishing to go to sleep just yet, Jhu called off the massage and began to dress, dismissing the program. She left the HIC feeling totally relaxed and refreshed at the same time.::
11:23 : Telar trIsmail : ::uploads data to ISD:: +Ael+ Files on Enarrain t'Lahra extracted Ihhei, for au'r perusal. Shall I bring them to au or shall I wait for au here hrrau the hwaveyiir?
11:24 : Lonely Fedora : # E> ::holds a padd in her hand, tapping away,:: working on it, but it uses an unusual encoding... Or.. No.. The operating system is.. rewritten? ::A blink::
11:24 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna, tr'Moussa > :::working the Security folks like slavemasters:::
11:24 : Aelvna tVecj : +Telar+ I will be right there.
11:24 : ::stands::glances at her cold tea::
11:24 : Telar trIsmail : +Ael+ Acknowledged Ihhei.
11:25 : (( brb afk fas ))
11:25 : Aelvna tVecj : ((I will walk slowly))
11:25 : ookamikuro : # K> That stands to reason. If I were hiding here, I wouldn't want anyone hacking into the computer system.
11:25 : Telar trIsmail : (( bak ))
11:26 : Aelvna tVecj : ::sends a memo extending a polite invitation to Jhu to the Leaf::not sure whether she'd introduce her as crew or an advocate, but there might be champagne::
11:26 : ::enters the hwaveyiir:: Ie, tr'Isma'il?
11:26 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Strolling through the corridors, she moved into the lift and called for the bridge, interested to see what's been going on in the command center.::
11:27 : Telar trIsmail : ::extends ISD to Ael:: Here is the information au requested Ihhei.
11:27 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Interesting Jhu always shows up when there's dirt about to be dished))
11:27 : ::accepts:: And what do you think of it, Telar?
11:28 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( Pure coincidence. ))
11:28 : Telar trIsmail : It is ... most interesting, Ihhei.
11:30 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Entering the bridge, her lovely olive skin gleaming from her recent pseudo-spa adventure, Jhu paused at one of the rear stations, taking a look at the news feeds.::
11:30 : Aelvna tVecj : ::takes a seat in the command chair, wincing at the hard cushion::
11:30 : ::reads the ISD::
11:30 : Aha. ::murmurs::
11:31 : I remember now that I've seen an image. ::scrolls through the still archive:: I believe she had dinner at our home, sixty or seventy years ago. She was young, then. Perhaps an Arrain.
11:32 : Telar trIsmail : Acquainted with her, then, Ihhei?
11:32 : Aelvna tVecj : ::glances up, and then over her shoulder, surprised to see Jhu, and looking so...radiant::
11:32 : Lonely Fedora : #E> ::walky walky:: So. How'd you do it, anyways?
11:32 : Aelvna tVecj : ::passes the ISD back to Telar:: Run a check on her senior staff. Make sure no one will assassinate me if I go over there.
11:32 : ookamikuro : # K> ::glances at his multicorder as they walk:: No life signs yet, either. tr'Dielan was a good tech ops agent, he probably did the reprogramming himself after he got here. How did I do what?
11:33 : Telar trIsmail : ::taking ISD:: On it already Ihhei. Io can na be too careful these days.
11:33 : Aelvna tVecj : Arreinye. No kidding.
11:34 : Used to be you could leave all of the politics back on ch'Rihan.
11:34 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Overhearing Ael and Telar's conversation, Jhu moved away from the station to one of the consoles closer to the two.:: Paying someone a diplomatic visit? ::Interested, of course, at the political workings of the ship.::
11:34 : Telar trIsmail : ::sends Security flunky to Main Security with orders to have t'Kirna and tr'Moussa get on it ASAP::
11:35 : Aelvna tVecj : ::swivels toward Jhu:: Seems like your Advocacy program is working out so well they're appointing civilian oversight to other ships. Given that the recent terrorist
11:35 : Lonely Fedora : #E> The battle of Othfon bridge on Aidillen Three. Energy field nullified all technology on the planet, you were stranded with some of your guardsmen...
11:35 : Telar trIsmail : Security flunky > ::takes ISD, grimaces, heads down in 'lift to Main Security::
11:35 : Aelvna tVecj : incidents were found to be rooted within the galae... ::gestures at Telar and the newsfeeds::
11:35 : Lonely Fedora : #E> An entire division of Klingon Warriors had been setting up an invasion force there...
11:35 : Aelvna tVecj : 47 invitations to dinner. Ie, I have accepted one.
11:35 : Lonely Fedora : #E> they find you, blades only. Battle lasts a -month-. Three people left alive, and none of them Klingon..
11:36 : Aelvna tVecj : From... an old friend.
11:36 : Lonely Fedora : #E> Some of their elite were on that planet. So, how'd you do it?
11:36 : Aelvna tVecj : ::smirks:: Perhaps there will be talk of forming a galae union.
11:36 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Jhu smiled slightly at Ael's tone.:: Personal visit or business?
11:36 : Telar trIsmail : Security flunky > ::exits TL, heads into Main Security, hands ISD to t'Kirna::
11:37 : ookamikuro : # K> I'm surprised even you know I was one of them. My involvement wasn't just supposed to be classified, it was supposedly purged. ::He shrugs slightly:: Well, as the name suggests, the battle centered on the bridge.
11:38 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::takes ISD, nods, passes it to tr'Moussa::
11:38 : Aelvna tVecj : ::crosses her arms:: If there is business to be conducted, it is minimal and thinly decorated. I have nothing to ask of Enarrain t'Lahra. And if she has
11:38 : something to ask of me... I cannot imagine what I could possibly provide.
11:39 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::nods, dismisses Flunky:: This is going to be intense work ...
11:39 : Aelvna tVecj : Given that I am at half-crew and our spoils from the outer planets have all been sold. ::smiles::
11:39 : ookamikuro : # K> Aidillen Three is volcanic, the "bridge" was really just an arch of stone some ten meters wide over a lava flow, surrounded by mountains. They needed to get past us to regroup with the rest of their force.
11:40 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > Au aren't kidding. ::sighs:: "Investigate the Enarrain's staff and ensure na io is going to assassinate *our* Enarrain." Vah are the homeworlds coming to, Nveid?
11:40 : ookamikuro : # K> We weren't facing the entire force on the planet, only about three thousand in total. If they'd had communications with the rest of their group, we would have been pinned and routed.
11:41 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::sighs:: I do na know, e'lev. Anyhow. ::begins working at computer terminal::
11:42 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Perhaps she only wants to renew old friendships? ::One brow arched, she leaned on the console.::
11:42 : ookamikuro : # K> But instead, we had the positional advantage. Holding a narrow bridge is much easier than crossing one that's being held.
11:42 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::likewise working at terminal, occasionally throwing tr'Moussa a ravishing smile::
11:43 : ookamikuro : # K> We also had the only fresh water supply on our side. They pushed us back into the pass at one point, about a week into the fighting, but we raided the camp the following night and drove them back to the other side.
11:44 : Aelvna tVecj : ::tilts head and gazes at Jhu:: Are you interested in finding out?
11:45 : JhuCaevra tTalia : I would not decline a dinner invitation, especially if it might lead to some type of political connection, but if you would rather meet with her alone... I would understand. ::She smiled again, knowingly.::
11:46 : ookamikuro : # K> By the time some twenty-six days had passed, back and forth, battering against our side and losing more and more of their men to heat exhaustion and thirst,
11:46 : Telar trIsmail : ::going over Tactical monitor, awaiting some reply from Security::
11:46 : ookamikuro : they made the decision to make a final charge at gaining the bridge.
11:47 : Aelvna tVecj : I cannot promise insightful political conversation, but I believe you and she would both have something to gain from the experience.
11:48 : ookamikuro : # K> By then, we were down to some sixty men, and the Klingons still had just over one thousand. We'd been losing numbers to attrition too, and if they'd been at full strength during this last charge we would have broken.
11:48 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Then it would be my honor to attend with you, if only as a casual observer. Perhaps I might see or sense something to help you.
11:49 : Telar trIsmail : ::texts t'Kirna and tr'Moussa, requesting an ETA on their work::
11:49 : Aelvna tVecj : ::her lips quirk into an almost-smile:: Perhaps you will.
11:50 : We will leave in three hours. Assuming Security clears the Leaf's crew.
11:50 : ookamikuro : # K> When the last charge was over, five of us were left standing. Two died of their wounds within an hour.
11:50 : # K> Ironically, had there been any materials to build ranged weapons--bows, spears, anything that could travel a hundred meters or so to the other side of the chasm--
11:51 : then we would have lost by the first day. There was nothing on our side to grant cover anywhere within thirty meters of the bridge, and we had the lower ground.
11:51 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::uploads data to Telar's console::
11:51 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::She glanced over to Telar, then back to Ael and nodded.:: I shall be in my quarters until then, preparing, and will meet you in the transporter room at the appointed time.
11:51 : ookamikuro : # K> The Elements smiled on us. --on me and the two others who survived, at the least.
11:51 : Telar trIsmail : Security reports the crew is clear, Ihhei.
11:52 : t'Kirna, tr'Moussa > ::collapse onto io another and share a joint massive sigh of relief::
11:53 : Aelvna tVecj : ::inclines head to Jhu::
11:53 : Lonely Fedora : #E> I didn't ask how you.. your group did it. ::pausing in her steps to glance at him:: I asked how you did it.
11:54 : ookamikuro : # K> I don't understand your meaning. ::he stops as well:: We fought as a group. Alone, I would not have survived.
11:55 : Aelvna tVecj : ::will not spend her time primping::would just sweat and ruin the effect::
11:55 : Telar trIsmail : ::heads to replicator and fetches some tea::
11:55 : Lonely Fedora : # E> ::She seemed doubtful, then asked curiously:: What happened to the others?
11:56 : Aelvna tVecj : ((3 minute warning!))
11:57 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::By preparing she meant, of course, researching the ship for anything she might be able to use as ammunition. She smiled to Ael and turned for the lift, heading down to her quarters.::
11:57 : ookamikuro : # K> Actually, those were among the contacts recently "retired" by the Crimson King...
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : ::shakes head, wondering how come those two manage to have all the fun::
11:58 : Lonely Fedora : #E> ::A blink:: Wow, ::She remarked:: Hope you don't need them now, huh? ::then she started walking again:: I'm not finding anything suggesting anyone's been here in months.
11:59 : Aelvna tVecj : ((yeah, that's not creepy at all, Jhu))
11:59 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna, tr'Moussa > :::head to their quarters to do the usual nasty and get wet and wild with one another and ... do things that are way too TMI for even the Hnoiyika!!:::
11:59 : ookamikuro : # K> Well, I suppose now I have you.
12:00 : Sunday, December 10, 2006
12:00 : Aelvna tVecj : ########End Sim##########
12:00 : ########End Sim##########
12:00 : ########End Sim##########
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11:20 : Aelvna tVecj : #######Begin Sim#######
11:20 : #######Begin Sim#######
11:20 : #######Begin Sim#######
11:20 : +Aensai+ Please meet me in transporter room 4.
11:20 : RegajK2 : ((::slarp around:: ))
11:20 : Aelvna tVecj : ((are you...a slug?))
11:20 : ::steps to the turbolift:: Erei'Riov tr'Isma'il, you have the hwaveyiir.
11:21 : Telar trIsmail : Acknowledged Ihhei.
11:21 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>+Enarrain+ Ie Rekkhai. On my way.
11:21 : Aensai>::Leaving his quarters he hurried for said transporter room, wondering what was going on::
11:22 : Aelvna tVecj : Don't scratch the paint. ::the turbolift doors clothes and she zooms::
11:22 : RegajK2 : ((what were we doin?))
11:22 : ookamikuro : ((Storytelling.))
11:22 : Telar trIsmail : (( doors clothes? ... oh boy what would a Kheinsa make out of that? ;) ))
11:22 : ookamikuro : ((Which is over now.))
11:23 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Um.))
11:23 : ((Your storyline is over!? ::rechecks the log::))
11:23 : ((Did everyone die?))
11:23 : ookamikuro : ((No, no.))
11:23 : ((We're done with storytime.))
11:23 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Oh. Exposition diarrhea?))
11:24 : ::enters the transporter room::
11:24 : ookamikuro : ((Nah, backstory flashback.))
11:24 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Aha))
11:24 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::Enters the transporter room a few minutes later. He tilts his head curiosly:: Sir, should I bring my big gun?
11:25 : Aelvna tVecj : ::shakes head:: We're going to another galae ship. Just a pistol should do. ::smiles slightly::
11:25 : ookamikuro : K> ::glances down a cross corridor:: He'll be somewhere deep in the base, within the asteroid, to mask his biosignature. The deeper we get, the better chance we'll detect him ourselves.
11:25 : Telar trIsmail : +t'Kirna, tr'Moussa+ Find out as much information on Enarrain t'Lahra of the RES ... Leaf. ::pronounces name as though it were a profanity:: We need as much as possible. Quickly.
11:26 : RegajK2 : ((there was something at the very end of the sim..))
11:26 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna, tr'Moussa > ::exchange glances::
11:26 : tr'Moussa +Telar+ On it Rekkhai.
11:26 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>Ie Rekkhai ::checks his hand disrupter for a moment quickly, which he never goes without::
11:27 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > Vah in the Elements' name do au suppose he wants?
11:27 : Aelvna tVecj : We are going on a tour of the RES Leaf. Enarrain t'Lahra is the commanding officer. She was a friend of my father's, before his death.
11:27 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::shrugs:: I have na idea but we will have to find something. Vahever it is ...
11:28 : t'Kirna > Etrehh, search all log references for Enarrain t'Lahra. As far back as possible.
11:29 : Etrehh > Working.
11:29 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>I am unfamiliar with this vessel Rekkhai but I shall take that to mind
11:29 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::looks up:: Hna comes the fun part. Waiting ...
11:29 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::Meaning he will lesson the Romulan typical paranoia down by one notch and not regret not bringing his big gun::
11:29 : Aelvna tVecj : ::nod:: I am sure everything will go fine, but it never hurts to have someone to watch my back.
11:30 : RegajK2 : E> Very well ::lifting up her rifle and stepping on:: What's it like?
11:30 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>Understood Rekkhai
11:30 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::watches as data is being processed::
11:30 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::Inwardly thinks, shame it was not Rehanna's [sp?] rather sexy back that needed watching ;-)::
11:31 : ookamikuro : K> ::continues down the corridors, peering at his multicorder as it uses its scanners to build a map of the station bit-by-bit as they walk:: What is what like?
11:31 : Aelvna tVecj : ::nods to the transporter uhlan::
11:31 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::stands ready to be beamed::
11:31 : Aelvna tVecj : ACTION::Aensai and Ael shimmer to the RES Leaf's transporter room one::
11:32 : ::Enarrain t'Lahra is there to greet them::
11:33 : Telar trIsmail : ACTION: t'Kirna and tr'Moussa now have quite a stack of ISDs to sort through, all on t'Lahra, evidently a very busy person.
11:33 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> ::steps forward:: Aefvadh aboard, Enarrain t'Vecj. ::turns to Aensai:: And you look... familiar. ::slightly startled::
11:34 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::q:: And the Daise said, "Quickly ..." Nveid, we're never going to get this done!
11:34 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::Stands at attention but is watchful. In the words of the voyager EMH, "paranoia is a way of life for you":: I do? Pleaseforgive me but I do not believe we have met before Rekkhai?
11:34 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> ::inclines head:: Then it is an honor to meet you. I have heard many heroic tales about your ship.
11:34 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > Oh but we will. ::sits and begins going through an ISD::
11:34 : Aelvna tVecj : ::to Aensai:: Introduce yourself, Arrain.
11:35 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>Arrain Aensai-T'Liss ir-Ra'tleihfi tr'Khnialmnea
11:35 : [its been some time. I hope I spelled that right ;-)]
11:35 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Heehee. Damn the webpage being down, we can't go look it up!))
11:36 : t'Lahra> Ah. Ie, you come from a good House.
11:36 : ookamikuro : ((tr'Khnialmnae.))
11:36 : Aelvna tVecj : ::folds arms:: Better than mine, at least.
11:36 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::dutifully picks up an ISD and begins analyzing contents::
11:37 : RegajK2 : E> To no longer be in your prime. I mean ::glancing over:: we're on the bridge, aren't we?
11:37 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>I am honoured ::inclines his head respectfully::
11:37 : [And that is why I like the name "Khev" ;-)]
11:38 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> Aefvadh to the Leaf. We spend most of our time on diplomatic missions. Not the diplomatic side. Providing security.
11:39 : Telar trIsmail : +t'Kirna, tr'Moussa+ How is it proceeding down there?
11:40 : ookamikuro : K> Blunt, aren't you. I am not in my prime, no--and ie, we are on the bridge. But in this, I think we may be the Klingons, with our enemy poised where I was those decades ago. And that strikes fear in my heart.
11:40 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > +Telar+ We are analyzing the information from the etrehh Rekkhai.
11:40 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> Let us start in the weapons room.
11:40 : t'Lahra> ::leads Ael and Aensai out of the TR and into a corridor::
11:41 : Telar trIsmail : +tr'Moussa+ Mnekha. But understand, time is of the essence. Proceed apace. ::cuts comm::
11:41 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> We have the latest in weapons detection. For instance, Arrain, I know that your hand disruptor is at full charge and ready to be fired.
11:41 : t'Lahra> And Enarrain t'Vecj, old friend, I know what is in your boot. If you were carrying any poisons, I would know that too.
11:41 : t'Lahra> You'd be amazed at what people try to get away with on missions of peace.
11:41 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > +Telar+ Ie Re ... ::realizes comm is cut:: Well. ::hmphs and goes back to ISD::
11:42 : RegajK2 : E> I see, ::she said:: Would you want it back? I mean, if you could.. Would you take your youth back?
11:42 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::blinks:: Yes, as a precaution Rekkhai. It is my duty....::on mentioning what the Enarrain carries he blinks:: But how...?
11:42 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > Do na worry, Nveid, he has a job to do, and he was left in charge of the hwaveyiir.
11:42 : tr'Moussa > I know, I know. I just wish I could have acknowledged his order, is all.
11:43 : t'Kirna > ::q:: Business before pleasure, Nveid, always.
11:43 : ookamikuro : K> ::He gives a dry chuckle:: That depends what you mean. Would I like my body to be young again? Would I like my mind to be as sharp, my eyes as focused, my joints as limber? Of course.
11:43 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> I have an implant in my ear, and scanning is being done from the bridge. It's very unobtrusive.
11:43 : t'Lahra> And the transporter data. ::smiles:: So if you wanted to be very resourceful,
11:43 : ookamikuro : K> Or if you mean, would I want to be the same person I was, then... Not in the least. I found no peace, then. No peace.
11:43 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> you would have to find something on the Leaf.
11:44 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > Au are a wench. ::eyes light up:: After we're done here ...
11:44 : t'Kirna > ::nods and smiles:: But of course.
11:44 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::Has this look in his eyes that says, I want one of these for Christmas:: That is very impressive Rekkhai. This is standard warbird equipment?
11:45 : Aensai>Or something new?
11:46 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> It was all installed less than three months ago. When we returned to ch'Rihan.
11:46 : t'Lahra> And we haven't left orbit since. ::sighs:: That is what I wanted to talk to you about, Enarrain...
11:46 : ::nods:: I gathered. Please call me Ael.
11:47 : t'Lahra> Ael. ::leads them through a nondescript doorway and into an armory, and beyond it, a shielded computer bank with marines::: Here is the weapons hub.
11:48 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::Is thinking, how can they get something like this for the hnoiyika. His eyes widen just marginaly at the weapons hub. Like most of his age and gender, as was big cards on Earth, now it is big guns and cloaking devices::
11:48 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > Mmmmmm ... ::looks up at tr'Moussa:: She seems to be very resourceful with technology, na?
11:48 : RegajK2 : E> ::a glance at him, she stepped along beside him:: Why, though? Don't you want to die? I don't mean that how it sounds, but... Aren't you ready?"
11:49 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> Touch anything you want Arrain. I trust you're an expert.
11:49 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > Ie, and connections. ::eyes narrow:: I do na wish to see a conspiracy everywhere, but ...
11:50 : t'Kirna > ::puts ISD down:: ... but ... ? But vah?
11:50 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::briefly for a moment wonders why she is being so nice and if that console is set to explode on his touch but like a moth to a flame he cannot resist:: I am grateful Rekkhai
11:50 : ookamikuro : K> I have made my peace with the Elements, and I am prepared to go if it is my time. But I will not willingly give my life up. I have unfinished business, I have a crew and a commander to protect.
11:51 : RegajK2 : E> Unfinished business? I must say, I'm skeptical -you- could leave -any- business unsettled... what remains?
11:51 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > But some of this does not add up. ::taps ISD::
11:52 : Aelvna tVecj : Tell me what you like best, Aensai, and we can get it for the Hnoiyika... ::mutters:: In a million years.
11:52 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::As he studies the console his primary thought is, I must get me one of these:: Ie Rekkhai
11:53 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::looks at his ISD:: Au're right, of course. ::straightens up:: Let's get these to the Daise, fast.
11:53 : Aelvna tVecj : We have consoles, Aensai.
11:53 : t'Lahra> ::chuckles:: Not like that one.
11:53 : Lt Tebok trKhev : [Oddly has the song "cows with guns" running through head]
11:54 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::nods and begins gathering up ISDs while t'Kirna gathers up the rest::
11:54 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>Definately not Rekkhai. If I may ask how did you get all of this Rekkhai?
11:54 : Aensai>::Briefly wonders if he can bribe daddy into getting him what he wants::
11:54 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa, t'Kirna > ::head to 'lift, enter::
11:55 : t'Kirna > Hwaveyiir, damn it!! ::'lift zoooooooooms::
11:55 : ::'lift doors open, t'Kirna, tr'Moussa dash out onto hwaveyiir::
11:56 : tr'Moussa > Rekkhai! Ta krenn! ::almost stumbles on his way::
11:56 : ::heads to t'Kirna and tr'Moussa:: Easy there. Vah have au got?
11:56 : ookamikuro : K> ::simply repeats:: A crew and a commander to protect. That's not business that can be finished in the same way my former business could be.
11:56 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> Officially, we're simply the prototype for this kind of diplomatic honor guard.
11:56 : Unofficially?
11:56 : ((2 minute warning!))
11:56 : RegajK2 : E> And what of your duty to the Empire?
11:57 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> Unofficially... I have to wonder who is spying on who.
11:57 : Lt Tebok trKhev : ::Meanwhile on Earth, a Romulan sneezes as people admire the technology he helped develope before his exile::
11:57 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::somewhat breathless:: Information, Rekkhai. That Enarrain, hrrau the other ship ...
11:58 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> If we had not been on our current drydock status, perhaps we could have detected an operation like tr'Asputin's before it got to the level that it did.
11:58 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::Blinks and studies the equipment even closer, thinking maybe she means that there is spying equipment built into the weapons::
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > Just too many coincidences, Rekkhai, for her to be ... ::exchanges glances with t'Kirna:: ...
11:58 : ookamikuro : K> I have paid my dues to the Empire in full, many years ago. Make no mistake--my loyalty is to Ael'vna t'Vecj first. ::His 'corder blips:: I just got a short heat signature. Four hundred meters ahead, three decks down.
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : ... for her to be ... vah?
11:59 : t'Kirna > Trusted, for io, Rekkhai.
12:00 : Sunday, December 17, 2006
12:00 : Aelvna tVecj : #########End Sim########
12:00 : #########End Sim########
12:00 : #########End Sim########
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Postby Enarrain tVecj » Sun Dec 31, 2006 12:07 am

11:18 : ########Begin Sim#########
11:18 : ########Begin Sim#########
11:18 : ########Begin Sim#########
11:18 : Ken Kennesaw : I have a friend here that I asked if I could come watch
11:18 : ((sorry)
11:19 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> Ael... When I knew your father, he told me you weren't interested in space.
11:19 : t'Lahra> ::casts a sidelong glance at Aensai:: I have arranged a tour of Engineering for you. A young woman is waiting to mee you there. ::slight smile::
11:20 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Jhu entered the formal dinner, her elegant gown an exotic color and cut that set her apart of those of lower status that could not afford such material. Technically, she could not afford it, either, but being an Advocate to the
11:21 : Senate had some advantages. Her brown gaze drifted over the crowd, caught here and there by the glitter of jewels. She saw many admiring looks turn in her direction, but she ignored them... for now. She was searching for Ael.::
11:21 : Aelvna tVecj : That was 60 years ago. Things change. ::voice trails off as Jhu enters::
11:21 : Telar trIsmail : ::leaving a few grunts to take charge on the hwaveyiir and joining t'Kirna and tr'Moussa et. al. in Main Security::
11:22 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> ::if she's dismayed by the soon-to-shift conversation, she doesn't show it:: Ah. Your Advocate.
11:22 : Telar trIsmail : Security personnel > ::busy working ISDs and etrehhs::
11:23 : tr'Moussa > The place is positively humming with activity Rekkhai.
11:23 : ::nods:: That is quite apparent. Any more information on t'Lahra?
11:23 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> She looks just exotic enough to be foreign, rather than fashionable, and just overdressed enough to have once been poor.
11:23 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > We are still searching Rekkhai.
11:24 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::With the Enarrain::
11:24 : Aelvna tVecj : ::dryly:: You have been in the diplomatic service a bit too long, Enarrain.
11:24 : Telar trIsmail : Mnekha. Always remember that the Enarrain needs as much of this as possible and as soon as possible.
11:24 : Aelvna tVecj : ::glances at the boy at her side:: You are too used to seeing feints of power, instead of real power.
11:24 : This is the military.
11:25 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::nods:: Ie Rekkhai. The main problem is that, in finding information here, it is like peeling an onion.
11:25 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Catching sight of Ael with t'Lahra and Aensai, she threaded through the crowd toward them, a polite smile plastered on her face. Graceful as she moved, she probably set herself apart from the pack a little too much, but that was
11:25 : Telar trIsmail : How so?
11:25 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> ::folds her hands and smiles secretly at Ael::
11:25 : JhuCaevra tTalia : part of her job. As she approached, she gave t'Lahra a slight nod.::
11:25 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::shrugs:: Every layer we uncover reveals another ... and the act of doing so makes io cry. ::smirks::
11:26 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> Advocate. ::rises:: Aefvadh. You are the first of your kind, are you not? And thus, consider this meal in your honor.
11:26 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::Standing behind the Enarrain being the "power"::
11:27 : Aelvna tVecj : ((the bold is a nice touch))
11:27 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( He is the POWER. ))
11:28 : Telar trIsmail : Keep peeling then, the tears na withstanding. ::heads to main desk, sits, looks over some ISDs::
11:28 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Hardly the first of my kind. I'm sure there have been other... agents, though by different names. The honor is mine to be here and it is a pleasure to have met you, Rekkhai.
11:28 : Lt Tebok trKhev : [how did that happen]
11:28 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Finger slipped?))
11:29 : t'Lahra> ::gestures to a chair:: We were just discussing Ael's childhood.
11:29 : ::glowers and glances at Jhu:: Really, it's not that interesting.
11:30 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::Guesses his childhood was probably even less interesting::
11:30 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Oh? Did she have a childhood? ::Jhu settled gracefully into a chair at their table, casting a sidelong glance at Ael.:: I was under the assumption that she was born an adult, with the drive and dedication already instilled in her.
11:31 : Aelvna tVecj : ::to Aensai:: Leave us. ::lower voice:: I believe Engineering would be an interesting destination. The spy technology is more advanced than I've seen.
11:31 : t'Lahra> ::has the grace not to laugh::
11:31 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>Ie Enarrain. I shall take a look ::faint smile:: Get some ideas
11:31 : Aelvna tVecj : ::nods to Aensai:: If you unscrew anything... don't let them see you.
11:33 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa. I want au and t'Kirna to coordinate compiling a comprehensive database regarding this Enarrain t'Lahra. We're getting some significant information but ... ::taps ISD:: there are also significant gaps in it.
11:33 : tr'Moussa > On it Rekkhai.
11:33 : Aelvna tVecj : ::to t'Lahra:: I believe what you're really asking is... was I recruited? Do you really think being the Enarrain in the badlands is some kind of cover?
11:33 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Jhu sat patiently at one of the servers filled her glass with some exotic blend. Lightly, she lifted the glass to take a sip, appreciating the flavor as many others did not. She knew swill when she drank it.::
11:33 : Aelvna tVecj : Or that they'd let Tomalak's son be any part of it?
11:33 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>Ie Rekkhai ::walks out heading for engineering, easily blending in, being also a Romulan and in military uniform::
11:33 : Aelvna tVecj : ((How often does she drink it? <g>))
11:34 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( I've lost track. Klingon bars, you know. ))
11:34 : Lt Tebok trKhev : [Khev tea? Everyone drinks Khev tea. In the words of Tehann we have a virtual molopoly on tea production in the Empire!]
11:34 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> Your parents are dead. Your XO's parents are dead. Mine... are still alive. ::smiles:: And yours, Advocate?
11:35 : ::wonders if Telar has figured out what htis woman is up to yet::
11:35 : JhuCaevra tTalia : They are both deceased. ::Turning her gaze back to t'Lahra.:: You are blessed to have yours still living, I think. Some seem to be luckier than others.
11:36 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::Picks himself up a cup of tea on his way to engineering. He checks his disruptor, something he is always doing. He likes to be ready::
11:36 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::looking up from ISD:: Manipulative schemer, isn't she? And here I thought the Tal'Shiar gave us headaches.
11:37 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> Ie... They have a vineyard on a small moon. That's what you're drinking. ch'Rihan won't import anything from outer worlds and call it a luxury,
11:37 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > Galae or Tal'Shiar, it is still the head that aches, e'lev.
11:37 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> So they sell it to the military instead. Often to impress the rare visiting alien.
11:38 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Well, it is very pleasing. ::Taking another small sip. She settled it on the table and placed her hands in her lap, her gaze shifting from t'Lahra to Ael and back again.:: So, might I ask how you know our illustrious Enarrain?
11:38 : Have you two been friends long?
11:38 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::looking over ISD:: A lot of connections ... very well placed I might say.
11:39 : Aelvna tVecj : We've actually never been friends. ::slight smirk::
11:39 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > Ie ... almost too well placed.
11:39 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> ::reaches across toward Ael's hand, but doesn't quite touch it:: I knew her father. And watched her grow up. And then I went on a ten year mission and
11:40 : t'Lahra> He died and I lost touch.
11:40 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > Well I think the Daise will be pleased to know that at least some of the gaps are going to be filled to an extent.
11:40 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> And now the Senate is proposing more "watchers." The Advocates, and then maybe the press. They feel the Tal Shiar has infiltrated too far, and has become a
11:40 : threat, rather than security.
11:41 : t'Lahra> ::lowers voice:: And I suppose they are too hard to root out.
11:41 : t'Lahra> ::gazes at Jhu:: I thought, having known Ael so long, she would tell me if you were friend or foe. Or I could see for myself.
11:42 : Chief Engineer t'Sark> ::awaiting guest::
11:42 : Telar trIsmail : SECURITY ACTION: More and more raw data is being processed and the database on Enarrain t'Lahra proceeds slowly but surely.
11:42 : Aelvna tVecj : ((We REALLY need to upgrade the computers <g>))
11:43 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::He blended into the officers as he entered engineering, his dark brown eyes watching quietly::
11:43 : Telar trIsmail : (( all those people in Security going through all those ISDs! ))
11:43 : Aelvna tVecj : She is much a friend and foe as you, Enarrain. It's all a matter of degrees and trust. And favors.
11:44 : ::is lying, but to admit the strength of her relationship with the Advocate might reveal too much::
11:44 : ::to whom, and why, she doesn't know yet. But it is a matter of trust::
11:44 : Though I suppose she can speak for herself.
11:44 : ::takes her own, first sip of wine::
11:44 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Jhu smiled a slow, calculating smile at t'Lahra and glanced briefly to Ael.:: And, of course, what is happening at that particular moment. I'm sure you can read most people. What is your opinion? ::Peering back at t'Lahra.::
11:45 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Sark> ::recognizes the honor guard stripes, rather than the engineering stripes, and moves toward Aensai, watching him::
11:46 : t'Lahra> ::contemplates, her fork halfway to her lips::
11:47 : Lt Tebok trKhev : tr'Khnialmnea>::He noticed someone watching him and nodded briefly, inclining his head::
11:47 : Aelvna tVecj : I sense you are afraid of the cold. To use a metaphor. And I wonder if your loyalty lies with the first person to give you a blanket, or if you will
11:47 : take control of all of ch'Rihan's furnaces and matches to make sure it never happens again.
11:47 : Lt Tebok trKhev : [You know for the life of me I cannot recall my rank. I do remember it was either the Starfleet equivalent of a Lt, with the two gold pips, I think]
11:48 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Deciding that t'Lahra would probably give her the truth rather than a polite, meaningless answer, she gazed intently at the woman, listening to what she had to say. One eyebrow arched slightly at the answer.::
11:48 : Aelvna tVecj : I suspect you try very hard to make us think one or the other, depending on the, as you say, particular moment. Does it matter if you are
11:48 : more than what you project?
11:49 : ((Erm. That would be t'Lahra))
11:49 : Telar trIsmail : ::heads to console, prepares message on secure channel, double-checks, transmits it::
11:50 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> The more interesting question is why Enarrain t'Vecj brought you to dinner at all. You are dressed ten times better, and have ten times the presence.
11:50 : t'Lahra> So... tell me, Advocate. What is meant by your distraction?
11:50 : ((Hee. Let me look it up))
11:50 : Telar trIsmail : ::heads back to main desk and returns to piles of ISDs, also contributing to database construction::
11:51 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Yes, Lieutenant. Arrain Aensai T'Liss i-Ra'tleihfi tr'Khnialmnae. Though Telar's rank is wrong on the site))
11:51 : Lt Tebok trKhev : tr'Khnialmnea>*Lt* tr'Khnialmnea ::He said by way of introduction::
11:51 : [Ah thank you]
11:52 : Telar trIsmail : (( ::polishes Erei'Riov pips:: ))
11:52 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Sark> Ne'Arrain (Ltjg) t'Sark. Aefavdh to Engineering. I was briefed that you are to be shown the enhanced sensors?
11:52 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Jhu smiled broadly at t'Lahra and leaned forward slightly.:: I'm pretty to look at. The Enarrain was afraid she would find you dull and need to find some other form of distraction to occupy her to survive the dinner. ::She
11:53 : glance again to Ael, wondering if she would pay later for the jest.:: As it is, I find you more interesting than she claimed you to be and do not find this evening to be a burden at all.
11:53 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>Yes, I would like to take a look, see how thinks have been improved. They cannot upgrade all vessels at once
11:55 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> ::laughs, though it is more of a non-answer than she was expecting:: We must not fall into the trap of equating dull with stupid, however. Her mind is working.
11:55 : t'Sark> The warbirds are much larger than your vessel, and can hold the equipment.
11:55 : Telar trIsmail : @ Erein tr'Falq > Incoming message on secure channel Ihhei.
11:56 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> ::gives a dramatic yawn and raises her glass::
11:56 : Lt Tebok trKhev : [test? am I still here?]
11:56 : Aelvna tVecj : (yes?)
11:56 : Lt Tebok trKhev : [*string of Romulan curses*]
11:56 : Telar trIsmail : @ Enarrain Anisa t'Isma'il > ::sighs:: Patch it through to my chambers. ::rises and heads off the Oira of the RES Hae::
11:57 : Holo Remus Lupin joined the chat
11:57 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> You are more interesting than I anticipated, too. I have met hundreds of Senators and their aides. They usually want to talk about themselves.
11:57 : Holo Remus Lupin : [grrr Tebok is not behaving. Bad Tebok!]
11:57 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Tebok has been insulted by t'Sark, who said his ship was _small_.))
11:58 : ((and...3 minute warning!))
11:58 : Holo Remus Lupin : [she did? I missed that!]
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : @ Enarrain t'Isma'il > ::enters chambers, watches message:: ::q:: Telar, can au na do anything on au'r own ... ::sigh:: +Daise'Erei'Riov t'Isma'il+ 'Stasi, get in here. We have a problem ...
11:58 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Grins and sits back in her seat, sampling some of the fine food on her plate.:: I would much rather learn about others. Your insight is remarkable, whatever the case, and I shall have to remember to put all that in my file.
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : @ Daise'Erei'Riov t'Isma'il +Anisa+ Hrrau my way.
11:59 : tr'Moussa > Au would think we would be finding *something* by now ...
11:59 : Holo Remus Lupin : tr'Khnialmnea> Small true, perhaps, but sometimes small is better. It does not take a large dagger to kill
11:59 : Telar trIsmail : ::looks up from desk:: ::m:: Perhaps sooner than au think ...
12:00 : Sunday, December 31, 2006
12:00 : Holo Remus Lupin : Aensai>And a smaller one can be better concealed
12:00 : Lt Tebok trKhev left the chat.
12:01 : Telar trIsmail : Security personnel > ::working like the dickens and wondering WHY THE COMPUTERS HAVEN'T BEEN UPGRADED!!::
12:01 : ( ;) )
12:01 : Aelvna tVecj : ##########End Sim#########
12:01 : ##########End Sim#########
12:01 : ##########End Sim#########
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11:22 : ########Begin Sim###########
11:22 : ########Begin Sim###########
11:22 : ########Begin Sim###########
11:22 : RegajK2 : ((onto your 8th course))
11:22 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> ::to Jhu:: You have not name-dropped all evening. Are you sure you know who you work for?
11:24 : Ael> If you begin to regale us, I will leave. I'm the Enarrain of a patrol ship.
11:24 : t'Lahra> And you have a reputation to uphold.
11:24 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Of course. Do you? ::Both delicate brows rose as she turned her attention from her meal to t'Lahra.:: I came as a distraction, not necessarily to impress anyone. You do not seem the type to be easily impressed by the Senate,
11:24 : anyhow.
11:24 : RegajK2 : ((someone say stomach bulging))
11:25 : Aelvna tVecj : ((stomach bulging?))
11:26 : t'Lahra> No... No, I suppose not. They are all the same. And the ones who are different are merely pretending.
11:26 : RegajK2 : ((cause of all the food))
11:28 : ookamikuro : ACTION> The doors open and a man enters uninvited on the meal. His rank insignia mark him a Daise'Erei'Riov, though they are almost obscured by the wide,
11:28 : gold-embroidered sash he wears bearing the mark of House Llaidre.
11:28 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> ::years of practice hide a sigh of dismay;;
11:29 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::inclines his head just slightly:: Goodness, we have guests. I must have missed the invitation buried among my communiques, mustn't I, t'Lahra.
11:29 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Jhu lifted her glass yet again for another sip of that excellent vintage and glanced between the two women. The newcomer's voice drew her attention and she turned her head slightly to study the arrival.::
11:30 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> This is a personal dinner, Daise'Erei'Riov. We have those, sometimes, even aboard the Leaf. ::stands:: Though, now that you are here...
11:31 : Ael> ::eyes the gold sash and feels her worn cloak age another 100 years around her shoulders::
11:32 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::The well-practiced smile cracks just a bit as t'Lahra puts a minor emphasis on his rank:: Well, if it is a personal dinner, then I simply must make the
11:32 : acquaintance of your friends. May I? ::He is already on his way to a chair as he speaks, though.::
11:32 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> May I present my first officer, Daise'Erei'Riov tr'Llaidre. My guests, let me say your company has improved tremendously.
11:33 : t'Lahra> ::light-hearted, used to mollifying::
11:34 : t'Lahra> This is Enarrain Ael t'Vecj of the Hnoiyika. An old friend. And Advocate Jhu'Caevra t'Talia, who... is aboard the Hnoiyika with her.
11:34 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Curiosity slightly elevated by t'Lahra's tone, she gave the Daise'Erei'Riov another look, watching him as he took a seat. She wondered at the tension between the two officers. Nevertheless, she offered the same, polite smile.::
11:36 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> We were discussing... well, nothing of consequence. ::chuckles:: Though I was hoping to get to know the Advocate a little more.
11:36 : t'Lahra> The Enarrain, I know all too well.
11:36 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::widens his eyes as he looks toward Jhu'Caevra:: Oh, this is the Advocate, whom we've all heard so much about? It is my honor to meet you, and you, Enarrain.
11:36 : Any friends of House Lahra are friends of House Llaidre. But please, do not let me interrupt the conversation, then.
11:36 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> ::has suddenly found her soup very interesting::reminded of her Senate dinner with Jhu::the invitations were reversed, but the result, the same::
11:38 : JhuCaevra tTalia : We were discussing the fine food and drink, but that conversation seems to have run its course. Perhaps you should provide us with a new topic, tr'Llaidre? ::Cutting her gaze sidelong at him as she took another sip of wine.::
11:40 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> Well, perhaps you could tell us more about how you came to become an Advocate, then, and how you came to work on a patrol ship?
11:41 : Even one with as illustrious a career as Enarrain t'Vecj's Hnoiyika. ::the last added almost hastily::
11:41 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> ::rolls eyes and glances at t'Lahra::
11:41 : t'Lahra> We've all been wondering that. ::smiles at Jhu like she is a prize mouse among cats::
11:43 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Surely there are better things that could be discussed than my position. ::She flashed them both a slight smile.:: I've only just finished telling the Enarrain how much I dislike Senators that do nothing but babble about themselves
11:43 : and you ask me to do the same. ::Another sly glance at tr'Llaidre.::
11:45 : RegajK2 : (( rar))
11:46 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Great. Now I'm too hungry to sim. <g>))
11:46 : RegajK2 : ((heh))
11:46 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> That is our perogative to ask of you, being that it is our ship. ::a bit of emphasis leaks onto the "our" there:: It is a dreadful host but a lively guest who talks
11:46 : only of herself. ::As he pours himself a glass of the Enarrain's vintage, he asks:: Would you like more wine?
11:46 : RegajK2 : ((baklava cheese cake))
11:47 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> Actually, Daise'Erei'Riov, we were discussing politics. Fashionable among certain friends, certainly verboten at a dinner party.
11:47 : Ael> ::has finished soup, and had to come up with something to do with her mouth::
11:48 : Ael> Do you think having more Senate involvement in the day-to-day operations of a vessel will help reverse the balance of power the Tal Shiar have been enjoying?
11:48 : Ael> As someone who holds both a family crest and a military position on a ship that serves diplomatic ends, this must be something you
11:48 : Ael> think about a lot.
11:48 : JhuCaevra tTalia : I would love some. ::Moving her glass closer to him. She'd had quite a bit already, but was no where near her personal limit. While she waited, she tilted her head slightly toward Ael, listening.::
11:48 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> ::decides not to even give him a dirty look about the wine::
11:49 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::cheerfully:: Nonsense! You are aboard a diplomatic vessel, politics are nearly all we discuss over dinner. ::he pours for Jhu'Caevra as he formulates an answer to the question::
11:49 : I do believe that more Senate involvement will help establish transparency among starship operations, which will allow the government to root out corrupt influences.
11:50 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Someone has been reading up on corporate-speak!))
11:50 : ookamikuro : I have to question the value of allowing press onboard a ship, however. What value could they serve, to offset the danger of classified material being accidentally or intentionally compromised?
11:51 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> I suppose it's all about who you trust, is it not? ::sips wine::
11:52 : JhuCaevra tTalia : What of negating some of the Tal Shiar's power, then? Are you in favor of the Senate's move to reduce their sway over the Galae? Do you not fear the repercussions? ::To t'Llaidre as she reclaimed her glass.::
11:52 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> Indeed. And should I trust the Senate? Or should I trust a rag like the Ra'tleihfi Star Journal? You should see some of the horrid trash they print about my House and family.
11:53 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> ::has never been featured in such a paper, but knows Jhu has:;
11:54 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> The Tal Shiar serve a very useful purpose, ensuring that no one disloyal or outright treasonous has power over the military. Before the time of the Empire, there
11:54 : were too many military coups for us not to learn that lesson.
11:54 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( Are we talking about those flyers with the escorts printed on them? Because she was young and needed the money. ))
11:54 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> But they are a body of the Empire, meant to check the military. If they gain so much power they are a danger to the Empire itself, who is served?
11:55 : tr'Llaidre> It is, of course, a balancing act--giving them just enough jurisdiction and power, but not too much. And I fear that the scale is tipping in that direction, and leading
11:55 : to the cancer of corruption.
11:56 : JhuCaevra tTalia : I would agree with you on that point. The checks and balances have become unbalanced and must be regained, else we experience more of those coups. I, personally, am not in favor of the press. ::To tr'Llaidre.:: Until they, too,
11:56 : are properly handled with their own system of balances, nothing they print can be considered truth.
11:57 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::gives a smile that's quite possibly genuine, at that:: I could not have said it better myself. ::he raises his glass to Jhu, then takes a sip::
11:58 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> ::to tr'Llaidre:: I agree completely. An unstable Empire is an unhappy one. Whatever the cause of the instability.
11:58 : ((Put in your last words, people!))
11:59 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> Besides, the Tal Shiar are becoming sloppy. Why, when I was a boy, most people still thought they were a myth. Now, they're becoming so enmeshed with politics
11:59 : that they're daily conversation! A silent watchdog is much more effective than one who barks, wouldn't you agree?
12:00 : Sunday, January 7, 2007
12:00 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::She nodded with a slight smile, making a mental note to delve into tr'Llaidre's background at a later date to review his family's house and his connections. And she still wondered at the relationship between him and his
12:01 : commanding officer. Her gaze shifted back to t'Lahra briefly.::
12:01 : Aelvna tVecj : #######End Sim#######
12:01 : #######End Sim#######
12:01 : #######End Sim#######
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11:23 : ########Begin Sim########
11:23 : ########Begin Sim########
11:23 : ########Begin Sim########
11:23 : t'Engineer> I can disable any energy weapon on this ship with one button. ::gazes at Aensai:: Even yours.
11:23 : ookamikuro : ((Is that Hiroyuki Sanada?))
11:24 : tr eK ibilia : (( ... ))
11:24 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::In Engineering::
11:24 : [you mean my image? Thats Johnny Depp ;-) ]
11:24 : tr eK ibilia : ::orbits an asteroid, keeping an eye out for any signals hinting at animacy::
11:25 : ookamikuro : ((Hm. Guess I need to clean my glasses.))
11:25 : tr eK ibilia : ::after several days of this, is beginning to feel the crush of the light years and light years of oblivion surrounding her::
11:25 : Aelvna tVecj : ((::snerk::))
11:25 : Ael'vna> ::in the powder room:: +Telar+ Find anything yet?
11:26 : Telar trIsmail : Security Action > Security personnel, under Telar's watchful eye, work like Areinnye to process as much ... dirt ... as they can about Enarrain t'Lahra of the RES Leaf.
11:26 : Lt Tebok trKhev : [LOL!! powder room?!?!]
11:26 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Engineering> We can even listen-in on the dinner party. Though they'll slit my throat if they find out. Seriously. ::draws a line across herthroat::
11:27 : Telar trIsmail : +Ael+ Some ... interesting data, ie, Ihhei. We will be sending it to au over a secure line shortly.
11:27 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::faint smile:: Yes definately. Shame though. Must be a way to do it without them finding out
11:28 : Aelvna tVecj : +Telar+ Hann'yyo.
11:28 : t'Engineering> Must be a way? Ten thousand ways.
11:28 : Telar trIsmail : +Ael+ Aefvadh Ihhei.
11:28 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Engineering> ::hits the on-button::
11:28 : Ael'vna> ::flushes::
11:29 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>For the safety of our senior officers of course ::clears though:: I must say it makes me about my next trip to the bathroom
11:29 : Telar trIsmail : ::begins collecting ISDs after database has been processed::
11:29 : Lt Tebok trKhev : worry^
11:30 : Telar trIsmail : ::looks over at tr'Moussa and t'Kirna:: Au are sure this is just about all au can get?
11:30 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Engineer> ::blushes and turns the recording off::It was not the triumph she expected to present;;
11:30 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::exchanges glances with t'Kirna, nods:: It was like peeling an onion Rekkhai.
11:31 : How so?
11:31 : t'Kirna > With every layer we uncovered there was another lying beneath. ::shrug:: And the act of doing so made io cry.
11:31 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Engineering> They try and keep us away from the diplomats and stuff... If there's a problem on the ship, it makes the entire Empire look bad.
11:32 : t'Engineering> It's a lot... of pressure.
11:32 : ookamikuro : ACTION> A small object, approximately three meters in length, drifts through the asteroid field. It has no evident power emissions, but its movement is abnormal for a microasteroid.
11:33 : Telar trIsmail : ::sighs:: Very well then. ::looks through ISDs, shakes head:: The Enarrain is na going to be pleased ... ::looks up:: Or, rather, may very well be pleased at the thoroughness of the job au have done.
11:33 : ::savage smile::
11:33 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::Has a younger slightly less formal and mischevious smile then his father:: Yes, of course but I am sure you carry your duties well
11:33 : tr eK ibilia : ::raises her eyebrows at the data as the computer focuses in on the object::touches a few commands as she processes its appearance::
11:33 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > It was nathing, Rekkhai. All hrrau a day's work.
11:34 : tr eK ibilia : ::scans for any gravity wells among the larger asteroids along its path, of course returning no results matching its path::
11:34 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > Speak for au'rself Nveid. My blisters have blisters.
11:35 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Eng> I am still alive, aren't I?
11:35 : tr eK ibilia : ::attempts to penetrate the asteroid's outer layer with a higher level scan::
11:35 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Eng> And judging by you still being alive... I take it you do your job well? What exactly is your job?
11:35 : Telar trIsmail : Au have both earned a well-deserved leave. Dismissed until next shift ...
11:36 : tr'Moussa, t'Kirna > ::salute, rise and head off towards quarters to ... well, get a room and all ...:: ;)
11:36 : ookamikuro : ACTION> The object appears to be an irregularly-shaped, pitted iron-nickel asteroid. Given its volume, however, its density is off by a fraction of a percent. Deeper scans
11:36 : reveal traces of duranium, tritium, and dilithium inside, only fleeting glimpses.
11:36 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::He tugged down on the bottom of his uniform jacket, striaghted and forced pride into his position, making it seem more then it was:: I am Arrain Aensai-T'Liss ir-Ra'tliehfi tr'Khnialmnea, Ennarain's h'fai
11:37 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Eng> You, personally? I thought you were just a grunt, but she sent you to inspect? And I showed you the... ::glances at the bathroom cam::
11:37 : Lt Tebok trKhev : ::though it was not easy making "Captain's servant" sound impressive:: ;-)
11:37 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Eng> I'm going to die. Imgoingtodie.
11:38 : Telar trIsmail : +Ael+ Ihhei we have the data au have requested. It is na ... how shall I put it ... pleasing. And very interesting. Preparing transmission for au over a secure channel whenever au wish.
11:38 : tr eK ibilia : ::frowns at the asteroid:: I hate margin of error.... ::readies the shuttle's weapon banks::
11:38 : ::fires on the asteroid at its weakest point::
11:39 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::blinks:: Why?
11:39 : tr eK ibilia : (( HOPE THAT'S NOT THE SENATOR. ))
11:40 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::Actually found the bathroom camera pretty funny.::
11:40 : Aelvna tVecj : +TElar+ Commence download.
11:40 : t'Eng> Because surely you don't want _your_ Enarrain spied upon.
11:40 : ookamikuro : ACTION> The iron-nickel coating of the asteroid melts and vaporizes in a shower of molten globs! Beneath, there is another object, much more regular, approximately one
11:40 : meter long. It's also apparently shielded, because it is undamaged.
11:41 : tr eK ibilia : ::blinks extensively and quickly calibrates the scanners with frequency modulators to try and punch through the object's shielding::
11:42 : Telar trIsmail : +Ael+ Ie Ihhei. Uplink established. ::sends info over to Ael about t'Lahra that is, well, basically so damaging it would have made impeaching GW Bush easy by comparison::
11:42 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>If she is as good an Enarrain and has managed to live this long she should expect it ::said proudly::
11:42 : tr eK ibilia : ::as the scanners shift through their frequencies, makes a note in her log, in case it turns out to be a trap::
11:43 : ookamikuro : ACTION> Scans now give a more complete picture. No warp drive is evident in the device, only weak gravitic thrusters. Its course does not change after the weapons bombardment.
11:43 : tr eK ibilia : ::bites a corner of her lip and watches the readouts::
11:43 : ookamikuro : ACTION> It has enough dilithium to moderate a hefty amount of matter/antimatter reactants. Far more than a device of its size would need to power itself.
11:44 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Eng> Ah... Maybe you're right. I never thought of it that way.
11:45 : +Telar+ ::texts back:: Find out where the money goes.
11:45 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>We are Romulan. She is on a ship not her own. But best not do it again . . . they may be watching us
11:45 : Telar trIsmail : +Ael+ ::texts back:: On it Ihhei.
11:45 : tr eK ibilia : ::releases her lip from her teeth and frowns again::attempts to determine the heading of the device::
11:46 : Why would such a slow bomb go into an asteroid field..? ::shakes her head, not really trusting it to be what it appears any longer::
11:46 : Telar trIsmail : ::goes to replicator, fetches some tea, heads back to desk in Main Security, begins poring over ISDs and database for the tiniest chink in the armor, so to speak::
11:47 : ookamikuro : ACTION> The device is still floating around the various microgravities of the asteroid field, and its motion is unpredictable because of the subtle influence of the gravitic thruster, but
11:47 : tr eK ibilia : ::tilts her head slightly, realizing it may be a self-destruct system... then sighs at the realization::
11:47 : ookamikuro : it appears to be heading in the general direction of the asteroid base Ilia had recently left.
11:48 : Telar trIsmail : +tr'Cryll+ Maec, report here immediately. I have urgent need of au.
11:48 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Eng> I suppose we're all used to it at our age. Does she make others?
11:48 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Cryll > +Telar+ On me way Rekkhai. ::heads to Main Security double-quick::
11:49 : ::sips while waiting and looking at ISD ... frowns and ponders::
11:50 : tr'Cryll > ::arrives in very timely fashion at Main Security desk, salutes:: Rekkhai. Au called?
11:50 : tr eK ibilia : ::bites her upper lip this time, and attempts to modulate the transporters to reach through the device's shielding, on the same frequency as the scanner::
11:50 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>I am her h'fai. She makes me do many things . . . . It makes one look forward to getting a command of ones own
11:51 : Telar trIsmail : ::looks up:: Ie, that I did, Maec. Au are the expert in matters such as these. ::hands him a couple of ISDs:: We have a ... money problem. We need a thorough trace on this ... person.
11:51 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Eng> So that you may command your own h'fai? ::smiles::
11:51 : tr eK ibilia : ::targets the device's drive system::
11:52 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Cryll > ::looks ISDs over, purses lips, nods:: Ah, ie, Rekkhai, so I see. Do na worry, I'll put me talents on hunting this ... ::shakes head:: lady's financial connections down right fast.
11:53 : ookamikuro : ACTION> A pair of eyes appear on a screen at Ilia's console. Just eyes--the rest of the face is hidden. A garbled and modulated voice asks:
11:53 : # Eyes> Are you sure you want to do that?
11:53 : Telar trIsmail : Mnekha.
11:53 : tr eK ibilia : ::stares at the eyes::
11:53 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>But of course! And have larger quarters. And the most comfortable chair on the bridge ::smiles::
11:53 : tr eK ibilia : What ... ::coughs:: What would you suggest?
11:54 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Cryll > About 'ow soon do au need that all, Rekkhai?
11:54 : ::smiles:: I need it yesterday, Maec. Hop to.
11:55 : tr'Cryll > ::laughs:: Rawght! Au'll have the info as soon as I can get it. ::salutes::
11:55 : ookamikuro : # Eyes> Well certainly you've seen the holos. If you find a bomb, you don't just cut the red wire. What if I rigged it to explode if its drive system is removed? You see how much
11:55 : Telar trIsmail : ::returns salute:: Off au go ...
11:55 : ookamikuro : reactant mass is there. It could annihilate an eighth of this field.
11:55 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>Do you hope to have a ship of your own?
11:55 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Cryll > ::nods and heads for his office::
11:56 : tr eK ibilia : So... what would you suggest?
11:56 : ::not very impressed by the run-around of information she already knows::
11:57 : ookamikuro : # Eyes> Your craft is warp-capable. Why, you could probably be halfway back to your ship before it even reaches its destination.
11:57 : Telar trIsmail : ::sips and discovers the tea is ... cold. Finishes it in a gulp and heads to replicator for some new tea::
11:57 : tr eK ibilia : I suppose you're right and I could just put a gravity well in its path to reorient it out into space and hope it hits a star's corona...
11:57 : Aelvna tVecj : ((2 minute warning!))
11:57 : t'Eng> No. I merely hope not to get killed.
11:57 : Telar trIsmail : ::makes mental note to upgrade some of the replicating systems as soon as Ael is back::
11:58 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>Why so certain you will die? Your duties are to run the ::gestures towards the cameras and such:: You must see a lot....
11:58 : ookamikuro : # Eyes> And hope it doesn't reorient itself in time. Of course, who knows, I may just be bluffing. Do you play cards, miss?
11:59 : tr eK ibilia : No reason to eradicate an asteroid field, after all.. ::turns away from the eyes, putting her hands to the controls as smoothly as possible, trying to maintain her strong front::
11:59 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Cryll > ::busies himself in office, going through etrehh records and digging for as much info as possible, deeper than io would think::
11:59 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>It is all very impressive.
11:59 : tr eK ibilia : No, thank you. ::begins tapping in controls, locking a tractor beam onto a nearby massive asteroid::
11:59 : Telar trIsmail : ::fetches another cup of tea, heads back to main Security desk, sits::
12:00 : Sunday, January 14, 2007
12:00 : Telar trIsmail : ::sets cup down, looks over ISDs::
12:00 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Eng> ::steeples fingers::
12:01 : ########End Sim#########
12:01 : ########End Sim#########
12:01 : ########End Sim#########
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11:18 : Aelvna tVecj : #######Begin Sim#########
11:18 : #######Begin Sim#########
11:18 : #######Begin Sim#########
11:19 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( Are we still having dinner? ))
11:19 : Aelvna tVecj : ((You are. Ael went to the bathroom))
11:19 : Ael> ::returns from the powder room::
11:19 : ((K'Yele, want to torture Ilia with bombs AND be the evil XO again?))
11:20 : ookamikuro : ((I suppose I must.))
11:20 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> ::smiles at Jhu, and freezes face before turning to t'Lahra::
11:20 : ((The burden of leadership))
11:21 : t'Lahra> You were gone awhile. Not the food, I hope...?
11:21 : tr eK ibilia : ::gazes at the capsule as the first asteroid moves into place::
11:21 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Cryll > ::heads back from office to Main Security desk::
11:22 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> Certainly I hope not the company.
11:22 : Telar trIsmail : ::looks up:: Ah, Maec, au have any information there?
11:22 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Finished with whatever dish had just been served, she gave Ael a slight nod upon her return and smiled slightly. Her gaze slid to t'Lahra and tr'Llaidre.::
11:23 : ookamikuro : ACTION> The bomb campsule is drawn by the asteroid's gravity well out of place. Its gravitic thrusters begin to nudge it back towards its original course.
11:23 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Cryll > Thaht aw does Rekkhawy. See 'ere. ::hands Telar several ISDs:: Very very damning info, 'specially in the wrong 'ands.
11:25 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Oh my))
11:25 : Telar trIsmail : ::looks over ISDs:: My my ... quite true ... Illegal trading with Kll'inghana, Feh'rengiin, Orions, ... ::looks up:: ... Breen? How hrrau Arenniye ... ??
11:25 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> Certainly not the company. I've hardly gotten to know you at all. ::pats tr'Llaidre's arm as she sits back down:;
11:26 : Ael> The refresh room had quite an assortment of artwork. part of the role of being a diplomatic ship?
11:26 : t'Lahra> ...Ie.
11:26 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::There seemed to be a very interesting dynamic between the two officers. Certainly nothing like the comfortable one that Ael and K'Yele shared. Jhu pursed her lips as she mulled that over.:: Ie, why do au na tell us about aur
11:26 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Cryll > ::shrugs expansively:: Don't ask 'cos ah certainly dozn't knaw, Rekkawy. ::taps ISDs:: But the reckahd iz in theyah.
11:27 : ::nods:: Mnekha work Maec. Au may go hna.
11:27 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ship? Au have an interesting position in the fleet, as I understand.
11:27 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::seems quite pleased by the personal attention visited on him by Ael--perhaps, pleased that it was visited on him and not his commander::
11:27 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Who was that directed at, Jhu?))
11:27 : Telar trIsmail : ::closes eyes for a moment:: The Enarrain will na be pleased.
11:28 : tr eK ibilia : ::encouraged by the progress, begins to tow another asteroid, calculating the best position to ricochet the capsule further up the y-axis as it moves::
11:28 : Telar trIsmail : Or ... make that Enarrain t'Lahra will na be pleased. ::smiles::
11:30 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( both the commanding officers ))
11:30 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::lets his commander field this one::
11:30 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( to share: ))
11:31 : ookamikuro : ACTION> The asteroid attempts more and more to correct its course, but its gravitic thruster is only so powerful. It's getting further off-track.
11:31 : tr eK ibilia : (( ::slaps Jhu's desk with a ruler:: ))
11:32 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahre> Our more exciting role is to host conferences. Mostly for the galae or the Senate. We do not deal with aliens.
11:32 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( Communist nun. ))
11:33 : tr eK ibilia : ::the muscles at the back of her neck begin to relax::nudges the asteroid into place and then picks another, and another, wondering how far is safe enough to experiment with disarming it::
11:33 : Aelvna tVecj : ((That would have been funnier if it were an actual experiment))
11:33 : Ael> But I saw alien artifacts in the can.
11:34 : t'Lahre> Well, people do like the exotic. ::pointed look at Jhu::
11:34 : tr eK ibilia : ::the tractor beam can only reach so far anyway...::chews at her bottom lip again, thinking::maybe a transport-programmed probe?::
11:36 : (( Commercial break for tension? ))
11:36 : Aelvna tVecj : ((End of Act II!))
11:36 : Telar trIsmail : (( we now return you to our regularly scheduled Hnoiyika following station identification ))
11:37 : ookamikuro : ACTION> The bomb is now at an almost 90 degree angle from its intended course. Its gravitic thruster has almost no chance to actually get it back to where it's supposed to be.
11:38 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Arched a brow as if she had no idea what t'Lahre meant, but the corners of her mouth did twitch with amusement.:: Perhaps we could have a tour of the ship at some point? Formal dinners tend to become dull when polite
11:38 : ookamikuro : ACTION> Ilia's sensors detect a power surge from the explosive device.
11:38 : JhuCaevra tTalia : conversation is exhausted, as most refrain from picking up the threads of impolite conversation.
11:38 : tr eK ibilia : ::eyes bulge slightly and quickly disengages her tractor, setting in a course toward the base asteroid at the maximum minimum speed::
11:40 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahre> I am agreeable. ::stands:: tr'Llaidre would know the best places to show you, of course, so I hope he will come along.
11:41 : ookamikuro : ACTION> The device detonates--but the explosion is tiny. Much smaller than would be expected from the amount of antimatter she detected.
11:41 : tr'Llaidre> ::stands:: Certainly, I would not dream of being an ill host.
11:41 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> ::thinking these are the crankiest bunch of diplomats.... wondering if she's overstayed her welcome::
11:42 : Telar trIsmail : ::gathers ISDs, heads for TL::
11:42 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> The Hnoiyika has not received new orders. If remains the case, I would love to host you aboard my vessel. You may see
11:42 : Telar trIsmail : ::enters 'lift:: Hwaveyiir. ::'lift zooooooooms::
11:42 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> In much tighter quarters how a crew works. WIthout... ::gestures:: trappings.
11:43 : Telar trIsmail : ::TL doors open, steps out onto Hwaveyiir::
11:43 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> ::leads them out into the corridor:: I would love a good reminder of why I am in the galae. ::pleasant smile::
11:43 : tr eK ibilia : ::blinks at the flashed warning on her console, feeling no shockwave:: ... ::gets a sinking feeling and begins to sweep the other asteroids in the area for more hidden cores::
11:44 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> I would also enjoy a visit to your ship, if you would have me.
11:44 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Casts Ael a sidelong glance as she stands gracefully from her seat, leaving her napkin on the table. Glancing about at the other occupants of the dinner as they left the room, she wondered if Telar had managed to dig up anything
11:45 : ookamikuro : ACTION> There don't appear to be any other fishy asteroids in the area.
11:45 : JhuCaevra tTalia : on t'Lahra or tr'Llaidre. She was certain they must have *some* illicit activities, but how best to exploit them was the real question.::
11:46 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> Of course. We would love an opportunity to get to know you a little more, Daise'Erei'Riov. Since t'Lahra is practically family.
11:46 : Telar trIsmail : ::heads to Tactical console, copies ISD info into it, then heads to command chair ... and waits for *some* signal from Ael and Jhu::
11:46 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> ::enigmatic::
11:46 : t'Lahra> I'm sure anyone from the House of t'Vecj ::strongly implying 'If you could call it a house':: would enjoy what your presence brings.
11:48 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::gives a gracious little nod at that--it's true, after all::
11:48 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> ::thinking, well, we do have the Tomalak kid::and the XO has a nice sword::
11:48 : tr eK ibilia : ::scratches her finger, twitching, on the console, wondering how much longer K'Yele and his new guardian will be incommunicado in the base::
11:48 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> ::glances at Jhu, a bit bloodthirsty:;
11:49 : ookamikuro : ((Drat, I've got to go AFK for a bit.))
11:49 : JhuCaevra tTalia : A gathering hosted on the Hnoiyika - that would be a most welcome change. ::Walking casually with the others as they strolled down the corridor.:: We do na often have the opportunity to host such important guests.
11:50 : tr eK ibilia : (( IRONIC. ))
11:51 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> That's a good point. Though we did have that nice young man from the food inspection service last month, when you...
11:51 : Ael> ::thinking, woke up from a coma and gassed everyone::hm::
11:52 : Ael> ::to tr'Llaidre:: Perhaps you can bring a little civility, and we can remind you of the roots of our barbarism.
11:52 : Ael> After all, ch'Rihan was not settled by the dispassionate.
11:52 : t'Lahra> ::narrows eyes::
11:53 : ookamikuro : ((Back.))
11:54 : tr'Llaidre> I would not want to change your ship one whit, of course. I'm reminded of a quote from a human thinker I once read.
11:54 : tr'Llaidre> He said, "No country was ever saved by good men, for they will not go to the lengths necessary."
11:55 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> ::smiles thinly:: Our ends are the same. Might our means not be so far apart?
11:56 : Telar trIsmail : (( not to mention, our ship's motto is the same ;) ))
11:56 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> ::misses the polite dinner conversation::wishes tr'Llaidre had not butted his arrogant, political head in to woo HER pawns::
11:56 : JhuCaevra tTalia : So au mean to imply that those of the Hnoiyika are evil... or lazy? ::A slight smile at the jest. She gave t'Lahra her full attention.::
11:57 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> Willing to get your hands dirty, when so many Senators cannot even stand to have their collars askew.
11:57 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> I'm saying there's nothing of barbarism in a military ship. You simply understand the lengths to which we must go in the protection of our home.
11:58 : tr'Llaidre> ::nods to t'Lahra:: Exactly as my commander says.
12:00 : Sunday, January 21, 2007
12:00 : Aelvna tVecj : ((1 minute warning!))
12:01 : Ael> Well, if you are to come for a banquet... we must prepare.
12:01 : JhuCaevra tTalia : A valid point, but I do believe it fits for the Hnoiyika. ::Still strolling, her gaze drifting to the tense line of Ael's back. Relaxation would be in order after this ordeal.::
12:03 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> If you'll follow me down this corridor here, we can visit the reading room. We've collected more art there than you saw in the head. Much finer, all Rihan in origin.
12:04 : Aelvna tVecj : ########End Sim##########
12:04 : ########End Sim##########
12:04 : ########End Sim##########
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11:25 : ##########Begin Sim########
11:25 : ##########Begin Sim########
11:26 : ##########Begin Sim########
11:26 : ::clasps hands behind her back and gazes at tr'Laidre:: This is the first ship I've seen with art on the walls.
11:26 : Galae ship, that is.
11:27 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::Standing behind the Enarrain, talk, quiet, looming and listening, an elfin sentinal::
11:27 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> Indeed, but not many Galae ships serve the function of ours. Guests of state tend to chafe within the spartan setting of military ships.
11:27 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Frankly, I am pleased to see some style. It greatly improves the atmosphere and makes the ship much more inviting. ::Adding to Ael's comment as they walk.::
11:28 : Aelvna tVecj : True. But it must present a sizable budget. ::hesitates to narrow her eyes at Jhu::
11:28 : You don't find it frivolous, Advocate?
11:29 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::Glowers but says nothing, agreeing, thinking art a waste of space an expense on a Galae ship and that it credits better spent::
11:30 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> ::has conspicuously gone to deal with other matters of state::
11:31 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Not in the least. ::Turns her gaze from Ael and smiles winningly at tr'Llaidre.:: As the Commander said - such important guests as they have on the ship would not be comfortable in ordinary surroundings.
11:33 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> Certainly you understand it's all for show. The pieces here aren't particularly great or valuable, only presentable. Why, if you would like to see a truly remarkable gallery,
11:33 : you shall have to be guests at my family's estate.
11:33 : Aelvna tVecj : Probably best to feel at ease when deciding matters of peace and war. ::sincerely::
11:33 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>They should be. This is a Galae vessel not a Starfleet friviolous . . ::Very soldier like glower::
11:34 : Aelvna tVecj : ::thinking she may have preferred the weapons tour to the art tour::
11:34 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::gives a polite laugh:: You have a very regimented one here, Enarrain. It befits the scion of the House Tomalak.
11:36 : Aelvna tVecj : ::turns to tr'Llaidre and smiles thinly:: Of course. That is why the boy is here.
11:36 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Glances briefly to Aensai and arches a brow slightly, but doesn't comment. She was obviously of a different mind.:: What shall we see next, rekkhai? ::Returning her attention to their host now that t'Lahra has disappeared.::
11:36 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Diversity is the spice of life))
11:37 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> Perhaps to the observation room. It has a wonderful vista onto the stars, and we may be able to view Eisn rising over ch'Rihan.
11:39 : Aelvna tVecj : I would love to.
11:39 : Aboard the Hnoiyika, preparations are made for hosting your state dinner. I know we would not win any competition, but I feel it will be...
11:40 : a unique experience.
11:40 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::politely motions Ael and Jhu onward:: Then please, be my guests. It is just down this corridor three sections. Ah, Enarrain, I am sure it will be a feast to remember.
11:40 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>Service to the Empire is its own reward ::Falls silent his dark eyes intense, his appareance and expression very like his fathers::
11:40 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> I'm eager to meet your crew, I do so enjoy a chance to get 'down in the trenches' so to speak.
11:41 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Jhu repressed a small smirk and followed the corridor as indicated, her gaze still drifting about to take in the surroundings.::
11:42 : Aelvna tVecj : ::strolls along:: I believe you'll find the stench not quite so bad as you expect.
11:43 : As it certainly hasn't been *here*. ::smiles to herself::
11:43 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::merely gives a polite laugh at her joke, then ushers them down the corridor and into the observation room. The view is almost as good as he'd described, and the art
11:43 : and decoration in this room rivals anything else they've seen. It's obviously meant to impress the yokels.::
11:45 : Aelvna tVecj : :;reaches out for Aensai's arm, her breath so taken away::
11:46 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::He doesnt look impressed, but hides his feelings under military decoram. He does not approve and has seen better at his family's estate. But he stands firmly, discreatly allowing the Enarrain to hold to him, acting as
11:47 : Aelvna tVecj : I have not even seen this in the Emperor's chambers. Though I have only been to the outer rooms.
11:47 : ::and to think, t'Lahra has this, and her parents are dead instead::
11:47 : Lt Tebok trKhev : if it were not so, for does not his duty also require discresion?::
11:48 : K Dogger : (( Cut her. ))
11:48 : Aelvna tVecj : ::lets go of Aensai as if he were a tree::
11:48 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Jhu all but ignored the spectacular view of the planet. She had no particular love of ch'Rihan as it was only a means to an end. She studied the various pieces of artwork for a few moments and did find a few to her liking.::
11:49 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Talia, tell me... Which piece is the best?
11:49 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Are these all originals? ::Standing before one piece in particular, her gaze ranging over the subject. Something seemed... off.::
11:49 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::but the sight of ch'Rihan did make him homesick though he said nothing nor showed nothing of it. IT was as if he were a tree::
11:50 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::merely watches them take it all in with a self-serving smile. The Advocate and the h'fai seem not quite as impressed, but t'Vecj's response is heartening:: All originals, of course.
11:53 : JhuCaevra tTalia : <vs> I wouldn't be too sure of that. ::Murmuring to herself, though loud enough for Ael to hear. She strolled through the gallery, viewing each piece of art in study.::
11:53 : Aelvna tVecj : It does seem I rarely stop and watch the sunrise.
11:54 : And never think to ask how many more I have.
11:56 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> "Eisn's glow, like the warmth of the womb / Calling me home, far as I travel, to rest." t'Perais--do you read poetry, Enarrain?
11:56 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::He ignored the art to look at ch'Rihan, his expression just as composed but this sight was worth more then the extravagant art display::
11:57 : Aelvna tVecj : I... ::taken by surprise:: I have protected poets. Traveled with them.
11:57 : ::thinking, killed for them::
11:58 : And in exchange, I do not have to read them. ::slight chuckle::
11:58 : ((2 minute warning!))
12:00 : Sunday, January 28, 2007
12:00 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::A particular display of elegantly cut jeweled containers caught Jhu's attention and she moved to inspect them, lifting one and turning it to view all sides and watch it gleam in the light.::
12:00 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> Oh. Come to think of it, I read of that incident. You traveled for some time with Heb i-Tarevol, the revolutionary. What was he like, I must ask?
12:01 : Aelvna tVecj : ::wryly:: Poetic.
12:01 : ##########End Sim###########
12:01 : ##########End Sim###########
12:01 : ##########End Sim###########
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11:26 : #######Begin Sim######
11:26 : #######Begin Sim######
11:26 : #######Begin Sim######
11:27 : Telar trIsmail : :::on hwaveyiir:::
11:29 : ookamikuro : t'Llaidre> ::sits in his office, which is absolutely full of art deco (stolen? perhaps!), frowning as he reads some reports on his console:: We have a military of bloody peasants these days...
11:29 : Aelvna tVecj : ::standing in a corridor, looking through a portal at the Leaf::
11:30 : ::thinking about how she wouldn't have joined the military if her parents hadn't died::
11:30 : ::wondering how that all would have turned out::
11:33 : RegajK2 : ((I have no idea where Ilia is, it's my understanding you wish to retcon yourself out of the sidearc, if so, feel free))
11:33 : Telar trIsmail : :::wonders how to keep both Enarraina from going postal and from io another's throats when the shoe drops and the kllhe byproduct hits the fan:::
11:33 : RegajK2 : ^ ::An Asteroid spacestation::
11:34 : ^ ::The scanner in K'yele's hand turns off, the panel dimming... then starting up again. Instead of the standard imperial logo, there was a red-gold coin, spinning slowly::
11:34 : Aelvna tVecj : ::heads toward the hwaveyiir, slowly::
11:35 : RegajK2 : ^ ::the girl whose name I can never freaking remember peers over K'yele's shoulder:: That's not normal, right?
11:35 : ookamikuro : ^ ::pauses, when the display goes dim he nearly taps it to try to get it working again. Then it becomes apparent it's not merely a maintenance issue:: No, it isn't. ::he says to Etayra t'Noor::
11:36 : Aelvna tVecj : ::figures it doesn't really matter, after all, the game could go on::
11:36 : ::if Tomalak died tomorrow, would Aensai's training have changed him enough::
11:38 : RegajK2 : ^ ::The deemed t'Noor frowned slightly, then arched a brow as a shadowed figure appeared on the display. An electronically disguised voice:: I'm glad you could make it.
11:39 : Lt Tebok trKhev : [I cant sim]
11:39 : [well I could not but I am here and well its TOMALAK DIED?!?!?]
11:40 : Aelvna tVecj : ((...he died!?))
11:40 : Telar trIsmail : (( IF ... is the operative word ... ))
11:40 : tr eK ibilia : (( ::fashions a press release to cement the unsubstantiated rumor as truth before it gets figured out:: ))
11:40 : (( ::curses Telar for having a shorter response to type:: :( ))
11:41 : Telar trIsmail : (( *pat*pat*pat* ))
11:41 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Yes, IF, Aensai. All is well and good!))
11:42 : Telar trIsmail : ::sips lazily at tea ... decides to upgrade replicator::
11:42 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Now I'm envisioning some darth vader reborn situation))
11:43 : Telar trIsmail : ::m to self:: Last time I tried this I thought it was supposed to keep au awake, not act as a sedative.
11:44 : ookamikuro : ^ ::glances at his scanner:: Oh? Who is glad, if I may be so bold?
11:44 : Telar trIsmail : ::shakes head to clear mind ... scowls a moment::
11:45 : RegajK2 : ^ CK> Amusing. I've been wanting to meet you, I've heard you're good at what you do. ::The camera, or whatever it was, turned, and displayed k'yele's old comrade, tied against a generator::
11:45 : ^CK> I am guessing you can, come up with an idea of where we are. By the way. The generator's a bit, leaky. Enjoy. ::And then it clicked off::
11:46 : Telar trIsmail : ::finishes last of tea:: Cold anyhow. ::sets cup down, looks at main viewscreen, trying na to be bored::
11:47 : ookamikuro : ^ ::glances toward t'Noor:: Well, that's obviously a trap.
11:47 : RegajK2 : ^ Or maybe it's a trap, that it's obviously a trap?
11:49 : tr eK ibilia : ((Prepare for retcon: ))
11:49 : ookamikuro : ^ Well, for whatever the reason, he seems to be toying with us rather than attacking directly. Much as I don't want to go exactly where he's planning for us to go, we need tr'Roulam's information.
11:49 : RegajK2 : % ::Engineering:: ::Taul reclines, tapping away at a pad as his mind drifts:: Sio. I just received a report via subspace, that the plan's moving along well.
11:49 : ookamikuro : ^ Start looking for anything on the walls labeled towards the generator room. We still don't have a map. ::He begins to hustle::
11:49 : tr eK ibilia : ::pilots a small shuttle out of the orbit of ch'Havran, arcing to intercept the Hnoiyika::
11:50 : RegajK2 : ^ ::She shrugged, and then hefted her rifle. Immediately the woman started off on beside K'yele as they maneuvered the halls. Echoes would bounce off the corridors, distract them
11:50 : with the sound of footsteps not their own yet shadows.::
11:51 : ^ ::The corridors widened and the doors hardened as they came closer to the engine room, the soft thrum of fusion tickling their feet through loose floorplates::
11:51 : ookamikuro : % S> Hm. Your plans always do. Well, except for that last one. And yet, here we are. Fate?
11:52 : RegajK2 : ^ ::lights blinked overhead, dull and yellow, sickly as they'd been lit far too long. The environmental systems were in err, a deep humidity permeating them, the warmth uncomfortable even for Romulans.::
11:52 : tr eK ibilia : ::sets in the final approach procedures before turning on autopilot, then glances around the small cabin to check her luggage a final time::
11:53 : RegajK2 : % Or circumstance. ::Taul was to his feet then, moving to a console and tapping in some videofeed. A slight smile to himself:: The Gamma Quadrant looks appealing. I've read about them.
11:53 : % Fractured, but ready for new leadership. The racial oligarchy that rules them now is mostly facing rebellion...
11:53 : Telar trIsmail : ::mentally reviews all the information tr'Cryll gave him, which will incriminate t'Lahra ... smiles thinly at the prospect:: Mnekha job done, Maec.
11:53 : ::rubs chin a bit::
11:54 : ookamikuro : ^ ::slowly draws out his short, narrow-bladed sword, conscious that it might serve better than his disruptor in the tight confines:: We're getting close, at least.
11:54 : RegajK2 : ^ ::A large engine room door loomed, half open, having long since rusted. The astroid base, they decided independently, was old, too old really. It was on its last leg. Stepping into the
11:54 : main engine hallway, a large pillar stood before them. Streaks were stained down its side, corroded blotches and sticky puddles beside it::
11:54 : Lt Tebok trKhev : [I apologize. I was arguing with my dad but then and well and now its all okay but I missed everything and di you kill Tomalak??]
11:54 : ookamikuro : % S> And the Vidahri? What happened to them?
11:55 : Telar trIsmail : (( we didn't kill him ))
11:55 : tr eK ibilia : (( Your mom killed Tomalak! ))
11:55 : Aelvna tVecj : Telar.. ::coming down the ramp:: Do you like art?
11:55 : ((Tomalak is alive and well.))
11:56 : Telar trIsmail : ::looks up at Ael:: Ihhei. ::smiles:: Aefvadh back to the Hnoiyika. Art. Ie, that I do, very much.
11:56 : RegajK2 : ^ ::At the base of the pillar, where once his old friend had been bonded, there was not a living man, but a rotting body, more a pile of flesh. So decrepit was it that bone had torn
11:56 : through the surface of the skin, and black ichor spewed all about the corpse. It was long since dead, months even. Too humid to dry up, and no microbiology or bugs for it to decompose::
11:56 : Telar trIsmail : ::stands and vacates command chair::
11:56 : Aelvna tVecj : ::nods:: I'd not given it much thought, but it is plentiful on the Leaf.
11:56 : RegajK2 : ^ ::she stopped, even as he stepped forward.::
11:57 : % They never existed. But then, they don't really need to. These, Jem H'dar will do. Warrior race, like the Klingons, but -far- more subservient and, telling from their history, far more.. violent.
11:57 : tr eK ibilia : ACT> Ilia's shuttle maneuvers up to the Hnoiyika's bay and gently slips inside.
11:57 : Telar trIsmail : So we have discovered, as per au'r request. ::retrieves ISDs and hands them to her:: Quite a few dealings this t'Lahra has had.
11:57 : Aelvna tVecj : ((3 minute warning!))
11:57 : Telar trIsmail : Many ... unsavory and illegal dealings, I might add.
11:58 : tr eK ibilia : ::gathers her small bags as the shuttle settles to the ground and steps from it into the bay::moves on to the hallway and her quarters to drop things off without pausing to look around at the familiarity::
11:58 : ookamikuro : ^ ::pauses as t'Noor misses a step:: What is it? ::he glances toward her::
11:58 : Aelvna tVecj : Ie, we suspected. Well, the Advocate suspected.
11:58 : I simply have not known who to trust, or where.
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods:: Na doubt. And here Maec was very very resourceful.
11:58 : ookamikuro : % S> More violent? Even than the proto-Klingons? I like the sound of it.
11:58 : RegajK2 : ^ :She gave a shrug:: We're at the end of the story. ::she dropped the rifle and stepped over to the wall, reaching behind a pack of crates. From there, she drew out a pair of swords, similar in make to K'yele's own.::
11:59 : ^ ::A glance toward him:: I suppose I've had my fun.
11:59 : Telar trIsmail : Au have been missed.
12:00 : Sunday, February 11, 2007
12:00 : tr eK ibilia : ::leaving her bags just inside the door of her quarters, duly resealed after her, turns to report to the hwaveyiir::
12:00 : ookamikuro : ^ Hm. You know, you actually had me convinced. You're an excellent actor--and forgery artist, I suppose.
12:00 : RegajK2 : ^ ::t'Noor, or, whatever her name really was, let the swords settled to either side of her, loose and casual, a stance K'yele used to take when first learning the weapons in his youth,
12:00 : durring times of arrogance, or misunderstanding of the weapons.. nature. Without the respect afforded, when they were mostly just tools.::
12:00 : ^ In part. It's easy to trust one's own blood, though.
12:02 : Aelvna tVecj : ########End Sim########
12:02 : ########End Sim########
12:02 : ########End Sim########
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11:20 : Aelvna tVecj : #########Begin Sim#########
11:20 : #########Begin Sim#########
11:20 : #########Begin Sim#########
11:20 : Lt Tebok trKhev : [brb]
11:21 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Such awesome timing))
11:21 : ::armchair beeps with a private message from t'Lahra::
11:21 : ::rises:: I will be in my chambers. Erei'Riov tr'Ismail, you have the hwaveyiir.
11:21 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods:: Ie Ihhei.
11:22 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Jhu surveyed the make-shift banquet room, watching the drones decorate and place the various pieces of furniture. The surroundings were paltry compared to those on the Leaf, but that was to be expected. Mood lighting would
11:22 : K Dogger : ::enters hwaveyiir from her TL trip::
11:23 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna, tr'Moussa > ::in quarters getting all gussied up::
11:23 : K Dogger : ::looks around at the general lack of activity::nods to Telar, then takes her station to check up on the mission status::
11:23 : JhuCaevra tTalia : provide much of the atmosphere and rich fabrics would do the rest. The touches were subtle and elegant rather than a gaudy attempt to match the Leaf's oversized budget.::
11:23 : Aelvna tVecj : ::in the doorway, gazes at Ilia:: Aefvadh back. ::as if she's seen a ghost::
11:24 : ::enters her chambers::t'Lahra felt more real:;at the moment::
11:24 : Telar trIsmail : S'Nac, T'Nal > ::in their quarters, likewise getting spiffed up::
11:25 : Lt Tebok trKhev : [back]
11:25 : Aelvna tVecj : ((WB))
11:25 : t'Lahra> I have been doing research, Ael. It seems that most people you encounter end up arrested.
11:26 : Lt Tebok trKhev : [lol!]
11:26 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Wynken, tr'Blynken, tr'Nodd > ::also in quarters preparing::
11:26 : Aelvna tVecj : If you're referring to the Khre'Riov incident, we had nothing whatsoever to do with that.
11:26 : t'Lahra> Of course. ::thin smile::
11:26 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::on the bridge::
11:26 : K Dogger : ::notes with some dismay the mission prospectus... preparations for state banquet...::
11:26 : ::glances into the distance for a moment, looking quite lost, wondering if it's too late to get back on her shuttle and pretend that her trip was unexpectedly extended...::
11:27 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna, tr'Moussa, S'Nac, T'Nal, tr'Wynken, tr'Blynken, tr'Nodd > ::leave respective quarters almost simultaneously and converge on 'lift almost at once::
11:28 : t'Kirna etc. > ::exchange looks of "well after AU" and finally all pile into 'lift::
11:29 : t'Kirna > Hwaveyiir. ::'lift zoooooooooms::
11:29 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::When she was at last satisfied with how the room was displayed, Jhu exited the converted mess hall and headed for her own quarters to get ready for the dinner. She wondered how the security preparations. Would their 'guests'
11:29 : Telar trIsmail : ::TL doors open and our friends from Security come trooping out::
11:29 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> We have, also, placed people in the Senate.
11:30 : JhuCaevra tTalia : want to see other areas of the ship? She doubted it, unless they wished to scoff at the state of the Hnoiyika. Or, perhaps, had other motives.::
11:30 : Telar trIsmail : ::looks up:: Well hna this is a sight.
11:30 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> And higher, I've heard. Still, Ael--I do na believe that is where I will end up. You've met tr'Llaidre...
11:30 : Ael> Ie.
11:30 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > We intend to do this ship proud Rekkhai.
11:30 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::wondering when he became a caterer he helps with the preparations and the more exciting part, the bugging, oh the wonderful, fun and devious ways there were open to bug::
11:31 : K Dogger : ::reverie is broken by the arrival of the security force::transfers her lost gaze to them::
11:31 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods:: Ie, na to mention do the finest Security job during a banquet this ship's ever seen. ::looking carefully from io to the next::
11:31 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> Would you like to meet with me in private before the dinner?
11:31 : tr'Lahra> ::raises an eyebrow:: Perhaps... after.
11:31 : ((::facepalm:: I didn't mean it like that))
11:31 : K Dogger : (( Ael's hooking it up! ))
11:31 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( Oh yes you did. ))
11:32 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna etc. > Ssuaj-ha Rekkhai.
11:33 : Aelvna tVecj : tr'Lahra> I just... ::leans forward, closer to the monitor:: There is no one in the entire Empire I can trust.
11:33 : Ael> ::thinks of Ilia out on the hwaveyiir and rather agrees::
11:33 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods, satisfied:: Mnekha. All requisite Security personnel are deployed?
11:33 : K Dogger : (( Dude, what the heck? I'm surrounded by security! ))
11:34 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > Ie, Rekkhai. ::hands him an ISD:: Hrrau all decks.
11:34 : Aelvna tVecj : ((How does that make you not evil!?))
11:34 : Telar trIsmail : (( Dudette, that's my job. ))
11:36 : K Dogger : (( Because I have blank-eyed stare that some in their lighter moments have called soulless and empty? ))
11:36 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> It must be tragic, not to trust your first officer...
11:36 : tr'Lahra> Oh? And where is yours?
11:36 : ((He just went out to get some milk. He'll be home soon!))
11:36 : Telar trIsmail : ::looks over ISD, nods:: Mnekha. ::looks up:: The eight of us will be deployed throughout the banquet. There will be na such thing for us as "off-duty" during this time, ssuegn?
11:36 : K Dogger : (( I left his body in an asteroid field. :D ))
11:37 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna etc. > Ssuaj-ha Rekkhai.
11:37 : Aelvna tVecj : (( Well, you ARE the 2nd officer...))
11:37 : K Dogger : (( ::dusts off pip-space:: ))
11:38 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> He is behind me. You are in front of me.
11:38 : tr'Lahra> This is what I mean. You can see what's coming up behind my back. From your vantage point.
11:38 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::In her quarters, Jhu studied her wardrobe, searching for something suitable and less revealing than she normally wore. She had many elegant dresses, but most were those she wore while visiting various Senators and were tailored
11:38 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> Isn't that what all those security cameras are for?
11:38 : ((oops, when did Lahra become a boy...))
11:39 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>And cameras and mini cameras and listening devices and scanners and ..... cackles like a mad scientist::
11:39 : Telar trIsmail : Very well. ::q, to tr'Moussa:: About these thi new officers ... ?
11:39 : JhuCaevra tTalia : to their preferences as men. With tr'Lahra their guest of honor, she wanted something a little less trashy and a little more sophisticated.::
11:39 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> Please, Ael. You are too old and in far too deep to pretend to be innocent.
11:39 : ((Oh ho ho, Jhu dressing up for the LADIES))
11:40 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::jerks head in direction of tr'Wynken, tr'Blynken and tr'Nodd:: Fine men, Rekkhai. Among the best.
11:40 : ::nods:: I see.
11:41 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Though with Ael's tastes, perhaps trashy would be more appropriate.::
11:41 : Aelvna tVecj : ((I guess I deserved that))
11:42 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > They hang around io another if that is vah au meant.
11:42 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> I look forward to a formal, endless, insufferable meal with you, auntie. ::cuts the comm::
11:42 : Telar trIsmail : Ie do they na associate with any of the ... ?
11:43 : tr'Moussa > ::shakes head::
11:43 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( Ha. ;) ))
11:43 : Telar trIsmail : So long as they do a mnekha job then.
11:43 : tr'Moussa > As I said, Rekkhai, among the best.
11:46 : Aelvna tVecj : ::enters the hwaveyiir::surveys::
11:46 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > A real banquet. Hna this is something I've been looking forward to, Nveid.
11:46 : Aelvna tVecj : ((roll call!))
11:46 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > Ie, it should be impressive.
11:46 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Deciding on something long and flowy with subtle touches of glitter here and there, she shed her clothing and entered the shower.::
11:46 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > I don't know about au but I'm famished.
11:47 : tr'Moussa > All the better then. ::smiles::
11:48 : Aelvna tVecj : +Aensai+ Status report?
11:50 : ::looks for Ilia::did she imagine her before?::
11:51 : K Dogger : ::glances up at Ael from her station::
11:51 : ::looks a bit concerned at her befuddlement, but can't muster too much concern through her haze of fear for the banquet::
11:51 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>+Ael+ Everything is going according to plan.
11:51 : Aelvna tVecj : +Aensai+ Excellent.
11:52 : ::walks toward Ilia, whisper surreptiously:: Perhaps a dress uniform, Erei'Riov...
11:52 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Before she dressed, she had to do something with her hair. She missed the pleasures of ch'Rihan where she could hire someone to do it for her. She kept it longer than the normal Rihan more out of distaste for the military cut
11:53 : K Dogger : ::nods curtly, stifling the shiver before it forms:: A good idea, I'm sure, rekkhai..
11:53 : JhuCaevra tTalia : and to distinguish herself from the rest of the huddled masses. She slid her fingers into her pin-straight tresses and pulled them up, studying herself in the mirror as she experimented with various styles.::
11:53 : K Dogger : ::takes it as getting off easily, not being forced into bizarre costumes like some other events...::
11:54 : ::shudders at the thought of having to present herself like Jhu is sure to::
11:54 : Aelvna tVecj : ((2 minute warning!))
11:55 : Telar... I trust no one will be getting maimed on MY ship.
11:55 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( I think Ilia could use a little eye makeup. ))
11:55 : Telar trIsmail : Absolutely Ihhei. Security is deployed to the max.
11:55 : K Dogger : ::starts to ask a question, but demurrs as the conversation moves ahead without her::clenches one hand into a fist nervously and then unclenches it... shades of this evening...::
11:57 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Pursing her lips, she turned to better view her striking cheekbones and pulled her hair up and away from her face.::
11:57 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Aw, dude, ask. Ask!))
11:57 : K Dogger : (( Too late! My glorious confusion will go unrecognized! ))
11:57 : Aelvna tVecj : Of course. I expected no less. I just need to hear htings out loud every once in awhile. Though that may be un-Rihan of me.
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods:: Quite so.
11:58 : Aelvna tVecj : #########End Sim#######
11:58 : #########End Sim#######
11:58 : #########End Sim#######
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11:21 : Aelvna tVecj : #########Begin Sim##########
11:21 : #########Begin Sim##########
11:21 : #########Begin Sim##########
11:22 : t'Lahra> ::drinking the fruit juice t'Talia has chosen, over the Romulan ale currently turning tr'Llaihre lime::
11:23 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::eats exactly enough of each of the provincial foods on his plate to maintain a modicum of politeness, then feigns being full. Probably
11:23 : from filling up on ale.::
11:23 : Telar trIsmail : Security grunts > ::discreetly stationed so the banquet goes without a hitch::
11:23 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::spying and doing the security watch on the Enarrain::
11:23 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> ::wonders if loose lips sink ships... perhaps not, if they dine like this every night...::
11:24 : Ael> Do you dine like this every night?
11:24 : tr eK ibilia : ::shifts uncomfortably in her seat, making a show of eating::wishes for the bygone joys of anonymity and low rank::
11:24 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa, t'Kirna, S'Nac, T'Nal > ::mingling with guests and trying to look casual while maintaining high alert::
11:25 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> I believe that depends on how you mean, Enarrain. ::a polite smile:: Certainly we typically enjoy less... adventurous cuisine.
11:25 : tr'Llaidre> ::is still pronouncing his sibilants crisply::
11:25 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> I suppose you have less adventurous guests.
11:26 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Very careful to not show her pleasure at the discomfort of their "guests". Jhu glanced sidelong at the two from the Leaf.::
11:27 : Telar trIsmail : ::enjoying some of the varied foodstuffs himself while supervising the scene with a practiced eye::
11:27 : Aelvna tVecj : Hnoiyika> ::orbits orbits, ch'Rihan spinning beneath it::
11:27 : Telar trIsmail : (( you don't want to know about the other eye ... ))
11:27 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> Quite so, quite so. ::he glances between his own commander and the Hnoiyika's, and attempts to deflect the conversation somewhat::
11:27 : So, ihhei t'Vecj--I understand that you and my Enarrain have some history together, would you grace us with a tale?
11:28 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> ::chokes on a shrimp of some sort::
11:28 : t'Lahra> ::leans back:: Not with her, tr'Llaidre. You knew that.
11:28 : t'Lahra> With her _father_.
11:28 : Lt Tebok trKhev : ::sighs and feels like one of those guards who watch things on camera, suddenly feels a need to watch TV r something::
11:29 : Aelvna tVecj : ((March Madness, Aensai?))
11:29 : t'Lahra> ::glances at Jhu:: Did you know, Advocate, that even great heroes have parents?
11:29 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> Please don't think me so vulgar, t'Lahra. I meant only that you two know each other--your Houses have long been friends.
11:30 : JhuCaevra tTalia : I thought heroes were simply created from the Elements themselves. ::A slight jest as she glanced from one to the other.::
11:31 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> ::wonders if he's insulting her House or t'Lahra's::
11:31 : ookamikuro : $ K> ::approaches the Hnoiyika, alone in his transport craft, and pulls into dock::
11:32 : tr eK ibilia : (( What did you do with the body, K'Yele? ))
11:32 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::was probably insulting both, but he has an admirable poker face::
11:32 : ((Wouldn't you like to know!))
11:32 : Lt Tebok trKhev : [:-D]
11:34 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> Well, that is where my father is, now.
11:34 : ((L'chaim?))
11:34 : Telar trIsmail : (( more like, Sláinte, this being the 17th ))
11:35 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Everyone should know I'm wearing socks with little green shamrocks all over them))
11:35 : t'Lahra> I think he expected for you a life a lot more like mine than...this. ::gestures at the mess hall::
11:35 : Ael> ::grimly:: Exactly.
11:35 : ookamikuro : $ K> ::powers down the shuttle and disembarks:: +Ael+ Reporting in, ihhei--ready to resume duty at any time. ::he doesn't bother embellishing::
11:36 : Telar trIsmail : ::mentally grits teeth at t'Lahra's remark but maintains outward calm::
11:36 : tr eK ibilia : (( ::pinches Ael's yielding flesh from her bones with vicious leprechaun bites nonetheless:: ))
11:36 : Aelvna tVecj : ((...but.. :( ))
11:36 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::exchanges glances with tr'Moussa silently::
11:36 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Were you going to stay for a tour? ::Ignoring the subtle barbs as she focused on their guests.:: What types of entertainment do you usually off your own guests?
11:37 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::nods::
11:37 : Aelvna tVecj : ::hears K'Yele's greeting in her earpiece::drops her fork::
11:37 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::remains conspicuously quiet, just sipping his ale and listening, then glances toward Ael as her fork drops::
11:37 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( Offer, too. ))
11:37 : ookamikuro : ((Well, unlike SOME people, we usually don't off our guests at all...))
11:37 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( Lies! ))
11:38 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> ::picks up her fork and ignores tr'Llaidre's glance::
11:39 : t'Lahra> Our guests usually entertain themselves with each other. Such a dalliance, to see your companions and adversaries out of context.
11:39 : t'Lahra> We are simply soldiers. No one notices we're there unless something gets stained.
11:40 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::shrugs, and glances toward Jhu:: Indeed. Occasionally some guests will make use of the HIC for their entertainment, as well.
11:40 : Telar trIsmail : ::thinks, Au got that io right about soldiers ...::
11:41 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> Interesting story I'll need to tell once, about the ambassador to Verias Prime and Jolvar t'Nerek--
11:41 : they couldn't come to a political agreement so they agreed to decide it with a fencing match. Diplomacy is not always boring.
11:42 : Telar trIsmail : ::dryly:: Perhaps that was the perfect foil ...
11:43 : JhuCaevra tTalia : No, I would imagine not. I am sure you have many such stories to tell and have seen many... intriguing... things. ::Her gaze lingering upon tr'Llaidre.:: I enjoyed visiting your ship very much. It is as elegant as it is..
11:43 : ... functional.
11:44 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> t'Lahra, would you like to join me for some cordials? ::glances at the rest of the guests::
11:44 : Ael> ::puns signaling, as they do, that drinking has gone on perhaps too long::
11:44 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::gives a gracious nod to Jhu'Caevra:: As you say, but if all Advocates are like yourself, then I am certain ours will fit in perfectly on the Leaf.
11:45 : tr'Llaidre> ::doesn't sound particularly happy about the last part, though he tries to fake it::
11:46 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Diplomacy is to be our first concern. A better understanding between Senate and Galae. ::She shrugged.:: But I doubt they would choose anyone unfit to serve on your ship. Someone that might embarrass au, perhaps...
11:47 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> ::stands:: I do need to.. ::wobbles:: Enjoy the more indelicate parts of your ship.
11:47 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> Then we shall have to envy our sister the Hnoiyika, for having an Advocate who could never be that. ::He gives a glance to t'Lahra's condition and looks quite superior::
11:48 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> ::graciously leads t'Lahra out, leaving the mongoose and the snake behind::
11:49 : tr eK ibilia : ::tenses up, almost perceptibly, as Ael and t'Lahra leave, thinning the background into which she can meld::
11:49 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::for what it's worth, has barely acknowledged Ilia's existence all night::
11:50 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods to t'Kirna, who follows him out with tr'Moussa, S'Nac and T'Nal, all at a discreet distance::
11:50 : Lt Tebok trKhev left the chat.
11:50 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> ::leads t'Lahra to the ladies room::the head, the shower, the bunk, whatever it is on the Hnoiyika::
11:51 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Perfectly happy to entertain tr'Llaidre all on her own, she didn't even spare a glance at Ael as the two Enarrains left the room.:: What I would like to know... is how au came to be so fortunate as to be assigned to the Leaf...
11:51 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> ::gives Telar a pleasant smile::
11:51 : Lt Tebok trKhev joined the chat
11:51 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods, signals t'Kirna and others::
11:52 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( Lahra throws up from all the cheap booze, Ael offers her a spare of clothes, they end up in Ael's quarters... baw chica baw baw. ))
11:52 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna, tr'Moussa, S'Nac, T'Nal > ::all draw disruptors, training them on t'Lahra::
11:52 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::is quite happy, himself, to get time alone with the Advocate. Well, they're not really alone, but the rest of the room might as well be furniture::
11:52 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Sadly, that has happened to me in RL))
11:53 : ((Though I must point out I was not the one puking from cheap booze!))
11:53 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> I don't much enjoy talking about myself, Advocate... ::sounding utterly genuine about that::
11:53 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( Just the one taking advantage of the drunkard. ))
11:53 : tr eK ibilia : (( You were the one taking advantage of a drunk woman who had just puked on you? So much better! ))
11:53 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( LOL ))
11:53 : Telar trIsmail : I am afraid we have some very unpleasant news for au, Enarrain t'Lahra. Au are under arrest for trafficking illegally in the Empire.
11:53 : tr eK ibilia : (( ::kills Jhu:: ))
11:53 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Holy crap! <g>))
11:54 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Why ever na? ::Having long ago abandoned any pretense at eating or drinking.:: Au are in a very special position of power on a very unique ship. That, to me, is fascinating.
11:54 : Aelvna tVecj : ((I'm glad six years have made such an impression.))
11:54 : Telar trIsmail : (( ::ponderponder:: Don't Hindus have a Goddess of Dung? Talk about holy crap. ))
11:55 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> ::says nothing, merely offers her wrists::
11:55 : ookamikuro : ((They have 30,000+ deities, I'm sure they have several gods and goddesses devoted to fecal matter.))
11:56 : Telar trIsmail : ::cuffs her:: This way to the br'tehh. ::gestures with disruptor as t'Kirna and others surround her::
11:56 : ::leads way to 'lift::
11:56 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> I have found that, as a diplomat, it is much more effective to listen than to talk. Those you listen to are more likely to talk you into a better position than you are yourself.
11:56 : Aelvna tVecj : ((3 minute warning!))
11:57 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::suppresses the urge to wink and smirk at tr'Moussa::
11:57 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> ::watches t'Lahra go and sighs:: It all comes to this, doesn't it, father. ::heads toward the hwaveyiir:: +K'Yele+ Is that a ghost I hear?
11:57 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::understands without being a telepath what must be going through his e'lev's mind right about now::
11:58 : ::steps into 'lift with others:: Security. Br'tehh.
11:58 : ookamikuro : $ K> ::After a quick stop in his quarters to unpack, shower, and change clothes, he's on his way to the hwaveyiir as well:: +Ael+ Not as much as I'd feared, ihhei.
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : ::'lift zooooooooms::
11:58 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Ie, that is true. ::She nodded slightly, having employed the same technique herself countless times.:: But it is also enjoyable to share yourself with others at times. I understand aur feelings on the matter, however...
11:58 : Aelvna tVecj : +K'Yele+ Nor I. Good to hear your voice, Daise'Erei'Riov.
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : ::TL doors open, steps out and leads way into Main Security::
11:58 : Aelvna tVecj : :;enters the hwaveyiir::
11:58 : JhuCaevra tTalia : I dislike speaking of my own past.
11:59 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Cryll > ::seeing Telar and others:: Rekkhai! Is that the susse-thrai I helped au research?
11:59 : ::nods:: Indeed, and we're on the way to the br'tehh.
11:59 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> Indeed, you are from a border world, are you not, Advocate? You have the bearing of the noblest of Imperial houses, all the same.
11:59 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Cryll > ::grins and goes back to work::
12:00 : Sunday, March 18, 2007
12:00 : ookamikuro : $ K> ::Enters near to the same time from the other lift, giving Ael a nod then proceeding to his chair:: How did things go while I was gone?
12:00 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods to Security grunt:: Lower that forcefield there. Put it up at maximum strength once she's in.
12:00 : Grunt > ::opens cell::
12:01 : In au go.
12:01 : Aelvna tVecj : ::smiles thinly at K'Yele:: You're about to find out.
12:01 : ##########End Sim###########
12:01 : ##########End Sim###########
12:01 : ##########End Sim###########
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Postby hnoiyika » Mon Mar 26, 2007 10:49 am

StrmsCalm: ########Begin Sim########
StrmsCalm: ########Begin Sim########
StrmsCalm: ########Begin Sim########
tr eK ibilia: (( Maybe "hero" means something different in Rihannsu... ))
StrmsCalm: ((Like what? Evil pondscum? <g&gt)
StrmsCalm: ::too afraid to go back to the dinner after t'Lahra has been arrested::
StrmsCalm: ::gazes at the main viewscreen:: I wonder what my father would think...
ookamikuro: ((Ael, please press Ctrl-A and then hit delete... You have discovered a wonderful new
feature of the official AIM client.))
Telar trIsmail: ::in br'tehh area, having just gotten t'Lahra into her cell, now that the forcefield has been raised:: There is
an old Rihannsu proverb to remember ... "How have the mighty fallen."
StrmsCalm: ((test))
Telar trIsmail: ::turns on heel and exits without waiting for her reply::
ookamikuro: ((Hurrah.))
StrmsCalm: ((What the fuck were the giant spaces of doom?))
tr eK ibilia: (( PROGRESS. ))
Telar trIsmail: t'Kirna, tr'Moussa, S'Nac, T'Nal > ::following::
ookamikuro: ((It "remembers" extra whitespace before messages, and inserts the same into subsequent
messages, for some reason. Don't know why.))
StrmsCalm: Perhaps he'd say, "About time."
StrmsCalm: ((Thank you for fixing it. ))
ookamikuro: K> "About time" for what?
Telar trIsmail: ::flops down into chair at desk of Main Security, gestures for others to have seats as well::
Telar trIsmail: t'Kirna, etc. > ::take their seats::
Telar trIsmail: ::sighs:: Well we nailed her hide and then some. ::looks over to t'Cryll:: And mnekha work on tracking
down the money trail. ::to all:: I shall commend all of au to the Enarrain for this.
StrmsCalm: ::glances at K'Yele:: To take a more direct approach.
Telar trIsmail: t'Kirna etc. > ::excited murmuring, exchanges of glances etc.::
Telar trIsmail: tr'Moussa > We ... we did this for the good of the ship, for the Empire, Rekkhai, au need na ...
ookamikuro: K> Ah. Difficult to do in the bramble patch that is Eisn system politics. I'm afraid you might
be in for even more politics after this, though, having authorized the arrest of a diplomat.
Telar trIsmail: ::holds up hand:: That prisoner there was a danger to us. Lesser people would na have handled it as well
and perhaps some would have been seriously injured or killed. This was flawless.
ookamikuro: K> At least it was one of ours, so she can't claim diplomatic immunity.
Telar trIsmail: ::smiles:: I am quite proud of au all.
StrmsCalm: Technically she's still a galae officer.
StrmsCalm: Though she, most of all, has tried to forget.
tr eK ibilia: (( Delete, delete! ))
StrmsCalm: ((That is going to get annoying))
ookamikuro: K> Indeed. What of her second in command? Have you found anything on him?
Telar trIsmail: ::to t'Kirna:: Au will be officer of the day here. The rest of au .. resume duties as usual. ::rises and heads
for 'lift::
StrmsCalm: Nothing concrete. He seems to shield a great deal with his own historonics. A good tactic.
Telar trIsmail: ::enters 'lift:: Hwaveyiir. ::'lift zoooooooooooms::
StrmsCalm: I suspect he's worse, due to the very nature of his clean hands, but I have no real idea.
Telar trIsmail: ::TL doors open, steps out onto Hwaveyiir::
StrmsCalm: ::rises:: Erei'Riov.
StrmsCalm: ::has sent a memo to Ilia and Aensai that in the absence of t'Lahra and tr'Llaidre, the Leaf is
to be secured by them.. personally::
Telar trIsmail: ::nods:: Ihhei. ::to K'Yele:: Rekkhai. I am pleased to say the prisoner is in the br'tehh and is closely
ookamikuro: K> ::glances toward Telar, and stands when Ael does:: Congratulations on the arrest.
Telar trIsmail: And I should also like to commend all the officers who helped bring her down.
Telar trIsmail: Hann'yyo Rekkhai.
StrmsCalm: Grant them leave, Telar. Who knows how long we will be at ch'Rihan?
StrmsCalm: I assume you will want to do all the press interviews yourself.
Telar trIsmail: I will do my best Ihhei.
ookamikuro: K> ::takes his seat again:: I haven't read a great deal about this case, I'm still catching up
on reports, but from what I do know tr'Llaidre and t'Lahra were not on good terms. He resented her for
her position.
ookamikuro: K> I have a feeling it's no coincidence that evidence implicating her was easy to find, and
evidence implicating him is elusive.
Telar trIsmail: ::heads to Tactical and assumes station::
StrmsCalm: At least you only had to look at the paperwork, Telar. I have spent days with her. ::thinks
back:: Decades.
Telar trIsmail: It must feel uncomfortable to say the least for this to have to happen, Ihhei.
StrmsCalm: ::sits back down, finally, and folds her hands in her lap:: It makes me feel angry. Beyond that, I
cannot quite grasp.
StrmsCalm: We must not let tr'Llaidre leave our sight, then, lest he prove to be as elusive as his crimes.
ookamikuro: K> He doesn't seem the type who would just run, ihhei. Too worried about how it would
reflect on his House.
StrmsCalm: ::chuckles:: People actually worry about that sort of thing these days?
StrmsCalm: Think of what this arrest will do to t'Lahra's estate...
ookamikuro: K> From all I've read, he's an aristocrat as much as he is an officer. Even if he were to be
arrested for this, he probably has friends in high enough places to get him an honorable discharge and
a year's probation.
ookamikuro: K> A luxury I doubt Enarrain t'Lahra's House can afford.
StrmsCalm: Maybe this will help us... if the galae insists on a more militaristic presence on the Leaf, to
StrmsCalm: further diplomatic indulgences...
StrmsCalm: ::is pained by that, but reasons:: I suppose she does not deserve that luxury. Telar, any idea
what may have motivated her?
ookamikuro: K> If you'd like, ihhei, I can make some calls... Plant a seed of doubt about tr'Llaidre's
involvement in this affair, perhaps prevent him from being promoted in his commander's place.
StrmsCalm: Will that not...cause trouble for us?
Telar trIsmail: Maybe she simply came across io item as a gift ... and greed took over. We would have to interrogate
StrmsCalm: I would encourage her to give a full confession voluntarily... maybe she knows something
about the others on her ship. Though she and tr'Llaidre were adversarial in our meetings.
ookamikuro: K> I doubt it would cause trouble, ihhei. Not if they are simply rumors. Of course we would
never officially spread such information.
Telar trIsmail: ::nods:: Perhaps she would cooperate. We will do our best.
StrmsCalm: ::dislikes the unknowing of it all::
StrmsCalm: I have full faith, Telar.
ookamikuro: K> It's quite possible she knows something about her Daise'Erei'Riov's involvement, you
could use that as leverage. Let her know that he's fully willing to throw her to the dogs. ::nods to Telar::
Telar trIsmail: I agree. ::smiles:: I will tell her just that.
Telar trIsmail: Then we will see whose fvai eats whose.
StrmsCalm: ::glances from wolf to wolf:: All well and good, unless...she doesn't know anything.
ookamikuro: K> I hope for her sake that isn't the case, ihhei. She'll have to be turned over to the JAG's
office soon enough.
StrmsCalm: ((2 minute warning!))
StrmsCalm: Ie. I don't owe her anything.
Telar trIsmail: ::q:: Who needs a JAG when the airlock is *so* much faster and efficient ...
StrmsCalm: Unfortunately, someone would notice the chief diplomatic Enarrain vanishing. Unlike, say, one
of us vanishing.
ookamikuro: K> ::wryly toward Telar:: But I could put in a transfer order to the Tal Shiar for you if you and
your methods would fit in better, tr'Isma'il.
Telar trIsmail: Elements forbid, Rekkhai. Na after vah they did to my family.
ookamikuro: K> ::shakes his head:: A joke, perhaps a poor one. ::standing, he turns to Ael:: By your
leave, ihhei, I'll start making those calls regarding tr'Llaidre.
StrmsCalm: ::inclines head::
StrmsCalm: ###########End Sim#########
StrmsCalm: ###########End Sim#########
StrmsCalm: ###########End Sim#########
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Postby Enarrain tVecj » Mon Apr 09, 2007 11:53 am

strmscalm: ########Begin Sim#########
strmscalm: ########Begin Sim#########
strmscalm: ########Begin Sim#########
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; ::being dragged down the hall:: Wait! Wait! I'll tell
you everything I knwo.
strmscalm: ((AFTER I return from the bathroom!))
ookamikuro: K&gt; ::pauses, having just followed them out of the brig:: I
am glad to hear that, ihhei.
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; ::sees K'Yele::sets jaw, does not show her relief::
Telar trIsmail: ::motions to t'Kirna and tr'Moussa:: Kroikha! ::pauses::
All right then ...
ookamikuro: tr'Llaidre&gt; ::breaks from small talk to remark:: I believe
my commander may have deserted us. Perhaps she was tired. I shall have to
be twice the guest in her place, then.
Telar trIsmail: t'Kirna, tr'Moussa > ::stop dragging t'Lahra, irritation
visible on their faces::
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; Please... I am not used to... this. ::glances at the
guards:: Barbarism.
JhuCaevra tTalia: Perhaps she and the Enarrain are getting to know one
another again. ::Lips slightly pursed in amusement as she glanced from the
door, returning her attention to tr'Llaidre.:: You seem out of place with her
as your Commander.
Telar trIsmail: So. ::hands behind back, circles her like a predatory
animal:: Au have something to tell us, Ihhei?
JhuCaevra tTalia: As though the two of you do not mesh well. May I ask why?
ookamikuro: K&gt; ::glances toward Telar, then the guards:: Let us go
back to the security office, then--just you, my security chief, and I. We
can talk somewhat more privately.
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; Something? ::laughs bitter:: I will tell you
Telar trIsmail: ::nods:: Mnekha. ::to t'Kirna and tr'Moussa:: Au re are
dismissed until later.
Telar trIsmail: t'Kirna, tr'Moussa > ::salute and leave::
ookamikuro: tr'Llaidre&gt; Hm. Not something I typically discuss over
dinner, but perhaps the ale has loosened my lips. t'Lahra and I have never
had a quite... Cordial relationship. She resents my placement as her second
in command.
Telar trIsmail: This way Ihhei.
Telar trIsmail: ::leads way to Security office::
JhuCaevra tTalia: Because of aur family status or something more personal?
Forgive me, I do na mean to pry... ::Total lie:: ..but I was curious. She
seems pleasant enough in mixed company, but presents subtle barbs at au when
au are around.
strmscalm: ::follows slowly::
ookamikuro: K&gt; ::follows along behind them toward the security office::
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; ::more comfortable with just Telar and the
well-appointed XO::
ookamikuro: tr'Llaidre&gt; I doubt it is anything personal, as we never met
before I was stationed here. She accuses me of using my family connections to
get ahead in the Galae, merely because I happen to have made
ookamikuro: Daise'Erei'Riov fifteen years before she did.
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; Does... Does Ael know what has happened?
Telar trIsmail: Ie Ihhei, she is aware that au have been taken here to the
br'tehh for interrogation.
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; ::nods::
JhuCaevra tTalia: Ah, I see. ::She took a small sip of her drink, ignoring
the various officers about them as if they did not exist at all.:: But I do
na understand why that would upset her. Many use connections of family to
elevate themselves.
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; I assume that... you report to her. ::snorts:: As
tr'Llaidre reports to me.
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; But I would prefer my confession to not be so
Telar trIsmail: ::gestures to seats:: Fhaen be seated Ihhei ... Rekkhai.
::entering the Security office::
ookamikuro: K&gt; I do report to her, ihhei, but I doubt at all like
tr'Llaidre reports to you...
ookamikuro: tr'Llaidre&gt; Jealousy, perhaps. House Lahra does not have
many such connections, certainly fewer than House Llaidre.
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; ::thin smile::
strmscalm: ((I totally thought K said the next line, and I was like,
Telar trIsmail: ::goes to replicator, comes back with tea for the three of
them, serves::
Telar trIsmail: ::sits back down:: Now I do believe au said, Ihhei, au were
going to tell us ... everything?
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; ::sits, accepts the tea and takes a sip without even
Telar trIsmail: ::sips::
ookamikuro: K&gt; ::takes the tea and allows Telar to do his thing::
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt;Survellience records of 20 years of secret
conferences, middle-of-the-night dalliances, interrogations..
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; Much like this. ::lifts tea::
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; If you have taken the ship, you may find them
yourselves. But I can certainly make the crew more...
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; Cooperative.
JhuCaevra tTalia: In aur opinion, does she do a fair job at commanding the
Leaf, or do au think au could do better? ::She ignored the server as her
plate was taken away and her glass refilled, too intent on tr'Llaidre.::
Telar trIsmail: Indeed. ::inclines head, looks at K'Yele::
ookamikuro: tr'Llaidre&gt; ::chuckles, taking a sip of ale as his own
glass is refilled:: That is a dangerous question to be asked by someone
directly representing the Senate, Advocate.
Telar trIsmail: More cooperative. ::muses on that::
ookamikuro: K&gt; ::nods slightly:: Well, please start from the
beginning. Was the art scheme initially your idea, or your second in
JhuCaevra tTalia: ::She smiled broadly, crossing her legs as she leaned back
in her chair.:: Perhaps, but the Senate is not interested in individuals, but
rather the efficiency of the fleet as a whole. If one portion is lacking, a
change would be
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; ::hedges:: It was 20 years ago, Subcommander. Aren't
you more interested in where all that art is now?
JhuCaevra tTalia: made. Perhaps they can na force the Galae to do exactly
what they wish, but they can put certain restrictions into place that make it
difficult for the Galae to function if they do na cooperate.
ookamikuro: K&gt; Quite interested, ihhei, but all in good time. Your
idea, or his?
Telar trIsmail: ::recording the session and making copious notes on an ISD
all the while::
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; caught. Trying to sell something he'd
swiped. Stupid, stupid man. Petty stuff.
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; Was going to bring down the Leaf with the scandal.
::shakes head::
Telar trIsmail: And this was when?
ookamikuro: tr'Llaidre&gt; And I suppose this would be a perfect time to
curry favor with the Senate, hm? Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, Advocate,
but t'Lahra--despite our disagreements--is a skilled commander. ::he doesn't
ookamikuro: sound too genuine--even nervous, maybe::
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; Oh, the survellience footage of that little thievery
is still in the records. About 20 years ago.
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; Say what you will about his "House," he needed the
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; The aristocracy died long before we were born.
Telar trIsmail: That long ago? And was nothing done to put a stop to this?
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; Before you?
ookamikuro: K&gt; I hate to ask, ihhei, but... Are you certain you have
the surveillance footage in your records? When was the last time you
JhuCaevra tTalia: Na disappointment. I only wanted aur opinion on the woman
as her second-in-command. Au deal with her more than anyone, I suspect.
::Tilting her head slightly, she eyed him, gauging her next question.:: Au
say au are loyal to her,
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; Oh, there are many copies. But it doesn't really
matter. Footage can be faked. Cloned. It's not the footage that counts.
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; Except for the endless public newsfeeds, of course.
JhuCaevra tTalia: despite her dislike of au, or aur family. I find that an
admirable quality.
Telar trIsmail: Then what does count?
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; It's the physical artifacts. Our culture. ch'Rihan's
treasures. All gone.
ookamikuro: tr'Llaidre&gt; The days of aristocracy may be coming to an
end, Advocate, but I feel aristocratic values still have a place in this
ookamikuro: K&gt; Ihhei, forgive me for taking a plebeian view of the
situation, but aren't you more concerned for your own future?
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; Subcommander... tr'Llaidre is on my ship, and yet, I
have remained the Enarrain, and unblemished, until now.
Telar trIsmail: ::glances at K'Yele:: We have to get to tr'Laidre before he
can make any moves.
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; Either I am strong enough for that, and I will be
fine, or I have been his scapegoat all along, and it will not matter.
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; Either way, my knowledge is yours, to use as you see
Telar trIsmail: ::nods:: And au have been of valuable service Ihhei.
ookamikuro: K&gt; And Enarrain t'Vecj will be relieved to hear it. I
hope, for your sake, that tr'Llaidre is still as clumsy as he once was.
ookamikuro: K&gt; ::stands:: tr'Isma'il, please continue taking down as
much information as you can. I'm going to report to the Enarrain.
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; He has been lulled by 20 years of having someone take
care of him.
JhuCaevra tTalia: ::She smiled slightly.:: Ie. A viewpoint mostly held by
those of the aristocracy. Do au think she would ever betray au? ::Deciding
to see how far he was willing to be pushed.::
Telar trIsmail: Ie Rekkhai, I shall.
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; ::smiles at Telar:: Ah, ie. Let us discuss the many
nooks and crannies...
Telar trIsmail: ::smiles back:: Let us, Ihhei. It ought to be very
ookamikuro: K&gt; ::exits the security office and makes his way back to
the hwaveyiir::
ookamikuro: tr'Llaidre&gt; Betray me, Advocate? Exactly how do you mean?
::A bit of that nervousness returns::
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; Of course, most of the records are off-ship...but in
many of the food replicators installed in quarters, there
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; are microchips.
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; Video, data, and of course, the books recording
transport and payment and item.
strmscalm: ((1 minute warning!))
Telar trIsmail: ::jotting down info:: Ingenious ...
strmscalm: t'Lahra&gt; Perhaps measurey ou could implement.
JhuCaevra tTalia: Do au think she would destroy aur career to elevate
herself? There are some commanding officers in the Galae that will stop at
nothing to hold and keep their ships. The Senate has met some... resistance
in the past.
Telar trIsmail: Any good ideas to improve security, ie ...
ookamikuro: K&gt; ::enters the hwaveyiir:: Well, she has decided to
cooperate. I fear it won't be enough, though.
strmscalm: ##########End Sim##########
strmscalm: ##########End Sim##########
strmscalm: ##########End Sim##########
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11:22 : Aelvna tVecj : ######Begin Sim########
11:22 : ######Begin Sim########
11:22 : ######Begin Sim########
11:23 : ::gazes at K'Yele:: You fear her confession is not enough? To save herself?
11:23 : Telar trIsmail : :::in Main Security, going over ISDs, conferring with t'Kirna and tr'Moussa:::
11:23 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lahra> ::eyes the cell, wondering where she will be sent to live the rest of her short life::
11:24 : ookamikuro : ::nods slightly:: My feeling is that tr'Llaidre may have manipulated the evidence to implicate her alone. That may have been his idea from the beginning.
11:24 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Gazing at tr'Llaidre.::
11:24 : Do au think she would destroy aur career to elevate herself? There are some commanding officers in the Galae that will stop at nothing to hold and keep their ships. The Senate has met some... resistance in the past.
11:25 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > She just admitted all of this Rekkhai? ::looking at evidence::
11:25 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> I... honestly couldn't comment on the Enarrain's motivations, Advocate, you'd have to ask her. I can see no reason why she'd need to destroy me for the sake of her position.
11:25 : Aelvna tVecj : If it is just a feeling... should we believe her? What's to keep us from turning over our hold on the Leaf?
11:25 : Telar trIsmail : It took a while. Did na come tumbling out like an avalanche off of the mountains of Chula.
11:26 : ookamikuro : K> We won't know until we see the evidence she claims to have. Video recordings, accounting records, logs.
11:26 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > But is it credible Rekkhai? Is it real or could it be forgeries and deceptions?
11:27 : Aelvna tVecj : But in the not knowing...
11:27 : JhuCaevra tTalia : I see. ::She nodded absently and then glanced about the room as she noted that several of the other officers were beginning to trickle out. And t'Lahra still had not reappeared with Ael.::
11:27 : Telar trIsmail : ::rubs chin:: For the moment I'd be inclined to believe her. She has everything to lose and tr'Laidre would have everything to gain.
11:27 : ookamikuro : K> In the not knowing, we don't immediately have evidence against tr'Llaidre.
11:28 : Telar trIsmail : ::pauses:: But that does na mean I am taking everything without at least io grain of salt. There may be something amiss in this.
11:28 : ookamikuro : K> Meaning, if it comes to it, we may be forced to turn over control of the Leaf.
11:28 : Telar trIsmail : ::turns ISDs over to them:: If there is, it will be in here. Find it, if it exists.
11:29 : And see just vah we can dig up more against tr'Laidre.
11:29 : Aelvna tVecj : ::did not get the answer she wanted to hear, but knows from experience that is probably the right one::
11:29 : ::sets jaw::
11:29 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna, tr'Moussa > Ie Rekkhai. ::head to desks with ISDs::
11:29 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> It appears we may have been left to our own devices, Advocate. Is there anything remaining on the tour to see?
11:29 : Aelvna tVecj : We'll leave the evidence gathering to Telar and Aensai. Let's go see our new ship while we can.
11:30 : ookamikuro : K> ::nods and stands, moving to accompany Ael::
11:30 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Ie, it seems the festivities are losing momentum. ::Turning back to tr'Llaidre.:: What have au seen thus far?
11:31 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> Thus far? The mess hall, the transporter room, and the corridors and turbolift in between.
11:32 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::She smiled.:: Then au have na had a proper tour. I'm sure it is paltry compared to what au are accustomed to on the Leaf, but au may be interested to see how the majority of the Galae operates.
11:32 : Aelvna tVecj : ::leads K'Yele to the TL, then through the airlock, into the Leaf cargo bay::
11:32 : ::sighs at the lack of honor guard::Perhaps we should have commed.
11:32 : +Leaf oira+ This is Enarrain t'Vecj.
11:33 : K Dogger : +Ael+ Ie, Enarrain?
11:34 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> Oh, I'm quite interested. Shall we? ::As he stands, his personal guards flanking the doorway stiffen and prepare to follow, but he waves them off:: I don't believe I will need your services, gentlemen.
11:35 : Aelvna tVecj : +Ilia+ I am making my way to the oira with the Daise'Erei'Riov. ::implying 'unless you think that's not a good idea'::
11:36 : K Dogger : +Ael+ Ssuaj'ha, rekkhai. Everything here is calm... ::glances around the oira:: A bit more welcoming than I'd expected.
11:36 : ookamikuro : Duty Ne'Arrain> ::cringes obsequiously::
11:36 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Glances to the guards as she passes, then turns as they enter the corridor, waiting for tr'Llaidre to join her. In her mind, she was running through the various possibilities of what Ael and t'Lahra might be doing.::
11:36 : Aelvna tVecj : ::arches eyebrow::
11:37 : ookamikuro : K> ::shrugs to Ael::
11:37 : Aelvna tVecj : ::zooms up in a TL that understands "oira" and strides out into the Leaf's domain::
11:37 : K Dogger : ::bows to Ael and K'Yele, stepping back from the command chair::
11:38 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::follows out:: How long have you been serving as Advocate here on the Hnoiyika, again?
11:38 : Aelvna tVecj : ::bows back, less deeply, and glances around::
11:38 : Have you...informed them?
11:39 : K Dogger : ::nods:: Ie, rekkhai. They were entirely ... not to say congenial, but... accepting of the transfer of power.
11:40 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Cryll > ::exiting office and entering Main Security:: Jolan'tru Rekkhai. How goes it?
11:40 : JhuCaevra tTalia : A few years now, though it sometimes seems longer. The Enarrain did na exactly welcome me aboard when I was first assigned, but I struggled through as best I could. ::She took his arm as they walked for the lift, smiling at him.::
11:40 : Aelvna tVecj : ::glances at K'Yele before saying:: We believe tr'Llaidre will be resuming command, pending the outcome of the investigation.
11:41 : Telar trIsmail : ::looks up from ISD, smiles:: Ah Maec. Mnekha, hann'yyo. ::jerks head:: We have her in the br'tehh, with her confession.
11:41 : ookamikuro : Ne'Arrain> ::cringes again, in fact the whole tension level on the bridge increases a notch::
11:41 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Cryll > Excellent!
11:41 : JhuCaevra tTalia : I can na blame her reaction, however. Few commanding officers would welcome what they would consider to be a spy of the Senate on board. But if I were na openly assigned, the Senate would have chosen more... subtle... means.
11:41 : Telar trIsmail : But I am na sure ... na quite sure ... if that confession was truly genuine.
11:42 : K Dogger : ::glances around the oira:: Very well, rekkhai... where is the Daise Erei'Rriov now..?
11:42 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Cryll > ::narrows brows:: There are devious sorts everywhere Rekkhai. Guard au'r back.
11:42 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::seems quite mollified by the arm-taking, smiling broadly:: That is certainly true. Many of the diplomats we've hosted on the Leaf have been either Senators or their aides,
11:43 : Aelvna tVecj : ::smiles thinly at Ilia::He is where you last saw him.
11:43 : ookamikuro : and it's no secret that they don't just come for diplomacy's sake. Though I'm sure they have plans to assign us an Advocate of our own before too long...
11:43 : Telar trIsmail : That I shall, and au au'rs. So ... how goes work at au'r end?
11:44 : tr'Cryll > ::shrugs:: Na so busy as when au put me on the trail of the susse-thrai.
11:44 : ookamikuro : K> ::glances curiously at the bridge crew's expressions, then back to Ael, but doesn't bother to speak::
11:44 : K Dogger : ::molds her smirk into a smile:: I see. Then the investigation is perhaps not yet completed?
11:45 : Aelvna tVecj : ::settles into the command chair:: I'd like a roster of what's scheduled for the next week. You have my leave, Daise'Erei'Riov. (to do whatever it is you do).
11:45 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Most likely. A most desirable position. ::She entered the lift with him as it opened and called for it to take them to the bridge, deciding on showing him their small command center first.:: It would be fortunate if someone was
11:46 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Cryll > Anything I may be of service to au in this matter Rekkhai, au have but to ask.
11:46 : ookamikuro : Ne'Arrain> ::scurries to get that information to the new commander, possibly in the hope that she'll stay longer that way::
11:46 : Aelvna tVecj : The investigation is not yet completed, na.
11:46 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods:: Hann'yyo, Maec, I shall when I need au.
11:46 : JhuCaevra tTalia : assigned to your ship, but held back some of the reports to the Senate. Na everything needs to be sent along, afterall. Some things can be... incriminating. Taken out of context, au know.
11:46 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Cryll > ::exits::
11:47 : Aelvna tVecj : Though I expect he will be making his appearance sooner, rather than later. We should be prepared.
11:47 : K Dogger : ::bows to Ael once again and withdraws to the TL to return to the Hnoiyika and her office/closet::
11:48 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> Certainly, some reports do need the proper context to be fully understood. I hope only that our own Advocate understands this as well as you seem to.
11:48 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Fine, be that way))
11:48 : ::looks around the oira, feels the back of her neck prickle::
11:48 : ::has the distinct feeling that the bridge crew preferred Ilia to her::
11:48 : ::snarls a bit::
11:49 : Telar trIsmail : ::touches screen and watches display of information to date on tr'Laidre::
11:49 : ookamikuro : N'A> ::actually squeaks at that, holding an ISD out towards Ael at arm's length::
11:49 : Aelvna tVecj : ::takes the ISD::
11:49 : Hann'yyo.
11:50 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Ie. ::Glances sidelong at him. When the lift doors opened, she stepped out and disengaged herself from him, moving onto the bridge.:: This, of course, is the command center. Smaller than the Leaf, but na less important.
11:50 : K Dogger : ::enters her office, mind running over the task at hand--completing the investigation::slides in behind her desk and begins scanning the ship for t'Llaidre's location::
11:50 : Aelvna tVecj : ::assumes these officers used connections to get cushy jobs instead of front line jobs, feels contempt for them all::
11:50 : Telar trIsmail : ::frowns at the obvious gaps, wonders how much more data needs to be collected before they can trap him::
11:52 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Kyle, are you still on the oira?))
11:52 : ookamikuro : ((Indeed.))
11:52 : Aelvna tVecj : ::says loudly:: The next step, Daise'Erei'Riov, is to determine who was complicit... The Enarrain never acts alone.
11:52 : K Dogger : ::smiles at the perfection of it::turns to the replicator behind her types in an order, generating a small flesh-colored patch::palms it and exits her office for the hwaveyiir::
11:53 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::looks around the bridge:: Mm, quite smaller. Still, there are fewer systems to be managed, so it's more efficient this way. Tell me, Advocate--do you enjoy your time spent here on the Hnoiyika?
11:54 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Enjoy it? ::She paused, her fingers running over one of the currently unmanned consoles. Brown gaze shifted to those on duty, staring until they turned back to their business.:: I would na exactly phrase it in that manner.
11:55 : K Dogger : ::a few moments later, emerges from the TL::glances over at Jhu and t'Llaidre, looking a bit taken aback::
11:55 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::She wandered closer to him, her voice dropped slightly.:: I tolerate it if nothing else...
11:55 : K Dogger : Jolan tru, Daise Erei'Rriov.. ::bows:: ... t'Talia.
11:55 : ookamikuro : K> I'm sure it will be a matter of time, ihhei. Evidence is never really destroyed, only misplaced.
11:55 : Aelvna tVecj : ::realizes that on a ship with a thousand crew, instead of a handful, there will be people on the oira ALL THE TIME::
11:56 : And we are good at hnoiyikaing it out. ::nods::
11:56 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::glances toward Ilia, holding back a scowl at being interrupted when Jhu was... so close:: Jolan tru, Erei'Riov ... ?
11:57 : Aelvna tVecj : ((2 minute warning!))
11:57 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::She turned and nodded to Ilia.:: Jolan tru. I was giving our guest a tour of the ship before he returns to the Leaf.
11:57 : K Dogger : I was not expecting you two here.
11:57 : ::nods:: How do you find our little ship's nerve center?
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna, tr'Moussa > ::returning from perusing ISDs::
11:58 : K Dogger : I've just returned from the Leaf's own... it was most impressive. I had gathered the ship was well accommodated, but... to actually see it..! ::lets out a brief chuckle::
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : ::looks up:: Ie, and?
11:59 : K Dogger : I envy you a bit, to go back. ::smiles slightly, not making eye contact in a show of respect::
11:59 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::looks at tr'Moussa, back at tr'Isma'il:: Na a thing Rekkhai. ::sighs:: She may be telling the truth.
11:59 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> May I ask why you were needed on the Leaf's oira?
11:59 : Telar trIsmail : Anything au might find on tr'Laidre?
12:00 : Sunday, April 15, 2007
12:00 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::shakes head:: Na just yet Rekkhai. I hope we will and soon.
12:00 : K Dogger : Your Enarrain was kind enough to give the senior staff a tour.
12:00 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Oh lies! Dirty lies!))
12:00 : K Dogger : (( NO ONE TOLD ME. ))
12:00 : Aelvna tVecj : ((no, it's the right call))
12:00 : Telar trIsmail : We had *better* find something on him soon. ::leans forward:: Or he might walk free.
12:00 : Aelvna tVecj : ((I'm just...exclaiming))
12:00 : Telar trIsmail : ::pauses;: We can na afford that.
12:00 : K Dogger : I'll stop delaying you, though, Daise Erei'Rriov. ::bows again:: I hope you enjoy the tour.. ::sidelong glance at Jhu::
12:01 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna, tr'Moussa > Ssuaj-ha Rekkhai.
12:01 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> So that's where she snuck off to... Ah well, I'm enjoying my tour, and company, quite a bit better I believe.
12:01 : Aelvna tVecj : #########End Sim########
12:01 : #########End Sim########
12:01 : #########End Sim########
12:01 : K Dogger : But if you'll excuse me, I need to get to that console behind you. ::nods at it with her jaw and moves toward it, sliding behind him::
12:01 : Telar trIsmail : :::desuap:::
12:01 : K Dogger : ::PLACING THE PATCH ON HIS HAND::
12:01 : Aelvna tVecj : ARGH.
12:01 : SORRY.
12:01 : ::magic edits::
12:01 : #########End Sim########
12:01 : #########End Sim########
12:01 : v
12:01 : #########End Sim########
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11:24 : #########Begin Sim##########
11:24 : ::sitting on the oira, going through galae reports on an ISD:: I have a feeling...that the more I think of this ship as caviar and dancing every night... the less it is going to be like that.
11:25 : K Dogger : ::moves up to her station, leaving tr'Llaidre to finish his tour with Jhu in peace::
11:25 : ookamikuro : K> The Elements demand humility toward duty, ihhei, and when we forget it they do find ways of reminding us of it.
11:26 : Telar trIsmail : ::taking the 'lift with others to Main Security:: Vah we did na find on the Hnoiyika we must find here.
11:26 : K Dogger : ::goes over some routine business, checking duty logs, passively assuming command in the least disruptive way possible::
11:26 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna, S'Nac, tr'Moussa, T'Nal > ::nodnodnodditynod::
11:26 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::frowns slightly at the impertinent Erei'Riov touching him, but continues his tour with Jhu'Caevra all the same::
11:27 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Are you taking over my ship?))
11:28 : Ie, Daise'Erei'Riov. I just fear once the seed of desire is planted, the Elements know, no amount of hiding I do.
11:28 : K Dogger : (( In that the CO and XO are on another ship, and I, the third officer, am aboard the Hnoiyika? Yes. Yes I am. ))
11:28 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Hee. You and your dirty, dirty logic))
11:29 : You'd think the galae would have realized we are not as skilled in the art of diplomacy as we are the art of
11:29 : arresting people.
11:29 : Telar trIsmail : ::'lift opens, exits into corridor leading into Main Security with others::
11:30 : ookamikuro : K> Certainly not, ihhei. They've seen how well you deal with the media, and must have decided obscure alien cultures will be easy in comparison.
11:30 : Aelvna tVecj : :: peers at K'Yele over her ISD:: obscure... alien... cultures? WHat have you heard?
11:30 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::pauses on his way with Jhu down one corridor, and leans against the bulkhead:: I suddenly don't feel quite well... Perhaps I did drink too much ale after all.
11:31 : K> The Leaf wasn't just a place for Senators' dinner parties, they entertained ambassadors from nearly all the border and colony systems.
11:32 : K Dogger : ::blinks confusedly at tr'Llaidre::
11:32 : Telar trIsmail : Leaf Enpiecie Security tr'Dude > ::in high whiny voice:: What is your business here? This is confidential.
11:33 : Aelvna tVecj : ::goes back to scrolling through missions, takes a sip of the tea on her armrest::
11:33 : Their tea... is so much better..
11:33 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::swallows visibly:: In fact, if you'll excuse me, I will retire to my quarters for the night.
11:33 : Telar trIsmail : Na longer. ::nods to T'Nal:: Take him to the br'tehh. ::faces tr'Dude:: Au and any of au'r comrades who resist are under arrest.
11:34 : K Dogger : Certainly, Daise Erei'Rriov... ::stands and bows as he moves toward the TL::
11:34 : ookamikuro : K> I'm told their replicators are supplied with thirty-seven amino acids instead of our twenty. ::glances down towards his console as it blips::
11:34 : K Dogger : I hope the meal did not disagree with you...
11:34 : Telar trIsmail : ::to t'Kirna and tr'Moussa:: Confiscate as many files down here as au can possibly find that lead to information on the Daise'Erei'Riov.
11:34 : Aelvna tVecj : Is all that acid good for you?
11:35 : Telar trIsmail : Leaf Security tr'Dude > ::whines:: But au can na, au ...
11:35 : T'Nal > Come this way. ::grabs tr'Dude with immense power and pulls him down the corridor::
11:35 : K Dogger : (( ::watches K'Yele's head explode:: ))
11:36 : ookamikuro : K> Communique coming in from the Galae, ihhei.
11:36 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna, tr'Moussa > Ie Rekkhai ... ::begin sorting through files and ISDs, accumulating data::
11:38 : Leaf Enpicie Security t'Dudette > ::cocks head:: That would na be wise, Erei'Riov. All these files ... should they fall into the wrong hands ... ::shrugs::
11:39 : ::turns to t'Dudette, coldly:: *That* is something I shall bear responsibility for. Hna run along before I ask my h'fai here ::indicates S'Nac:: to take au to the br'tehh also.
11:40 : Security t'Dudette > ::sniffs:: Well. ... WELL ... *HMPF!!* ::turns around, swishes tushy, sashays off in a snit::
11:41 : Aelvna tVecj : ;;sighs::clicks accept:: Ie, Galae Khre'Riov?
11:42 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::returns with quite a stack of ISDs in her hands, beaming:: Rekkhai ... if this and ... ::looks over shoulder:: vah Nveid has gotten don't convict the man I do na know vah will.
11:42 : ookamikuro :
Daise'Enarrain t'Dalhu> ::pops onscreen:: Enarrain t'Vecj. The Khre'Riov is indisposed. Good work on the apprehension of t'Lahra. It's going to look good for our 'Clean Out the Crooks' campaign we started over the
11:43 : Telar trIsmail : Mnekha work. ::watches her set the ISDs down with many a tr'clackety-clack::
11:43 : ookamikuro : past several months. Unfortunately... She and her crew were to be sent out this afternoon on a rather time-sensitive mission, and we don't have any other replacements for the Leaf in the area.
11:43 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::comes over and sets HIS stacks down with many a tr'clackety-clack too:: ::sighs:: This should nail him Rekkhai.
11:44 : Aelvna tVecj : No one on all of ch'Rihan? How many crooks did you clean out, rekkhai?
11:45 : ookamikuro : t'Dalhu> ::pauses:: Droll, commander. We have a great many warships available, but we need a diplomatic vessel. I've been given authorization to shift the orders to you in t'Lahra's stead.
11:45 : Telar trIsmail : ::beams:: Let's get them to the Enarrain hna. +T'Nal+ Meet us at the 'lift, we're heading to the Oira. ::makes a bit of a face at the strange word::
11:46 : T'Nal > +tr'Isma'il+ Hrrau my way. ::leaves tr'Dude and sprints from the br'tehh::
11:46 : Aelvna tVecj : Hann'yyo. What of tr'Llaidre? Has he been briefed previously?
11:47 : Telar trIsmail : Right. ::indicates ISDs:: Let's each take a stack and head to the 'lift. ::picks up his share as do the others::
11:48 : ookamikuro : t'Dalhu> Ie, he can fill you in on the details of the situation. I am also sending several previous mission logs. It may be best to allow tr'Llaidre to handle the negotiations when you arrive. The mission is with the
11:48 : Telar trIsmail : ::enters the 'lift with t'Kirna, T'Nal, tr'Moussa and S'Nac:: Oira. ::makes face again:: ::'lift moves::
11:49 : ookamikuro : Ilosians of Penumbra I--they've begun production testing of a primitive antimatter-powered warp drive, and we have security interests in that area of the sector. It would be much better for all parties if the Ilosians would
11:49 : work with us to develop Galae-compatible AQS technology.
11:49 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::q:: As someio from the Lloan'na once said ages ago, "Mission accomplished." ::smirks::
11:50 : ::peers at her:: He *did* say it prematurely though ... do na count au'r hlai'in before they are hatched.
11:51 : ::'lift opens, steps out with others onto ... (( AAGH!! )) Oira::
11:53 : ( brb )
11:53 : Aelvna tVecj : ((3 minute warning!))
11:53 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::entering his stateroom on the Leaf, he wobbles just within the doorway then leans against the bulkhead just within... Then he quickly dashes toward the lavatory, looking pale::
11:54 : Aelvna tVecj : So we go and show those Ilosians what's what?
11:54 : K Dogger : (( Nice editing there! ))
11:54 : Aelvna tVecj : What are we authorized to do, rekkhai?
11:57 : ookamikuro : t'Dalhu> You are authorized to take diplomatic measures only, Enarrain. We don't need an interstellar incident out there on the Neutral Zone border. But it is imperative that the Ilosians see the benefit of working
11:57 : Telar trIsmail : ( back )
11:57 : ookamikuro : with us... rather than against us. ::as if that explains everything::
11:57 : Aelvna tVecj : ::inclines head:: I understand.
11:58 : ((30 seconds, people!))
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : ::q:: ::to tr'Moussa:: Charming ...
11:59 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::washes his mouth out at his sink, groaning quietly. He pools some water in his hands then slicks it back over his hair. When he pulls his hands back down... A goodly amount of hair has come with it.:: ...What?
11:59 : K Dogger : (( ::mwahahaha:: ))
12:00 : Sunday, May 6, 2007
12:00 : Aelvna tVecj : #########End Sim######
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11:27 : #######Begin Sim#########
11:27 : #######Begin Sim#########
11:27 : #######Begin Sim#########
11:28 : Set course for Penumbra I. How far do their satellites extend?
11:29 : If they've never seen a warbird... I do na wish to scare them. ::slight smile::
11:30 : Telar trIsmail : ::TL doors open, and Telar, S'Nac, T'Nal, t'Kirna and tr'Moussa all step out onto the ::coughwheezechoke:: Oira with quite a few ISDs each::
11:30 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Jhu stood on the bridge quietly watching the proceeding unfold. Out of the way of the regular crew, she's chosen one of the unoccupied consoles to get a better reading of the surrounding area.::
11:30 : Aelvna tVecj : ::thinking of tr'Llaidre, but will cross that oira when he shows up::
11:30 : ookamikuro : K> ::glancing at his console:: Radio-based, ihhei. No passive sensors capable of picking up our signature. We should be able to get into standard orbit without their knowledge.
11:30 : Aelvna tVecj : Surely they have telescopes, Daise'Erei'Riov. Even them.
11:31 : Telar trIsmail : ::heading over to Security station on :cough: Oira with ISDs and depositing them there as do the others::
11:31 : ookamikuro : K> ::inclines his head:: There is the small chance that someone will happen to be pointing a telescope in the proper direction, ie.
11:32 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::with the Enarrain, of course::
11:32 : Aelvna tVecj : ::glances over her shoulder:: Erei'Riov tr'Is'mail...we are now on a vessel with the finest doctors in the Empire. Perhaps you should get that checked.
11:32 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::unless she is in the bathroom, or in bed or getting dressed or some such thing then he is outside::
11:32 : JhuCaevra tTalia : They do have two lunar satellites orbiting their planet. Perhaps au could use them to aur advantage. ::Reading through the planet's report.::
11:32 : Aelvna tVecj : ::nods to K'Yele:: I do na mind being spotted in theory. I would just like to control how.
11:32 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::lying in a biobed, having been admitted by the medical duty staffer, but still waiting on triage and labs. The diuretic he received after only an hour's wait has stopped most of the vomiting...::
11:32 : Aelvna tVecj : ::gestures at Jhu:: Exactly.
11:33 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Her gaze drifted from the console to the security team, studying them for a brief moment.::
11:33 : Telar trIsmail : Ssuaj-ha Ihhei. Meantime we come ... bearing gifts as it were. ::makes his way to her side with an ISD:: We have quite a lot of information ... on tr'Laidre.
11:34 : Aelvna tVecj : ::takes the ISD, passes it to Aensai::
11:34 : Enough for the final nails in his coffin, Telar?
11:34 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::takes ISD and starts to read it::
11:35 : Telar trIsmail : And then some Ihhei, and then some. ::smiles with satisfaction::
11:35 : Aelvna tVecj : You have done very well. I am sure we can use this to our advantage.
11:36 : ::murmurs:: All his talk of his title and his estates, and we may have the last laugh.
11:36 : Telar trIsmail : Undoubtedly we can, and will, Ihhei. I look forward to seeing the denouement play out.
11:36 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::isn't laughing:: ::in fact, he scrambles to grab the bedpan, face going green::
11:37 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::She returned her gaze to the console to read the initial findings of the planet's people, but she listened carefully to Telar's recount of tr'Llaidre, wondering what their plans were for him.::
11:38 : Telar trIsmail : Aboard the Hnoiyika all the investigations were ... ::holds up hand, fingers spread apart, pokes finger of other hand through fingers:: full of holes.
11:39 : Here ... the records are complete.
11:39 : He can't evade our investigation on his own ship.
11:40 : ookamikuro : K> At this point, I wonder if that will be any consolation to his former commander.
11:40 : Aelvna tVecj : ((What did we do with her, anyway?))
11:40 : ookamikuro : ((Threw her in a loony bin.))
11:40 : Aelvna tVecj : ::chuckles:: The crew has been... very cooperative. Surprisingly so.
11:40 : Telar trIsmail : I have na idea, Rekkhai. All that comes to mind is an old Rihannsu proverb -- How are the mighty fallen.
11:40 : Aelvna tVecj : Perhaps this will exonerate her. Though I am not sure she deserves that.
11:42 : Aensai, you are now on a diplomatic ship. You will have your chance to influence Imperial policy.
11:43 : Telar trIsmail : S'Nac, t'Kirna, T'Nal, tr'Moussa > ::over at Security basically having a field day sorting through the ISDs and carefully copying off info onto datachips for preservation when they return to the Hnoiyika::
11:44 : JhuCaevra tTalia : What will happen to this ship, do au suppose? ::Making a few inquiries into the system. She was, of course, thinking they could take it over and continue to use it. The lavish surroundings were more to her taste.::
11:44 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> Why has no doctor even seen me yet? ::he's been demanding this for some time, but by now it's particularly shrill:: Don't you know who I am, don't you recognize your own subcommander!
11:44 : Aelvna tVecj : ::glances at the ISD, then at Telar:: If knowledge is power, and knowing is half the battle... ::gestures, knowing he likes such proverbs:: Then this must be a great
11:45 : victory for your department. And to think, none of it by interrogation.
11:45 : ookamikuro : Attending nurse> ::very gently reminds him:: Rekkhai... Just seven months ago you had most of our off-shift medical personnel terminated for budget cuts. You asked why we'd need them on a diplomatic ship.
11:46 : Telar trIsmail : ::smiles and nods:: It has been some memorable days for us indeed Ihhei. And by au'r leave I will be checking with my subordinates before making that trip au recommended to Medical.
11:46 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> Well damn it, call the on-shift doctor and tell him too-- ::dissolves into a fit of wracking coughs, spattering blood into his hand::
11:46 : Aelvna tVecj : ::inclines head:: You have my leave.
11:47 : ::turns to Jhu, with a rare, wide smile:: It is ours.
11:47 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods, heads to Security station:: Well my friends what have we here?
11:47 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>Yes sir.
11:47 : Aensai>*thinks a gun, a big gun does a lot of influening!*
11:48 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::looks up:: A veritable latinum mine Rekkhai ...
11:48 : JhuCaevra tTalia : For how long, one might ask? ::Gazing at Ael.:: I've seen the quarters here and even the smallest is as larger as aur own on the Hnoiyika.
11:48 : Telar trIsmail : T'Nal > Au aren't kidding. The information that's coming up is absolutely astonishing.
11:48 : Aelvna tVecj : ::decides not to chide Jhu about 'roughing it' for so long::
11:49 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > It should take us a few hours or so to get this all organized Rekkhai.
11:49 : Aelvna tVecj : For at least as as long we are at Penumbra. t'Lahra and tr'Llaidre had been here 20 years.
11:49 : Who would replace them?
11:49 : Telar trIsmail : S'Nac > But a few very rewarding hours.
11:50 : Indeed. Carry on then. I shall be below decks in Medical. ::turns and enters 'lift:: Medical. ::'lift doors close::
11:51 : ::'lift moves downward:: ::thinks I *hate* Medical ... although officers such as Eton and Teelis did make it more tolerable ... once long ago ...::
11:51 : ookamikuro : K> It appears, ihhei, that we're to replace them. Though we'll have tr'Llaidre's assistance, at least.
11:51 : Telar trIsmail : ::TL doors open, steps out, walks down corridor::
11:52 : Aelvna tVecj : That concerns me. He managed to cow the entire crew, including his Enarrain.
11:52 : JhuCaevra tTalia : I am sure I could think if one Enarrain that might fit the position... ::A slight smile as she glanced back down to the console. There was not a terrible amount of information on the planet, but what had been reported was at least
11:52 : somewhat helpful.::
11:52 : Aelvna tVecj : I am not sure how I would do on an even playing field.
11:52 : ookamikuro : Duty nurse> ::moves quickly to tr'Llaidre's side, checking his blood pressure with a concerned grimace:: You're losing blood pressure, you probably have a hemhorrage in your lungs.
11:52 : Aelvna tVecj : ::gazes at Jhu:: With help. All the things that have seemed unlikely now, aboard the Leaf, seem to fit.
11:52 : ookamikuro : DN> You're certain you haven't been in contact with anything radioactive in the past several days? You're showing all the signs of acute radiation poisoning.
11:55 : Aelvna tVecj : What's your take on this brave new world?
11:56 : Telar trIsmail : ::enters Medical, looks around, notices a (second) nurse:: Jolan'tru. Erei'Riov tr'Isma'il, Daise Tactical and Security. I am here because I needed a slight respiratory problem checked ...
11:56 : ... and I would also like a routine check done on my heart as well.
11:57 : JhuCaevra tTalia : A change of scenery is always pleasant, especially when the scenery is pleasing. ::Glancing back to Ael.:: Did au notice that there is an entire fleet of civilian servants aboard this ship?
11:57 : Telar trIsmail : Nurse > Very well. This way. ::leads way to biobed:: Any history of cardiac problems Rekkhai?
11:57 : Aelvna tVecj : Servants? To serve... us?
11:58 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::coughs loudly:: I told you I haven't. Someone has done this to me. Call the doctor, now.
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : ::seating self on biobed:: Ie I am afraid so. I have had two coronaries within the past thi years.
11:58 : ookamikuro : K> I had to turn them out of my quarters last night.
11:58 : DN> ::nods slightly and pages the doctor to come on-duty:: He'll be here in a matter of moments, rekkhai.
11:59 : Telar trIsmail : Nurse > ::makes as if to look at him as though over spectacles down her nose ... if she *were* wearing spectacles, that is:: *Two*? And au are hrrau active duty?
11:59 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Ie. Servants. I've interviewed several of them and it seems that a surprising number come from outlying territories and they are na aboard of their own volition.
11:59 : Aelvna tVecj : ((now I want to write really inappropriate logs about my servants))
11:59 : Telar trIsmail : I am a soldier. And I was pronounced fit for duty each time.
11:59 : JhuCaevra tTalia : tr'Llaidre in particular seemed to have... exotic... tastes. Or so the rumors are...
12:00 : Sunday, May 20, 2007
12:00 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>::listens::
12:00 : Telar trIsmail : Nurse > ::sighs inwardly:: Very well. Hna ... ::gets stethoscope out:: Breathe deeply ... hna ... and again ... ie, again ...
12:00 : ::takes several deep inhalations and exhalations as instructed::
12:01 : ::looks up:: Is there something wrong?
12:01 : Aelvna tVecj : ((2 minute warning!))
12:01 : ::furrows brow:: I wonder if that footage showed up in Telar's report.
12:02 : Telar trIsmail : Nurse > ::wrinkles brow:: Hm, there seems to be ... lie down a siuren or re and let me check the vitals more closely.
12:02 : ::lies back::
12:02 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Perhaps. ::A slight smile.:: Further investigation of his quarters may produce something.
12:03 : ookamikuro : Doctor> ::enters medbay:: Someone paged me? ::she glances back and forth between two patients on biobeds, and wonders where to begin...::
12:03 : Telar trIsmail : Nurse > ::looks at vitals ... shakes head, then looks at Telar:: Hypertension. Did they discontinue the Tri-enol?
12:04 : Tri-enol? I wasn't even on that. Something like ... Prolex IV.
12:04 : Nurse > Was that discontinued?
12:04 : ::nods:: Ie, about six months back. Why?
12:05 : Nurse > ::writes out prescription:: I am going to notify the Maenak immediately ... and recommend au be put on Tri-enol at once.
12:05 : But ... ::makes as if to leave::
12:05 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Though she would never admit to it, some small portion of her felt bad about tr'Llaidre's situation. She'd actually liked him, despite the acts the security team claimed he committed.::
12:05 : Telar trIsmail : Nurse > Na ... au are going na where. ::heads out to nursing station::
12:06 : Aelvna tVecj : #########End Sim#########
12:06 : #########End Sim#########
12:06 : Telar trIsmail : ::slumps back on biobed, feeling defeated:|:
12:06 : Aelvna tVecj : #########End Sim#########
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11:19 : ###########Begin Sim##########
11:19 : ###########Begin Sim##########
11:19 : ###########Begin Sim##########
11:20 : Aensai, is this planet broadcasting anything we can pick up?
11:20 : ::on the oira::
11:20 : Telar trIsmail : ::getting up from biobed, listening to instructions of Nurse re medication:: Ie, ie, I shall see to it. Good day then.
11:21 : ookamikuro : Doctor> ::moves to stand beside tr'Llaidre's biobed:: Report on the patient's status?
11:21 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>Not yet, no.
11:21 : Telar trIsmail : Nurse > Elements be with au Erei'Riov. ::watches him leave:: And do na fail to take that medication regularly! ::returns to station, tsk tsking::
11:22 : ::exits Medical, quite relieved, and heads to 'lift::
11:22 : ookamikuro : Other Nurse> Presented two hours ago with symptoms of severe radiation poisoning. Patient doesn't know the source of the radiation. Blood tests show elevated tritium levels.
11:23 : Aelvna tVecj : Scan. I'd like to know more about their culture before I go barging in.
11:23 : Telar trIsmail : ::steps inside, shaking head:: If I knew better I would have sworn she either had jol for me ... or wanted to mother me, I know na which. Oira. ::'lift moves::
11:23 : Aelvna tVecj : ::pauses:: Do you think diplomatic corps say things like that a lot?
11:24 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Aensai>I need to make some modification and then we should be able to pick up their transmissions
11:24 : Aelvna tVecj : ::nods:: Very well.
11:24 : ookamikuro : Doctor> ::glances down at tr'Llaidre's chart:: Any nausea? ::then she notices the nearby bedpan:: Nevermind that. Start a carbon filtration drip.
11:24 : Telar trIsmail : ::'lift doors open, steps out onto Oira::
11:24 : Aelvna tVecj : I have na been in a situation where I could not just fire when necessary.
11:24 : Ah, Erei'Riov. How are you feeling?
11:24 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::snarls weakly:: I should not have had to wait two hours to see you, doctor.
11:25 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Half smiling to herself, she stood at the console she'd previously occupied, amazed that they actually have comfortable seats on the bridge upon which to sit.::
11:25 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Aw, where's your love for the rustbucket?))
11:25 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods:: Ihhei. Feeling quite well especially now that I am *na* hrrau Medical. ::smiles and heads to Tactical::
11:26 : Aelvna tVecj : ::smirks:: Even with the new facilities?
11:26 : Telar trIsmail : (( we're spoiled. See? Seats lined with *real* Corinthian leather ... ))
11:27 : ookamikuro : ((Khaaaaan!))
11:27 : Telar trIsmail : Medical is medical, Ihhei. Io always feels like io is hrrau a br'tehh of sorts.
11:28 : Aelvna tVecj : I will keep that in mind for when we need a br'tehh.
11:28 : ookamikuro : Doctor> I apologize, Rekkhai, but we're severely understaffed. ::She doesn't add, 'thanks to you,' but hopefully he's smart enough that she doesn't need to:: Have you visited Engineering lately?
11:28 : Aelvna tVecj : And Advocate, is this even more comfortable than the Senate?
11:29 : Telar trIsmail : ::looks over Tactical console, examining scanners and the like, checking status::
11:30 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> Of course I haven't. I did... ::swallows thickly:: I did visit the Hnoiyika. They're an old ship, run-down. A radiation leak?
11:30 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Punk))
11:31 : JhuCaevra tTalia : I would say in some respects, Ie. ::Glancing up to Ael.:: But I can see why na all Galae ships are so equipped.
11:31 : ookamikuro : Doctor> ::shakes her head:: You'd need physical contact with irradiated coolant or waste tritium from the fusion reactors to cause these effects. I'll run some more blood work and see if I can isolate the time of irradiation.
11:32 : Aelvna tVecj : The Empire would collapse under its own decadence?
11:32 : Telar trIsmail : We would run the risk of becoming too ... soft.
11:33 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> How.. ::another swallow, a bit more weakly:: How long until that's finished?
11:33 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Ie. It leads to idleness. ::Jhu was no fool. She had a love for all things extravagant, but she had also seen the type of lethargy such things bred.::
11:35 : ookamikuro : Doctor> Just another hour or two, rekkhai. ::she tries to maintain a professional demeanor despite her desire to laugh at the helpless patient. This is a possibly, even probably, terminal condition...
11:35 : But there's a measure of satisfaction in watching him knocked low.::
11:36 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Sending the files she wished to review further to her newly occupied quarters, Jhu logged off the console and rose from her seat.::
11:36 : Aelvna tVecj : And it seems our mission will leave us no space to be our lean and hungry selves.
11:37 : JhuCaevra tTalia : If au need me, I shall be in the medical bay. ::-Directed at Ael.:: I would very much like to visit the planet once contact has been established.
11:38 : Aelvna tVecj : ::rises:: If it is possible for anyone to visit the planet after that time, it will be you.
11:38 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> Could this be intentional, doctor? Poisoning?
11:39 : Doctor> I doubt it, rekkhai. I've never heard of tritium being used as a poisoning agent. It's too unstable to be very useful unless it's used immediately after it's synthesized, and it's slow-acting.
11:40 : If someone wanted to poison you, they could have used a different agent which would kill more quickly and leave less trace.
11:40 : Aelvna tVecj : ::turns her attention to Telar:: I have Aensai looking for cultural information. A broadcast, a report... I would rather not go blindly there, though I have been
11:40 : studying their laws each night. And engineering is studying their "technology." Such as it is.
11:41 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Moving inside the lift, she called for the appropriate deck and waited patiently for it to convey her.::
11:42 : Telar trIsmail : Ie Ihhei. I'll keep my eyes and ears attuned to anything and everything that may be incoming. The more we know about them the better.
11:42 : Aelvna tVecj : I do na want there to be surprises when we do na have the upper hand.
11:43 : Telar trIsmail : +Security+ Main Security detail, monitor everything incoming from our ... friends hrrau this planet. This is top priority. Daise tr'Isma'il out. ::closes comm::
11:43 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> Well, don't just stand there, proceed with your tests! I don't want to be trapped in this horrible place any longer than I need to be.
11:43 : Telar trIsmail : And we shall see that there are as few as possible Ihhei.
11:44 : t'Kirna, S'Nac, tr'Moussa, T'Nal > ::all look up hearing comm and realize .. that's us .. and head to Main Security desk::
11:45 : ookamikuro : Doctor> ::frowns slightly:: Rekkhai, I'm not sure you understand the... severity of your condition. Your blood vessels have taken body-wide, microscopic cellular damage. Your internal organs are shutting down.
11:45 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Stepping out once the lift stopped, she headed for the medical bay, enjoying the subtle decorating details in the corridor. She was about to ask a nurse for tr'Llaidre's location, but his loud exclamations
11:45 : made that unnecessary.::
11:45 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::gives instructions to others as to how to carry out the Daise's orders::
11:46 : t'Kirna, S'Nac, T'Nal > ::listen, nod, disperse to various stations::
11:46 : Aelvna tVecj : I am glad to see that decadence has not made you soft, Erei'Riov. Let us hope the servants in your quarters
11:46 : ookamikuro : It's quite possible you won't leave this bay again for the rest of your life. Even if you do, if you manage to survive, you're likely to develop several cancers, and they may not all be curable.
11:46 : Aelvna tVecj : are as ruthless as the ones in medical.
11:46 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::sits at Main Security desk, monitoring from his station::
11:47 : ::smiles:: I hope so as well Ihhei.
11:47 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Pausing behind the doctor, she frowned at the diagnosis, still oblivious to the intentional poisoning. She suspected, however.::
11:47 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::grits his teeth as he hears this pronouncement:: Contact the homeworld. Get them to send experts. ::He turns away, not noticing Jhu::
11:48 : Telar trIsmail : Security is currently monitoring all frequencies from our friends out there so we'll know when something is arriving over subspace.
11:50 : Aelvna tVecj : I wonder if they even know about subspace...
11:51 : JhuCaevra tTalia : I am certain the Enarrain has already sent a request for such. ::She knew nothing of the sort, but was a very good liar. Stepping forward, she paused at his bedside, peering down at him.::
11:51 : Telar trIsmail : Mmmm they have warp capacity ... at any rate all frequencies, high, low, in between, are being "swept."
11:51 : JhuCaevra tTalia : I came to see how au were doing and to make certain that au are getting the care au deserve. ::She glanced briefly to the doctor, arching one eyebrow.::
11:51 : ookamikuro left the chat.
11:52 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( I have that effect on men. ))
11:53 : Aelvna tVecj : ((You're a more deadly poison than Ilia!))
11:53 : ookamikuro joined the chat
11:53 : ookamikuro : ((Oops.))
11:54 : Telar trIsmail : S'Nac > ::sitting at station, monitoring, wondering when hrrau Areinnye something's going to happen::
11:54 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( wb ))
11:54 : Aelvna tVecj : ((You made the whole sim stop. Fiend!))
11:55 : ookamikuro : Doctor> ::turns around, notices Jhu:: Ah--Can I help you, ihhei? ::it's diplomatic for 'who are you and why the hell are you in my medbay if you aren't sick?'::
11:55 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Poor S'Nac, never satisfied, it's been weeks since he got to arrest a top military officer <g>))
11:55 : Telar trIsmail : Ne'Arrain t'Lohan > ::loping over to where he is:: Oh, S'Naaaaac ... ::snaps her gum to get his attention::
11:55 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::weakly raises an arm:: She's a guest from the Senate, doctor, show respect.
11:56 : Telar trIsmail : S'Nac > ::looks up:: Hmm .. Linds! Where have *au* been?
11:56 : JhuCaevra tTalia : I came to inquire about the health of tr'Llaidre and make certain he was getting the care he deserved. ::One brow arched as she paused at his bedside.::
11:56 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::shrugs:: Oh, here, there ... hey what'cha doin'?
11:57 : S'Nac > Monitoring. The Daise assigned a few of us to make sure we catch incoming frequencies.
11:57 : ookamikuro : Doctor> I wasn't aware his condition was public knowledge yet. Were you with him when he began showing symptoms?
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::sits next to him, almost *too* close:: Cool! Mind if I monitor with ya? ::SNAP::
11:58 : Aelvna tVecj : ((3 minute warning!))
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : S'Nac > ::grins:: Hey why not. Haven't seen au in ages. So how have au been Linds?
11:59 : t'Lohan > ::shrug:: Oh ... been cool. Hanging with some of the Engineering crew. Neat ship we got innit?
11:59 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Na. But information travels fast, even on a ship this size. ::Smoothly to the doctor.:: I believe the Enarrain would be most interested in aur findings.
12:00 : Sunday, June 3, 2007
12:00 : Telar trIsmail : S'Nac > Sure is more ... mmmm ... splendiferous than Hnoiyika. But I want to get back there.
12:00 : JhuCaevra tTalia : She has a personal interest in the health of tr'Llaidre, I am certain.
12:00 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > No way man! That old bucket of bolts?
12:00 : ookamikuro : Doctor> I'll make sure to forward her a copy. If you'll excuse me. ::moves into her office, trying not to grumble::
12:01 : Telar trIsmail : S'Nac > Call it vahever au want Linds it's *our* bucket of bolts.
12:01 : Aelvna tVecj : #######End Sim##########
12:01 : #######End Sim##########
12:01 : #######End Sim##########
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11:18 : Aelvna tVecj : ########Begin Sim#######
11:18 : ########Begin Sim#######
11:18 : ########Begin Sim#######
11:18 : ::paces the oira, looking down at the planet:: Arrain, should we take a closer look?
11:20 : ::tightens gloves::
11:20 : I do hope they... look like us.
11:20 : ::looks at the hapless Ereina on the oira, who flinch and turn away when her gaze finds them::
11:21 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::coughs quietly and unproductively in his biobed:: My doctor is convinced I haven't been poisoned. I wish I had his confidence.
11:22 : Aelvna tVecj : Who would like to go with me? To this alien world... far away from the comforts of ch'Rihan?
11:23 : ookamikuro : Leaf bridge crew> ::silence::
11:23 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Why would anyone think to poison au? ::Jhu snagged a nearby chair and took a seat alongside the biobed, leaning back to make herself comfortable.::
11:23 : Why would anyone wish to?
11:24 : ::She had heard rumors, of course, of those among the crew that disliked him, but she doubted any would have attempted an assassination when none had been tried before. Someone from the Hnoiyika, then?::
11:24 : Aelvna tVecj : ::walks to the back of the oira, breathes down the neck of a young woman at a console::You? What's your specialty? ::glances at the uniform:: Ne'Arrain?
11:24 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> Possibly someone hoping to capitalize on t'Lahra's sudden... departure. If she is indicted and I am assassinated, someone else will need to be chosen to command the Leaf. And with no one but she and I
11:25 : above the rank of Erei'Riov... The benefactor would be someone not from my ship. Which widens the potential suspects to the entirety of the Empire.
11:26 : Ne'arrain> X.. Xenobiology, Enarrain! ::shit, that'll definitely get her chosen for the mission...::
11:26 : Aelvna tVecj : (Ha!)
11:27 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::A possibility that she would be sure to investigate back in her newly assigned quarters.:: So au suspect deliberate poisoning? Na possibility that this could have been what the maenak suggested?
11:27 : Aelvna tVecj : ::grabs her shoulder and pulls her around:: Tell me, Ne'Arrain, why a xenobiologist would be on a diplomatic vessel?
11:27 : Father's House too mighty for the fleet?
11:28 : ookamikuro : XB> ::squeaks, intimidated:: There is always the possibility of first contact, ihhei. That's the reason I was brought on board the Leaf. I uh.. specialized in it at the Galae Academy. ::...shit::
11:29 : Aelvna tVecj : Since you didn't volunteer...maybe you shouldn't go.
11:29 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::shrugs weakly:: I don't recall walking into any plasma conduits in the past couple days. Seems like I'd remember an accident of that scale.
11:30 : XB> ::relaxes in relief::
11:30 : Aelvna tVecj : Is there anyone on this vessel more qualified than you to handle the analysis?
11:31 : ookamikuro : XB> ::tries very hard to come up with a candidate:: ::failing that, she tries harder to come up with a convincing lie:: ::finally she relents:: Na, ihhei...
11:32 : Aelvna tVecj : ::grips her shoulder:: No one at all you would send in your place? No one you hate that much? ::smirks:: Says something of your character.
11:32 : Though what, I am not sure.
11:35 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Ie. That is a disturbing thought. ::Jhu was by no means disturbed. She was slightly irritated that someone would poison him without informing her, but she was not surprised because she still lacked any sort of real power.::
11:35 : Aelvna tVecj : Aensai, arm yourself.
11:35 : You, Ne'Arrain... Do you have any uniforms that aren't so dressy?
11:35 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Yes sir ::gets really big gun, gets several guns, and daggers and secures them so only two show::
11:36 : ookamikuro : XB> I have a work uniform, ihhei... ::simply quivers in fear, she's never been on an away mission before::
11:36 : Aelvna tVecj : ::nods to Aensai:: You'll have two lives on the line. Though if anything should happen... My life is more important. Clearly.
11:36 : Ie. Go put that on, Ne'Arrain.
11:37 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Is there anything I can do for au while au are in the medical bay? Some small matter that should be seen to in aur absence or private affairs to be put in order? ::She touched his hand briefly, very attentive.::
11:37 : Lt Tebok trKhev : Of course ::says that is if that was the most obvious thing, how could it be any other way?::
11:37 : ookamikuro : XB> ::stands and bows a little, doing her best to think up excuses not to go after all... But unfortunately, she's not a very creative person. Probably why she's a xenobiologist...::
11:38 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Au know that as an Advocate, I can be very discrete.
11:39 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::gives a harsh rasp of a chuckle:: I appreciate the thought, Advocate, but unless you can produce a cure for rapid spontaneous cell death... My house has people
11:39 : whose sole job is to discretely put affairs in order.
11:39 : Aelvna tVecj : ::was saying it for the benefit of the Ne'Arrain, obviously::
11:39 : Aensai, get a weather report, and then meet me in the transporter room.
11:39 : ::dresses for all seasons::
11:39 : ::steps into a TL::
11:39 : Lt Tebok trKhev : ::Heads to a computer to get a weather report::
11:40 : Aelvna tVecj : ::zooms::
11:41 : Lt Tebok trKhev : ::frowns, sunny with chance of thunderstorms later::
11:42 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Of course. ::She nodded in agreement.:: But I thought there might be... situations... on the Leaf that would require delicate handling. If na, then I will leave au to rest. ::She gave his hand a squeeze, then stood to go.::
11:44 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> Advocate. This falls outside your normal purview, but... There is something you can do for me, should I fare for the worst. Find out who did it to me and make sure their
11:44 : suffering rivals mine. I'm sure you... know people.
11:44 : Aelvna tVecj : ::steps into the transporter room, to await her hardened guard and her soft and squeaky xenobiologist::
11:44 : ::thinking its strange that they have the same breeding::
11:46 : ookamikuro : XB> ::enters the transporter room, in her work uniform, consisting of a pair of clunky boots, gray trousers, and the Leaf's crest embroidered on the shoulder of a bright red shirt::
11:46 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Ie. ::She gave him a slight smile. Like that was ever going to happen. She wasn't about to risk herself by seeking vengeance for a man she barely knew -- not unless there was something in it for her.::
11:46 : I shall visit au later, if au like. Au should rest in hopes the maenaks discover something that will help au.
11:46 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Oy))
11:47 : ::gets a cloak from the storage locker behind the transporter console, tosses it at the XB::
11:47 : Aensai says it might rain later.
11:47 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> I've little choice, in that matter. Hann'yyo for the visit, you could certainly school my maenaks in bedside manner. ::shifts and closes his eyes, so tired...::
11:47 : Aelvna tVecj : ::does not say "And you look like a big shiny target"::
11:47 : Lt Tebok trKhev : ::back with Enarrain, guns hidden and ready::
11:48 : ookamikuro : XB> ::catches the cloak and fastens it on, mumbling thanks... The only reason she's even here is because she figures her chances are better on the surface than fleeing the Tal Shiar as a deserter::
11:48 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Giving him one last look ,she turned and left the medical bay, moving out into the corridor and heading for the lift. She had much to ponder and had several suspects in mind.::
11:50 : ookamikuro : ((And I might have to call it an early night. Nyquil kicking in.))
11:51 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Let's do a 2 minute warning then!))
11:51 : ((Famous last words, everyone))
11:51 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( Cake or death? ))
11:51 : Aelvna tVecj : ACTION:::Ael, Aensai, and XB beam to planetary suburbia::
11:53 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::First, she felt the need to speak with Ael about the situation. It was time the Enarrain kept her informed about certain happenings on the ship. Thus far, Jhu had felt no need to be deeply involved, but things had changed...::
11:53 : Aelvna tVecj : ########End Sim#######
11:53 : ########End Sim#######
11:53 : ########End Sim#######
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11:14 : ########Begin Sim########
11:14 : ########Begin Sim########
11:14 : ########Begin Sim########
11:15 : # ::glances around the bustling suburbia:: Arreinye, that smell. What is that smell?
11:15 : Telar trIsmail : ::in 'lift, heading towards Main Security::
11:15 : ookamikuro : tr'Llaidre> ::leans back against his biobed, taking a few rattling breaths--it's been some time since he's responded in a meaningful way to stimuli.
11:15 : The Leaf's medics don't seem particularly torn up about it, in fact a couple nurses seem almost excited::
11:15 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna, tr'Moussa > ::at desk in Main Security, working over ISDs::
11:16 : Aelvna tVecj : # It has been a long while since I've been to a pre-warp world. Rebellions, ie. But even on t'Talia's world, they could name their oppressors.
11:17 : Lt Tebok trKhev left the chat.
11:17 : Telar trIsmail : S'Nac > ::entering Main Security::
11:17 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Aensai's connection has stranded me planetside all alone! So cold...))
11:18 : Telar trIsmail : T'Nal > ::looking up and seeing S'Nac, eyeing him with quite a glance::
11:18 : Aelvna tVecj : # ::heads for a fountain in the middle of the square::
11:18 : Telar trIsmail : ::'lift doors open, exits and heads to desk in Main Security::
11:18 : T'Nal > ::heads to where S'Nac is::
11:18 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Jhu has long ago given up on getting anything worthwhile out of tr'Llaidre. She had already scoured his quarters for information she could use to her own gain, but he was quite good at covering his tracks. There were a few
11:18 : ookamikuro : # ::A large... thing... exits a building and slowly approaches the captain and her ward. Whatever it is, it is definitely not humanoid.::
11:19 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::looks up, q to tr'Moussa:: It's the Daise ...
11:19 : tr'Moussa > ::looks up, also notices T'Nal's impending confrontation with S'Nac::
11:20 : Jolan'tru. Report.
11:20 : Aelvna tVecj : # ::glances at the thing approaching, reaches for her disruptor and remembers she wasn't allowed to bring it::
11:20 : # ::curses the diplomatic corps and the Empire that supports it::
11:20 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > Jolan'tru Rekkhai. ::hands him some ISDs:: So far nathing out of the ordinary ...
11:20 : JhuCaevra tTalia : encrypted programs she'd found on his personal terminal, but the computer had yet to break them. Slightly frustrated at having the details hover just out of reach, she left her quarters and took a station on the bridge to monitor
11:21 : Telar trIsmail : T'Nal > ::heads for S'Nac like a woman possessed::
11:21 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Ael and the rest of the away team. Their current mission was very interesting to her. She wondered what sort of valuable resources might be on the planet.::
11:21 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::calls over his shoulder:: S'Nac! Look ...
11:21 : T'Nal > ::sets upon S'Nac before he can hear tr'Moussa's warning::
11:22 : Lt Tebok trKhev joined the chat
11:22 : Telar trIsmail : ::looks around stunned:: Au say, nathing out of the ordinary? ::turns and heads calmly to the confrontation:::
11:22 : t'Kirna > ::flushes and holds head in hands::
11:22 : ookamikuro : # Thing> ::It has smooth grayish-purple skin, and looks to be quadrupedal, with three joints on each leg. Small, vestigal wings are tucked against its shoulders, and a large tentacle rises from its back,
11:23 : Telar trIsmail : S'Nac > ::pinned to the floor beneath T'Nal::
11:23 : ookamikuro : # splitting off into two about halfway down its length. The head has wide-set eyes, like a prey species rather than a predator, and no apparent nose, but a rather large mouth filled with blunt teeth.
11:23 : Telar trIsmail : T'Nal > ::attempting to strangle him:: Au ... are ... yy'a ... I swear ...
11:24 : ookamikuro : # Amazingly, that mouth is apparently capable of speech, as it says in heavily accented Rihannsu:: Good evening, you must be the Enarrain of the Leaf?
11:24 : Telar trIsmail : ::striding up to where T'Nal is, pulling her up off S'Nac:: Au had better had very mnekha reason for attacking a fellow Security officer. Well?
11:24 : Aelvna tVecj : # Ie, I am. ::bows slightly, says nothing more, just stares::
11:25 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::heading to S'Nac and helping him up::
11:25 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Aensai, there is a, um, "Thing" talking to us on the planet))
11:25 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::The first scans of the planet's alien life forms were coming up and Jhu studied them carefully. She had yet to meet any species of alien that was not mostly humanoid -- unless you counted the Klingons.::
11:26 : Telar trIsmail : T'Nal > ::stands speechless in rage, flushing deeper and deeper green::
11:26 : Erein, au were asked a direct question. I expect au to give a direct answer.
11:27 : ookamikuro : # Thing> I am Arbiter ::there's a sort of rasping hooting sound, allong with a swaying side-to-side of the thing's tentacles--its name?::--we thank you for gracing our planet with your presence.
11:27 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::approaches:: Rekkhai, if I may ...
11:27 : Aelvna tVecj : # The grace belongs to you, Arbiter. You have a beautiful world.
11:28 : # ::at least, she thinks, she has found the origin of the hideous smell::
11:28 : Telar trIsmail : T'Nal > ::whirls on t'Kirna:: NA! If anyio shall tell the Daise I shall answer him.
11:28 : t'Kirna > ::thinks, Well there goes the neighborhood::
11:29 : ::looks from T'Nal to t'Kirna and back again, crosses arms:: Well. I do na have all day. Speak.
11:30 : ookamikuro : # Arbiter kknnRRAAnkk-sway> ::makes something similar to a bow:: Please, to follow me. The human delegation has already arrived, we were awaiting solely on you to begin...
11:30 : Telar trIsmail : T'Nal > ::nods, takes deep breath:: Ie ... Rekkhai. My ... ::looks at S'Nac:: colleague ... cheated on me with a member of the Engineering section.
11:31 : Aelvna tVecj : # ::pauses:: The Lloann'an are here?
11:31 : ((I think Jhu should play the humans))
11:31 : Telar trIsmail : ::raises brow:: Did he hna? Who?
11:32 : T'Nal > Ne'Arrain Linds t'Lohan, Rekkhai.
11:32 : ookamikuro : # Arbiter> Of course. Negotiation could not commence without all interested parties present. Is that unusual for your people?
11:32 : Lt Tebok trKhev : [*isnt feeling well at all*]
11:33 : Telar trIsmail : Did he? ::looks to S'Nac, who flushes::
11:33 : T'Nal > Of course he ... !!
11:34 : Did either party ... Erein S'NacLuv or Ne'Arrain t'Lohan ... outright admit to this ... liaison?
11:34 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> ::Very regal in his Starfleet dress uniform and not at all the type to tug at his tunic. Immaculate to say the least, he was already in deep discussion with one of the other aliens.::
11:34 : Aelvna tVecj : # Highly. But we are here to learn about your people. ::smiles thinly::
11:34 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::entering Security from Engineering::
11:34 : Aelvna tVecj : ((That's a pretty name))
11:35 : Telar trIsmail : T'Nal > ::mouth goes dry, shakes head:: N ... na, Rekkhai.
11:35 : t'Lohan > ::approaches the ensemble::
11:36 : ::looks over:: And au might be ... ?
11:36 : Aelvna tVecj : # ::tries to remember the goal is to make sure the Arbiter Thing _doesn't_ hate and fear her::
11:36 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > Ne'Arrain Linds t'Lohan, Rekkhai.
11:36 : Aelvna tVecj : # ::starting to understand why t'Llaidre turned to a life of crime::
11:36 : Telar trIsmail : T'Nal > ::looks at t'Lohan as though she could yy'a her on the spot::
11:37 : ookamikuro : # Arbiter> And we hope to learn much more about you as well. ::climbs its way up to a podium in the building, and the other aliens go silent while looking up::
11:37 : Aelvna tVecj : # ::tries not to visibly shudder, but gah, there are so many of them!
11:37 : ::
11:38 : Telar trIsmail : It seems, Ne'Arrain, au are the subject of some ... discussion amongst my Diserhna here. I will ask a question and I expect a straight answer. Did au or did au na have a liaison with Erein S'NacLuv?
11:38 : FSF Eris : Ambassador T'Vara> ::The Vulcan was also in discussions already, making her way over to Mallory after a few more moments of conversation.::
11:38 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Bravo! :D))
11:39 : ookamikuro : # Arbiter> We thank you, representatives from the Rihannsu Star Empire, and representatives from the United Federation of Planets, for gracing our planet with your presence. Please, let us have introductions.
11:39 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::nods:: Ie Rekkhai. ::smiles at S'Nac:: We did.
11:39 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> ::Ceases his current conversation, though does whisper softly to the Ambassador next to him as the Romulans appeared. He turned his attention to the Arbiter before them, hands clasped behind his back.::
11:39 : ookamikuro : # Arbiter> ::turning first toward the Rihannsu delegation::
11:39 : Telar trIsmail : T'Nal > ::rushes at t'Lohan:: I'll yy'a au, au fvai!
11:40 : t'Lohan > ::quickly steps back as t'Kirna and tr'Moussa grab T'Nal::
11:41 : ::nods at t'Kirna and tr'Moussa:: Mnekha job. ::nods at T'Nal:: Take her straight to the br'tehh. I'll have na of this violence toward Galae officers here.
11:41 : Lt Tebok trKhev : [good night all]
11:41 : Lt Tebok trKhev left the chat.
11:41 : Telar trIsmail : T'Nal > ::pales:: Re ... Rekkhai! But ... she ... ad ... ad ...
11:41 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( Meanwhile, there is a Romulan Soap Opera happening on the ship. LoL Telar. ))
11:41 : Aelvna tVecj : # I am Enarrain Ael'vna t'Vecj, of our finest flagship, the RES Leaf. I and my Empire are humbled to be before you. ::bows::
11:41 : # ::barely bites off "our alien subjects":::
11:42 : ((They're trying to startle the Leaf security teams into submission <g>))
11:42 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods:: Ie, and we shall deal with that later. ::nods to t'Kirna and tr'Moussa:: Directly to the br'tehh.
11:42 : (( yeah it's wonderful to write ))
11:43 : t'Kirna, tr'Moussa > ::drag a kicking and screaming T'Nal with them to the br'tehh as the others watch::
11:44 : ookamikuro : # Arbiter> We are saddened to hear that the diplomats t'Lahra and tr'Llaidre were unable to be here in person, but we understand that not all plans may come to pass. ::turning then to the Fed side for introductions::
11:44 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> ::Glances briefly at Ael before turning back to the Arbiter.:: I am Captain Joshua Mallory of the Federation starship USS Vegas. This is Federation Ambassador T'Vara of Vulcan.
11:44 : Aelvna tVecj : # ::thinking "it came to pass that they were executed and poisoned"::
11:44 : Telar trIsmail : ::turns back to t'Lohan:: Anger management, in place of a Kheinsa, for that io. Hna au say au and ... ::turns to S'Nac:: he ... had a liaison ... of the sexual kind, I assume?
11:44 : Aelvna tVecj : # ::realizes Mallory probably doesn't have the same background::
11:45 : # ::studies the Vulcan with fascination::
11:45 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > Ie, Rekkhai. I intentionally seduced him.
11:45 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> ::Also giving a slight bow.:: And we are honored to be allowed the opportunity to visit you and your people.
11:45 : Telar trIsmail : S'Nac > ::flushes::
11:45 : Aelvna tVecj : # It is an honor, Federation people.
11:45 : Telar trIsmail : To what end?
11:46 : FSF Eris : T'Vara> ::Vulcan hand gesture:: Peace and long life, honored sirs.
11:46 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::shrugs, SNAPs bubble gum:: I do na know, really, Rekkhai. I was ...
11:46 : Ie? Au were vah?
11:46 : ookamikuro : # Arbiter> We must also admit that we are intrigued at the sudden interest our planet has generated among both your people. We have read the histories and found that our planet
11:46 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> ::Flashes a winning half-smile at Ael.:: Always a pleasure when dealing with the Romulans.
11:46 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > Bored. Lonely. I wanted him.
11:46 : ookamikuro : has existed in your Neutral Zone for some centuries now.
11:47 : Telar trIsmail : At the expense of his relationship with Erein T'NaluMor? which has existed for years, au know.
11:47 : Aelvna tVecj : # We believe worlds with no capability to travel beyond their solar system are not a threat. But now...
11:47 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::blows a BIG BIG bubble ... SNAP:: Well ...
11:48 : ::reaches over, takes gum out of her mouth:: First things ... ::tosses gum in dispenser:: ... we are NA to have that while hrrau duty. Ssuegn?
11:49 : t'Lohan > ::flushes, nods:: Ie Rekkhai.
11:49 : ::nods:: Hna as au were saying. About doing this at the expense of his relationship with Erein T'NaluMor ...
11:50 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> A threat? I fail to see how the growth and development of an ancient species can be perceived as a threat. ::At Ael's words. He turned to the Arbiter with interest.::
11:50 : ookamikuro : # Arbiter> I agree. My people are nonviolent, Enarrain, and even if they were not it seems unlikely one technologically inferior planet could pose a direct threat to your people. But perhaps you mean an indirect one?
11:50 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > Ie. She's just a susse-thrai ... and I am a Ne'Arrain which means I can pull rank on her if I want to. ::grins::
11:51 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> We are extremely excited for your technological developments and wish to aid you however we can as we have done for countless other worlds.
11:51 : Telar trIsmail : ::scowls:: I would na be so flip if I were au ... we could just as easily demote au and promote her.
11:52 : ::paces:: Boredom. Loneliness. So this was the solution to au'r problems?
11:52 : Aelvna tVecj : # ::considers her words carefully:: Na a threat, perhaps, but... a change. Surely you will want to see the universe, to trade, to expand.
11:52 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > Rekkhai, I ...
11:52 : ookamikuro : # Arbiter> ::to Mallory:: This also seems unlikely, as the direct benefits to your investment would be unlikely to outweigh the costs. But again, perhaps you seek an indirect benefit.
11:52 : Aelvna tVecj : # We must accommodate, in one fashion or another, this development. As you must, learning you are trapped between two Empires.
11:52 : Telar trIsmail : ::holds up hand:: Think carefully before responding so quickly, Ne'Arrain.
11:52 : FSF Eris : T'Vara> ::listens to Mallory and tr'Ismail
11:53 : ookamikuro : ((t'Vecj, tr'Ismail's on the ship.))
11:53 : Aelvna tVecj : ((I can see how people get us confused. <g>))
11:53 : FSF Eris : (oh, my bad.)
11:53 : t'Vecj*
11:55 : Telar trIsmail : ::looks sternly at S'Nac:: And be careful who au share au'r off time with, Erein.
11:55 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> We seek no benefit other than learning about your people. The Federation is a vast community comprised of many different species who seek only to explore and learn.
11:56 : Aelvna tVecj : # ::looks to the Arbiter::
11:56 : (( 5 minute warning!))
11:56 : FSF Eris : T'Vara> ::nods assent::
11:56 : Telar trIsmail : Before anything is formulated in the way of charges, should there be any, I advise a cooling-off period. ::looking from io to the other:: This applies to au both as well as to T'Nal. Dismissed.
11:56 : ookamikuro : # Arbiter> There is a game that some on my world play. The goal of khrrthRAAiktha ::sway sway:: is to capture an entire playing board of some red and some yellow stones, by manipulating the
11:57 : Telar trIsmail : S'Nac, t'Lohan > ::nod, exeunt together::
11:57 : ookamikuro : # white stones placed along the middle. Only by careful control of this border can one side entrap, and then slowly whittle away, the other. We find it most likely that, despite your claims of interest
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : ::can't help but note they're heading in the same direction, shakes head, knowing his grasp goes only so far::
11:58 : ookamikuro : # only in learning of us, you are most interested in preserving your own political safety along your Neutral Zone. We are not offended by this. But we recognize it gives us leverage, and thus is the point of these negotiations.
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : ::sits down at Main Desk wearily, looking at ISDs::
11:59 : t'Kirna > ::appearing, saluting:: Prisoner secured in br'tehh, Rekkhai. Ne'Arrain tr'Moussa is guarding her.
11:59 : ookamikuro : # Arbiter> We wish to discuss which of your powerful Empires is most beneficial for us to align ourselves with. Openly, and transparently, as is the way on our world.
11:59 : Aelvna tVecj : # ::smiles:: Are you a passionate people, Arbiter?
11:59 : Telar trIsmail : ::returns salute, sits back, gestures for t'Kirna to be seated as well:: Mnekha. How is she doing at this point?
12:00 : Sunday, August 19, 2007
12:00 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::sitting, shrugs:: Au know her, Rekkhai. Feisty temper. She is vah the Lloann'na would describe as a "red-head."
12:00 : A vah?
12:00 : ookamikuro : # Arbiter> At times, and in places, we are indeed, Enarrain. Our biannual mating gathering in most particular.
12:01 : Aelvna tVecj : ########END SIM##########
12:01 : ########END SIM##########
12:01 : ########END SIM##########
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Postby Enarrain tVecj » Sat Sep 08, 2007 11:11 pm

11:16 : Aelvna tVecj : #####Begin Sim#######
11:16 : #####Begin Sim#######
11:16 : #####Begin Sim#######
11:16 : # ::believes the word "mating" came up too early in the day, especially when looking at a quadraped::
11:17 : # ::glances at Joshua to see if the red-blooded bastard agrees with her::assumes the Vulcan will::passionless sycophant::
11:18 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::lying in biobed in Medical:: V ... vah happened? ::suddenly recalling:: Oh ... it was HER. ::puts hand up to temple:: My HEAD ...
11:18 : Aelvna tVecj : # ::whispers to Aensai::Did you bring enough guns for all of them?
11:18 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::sitting next to bed:: Take it easy, e'lev. The Maenak says au need rest.
11:19 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> ::-Doesn't look the least bit uneasy over the current conversation. He was murmuring something quietly to T'Vara beside him.::
11:19 : ookamikuro : # Arbiter> With the introductions out of the way, do either of our honored guests' parties desire sustenance?
11:20 : Aelvna tVecj : # Whatever you can provide, we will humbly take.
11:20 : # ::frowns slightly at the unfortunate phrasing::
11:20 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::almost laughs:: Rest? For a Security Officer? I ... ::leans forward, feels dizzy (despite the fact she is na blonde), falls back:: ... Ohhhhhh ... maybe the ... Maenak is ... right ...
11:21 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> We would be delighted to experience whatever you may have planned. ::With a slight nod.::
11:21 : Telar trIsmail : ::enters t'Kirna's rest area, looking at tr'Moussa:: How is she doing?
11:22 : tr'Moussa > She has recovered consciousness, Rekkhai.
11:22 : ookamikuro : # Arbiter> ::seems pleased:: Good, good. You have both arrived just in time for the sea-leek harvest. Please, follow us. ::In unison the aliens in the room all get to their legs and move into another room
11:23 : where a large flat surface has been laid out over the floor. They don't use chairs for obvious reasons, but several cushions ring the perimeter of the eating-space, and bowls of some sort of leek salad and
11:23 : Telar trIsmail : ::smiles:: Mnekha. ::takes seat on other side of biobed:: Au had us worried, t'Kirna.
11:23 : ookamikuro : what looks to be water are placed before each. The Arbiter takes his place at the far end of the seating arrangement.::
11:23 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > Veherr, Rekkhai. I ... hope I can ... recover soon.
11:24 : ::dismissive gesture:: Take all the time au need. In the meantime I shall have to talk to several people in Security about ... *behavior.*
11:25 : Aelvna tVecj : # ::walks to what she hopes is her appointed area and sits, trying to gather her legs under herself like the Arbiter::
11:25 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::grins knowingly:: Quite so, Rekkhai. Good hunting.
11:25 : JhuCaevra tTalia : # Captain Joshua Mallory> ::Surveys the scene curiously and smiles slightly over at Ael, no doubt amused by the thought of sitting down - on the floor - to eat with Romulans. He dropped into an easy cross-legged sit.::
11:26 : Aelvna tVecj : # ::thinking Mallory is rather horse-like::
11:26 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods, leaves Medical and heads for 'lift::
11:27 : ookamikuro : # Arbiter> I beg your pardon if we discuss business over our meal, but we do have much to cover. Our people value this world's autonomy greatly. Would you both please describe how we
11:27 : would fit into your organization's political structure? ::In the meantime, he reaches down with his duo-tentacle and picks up the bowl of leeks, drawing it to his face to consume some::
11:28 : Telar trIsmail : ::enters 'lift:: Main Security. ::'lift moves::
11:29 : JhuCaevra tTalia : # Captain Joshua Mallory> ::Holding his bowl of greenage, he was half-studying it, half-listening to the Arbiter. He sniffed the new food and took a small portion to taste it.::
11:29 : Aelvna tVecj : # I defer to your Federation guests. They have made the longer journey. ::bows slightly::
11:29 : ookamikuro : ACTION> The sea-leeks taste exactly how you'd expect sea-leeks to taste. Salty and leekish.
11:30 : Telar trIsmail : ::'lift doors open, exits, heads down corridor::
11:31 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Heehee, how DR. ::lick leek::))
11:31 : JhuCaevra tTalia : # Captain Joshua Mallory> ::Smiles that dashing half-smirk at Ael and turns to T'Vara.:: Ambassador? Would you care to do the honors?
11:32 : Aelvna tVecj : # ::sad that there are no forks::do these people not know the value of sharp objects?::
11:32 : # ::takes a sip of water::
11:32 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( ::puts Eris on the hot seat and turns up the flame a little:: ))
11:33 : Telar trIsmail : ::arrives in Main Security, soon locates the objects of his search::
11:34 : S'Nac, T'Nal, t'Lohan > ::talking with one another, do a collective, "Uh-oh, it's the Daise" as he enters::
11:34 : JhuCaevra tTalia : # Captain Joshua Mallory> ::Takes another bite of leek. Not his favorite food in the world, but he thought it impolite not to at least try a little.::
11:35 : Aelvna tVecj : # ::is used to eating a lot of border world food:: Do you extract salt from your brackish items for other uses, Arbiter?
11:35 : Telar trIsmail : At ease. Well. I have just come from Medical and t'Kirna is alive and, with rest and treatment, will be released to duty.
11:36 : FSF Eris : # T'Vara> Of course, Captain.
11:36 : Telar trIsmail : S'Nac, T'Nal, t'Lohan > ::breathe collective SIGH of relief::
11:36 : ... In a few weeks if we are lucky.
11:37 : S'Nac, T'Nal, t'Lohan > ::look at one another, mutter::
11:37 : ookamikuro : # Arbiter> We do, the salt is used for curing food after harvest to last through the year. ::seeming impressed at her curiosity::
11:38 : Aelvna tVecj : # ::resists the urge to say "So everything tastes like this, then" and nods politely:: i am always interested in how planets use their natural resources.
11:38 : Telar trIsmail : I think ... ::begins pacing, hands locked behind back::
11:39 : ... I think this is na the time to play the blame game, to say, "But he started it," "But she started it," or whatna.
11:39 : ::ceases pacing:: Ssuegn?
11:39 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Meanwhile, back on the bridge... Jhu is delving into Ael's personal files because the Enarrain left her terminal unlocked. Resists the urge to send prank messages from Ael's account.::
11:40 : Telar trIsmail : S'Nac, T'Nal, t'Lohan > :::nodnodnodnodnodnod:::
11:40 : Aelvna tVecj : ((You were not thwarted by my Flying Toaster screen saver?))
11:40 : FSF Eris : # T'Vara> ::merely pleased by the fact that the leek does not appear to contain animal flesh::
11:40 : JhuCaevra tTalia : # Captain Joshua Mallory> Are your people a strictly vegetarian society or do you consume meat as well? ::While they were on the subject of food. He glanced to the Arbiter.::
11:41 : Telar trIsmail : Au are hereby placed on double duty as of hna. ::turns on heel, heads to Main Desk::
11:41 : FSF Eris : # T'Vara> ::would be quite curious to know the answer to that::
11:41 : ookamikuro : # Arbiter> Unlike your peoples, Captain, we are herbivores. Our bodies are unable to properly process meat even if we wished to eat it.
11:42 : Aelvna tVecj : # How did your species rise to the top of the food chain? Lack of other predators?
11:43 : FSF Eris : # T'Vara> ::nods::
11:43 : # T'Vara> As for how your world would fit into ours...
11:43 : Telar trIsmail : T'Nal > ::opens her mouth to comment as tr'Isma'il gets out of earshot::
11:44 : S'Nac > ::closes her mouth with his hands:: NA on au'r life. Au attacked her and she's in Medical.
11:44 : T'Nal > But ... !
11:44 : t'Lohan > But nothing. We're all responsible.
11:44 : FSF Eris : # T'Vara> Your world would be guaranteed a certain level of autonomy.
11:45 : Telar trIsmail : S'Nac > Right. Let's get going.
11:45 : T'Nal, S'Nac, t'Lohan > ::split up and head to various stations::
11:46 : Aelvna tVecj : # ::listens intently, curiously, almost never in contact with peaceful negotiators::
11:47 : Telar trIsmail : ::having sat down at Main Security, watching security camera:: Mmmm. Na bad for them. ::turns and looks over ISDs::
11:47 : FSF Eris : # T'Vara> While you would be subject to some level of Federation control as regard to the conduct of your world -- clearly we could not, for instance,
11:47 : have you instituting a death penalty for minor crimes, for instance -- you'd be allowed what measure of control over your own affairs you wished.
11:49 : # Our humanitarian relief efforts would always be available, as well as assisting in the setup of trade routes... our military protection...
11:50 : ookamikuro : # Arbiter> ::nods slightly when it appears that the Vulcan is finished:: We would like to know more specifics about the 'some level of Federation control'--but first let us hear from the Romulan emissary.
11:52 : JhuCaevra tTalia : # Captain Joshua Mallory> ::Lifts the water for inspection and takes a small sip, licking his lips as he sets the beverage down again. He wondered if a high salt content was part of the aliens' diet.::
11:53 : ookamikuro : ACTION> The water, at least, seems to be thankfully unsalted.
11:53 : Aelvna tVecj : # Ours would be similar, I believe. At the most basic level.
11:54 : # You would retain your autonomy, perhaps moreso-we have no qualms about the death penalty-and in return, we would protect you and aid your technological achievement.
11:54 : # We would like to trade our guidance for your resources, and perhaps some of your land, non-arrable, of course. And your travel to other Imperial worlds would remain...
11:54 : # Limited.
11:55 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::looking up at tr'Moussa:: I need some rest, e'lev.
11:55 : tr'Moussa > Of course, e'lev. ::kisses her:: I shall be here.
11:56 : t'Kirna > ::smiles, closes eyes::
11:56 : Aelvna tVecj : # We seek to limit cultural contamination for your sake as well as ours.
11:57 : JhuCaevra tTalia : # Captain Joshua Mallory> What she means, of course, is that the Romulan Empire will dictate your level of freedom. ::Taking another drink of water.::
11:57 : Telar trIsmail : ACTION > t'Kirna's vitals begin to spike and she loses consciousness. A Maenak and a Ne'Maenak come rushing in.
11:58 : tr'Moussa > Vah happened?
11:58 : Maenak > Stand aside, Ne'Arrain. ::to Ne'Maenak:: Code blue.
11:58 : ookamikuro : # Arbiter> ::glances slowly toward Mallory:: The Romulan guests showed respect enough to allow you your turn to speak, we ask you show the same respect to them. ::This culture
11:58 : apparently stands greatly on ceremony and manners...::
11:59 : Telar trIsmail : Maenak > ::examines her with multicorder:: Na pulse. Get me the defibrillator.
12:00 : Sunday, September 9, 2007
12:00 : JhuCaevra tTalia : # Captain Joshua Mallory> Pardon me. I was under the impression that she was through. ::He wisely did not add "generalizing".::
12:00 : Telar trIsmail : Ne'Maenak > ::hooks up machine:: All set ...
12:00 : FSF Eris : # ::quietly sips her water::
12:00 : Telar trIsmail : Maenak > Clear ...
12:00 : ACTION > Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep ...
12:01 : Maenak > Come on hna ... Clear ... !
12:01 : ACTION > Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep ...
12:01 : Aelvna tVecj : # That's true. I am through with the preliminaries. Your freedom, culturally, will be greater. Your freedom, logistically, may not be.
12:01 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > Vah is it?
12:01 : Aelvna tVecj : ((2 minute warning!))
12:01 : Telar trIsmail : Ne'Maenak > She's flat-lining.
12:01 : Maenak > Clear ... !
12:02 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Not t'Kirna! She was the best of all of them))
12:02 : Telar trIsmail : ACTION > Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ... beep ... beep ... beep ... beep ...
12:03 : ookamikuro : # Arbiter> Your honesty is appreciated, Enarrain. That shall be among our considerations. If I may ask the next question bluntly... What is it that you seek to gain from this alliance,
12:03 : how can our world benefit your organization? This, first, to the Romulan delegation.
12:03 : Aelvna tVecj : ########End Sim########
12:03 : ########End Sim########
12:03 : ########End Sim#######
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Postby Enarrain tVecj » Sat Sep 15, 2007 11:07 pm

11:06 : >>>>>>Begin Sim<<<<<<
11:07 : ::smiles politely at Joshua::take away the death penalty: as if::
11:07 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa ::in Medical, near t'Kirna's biobed, aghast:: Is she ... ??
11:08 : Ne'Maenak > She'll live, with enough rest.
11:09 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> ::Still wearing that winning smile of his.::
11:09 : Telar trIsmail : Maenak > Ie. ::sighs:: More rest than I originally thought. Au will have to inform the Daise of this ... she may be off duty for an extended period of time.
11:09 : Aelvna tVecj : ::has not been able to relax::remembers the last world, and that wedding::
11:09 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > How ... extended?
11:09 : Erein tLynta joined the chat
11:10 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( Your turn to answer the Arbiter, by the way. Don't try to get out of it. :-) ))
11:10 : ookamikuro : Arbiter> ::glances between the two aliens:: You have given us much to speak on. We will confer for one quarter-cycle. You should spend that time getting acquainted with each other.
11:10 : Aelvna tVecj : ((It was not!))
11:10 : ookamikuro : ((She already answered.))
11:10 : Aelvna tVecj : ::inclines head to Arbiter::
11:10 : ookamikuro : ((Didn't she?))
11:10 : Aelvna tVecj : leave? Or do we?
11:11 : ((We both did. We were kind of done with question one))
11:11 : Telar trIsmail : Maenak > ::thinks for a siuren or so:: I should say a full moonround or a moonround and a half.
11:11 : tr'Moussa > ::tenses:: The Daise will na like this ... but ie I shall convey the information promptly.
11:11 : ookamikuro : Arbiter> ::stands, and the aliens answer that question by moving toward the door. The Arbiter is the last, and he turns and gives a bow with his front legs, tentacles dipping low to the ground::
11:12 : Telar trIsmail : Maenak > ::nods:: Mnekha. She is sleeping hna so why do au na go and tell him?
11:13 : Aelvna tVecj : ::leans back on her haunches and regards Joshua:: You think they're going to watch us? See how we get along? Whether we show any bad habits?
11:14 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::nods stiffly:: I shall. Keep me informed. She is my e'lev. She would be my hru'fir were the Enarrain na to forbid bonding on the ship. Ssuegn?
11:15 : Maenak > ::nods:: Ie. She shall be carefully tended to.
11:15 : JhuCaevra tTalia : # Captain Joshua Mallory> Probably. Isn't that the standard procedure? ::He slid the bowl of leeks away from him and stood, stretching his legs.:: Your people would have monitoring devices in the silverware?
11:15 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::exits, makes way down corridor::
11:15 : ookamikuro : ((Somebody's paranoid, methinks.))
11:15 : JhuCaevra tTalia : # Captain Joshua Mallory> ::He grinned, obviously teasing.::
11:15 : Aelvna tVecj : ((You know what aliens make people do!))
11:16 : # No, just the walls. Not even we care about what people are eating.
11:16 : # But you keep yours right there and shiny on your chest. All about honesty, isn't it? ::gestures to the communicator, smirks::
11:17 : Lt Tebok trKhev left the chat.
11:17 : ookamikuro : ((But these are vegetarian aliens. There's no way they could be bad.))
11:17 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::arrives in Main Security:: Rekkhai. ::salutes tr'Isma'il::
11:17 : Aelvna tVecj : ((True. Man. What motivation would they have to kille ach other?))
11:18 : Telar trIsmail : ::looks up, returns salute:: Nveid ... at ease. Why are au here?
11:18 : Aelvna tVecj : # They never answered my question, you know... about prey.
11:19 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > Rekkhai, while I was in Medical, Rhayna suffered a setback ... she almost died on us and had to be revived with a defibrillator.
11:19 : Lt Tebok trKhev joined the chat
11:19 : Telar trIsmail : ::eyes widen:: She ... ::jaw drops:: ... ::q:: Elements.
11:20 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Aefvadh, Aensai))
11:21 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > Further, Rekkhai, the Maenak has sent me here to inform au her recovery will be a more extended io than expected.
11:21 : JhuCaevra tTalia : # Captain Joshua Mallory> I won't insult your intelligence with the inner workings of our communicators. I'm well aware that your people have access to such information. ::He was in search of a chair, but there didn't seem to be
11:21 : Telar trIsmail : How extended do they anticipate before releasing her to duty?
11:22 : JhuCaevra tTalia : any such furnishings. Leaving T'Vara to gaze placidly at the others, he turned to study the room itself, the color choices, and the adornments.:: What question was that? ::Absently, glancing to Ael.::
11:22 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > A full moonround to a moonround and a half, Rekkhai. Her system must have been hit very hard by this.
11:23 : Aelvna tVecj : # How herbivores ended up developing warp technology, instead of being herded.
11:24 : # And, as _you_ probably already know, we do not obsess over the Federation. We obsess over our internal issues. Such at this.
11:24 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods:: Understood fully. Nveid, give au'rself complete compassionate leave off during this time. I can always pull in others where needed. And those clowns will have to do extra work as a result.
11:25 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Meanwhile, back on the ship, Jhu was touring the Leaf and visiting some of the luxurious spa-like facilities. Thus far, she liked what she saw and was beginning to wonder if they could keep the Leaf for themselves.::
11:25 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > Hann'yyo Rekkhai.
11:25 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Oops, I forgot about the Leaf. ::facepalm::))
11:25 : Telar trIsmail : Aefvadh Nveid. Au are dismissed.
11:26 : JhuCaevra tTalia : # Captain Joshua Mallory> ::Wandering back to the table, he approached Ael's side, giving her bodyguard a wary look. Perching himself on the table near her seat, he peered down at her.::
11:26 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::slight bow, leaves Main Security for quarters::
11:26 : +T'Nal, S'Nac, t'Lohan+ Report to Main Security at once. tr'Isma'il out. ::closes comm with a CLICK::
11:27 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Did Kyle go out and have a cigarette?))
11:27 : ookamikuro : ((Nope, I am watching... and waiting. Buahahaha.))
11:27 : JhuCaevra tTalia : # Captain Joshua Mallory> Why does it vex you that they are herbivores and are the ones on this world that developed intelligence? Perhaps they have other characteristics that make them dominant here.
11:28 : Telar trIsmail : S'Nac > ::hearing comm and looking over at t'Lohan:: tr'Uh-oh.
11:28 : t'Lohan > ::looks back:: Hmmm?
11:28 : Aelvna tVecj : # Perhaps. I would like to know what they are.
11:28 : # Surely you have your own burning questions.
11:28 : Telar trIsmail : S'Nac > We're in for it. Au, myself, and T'Nal. ::heads towards Main Security::
11:29 : t'Lohan ::follows him wondering vah'Areinnye this means::
11:29 : T'Nal > ::putting her work down and heading also towards Main Security::
11:30 : JhuCaevra tTalia : # Captain Joshua Mallory> If you are uncertain of what they may have to recommend them, then why are you even here? You know our motives - knowledge and exploration. An addition of a new species to our ranks is always an
11:30 : exciting time. Why are you interested in these peace-loving herbivores?
11:30 : # Captain Joshua Mallory> Perhaps something on their world you wish to extract?
11:30 : Telar trIsmail : ::sitting at Main Security, speaking over comm with the Maenak and Ne'Maenak who have been treating t'Kirna in Medical::
11:31 : Aelvna tVecj : # ::tries to overlook "peace loving herbivores" in the interest of maintaining decorum::
11:31 : Erein tLynta : ::ponders this Captain to be akin to the borg, expand..assimilate::
11:31 : Telar trIsmail : +Maenak, Ne'Maenak+ Mnekha. Keep me apprised. ::closes comm::
11:31 : Aelvna tVecj : # We want them on our side. Because of where their planet is situated, sure. That's pretty much it.
11:32 : Telar trIsmail : Maenak > ::to Ne'Maenak:: He certainly does care about the people under his command.
11:33 : Ne'Maenak > Ie, that's for sure. This io in particular it would seem.
11:33 : Aelvna tVecj : # We can't invade them because of the treaty we signed with you. But if they exercise their "free will." ::shrugs::
11:33 : Telar trIsmail : Maenak > Well so long as we take good care of our patients ... hna time to make rounds.
11:34 : Ne'Maenak > ::nods and follows::
11:34 : t'Kirna > ::sleeping blissfully amidst all the turmoil::
11:35 : JhuCaevra tTalia : # Captain Joshua Mallory> ::He nodded his head, pretty much knowing that would be her answer. Still, he wanted to hear it from her own lips.:: Conquest... do you ever tire of it?
11:35 : # Captain Joshua Mallory> I can't imagine it occupies all of your time. Surely you have a hobby... ::Another half smile.::
11:35 : ookamikuro : # Alien> ::enters the room--this one doesn't look like the Arbiter, it is longer and shorter. Its skin is also colored somewhat differently. It might be a female (or
11:36 : maybe this is a male, and the Arbiter is a female, who even knows?). It moves to the table with a pitcher of water to refill the glasses, and takes the unfinished sea-leeks out as it leaves::
11:36 : Telar trIsmail : T'Nal, S'Nac, t'Lohan > ::troop into Main Security at about the same time, come to vaed'rae before tr'Isma'il::
11:37 : Aelvna tVecj : # I'm nearly 90. I tire of everything. ::sat up straighter when the new one appeared::
11:37 : # And you, Captain? Do you tire of your propaganda?
11:37 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods:: At ease all. Hann'yyo for coming so soon.
11:37 : Aelvna tVecj : # ::wonders if they're mad we didn't finish the leeks::
11:37 : Telar trIsmail : T'Nal, S'Nac, t'Lohan > ::all go to at ease::
11:38 : I imagine au were wondering vah I called au here about. ::pauses::
11:39 : T'Nal, S'Nac, t'Lohan > ::all look at io another but just from the corners of their eyes::
11:40 : JhuCaevra tTalia : # Captain Joshua Mallory> Ninety?! ::He laughed.:: You don't look a day over 30. I'd forgotten about your longevity. Though T'Vara should be a constant reminder. ::Look thrown to the stoic Vulcan.::
11:40 : Telar trIsmail : I have been informed, first by Ne'Arrain tr'Moussa, and then more extensively by a Maenak and Ne'Maenak in Medical, about how we nearly ... *lost* Ne'Arrain t'Kirna due to an attack of atrial fibrillation.
11:41 : ::pauses to let this sink in, being a man of the theater::
11:41 : Aelvna tVecj : T'Vara> ::stoic::
11:41 : Telar trIsmail : T'Nal, S'Nac, t'Lohan > ::jaws drop::
11:42 : JhuCaevra tTalia : # Captain Joshua Mallory> ::He hadn't changed posture with the arrival of the new alien, but he did watch the creature until it left.:: I'm no party to propaganda. I would rather my actions speak for themselves.
11:43 : Telar trIsmail : I was informed that, instead of t'Kirna being released to duty within a couple of weeks' time to maybe thi weeks' time, it would be more like a full moonround or a moonround and a half of rest.
11:43 : Aelvna tVecj : # ::studies Joshua, perched on the table, says nothing::looks toward the door::
11:43 : Telar trIsmail : T'Nal, S'Nac, t'Lohan > ::look at io another in despair::
11:44 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Kill her. Killll her. <g>))
11:45 : Telar trIsmail : ::rises s l o w l y from desk:: Well, well. So vah do we have here? t'Kirna is unable to perform *her* duties, obviously ... and I have granted tr'Moussa compassionate leave for the same amount of time as it takes for her recovery.
11:45 : JhuCaevra tTalia : # Captain Joshua Mallory> Your crew looks bored as well. ::Peering at Aensai.::
11:46 : Aelvna tVecj : # The worlds we visit aren't usually this friendly. It's a bit disorienting.
11:46 : # Do you often go to... hostile worlds? ::leans back, resting against her arm, regarding him::
11:47 : Telar trIsmail : ::paces in front of them:: So ... au veruula hna have extra duties to perform here in Security. I expect au to keep this ship in top form from all intruders. Au have assistants but still ... the main duties fall to au.
11:47 : t'Lohan > Rekkhai?
11:47 : JhuCaevra tTalia : # Captain Joshua Mallory> Sometimes it is necessary, but most of those in the Federation care not for war. There are some exceptions, of course, but they tend to keep it internal.
11:47 : Telar trIsmail : Ie?
11:48 : Aelvna tVecj : ::thin smile:: That sounds familiar.
11:48 : JhuCaevra tTalia : # Captain Joshua Mallory> It would be interesting to visit ch'Rihan at some point. What say you? Think it would be allowed? ::Another teasing smile.::
11:48 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > But Rekkhai, I'm an Engineering officer, na a Security io.
11:48 : JhuCaevra tTalia : # Captain Joshua Mallory> I'm sure you would be most welcome on Earth.
11:49 : Telar trIsmail : ::smiles, reaches for desk, picks up ISD, hands it to her:: Na any longer. Read this. Au are deputized for Security duty for as long as it takes, and I intend to make this transfer formal when the Enarrain returns.
11:50 : Aelvna tVecj : # Visit ch'Rihan? Are you a thrill-seeker, Captain Mallory? Even our seat of government could not be that exciting.
11:50 : Telar trIsmail : ::turns to T'Nal:: And we will have na more of au'r outbursts ... against her or anyio. Ssuegn?
11:50 : Aelvna tVecj : # Were you to seek diplomatic relations...we are happiest to meet you on the border. ::gestures to the room::
11:51 : Telar trIsmail : T'Nal > ::nods submissively:: Ie Rekkhai, ssuaj-ha.
11:52 : ookamikuro : # Arbiter> ::reenters the room, alone this time. Apparently a quarter-cycle isn't very long.:: Allow me to ask, do your two peoples frequently get the opportunity to meet, face-to-face, in a neutral location?
11:52 : Telar trIsmail : Au thi are dismissed to duty. Report in whenever au can. And visits to t'Kirna's bedside would be appreciated ... believe me I'd request exactly the same were it any of au lying in that bed. This is na favoritism.
11:53 : JhuCaevra tTalia : # Captain Joshua Mallory> I've heard tales of the beauty of your planet. It would be an interesting experience. ::He shrugged and straightened as the Arbiter entered.:: When we have important matters to discuss, yes.
11:53 : # Captain Joshua Mallory> But I would not call those visits frequent... ::Glancing to Ael for her opinion.::
11:53 : Aelvna tVecj : # ::dryly:: We have as many opportunities as we need. No more. No less.
11:53 : Telar trIsmail : T'Nal, S'Nac, t'Lohan > ::nod, salute, exit towards various stations::
11:53 : Aelvna tVecj : # We wish each other no harm.
11:54 : Telar trIsmail : ::sits back at desk, leans back, stretches, cracks knuckles loudly::
11:54 : ookamikuro : # Arbiter> Indeed, though our people value the opportunity to learn, especially about those we are in disagreement or conflict with.
11:55 : # Arbiter> Given this opportunity, can either of you say that you learned anything new about your adversaries, or specifically the opposing delegates?
11:56 : Telar trIsmail : ::sits up, picks up mug of tea, sips, places other elbow on table:: ::muses to self:: Why *is* it that there are issues of health or discipline or something always running through this staff?
11:57 : Aelvna tVecj : # ::can think of ten things, but all negative::at a slight loss::
11:57 : Telar trIsmail : ::takes another sip:: Elements only know ... but I wish I did. ::sighs, sets mug down:: I suppose were I to have the answer I could retire even.
11:57 : ::shakes head:: Na going to happen soon ...
11:57 : JhuCaevra tTalia : # Captain Joshua Mallory> ::He blinked at the Arbiter and turned his gaze to Ael, pondering.::
11:57 : Telar trIsmail : :::picks up ISD and begins looking over it:::
11:57 : Aelvna tVecj : # ::to the Arbiter:: I believe that he believes what he says. And in his mission. I did not expect that. We...rarely believe what we say.
11:58 : ookamikuro : # Arbiter> ::nodding slightly to Ael, and then a glance toward Mallory::
11:59 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::still sleeping without a care in the world::
11:59 : Aelvna tVecj : ((1 minute warning!))
12:01 : Sunday, September 16, 2007
12:01 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::texts S'Nac: Meet me at the end of the corridor where Security and Engineering meet in 5 siurena.::
12:01 : JhuCaevra tTalia : # Captain Joshua Mallory> And I would say the Enarrain here is keenly interested in strategy, though only perhaps because her people force it upon her.
12:02 : Telar trIsmail : S'Nac > ::looks at text, eyes widen:: Oh brother na again ... Linds ... ::shakes head, heads in that direction::
12:02 : JhuCaevra tTalia : # Captain Joshua Mallory> I also think she is in need of a relaxing vacation. ::With a slight chuckle.::
12:03 : Aelvna tVecj : >>>>>>End Sim<<<<<<
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Postby Enarrain tVecj » Sat Sep 22, 2007 11:13 pm

11:08 : ######Begin Sim######
11:09 : ::to Mallory:: Where would you suggest I vacation?
11:09 : Erein tLynta : ::quiet, to the side...watching::
11:09 : Aelvna tVecj : ::realizes she has spoken out of turn, glances at the Arbiter::glowers slightly::
11:11 : ookamikuro : Arbiter> ::looking between the Romulan and Federation dignitaries:: Enarrain t'Vecj, we are impressed with your insight, brief as the conversation may have been.
11:11 : Aelvna tVecj : ::inclines head::
11:12 : ookamikuro : Arbiter> Captain Mallory, on the other hand--given your people's supposed dedication to the pursuit of new knowledge, you seem to have pursued little even given this rare and fertile opportunity.
11:12 : Erein tLynta : ::ponders what on this rock is so valuable to go through this trouble....keeps scans to what she can do with her eyes till she can get alone::
11:13 : Aelvna tVecj : ::thinking that's because he knows everything::but her ship is bigger::
11:14 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> ::Paying close attention ot the arbiter's words, but not showing any worry. He waited to see if the alien's statement would require a response, half wondering what they were looking for, exactly.::
11:15 : Aelvna tVecj : ::smirks slightly::
11:16 : ookamikuro : Arbiter> ::glances between the two dignitaries:: While the stated goals of the Federation seem to most closely match our people's
11:16 : desires and outlook, we were most impressed with the candor and respect shown to these proceedings by the Rihanssu dignitaries.
11:17 : Aelvna tVecj : ::glances out of the corner of her eye at t'Lynta::
11:18 : Erein tLynta : ::goes on best behavior mode::
11:18 : Aelvna tVecj : Arbiter, if I may...
11:19 : ookamikuro : Arbiter> ::pauses, and looks toward Ael:: Continue?
11:19 : JhuCaevra tTalia : T'Vara> ::The Vulcan peered at the Romulans, wearing the same expression she'd worn the entire time.::
11:20 : Aelvna tVecj : If you are implying, Arbiter, that the Federation isn't being candid, I would be interested in their response as well.
11:21 : Erein tLynta : ::looks at the Vulcan and wonders if "candid" is in their programming::
11:22 : ookamikuro : Arbiter> You may ask any questions you wish directly of the Federation representatives, Enarrain. As they may ask the same of you.
11:22 : Aelvna tVecj : ::looks slightly baffled by that, turns to Mallory, shrugs::
11:23 : JhuCaevra tTalia : T"Vara> The Federation is a secretive organization. We will, of course, disclose whatever the Arbiter wishes to know about us and our peaceful conglomeration.
11:23 : (( Ha ha... is *not* a secretive ))
11:23 : ookamikuro : ((Heh, I figured.))
11:23 : Aelvna tVecj : ((I was very WTF there <g>))
11:24 : Perhaps later, in a more informal setting. Until then, I withdraw the inquiry. ::bows::
11:25 : JhuCaevra tTalia : T'Vara> And we do have great respect for all species, even those which we are not aligned at the present time. ::Addressing the Arbiter.::
11:26 : Erein tLynta : ::bites lip::
11:26 : JhuCaevra tTalia : T'Vara> In meetings such as these, we would rather show restraint than present an inquisition which may offend some species.
11:27 : Aelvna tVecj : ::thinking species rather seems like "insects"::
11:27 : ::hasn't threatened to stab anyone in four hours now::getting edgy::
11:27 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> ::Still smiling pleasantly, he crossed his arms over his chest and studied the Romulans' expressions.::
11:28 : ookamikuro : Arbiter> Very well. Our leaders will confer for one revolution of the small moon, upon which we will announce our decision. Until such time as we have
11:28 : normalized relations with one side or the other, all are welcome to explore what our planet has to offer. There is much more than this lone settlement.
11:28 : Aelvna tVecj : We thank you for the hospitality. ::mutters::It may be our only chance.
11:30 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> We will be pleased to accept your offer. ::Nodding.:: Meeting more of your people would be very interesting to us.
11:31 : Aelvna tVecj : ((That's so dirty))
11:31 : ookamikuro : Arbiter> ::bows and exits again, while another alien enters behind him::
11:31 : Aelvna tVecj : ::rises and gazes at the new alien::
11:31 : Erein tLynta : ::eyes this new alien::
11:32 : ookamikuro : Other alien> You may return to your ships, or if you prefer we may prepare lodging for you here. The revolution of the small moon will take approximately five Terran or ch'Rihan days.
11:32 : Erein tLynta : If I may ask, are there areas we are Not permitted to explore on your world?
11:33 : ookamikuro : Other alien> Within the jungles on the main continent, there are some ruins that have cultural and religious significance to us. We ask that outsiders do not enter them.
11:33 : Other alien> There are no other restrictions.
11:35 : Erein tLynta : ::nods...begins pondering how to get her hands on a Federation tricorder::
11:35 : Aelvna tVecj : Will we have a guide?
11:36 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> ::Nodding his understanding, he glanced to T'Vara.:: We would like to stay for the entire length of the deliberation if it will be no inconvenience.
11:37 : ookamikuro : Other alien> Yes, you may have a guide, of course. Certainly, Captain Mallory, please follow Pah'ahhhddi ::sway sway::, she will make arrangements for
11:37 : you. ::A third alien enters and pauses, bowing to the Federationers, before turning back to the door and waiting for them to follow.::
11:39 : Aelvna tVecj : ::to alien #2:: We extend the same courtesy to you. If you would like to see our spaceship, perhaps even stay overnight, you are aefvadh.
11:40 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> Will it be possible for us to explore your world while in the company of the Romulans? We could share a guide... ::Glancing to Ael, still smiling.::
11:41 : Aelvna tVecj : I will be happy to accompany you, but I am sure my scientist has her own interests.
11:42 : Erein tLynta : I would be willing to go with the group, though I don't promise to stay if any geological features catch my extended attention.
11:42 : ookamikuro : Alien #2> We will provide as many guides as you wish for as many parties as you wish. ::nods gracefully:: The composition of the parties will be left to your discretion.
11:43 : Alien #2> And your offer is noted, Enarrain. Several of our scientists may be interested to take you up on it.
11:43 : Aelvna tVecj : ::nods to Alien #2, and then bows to Mallory::
11:43 : I am interested in seeing what you are interested in seeing, Captain.
11:45 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> ::He nodded and turned back to the Arbiter.:: You can consider the Enarrain's offer extended to us as well. Our scientists on board would be most interested in meeting more of your people.
11:46 : T'Vara> ::Now peering at t'Lynta.:: Geological features are most interesting study.
11:46 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Ha!))
11:47 : Erein tLynta : Yes they are. The planetary sciences are my specialty.
11:48 : ookamikuro : Alien #2> ::nods:: Very well. Please follow Pah'ahhhddi ::sway sway:: to arrange lodging for now, and in the morning our scientists will contact your ships for transport.
11:48 : Erein tLynta : ::stepping slightly to the side with the Vulcan:: If I may ask, what is the penetration range of your scanner there::indicates tricorder::
11:50 : ::rests a hand on her own multicorder on her hip::
11:50 : Aelvna tVecj : ((...this is dirty to everyone else, right?))
11:50 : Erein tLynta : ((hush))
11:51 : Aelvna tVecj : ::to Mallory:: You just realized you committed yourself to five days of vegetarian meals.
11:55 : JhuCaevra tTalia : T'Vara> ::Regarding t'Lynta.:: That depends on the planetary atmosphere and energy absorption. ::Placidly, glancing to the Romulan's device.:: Standard operation puts the scanner approximately 0.23 percent beyond your own.
11:56 : Captain Joshua Mallory> ::Gives Ael a shrug.:: I've been to many, many delegations with such mandates. I suppose I need a little more green in my diet.
11:56 : Aelvna tVecj : ::smiles placidly:: On that, I'm sure our peoples would agree.
11:57 : ookamikuro : Pah'ahhhddi ::sway sway::> ::leads everyone out of the arbitration chamber and down the road a short distance to what must be
11:57 : residences. This may be where the planetary leaders are, but it's not much of a capital city; it's actually a fairly tiny village.:: We will provide separate lodging. Your guide
11:57 : Erein tLynta : ::gives the Vulcan a glare:: Yes, well. I would be interested to compare the readings of our two devices in a real world setting.
11:58 : ookamikuro : will be waiting in the morning. His name is Maaahhamnk ::dip sway::--he will likely approach you, though.
11:59 : JhuCaevra tTalia : T'Vara> An interesting comparison, though one not sanctioned by the Federation Council, I'm afraid. ::Still studying t'Lynta with open interest as they walked.::
12:00 : Sunday, September 23, 2007
12:00 : Aelvna tVecj : ((1 minute warning!))
12:00 : ookamikuro : ((BTW--of course you all realize that when mysterious aliens say "you must not go into these ruins" it means, plot-wise, that the protagonists absolutely must?))
12:00 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> ::Nodding in response to Pah's comments.::
12:00 : Aelvna tVecj : ::bows to Alien #2::Thank you. Good evening.
12:01 : Erein tLynta : So the open scientific community and the sharing of collected data in the Federation is a myth
12:01 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( We'll end up there by accident, I'm sure. ;-) ))
12:02 : T'Vara> Not at all. But the disclosure of Federation technology to non-allies is not permitted without authorization.
12:02 : Aelvna tVecj : #######End Sim#######
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Postby Enarrain tVecj » Sat Sep 29, 2007 11:08 pm

11:22 : ########Begin Sim########
11:22 : ########Begin Sim########
11:22 : ########Begin Sim########
11:22 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::texts S'Nac: Meet me at the end of the corridor where Security and Engineering meet in 5 siurena.::
11:23 : S'Nac > ::looks at text, eyes widen:: Oh brother na again ... Linds ... ::shakes head, heads in that direction::
11:23 : Erein tLynta : ::looking around, tricorder out...scanning::
11:23 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> From what the Arbiter said, it certaily seems as much. It would be interesting to know if there are different social castes or if all are one people.
11:24 : Aelvna tVecj : ::surreptiously sends a message on her ISD to K'Yele, just to find out if the Leaf is still in orbit, and that they are still in control of it::
11:24 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> ::He blinked, a bit surprised.:: I'll be damned if I didn't just sound like a Vulcan. ::He sighed, glancing back at T'Vara.:: She's rubbing off.
11:25 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::smirks, pockets BlackBerry, heads to junction::
11:25 : JhuCaevra tTalia : T'Vara> ::Pacing nearby (but not too nearby) t'Lynta, doing the same with her own Federation issued tricorder. Still looking stoic.::
11:27 : Aelvna tVecj : ::smirks:: Is she your conscious, Captain?
11:27 : Telar trIsmail : T'Nal > ::passing main desk:: Rekkhai. ::sets down a few ISDs::
11:27 : Erein tLynta : ::retrained...but gleefull...sets tricorder to scan T'Vara's uplink signal frequency...not worying about trying to crack any Fed codes...just the uplink channel::
11:27 : Telar trIsmail : ::looks up, nods, smiles:: Mnekha.
11:27 : Erein tLynta : ::restrained even::
11:28 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! 20 - 17 Auburn over Florida. About freakin' time they won a game. ))
11:28 : Telar trIsmail : T'Nal > Rekkhai, I know I am supposed to concentrate on work, but ...
11:28 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Woo!))
11:28 : Perhaps we should split up, and then compare notes in the morning.
11:28 : If you trust my evaluation of things.
11:29 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods, points to security cam feed:: When the cat is away ... ::smiles slowly as he indicates screen monitoring junction of Security and Engineering::
11:29 : Erein tLynta : ::scan, scan, scan...all passive scans...but still... ::
11:30 : Telar trIsmail : T'Nal > ::turns, blinks:: They ...
11:30 : Erein tLynta : ::inches a little nearer to T'Vara::
11:30 : Telar trIsmail : ::holds up hand:: Hna vah did au suspect? Come. Au take io corridor, I'll take the other. With me?
11:31 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> Split up? Why, I do believe the point of this exercise is to get to know one another. I believe the Arbiter and his people might still be observing us and our actions.
11:31 : Telar trIsmail : T'Nal > I ... Of course, Rekkhai. ::checks kaleh and ie'yyak, sets off down corridor double-quick::
11:32 : JhuCaevra tTalia : T'Vara> ::One final scan of the area, but she didn't seem to be too impressed with what she was seeing. She closed the tricorder and put it away.::
11:32 : Telar trIsmail : ::likewise checks weapons, sets off on a different corridor::
11:32 : Aelvna tVecj : ::exhales:: I see your point. Perhaps the advanced recon can wait for the next day.
11:33 : ::observes the Vulcan and the scientist:: Or perhaps we should just divide among different lines. Where would you like to start, Captain?
11:33 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> And besides, that would deny me the pleasure of your company. ::Another dashing half-smile.:: I've never had the opportunity to spend any significant length of time with a Romulan Enarrain.
11:33 : Erein tLynta : ::not looking up from her own scanner:: Find anything interesting?
11:33 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::at junction, talking with S'Nac:: Oh come on, S'Nac, au know she's just going to cause au trouble.
11:33 : Aelvna tVecj : ::smugly:: I have met Federation Captains before. I suppose you should learn that we are not quite so mysterious.
11:34 : Telar trIsmail : S'Nac > Linds, I can't believe I'm hearing this from au. T'Nal and I have been together through thick and thin for quite some Eisn-rounds.
11:35 : JhuCaevra tTalia : T'Vara> Nothing of special interest. There are some curious concentrations of various chemical compounds in their foliage that is rare among M-Class planets, but nothing that cannot be analyzed at a later date.
11:35 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::tosses head:: Well, I can have the pick of any man on this ship or just about any other ... why would I choose au? Think about it.
11:36 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> Come now, Enarrain... all Romulans possess an air of mystery simply by fact of birth. It would be interesting to learn about your command style.
11:36 : Erein tLynta : I noticed that. I think it might have something to do with a caustic substrata layer that looks like evidence of a series of comet impacts in the planets past.
11:36 : Telar trIsmail : S'Nac > ::shakes head:: Na, it's na that simple. T'Nal and I have jol for io another. She is my e'lev.
11:36 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> One can always learn new tricks to aid in better command.
11:36 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::laughs:: Au'r e'lev!? Surely au jest.
11:37 : Aelvna tVecj : Do you not think you have command tips to offer me?
11:37 : ((Man do I want to kick him where it hurts.))
11:37 : Erein tLynta : Have to compare that with orbital scans though.
11:37 : Telar trIsmail : T'Nal > ::coming up behind her quietly, grabbing her by the neck and holding up her kaleh:: Think again about jesting. He means it.
11:39 : ::coming up behind S'Nac, ie'yyak drawn:: And just vah'Areinnye do au mean to be doing here instead of on duty? Talking with a saucy susse-thrai like her instead of tending to work? Eh?
11:39 : JhuCaevra tTalia : T'Vara> Captain Mallory, perhaps at the next available opportunity, you could request samples of their plant life. It would make for interesting analysis.
11:39 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan, S'Nac > ::both speechless::
11:40 : T'Nal > ::smiles:: Well, Rekkhai, vah do au recommend?
11:40 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> ::He gazed at Ael for a moment and opened his mouth to say something, but was cut off by T'Vara's question. Smiling still, he glanced back at the Vulcan.:: Of course. We should ask permission.
11:40 : Captain Joshua Mallory> Perhaps they have some sort of taboo about such things. I would not wish to offend.
11:41 : Telar trIsmail : ::smiles back:: Br'tehh time. ::sticks his ie'yyak into S'Nac's back:: March, au.
11:41 : Aelvna tVecj : Especially since they eat them exclusively. You know how some cultures are about food.
11:41 : Erein tLynta : ::turns to Ael..not to be one upped:: It might be int he natives liking for us to exchange gifts of food stuffs. We could get an equally good sample to analyse that way.
11:42 : Telar trIsmail : T'Nal > ::whips t'Lohan around, hits her on the tush with her kaleh hard:: Au too.
11:42 : Aelvna tVecj : Ie. I trust you to offer what is appropriate.
11:42 : Erein tLynta : ::bows::
11:42 : ::wonders off a little...looking over tricorder readings somemore::
11:43 : ::fiddle,fiddle, fiddle....ah ha::
11:43 : Telar trIsmail : ACTION > tr'Isma'il, T'Nal, S'Nac and t'Lohan go to the Br'tehh area.
11:44 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> ::Turning back to the walk ahead of them, he glanced off into the distance.:: I wonder which direction those ruins are that we were asked to avoid. We should know so we could keep clear of them.
11:44 : Telar trIsmail : Guard > ::seeing them coming:: Rekkhai?
11:46 : ::nods at S'Nac and t'Lohan:: These go in this time. Separate cells fhaen, I don't want them keeping io another ... "company" while they're in.
11:46 : Erein tLynta : ::working on an orbital scan request uplink and duty request to the archaeology departments for a full orbital high intensity scan of the alien ruins.... all filled out in... Federation standard forms::
11:47 : Aelvna tVecj : Surely you've created detailed maps of the planet?
11:47 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( Better be in triplicate. ))
11:47 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Read my mind ;) ))
11:47 : Telar trIsmail : Guard > ::nods:: Ie Rekkhai. ::lowers forcefields for 2 adjoining cells::
11:47 : In au go.
11:48 : S'Nac, t'Lohan > ::step into their respective cells::
11:48 : Guard > ::throws forcefields back up::
11:48 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> Of course. Our ship has completed several intensive sensor sweeps of the entire planet, but I do not remember anyone mentioning ancient ruins. Perhaps they are hidden by dense growth.
11:48 : Erein tLynta : ::pondering if best to send the signal now...or add it to the Vulcan's next scan::
11:49 : JhuCaevra tTalia : T'Vara> ::Turns her gaze in t'Lynta's direction for a few moments, but does not comment. She continues to walk, observing.::
11:49 : Telar trIsmail : Hna. Au ::looking at t'Lohan:: have proven au'rself to be a genuine troublemaker around here. Io way or another we shall have to break au of the habit.
11:56 : Erein tLynta : ::there we go...sends the normally uncoded, low priority message along with the Vulcans normal tricorder data upload to their ship::
11:56 : Telar trIsmail : Guard > ::nods:: Ie Rekkhai.
11:56 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( I can see you this time. ))
11:56 : Telar trIsmail : ( pass )
11:57 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Argh. Sorry about that))
11:57 : Telar trIsmail : ::turns to T'Nal:: Well, T'Nal ... back to Security and I think we have a report to make out. Na?
11:58 : T'Nal > ::nods:: Ie, Rekkhai!
11:58 : Very well. Let's go ... ::heads out with T'Nal::
11:59 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> Shouldn't we be reaching our evening accomodations soon? I wonder if they will have transports for us to explore their world. Walking is good exercise, but it is rather slow.
11:59 : Erein tLynta : ::sending signal to her own science departments to take close note of the Starfleet ships orbital scan paths::
11:59 : Telar trIsmail : ::reaching Main Security:: Hna. Be seated. Vah may I offer au?
12:00 : Sunday, September 30, 2007
12:00 : Telar trIsmail : T'Nal > Rekkhai? ::sitting::
12:00 : In the way of refreshment.
12:00 : T'Nal > ::smiles:: Tea, that would be mnekha.
12:01 : ::nods, goes to replicator:: Two Moroccan Mints. ::fetches them, heads back to desk, hands one mug to T'Nal, waits for her to sip::
12:01 : Erein tLynta : ::T'Vara:: The lack of animal life signs and the abundance of planet life is interesting, don't you think?
12:01 : Aelvna tVecj : It might be less environmentally distracting if we simply beam down.
12:01 : #######End Sim#########
12:01 : #######End Sim#########
12:01 : #######End Sim#########
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aelvnatvecj: ####Begin Sim######
aelvnatvecj: ::straightening her cloak, watching as night falls::
aelvnatvecj: I am sure the Leaf's scanners are far more powerful than
Mallory's ship...
ookamikuro: ACTION> The planet's three moons rise shortly after sunset,
hanging wide and bright in the sky.
Telar trIsmail: ::to T'Nal:: The both of au have been quite stressed as of late.
And the newcomer has been a troublemaker.
Telar trIsmail: T'Nal > ::nods:: *I'll* say she is.
aelvnatvecj: If there's anything important here.. We should find it before
they do.
Telar trIsmail: S'Nac > ::coming to desk at Main Security:: Rekkhai ...
Erein tLynta: Easy enough. I doubt the natives have any means of
detecting us.
Telar trIsmail: ::looks up:: Mnekha timing. Au are both released to duty.
Meanwhile, I have some work to do here. ::nods at them::
Telar trIsmail: S'Nac, T'Nal > ::go off together to workstation::
Erein tLynta: And the earthers have done enough of their own
spying...whether they like it or not... to accuse us of anything
Telar trIsmail: ::follows the both of them with his eyes, envying them their jol
and youth::
aelvnatvecj: ::scoffs:: I do na think we have anything to fear from them.
Telar trIsmail: ::sighs, looks back down at desk, picks up ISD, begins going
through it::
ookamikuro: ACTION> One of the aliens approaches Ael'vna and t'Lynta
through the forest brush, quiet crackling and shuffling announcing its presence
before it's close.
aelvnatvecj: The plant-eaters do not seem impressed with them so far.
Telar trIsmail: T'Nal > ::at workstation:: Au told her ... au did na have jol for her
but for me?
Telar trIsmail: S'Nac > ::nods:: Elements ie. I said she and I were friends but na
e'leva. That au were my true e'lev.
Erein tLynta: ::takes not of the approaching sounds::
Telar trIsmail: T'Nal > S'Nac ... ::puts down work, goes to him, gives him a
BIG SLOPPY kiss, as usual staining his collar with her lipstick::
Telar trIsmail: S'Nac > ::blushes deep green::
ookamikuro: Alien> ::emerges from the brush:: It is easy to get lost in the forest
at night, honored guests, you should be wary. I am Haakrrgh ::tentacle sway
jiggle::, I was assigned to be your guide tomorrow morning.
Telar trIsmail: tr'Moussa > ::approaching desk in Main Security:: Rekkhai.
Telar trIsmail: ::startled, looks up:: Nveid! But au ... au are supposed to be
hrrau leave.
aelvnatvecj: ::glances around:: What's that? Do they come out at night?
::reaches for her weapon, which is not there::
Telar trIsmail: tr'Moussa > ::nods:: Ie, I know. But I felt I should at least check
in here and ask how things are going ... it is rather difficult to just detach myself
completely from work, leave or na leave.
Telar trIsmail: ::grins:: That's the Nveid I've always known. Be seated. ::waits
for tr'Moussa to sit:: May I offer au anything for refreshment?
ookamikuro: Alien> It is my name, Enarrain. I apologize that our tongue is not
very compatible with your own. I myself have trouble pronouncing many of
your words.
Telar trIsmail: tr'Moussa > Ale, if au have some.
Telar trIsmail: Of course. ::reaches for replicator, fetches some ale, hands a
mug to tr'Moussa, waits for him to sip:: So how is Ne'Arrain t'Kirna?
aelvnatvecj: ::bows deeply:: There is nothing to apologize for. The
Rihannsu language will reward patience.
Telar trIsmail: tr'Moussa > Resting comfortably, Rekkhai. The Maenaka have
said she will be able to return to duty sometime soon.
aelvnatvecj: Haakrrgggg, we would like to see one of your larger cities.
Hamlets. ::gestures vaguely::
Telar trIsmail: Ah. So there is progress being made. I am glad of it. We would
all be feeling less fortunate were she not to recover.
ookamikuro: Alien> ::returns the bowing gesture awkwardly:: Then we will
travel to one in the morning. Would you prefer the shortest route, or the most
scenic? ::The pronunciation of his name was a bit mangled, but he forgives
aelvnatvecj: ::glances at t'Lynta, wondering if she's scanning this new
one unobtrusively::
aelvnatvecj: ::and wondering how to bring up caste systems::
aelvnatvecj: The shortest, for I am sure everything we see will be a
Telar trIsmail: tr'Moussa > ::nods:: Ie, and I feel especially that way, given our
relationship. ::sets mug down:: So vah do au think will become of our mission in
this sector, Rekkhai?
aelvnatvecj: ((OOo, it tells me who is typing. That's cool.))
ookamikuro: Alien> Very well. I shall meet you at your residence in the
morning, along with the Federation delegation. That is, if you still wish to travel
together with them?
Erein tLynta: ::visually inspecting the creature...pondering on a world
with nearly no animal life if they understand the concept of preditor
and prey:::
ookamikuro: ((Big brother!))
aelvnatvecj: We...will be traveling with them, ie.
ookamikuro: Alien> ::dips his tentacles in an affirmative gesture, then turns back
toward the village:: If you have no more questions for me, I will leave you to
your privacy.
Telar trIsmail: ::shrugs:: Elements only know. I'm rather anxious with the
Enarrain away from the ship for such a long time ... just remember, Security
may have to go to heightened alert with little to na warning, in which case ...
Telar trIsmail: tr'Moussa > ::nods:: Understood ... na more leave. ::grins:: I'm
familiar with the routine. Au may count hrrau me Rekkhai.
Telar trIsmail: Mnekha. Give my best to au'r e'lev when au see her.
Telar trIsmail: tr'Moussa > Hann'yyo Rekkhai. By au'r leave?
aelvnatvecj: I have many questions, but perhaps none suited to this
hour, or this moment. ::smiles::tries to replicate tentacle bow, sans
Telar trIsmail: ::nods:: Ie. Au may leave.
Telar trIsmail: tr'Moussa > ::stands and heads down corridor towards Medical::
ookamikuro: Alien> ::proceeds back through the brush toward the village::
Telar trIsmail: ::continues going over ISDs at desk::
aelvnatvecj: ((What, no acknowledgement of myc ute bow?))
aelvnatvecj: ::to t'Lynta:: Do you think that was their way of letting us
know we are being watched?
Telar trIsmail: t'Lohan > ::approaching desk in Main Security:: Rekkhai.
ookamikuro: ((That was a bow?))
Erein tLynta: They are concurned about our actions...whether for our
own good or theirs I don't know.
Telar trIsmail: ::looks up:: Ne'Arrain t'Lohan. Reporting back for duty I see.
::smiles:: I trust au are feeling better than when au were in the Br'tehh?
Erein tLynta: So are worst they are spying on us as best they can and
at best we're stuck with overprotective nursemaids.
Telar trIsmail: t'Lohan > ::blushes green:: As an Engineer I should have
remembered na to step into that forcefield ...
aelvnatvecj: ((Mer))
Telar trIsmail: ::smirks, makes dismissive gesture:: Never mind, vah is done is
done. Au are hna hrrau duty and I expect it to be top-notch. Ssuegn?
aelvnatvecj: ::furrows brow:: I think you have that reversed.
aelvnatvecj: Still, perhaps we should spend the evening on our own
vessel, assuming we're keeping track of the human
aelvnatvecj: and the Vulcan at all times.
Telar trIsmail: t'Lohan > Ie Rekkhai. ::looks upwards, sees security
viewscreens:: Hmm interesting.
Telar trIsmail: I presume they appeal to the Engineer in au?
Erein tLynta: ::nods:: They are quite easy to track among the planets
natural lifesigns.
Telar trIsmail: t'Lohan > ::still looking at screens:: Mmmmmmm ie ... ::turns to
face tr'Isma'il:: Ie, Rekkhai, as a matter of fact so ... ::sits, leans forward,
elbows on table::
aelvnatvecj: Very well. *Hnoiyika* Two to beam up.
Telar trIsmail: t'Lohan > Perhaps io day au may *need* my Engineering skills
so as to, oh, say, help do a "job" on another ship's Security system ... confuse
an enemy or whatnot ...
Telar trIsmail: ::browraise:: Indeed! ::leans foward also:: t'Lohan, I think au may
very well be an asset to our department. ::grins:: Hna report to work ... and
later show me some of these ideas of aur's. Dismissed to duty.
ookamikuro: ACTION> Shimmer.
Telar trIsmail: ::leans back in chair, loudly CRACKS knuckles::
aelvnatvecj: Home swee--::recognizes the interior of the Leaf:: Oh.
Telar trIsmail: t'Lohan > ::stands, CRACKS hers even more loudly, lopes off::
aelvnatvecj: ((Oooh, knuckle fight))
Telar trIsmail: Mmmmmmmmmm. ::following her with eyes:: There is more to
her than meets the eye ... more than a troublemaker after all.
Telar trIsmail: tr'Moussa > ::in Medical::
Telar trIsmail: Ne'Maenak > ::looks up:: Ie, may I help au?
Erein tLynta: ::stifles a yawn:: I will check on the progress of our scans
before going off shift.
aelvnatvecj: ((2 minute warning!))
Telar trIsmail: tr'Moussa > Ie, I am here to see Ne'Arrain t'Kirna. How is she
aelvnatvecj: ::inclines head:: I will let Mallory know our intentions.
Telar trIsmail: Ne'Maenak > She is resting comfortably. She has called for au,
Ne'Arrain ... ah, tr'Moussa, is it na?
Telar trIsmail: tr'Moussa > ::smiles, nods:: Ie.
ookamikuro: Obsequious Leaf h'fai> ::sidles her way up to Ael:: Um, um, ihhei.
The.. er... alien scientists... that you invited aboard have been issued
staterooms on deck 4. They're ... um... Regenerative cycling? Right now.
Telar trIsmail: Ne'Maenak > This way ... ::leads way::
Erein tLynta: I'll have a report so we more or less know where we're
going tomorrow before we actual go anywhere. Anything special you
want informed of?
aelvnatvecj: ::thin smile:: Whatever they don't want us to know.
aelvnatvecj: ::inclines head to OLh::: Hann'yyo
Telar trIsmail: t'Kirna > ::sitting up in bed, seeing tr'Moussa approaching with
the Ne'Maenak:: Nveid ... Nveid! Elements it is so mnekha to see au again.
aelvnatvecj: ######End Sim######
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11:13 : Aelvna tVecj : ########Begin Sim##########
11:13 : ########Begin Sim##########
11:13 : ########Begin Sim##########
11:14 : ::shimmers::
11:14 : (I will assume Aensai and t'Lynta are doing stuff aboard the Leaf)
11:15 : ::scans the area, frowning at the odd color of the sky in morning::
11:15 : ::in space, its always black::
11:15 : ookamikuro : Haaakrrgh ::sway dip::> ::awaits by the rendezvous point with Captain Mallory, then offers a bow to Ael as she arrives:: Good morning, Enarrain.
11:16 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> ::Looking dapper as usual, though even more so without the burden of Vulcan logic.::
11:16 : Aelvna tVecj : ::bows to Haaakrrgh:: Good morning, Hargk.
11:17 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> Good morning to you. ::Nodding to Ael.::
11:18 : ookamikuro : Guide> ::doesn't quite flinch at Ael's pronunciation of his name:: The Enarrain desires to see one of the larger cities on our planet, would you oppose this, Captain?
11:19 : Aelvna tVecj : ::bows slightly to Captain Joshua::
11:19 : ((He should really be Captain Jack <g>))
11:19 : Telar trIsmail : ::sitting at desk in Main Security, poring over ISDs:: Mmm hmm ...
11:19 : ookamikuro : ((Nahhh. Captain Morgan.))
11:19 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::sitting across from Telar, waiting for his appraisal::
11:20 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> No, I would very much like to see any of your cities.
11:20 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods, looks up towards t'Lohan:: Excellent. Au have, as I said before, outdone au'rself hrrau this io and I for io am quite pleased.
11:20 : Aelvna tVecj : ((:::snickers::))
11:20 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::smiles lightly::
11:21 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( ::does the Captain Morgan knee-on-the-barrel pose.:: ))
11:21 : (( Got a little Captain in you? Would you like some? ))
11:21 : Telar trIsmail : Hna ... I'd like to see a demonstration of this. ::drums fingers:: We can't afford to try it out on our *own* systems and sabotage them ...
11:22 : ookamikuro : Guide> Very well, come this way and we will board a transport. ::He leads through the settlement to a nondescript looking building--as soon as they enter, though, a staircase leads down to what
11:22 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > How about a simulation in the HIC? A holographic recreation would be just as realistic.
11:22 : ookamikuro : starts to look like a subterranean train system::
11:22 : Aelvna tVecj : ;;smiles at H:: What type of transport is this? ::descends, descends:
11:22 : Lt Tebok trKhev joined the chat
11:23 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods:: I agree. Set a program and then we'll adjourn to the main HIC.
11:23 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> Interesting... ::As their guide led them underground.::
11:23 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::grins:: Already done ... ::hands over ISD showing program for HIC simulation::
11:24 : Aelvna tVecj : ::wonders what else they have lurking underground::
11:24 : Telar trIsmail : ::takes ISD, shakes head in amazement:: Linds, there is indeed more to au than meets the eye. ...
11:26 : ookamikuro : Guide> Much of the ore making up the crust of our planet is naturally magnetic. We use these train systems for high-speed transport. The nearest major city is approximately two hundred kilometers away.
11:26 : Aelvna tVecj : You use magnets?
11:26 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > Hann'yyo Rekkhai. ::realizes the formality has begun to break down, at least at his end::
11:27 : Then ... ::stands:: let us na waste time. ::gestures::
11:27 : ookamikuro : Guide> The tunnels bored through the ore are sufficiently smooth and symmetrical that the trains can be levitated with a small electromagnetic motor.
11:27 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::also stands:: Of course na.
11:28 : ::leads way to main HIC with t'Lohan::
11:28 : ookamikuro : The journey should take some twelve of your minutes or eleven of your siurena. I understand this must be slow to those used to faster-than-light travel and teleportation, but it is fast enough for us.
11:28 : Aelvna tVecj : Do you have many above-ground roads, or do you feel farmland is important?
11:28 : ((Holy shit, 12 minutes for 200 clicks?))
11:29 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> A good use of your natural resources. ::Nodding slightly.:: Other worlds use similar systems for transport.
11:29 : ookamikuro : ((Maglev trains are niiiice.))
11:29 : Telar trIsmail : So I take it everything has been planned and this should go smoothly.
11:30 : ookamikuro : Guide> ::leads through a modest crowd of aliens, some apparently travelers, others apparently tasked to run and maintain the train system, until they walk up a gangplank onto a capsule-shaped vehicle::
11:30 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::nods:: Ie Rekkhai. I spent several hours last night after we finished ... ::blinks, facepalms::
11:30 : ookamikuro : Guide> We do not have many above-ground roads, no. They are too high-maintenance, because the jungle grows very quickly on our world.
11:30 : Aelvna tVecj : ;;nods::glances at the other aliens:: Have they seen aliens before?
11:31 : Telar trIsmail : ::throws head back, laughs:: Busy are au na! Well ... here we are. HIC 1.
11:31 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Have you developed any air transportation? ::Interested in the other aliens on the planet as they pass, studying those that were studying them.::
11:32 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::presses a few buttons on interface:: t'Lohan Security Program io.
11:33 : Computer > Loaded. Enter when ready.
11:33 : ookamikuro : Guide> They have not. I apologize in advance for any stares you may receive. ::Most of the aliens do seem to stop what they're doing and stare:: As for air transportation, it has been developed but we rarely use it.
11:33 : Telar trIsmail : ::enters HIC with t'Lohan ... doors close behind them::
11:34 : Aelvna tVecj : ((The herbivores don't think it's really cool to fly?))
11:34 : ookamikuro : ACTION> The capsule-train begins speeding off--well, it doesn't really feel that speedy, just a constant fraction of a G acceleration.
11:34 : Aelvna tVecj : Given your subterrainian existence, what made you develop warp?
11:35 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> Do the majority of your people live within your cities or are there large groups that choose to live in smaller settlements?
11:36 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > All right. Over here we have the chart showing how a boarding party on another ship positions itself ... and plants the enhanced datachips in the Security camera systems.
11:36 : ookamikuro : Guide> We all long to explore space, of course, Enarrain. We have sent probes and several manned expeditions to our moons and the other worlds in our star system, so it was only a matter of time before
11:36 : we turned our sights out farther.
11:36 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods:: I see ... and these chips have special holoimaging systems in them?
11:37 : t'Lohan > Correct. Hna ... here is how we manipulate from remote. ::steps to console::
11:37 : ookamikuro : Guide> The majority of our people live in small settlements like the one you saw. They are small enough and spaced widely enough that they can be self-sustaining and have little impact on the local environment.
11:37 : Aelvna tVecj : ::thin smile::And did you expect to find us?
11:38 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > First ... the enemy ship leaves the vicinity.
11:38 : ookamikuro : Guide> We had expected to find aliens. The Drrhhh'aaak ::wiggle sway:: equation suggested that it was a near certainty intelligent life existed elsewhere in the universe.
11:38 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods as chart shows simulation in progress::
11:39 : Aelvna tVecj : Intriguing.
11:39 : ookamikuro : Guide> We had expected you to be... Purpler, though.
11:39 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> ::He chuckled lightly at their guide's reply.::
11:40 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > Next ... we send out a beacon activating the datachips. ::presses button on console::
11:40 : ::nods watching chart showing holocams from other ship's POV::
11:41 : ookamikuro : ACTION> The lights aboard the train flicker four times in seqence.
11:41 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > Hna ... we feed false information into the enhanced datachips. Something so as to fool the Security systems into thinking all is well ... ::presses another button on console::
11:42 : ::nods:: Ingenious. And hna they think they're all right when ... ?
11:42 : Aelvna tVecj : Is the power about to go out? ::grows concerned::
11:42 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Standing in the transport, he held on to the rails or whatever and glanced to the lights.::
11:42 : ookamikuro : Guide> We are approximately halfway to our destination. When we reach the halfway point we will begin decelerating, so please brace yourselves for a slight shift in forces. ::seconds later, the
11:43 : fractional-G acceleration turns to a fractional-G deceleration, smoothly enough that it's not uncomfortable.:: It is our understanding that most of the development in your worlds is above-ground?
11:43 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::nods, turns to face Telar:: Ie. Exactly. They believe all is well when in reality we can beam someio on board and their Security cameras won't detect him or her. ::turns back and pushes another button::
11:43 : Aelvna tVecj : Ie. At least, in our worlds, we use the ground only for mining.
11:43 : Telar trIsmail : ::watches as simulated away team is beamed on board enemy ship::
11:44 : Incredible.
11:44 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> On many of the Federation worlds it is the same, though several have subterranean settlements.
11:44 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Like Atlantis?))
11:44 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> Are all of your cities and settlements underground?
11:45 : ookamikuro : Guide> Forgive me if my questions seem naive. It is just difficult to imagine above-ground cities. We have some structures above-ground, but they are rarely any larger than the ones you already saw.
11:45 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > Na ... it simply came to me naturally from all my time in Engineering. Au'r deputizing me to Security simply allowed me to ... how shall I say, 'splice' ideas from io department to another.
11:45 : ookamikuro : Guide> The rest is all underground, much like the city you will be seeing shortly.
11:46 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods:: Computer, end simulation. ::waits as HIC program ends and room reverts to original state:: Well ... let's go. I'm approving this and will brief the Enarrain when I see her.
11:47 : t'Lohan > Hann'yyo Rekkhai.
11:47 : Aelvna tVecj : A whole city sounds incredible.
11:47 : And dark. You don't need sunlight?
11:47 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> What sources of electricity do you utilize for illumination and other needs? Is it all magnetic?
11:48 : Telar trIsmail : ::smiles:: And when I brief her I want au with me. Oh and by the way Linds ... at least when we are with io another like this ... na "Rekkhai" is needed. Telar will do.
11:49 : Aelvna tVecj : ((GMTA))
11:49 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > Re ... I ... ::jaw drops a moment, then manages a smile ... blushes green::
(11:49:41 PM) Telar trIsmail: t'Lohan > Re ... I ... ::jaw drops a moment, then manages a smile ... blushes green::
(11:50:08 PM) ookamikuro: Guide> Most of our electricity is fusion-generated, actually. And we use very little illumination, not much more than in this capsule. We have good low-light vision. If it is uncomfortable for you, we
(11:50:15 PM) ookamikuro: can increase the illumination in the areas we visit...
(11:51:16 PM) ookamikuro: ACTION> The train gives a little bump and the force of deceleration vanishes. The lights blink again and the door opens outward and down, extending a gangplank out to a much larger platform than the last
(11:51:54 PM) ookamikuro: one. Hundreds of aliens are here, milling about much more energetically. Dozens of capsules can be seen waiting along the platforms, with destinations and launch countdown timers displayed above their
(11:51:59 PM) Telar trIsmail: ::walking towards the exit of the HIC with t'Lohan:: ::q:: When au'r shift is over, fhaen come to my quarters.
(11:51:59 PM) ookamikuro: doorways. The guide leads out.
11:53 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::looks up:: T ... Telar?
11:53 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Oops, my bad))
11:53 : ((5 minute warning!))
11:54 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods:: Ie, e'lev. ::kisses her:: Hna, before anyio sees. ::smiles and exits HIC with her::
11:54 : Aelvna tVecj : ::follows, mumbling something about vitamin E::
11:54 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> ::Following the guide out of the transport, he squinted to let his eyes adjust to the dim lighting.::
11:54 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::walks with Telar, head swimming with being called e'lev::
11:56 : Definitely a commendation in this and I hope a promotion as well. ::smiles:: And to think I thought au were nathing but a troublemaker what with S'Nac and all. ::laughs::
11:57 : t'Lohan > ::laughs:: We all make some strange assumptions do we na?
11:57 : Aelvna tVecj : ((get your last lines in!))
11:57 : Telar trIsmail : Quite so ...
11:58 : ookamikuro : Guide> ::leads through the throng--easy enough since most the aliens part around them and given them a wide, staring berth, and exits into a huge, cavernous city of steel and glass and blue and red stone, stretching nearly
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : Well, back to Security and the old grind.
11:58 : ookamikuro : as far as the eye can see, along stalactites hanging from the ceiling, up stalagmites on the cavern floor, with catwalks criss-crossing like a huge three-dimensional spiderweb. It's enough room for millions.
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > Ie but I would na call anything about it 'old' if I were au. ::grins::
11:58 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> Wow. ::Stopping in his tracks.::
11:59 : Aelvna tVecj : #######End Sim########
11:59 : #######End Sim########
11:59 : #######End Sim########
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Postby Enarrain tVecj » Sat Oct 27, 2007 11:12 pm

11:34 : #######Begin Sim########
11:34 : #######Begin Sim########
11:34 : #######Begin Sim########
11:36 : ::still gaping at the stalagmites::: Is this naturally formed or...artistic?
11:36 : ookamikuro : Ll'nrraa ::sway wiggle::> ::pads up to a terminal in the Leaf's corridors:: Computer, how do I contact... Erein t'Lynta, was it?
11:37 : Hak> The caverns themselves are naturally formed. We simply build into them. The engineering is rather simpler that way, as compared to the tall structures of your peoples.
11:38 : Telar trIsmail : ::sitting at desk in Main Security, having reviewed morning shift and dismissed them to duty::
11:38 : ookamikuro : Ll'> ::bemused by the computer's response in a language she can't read, she simply waits--thankfully the system is designed for use by alien diplomats, and eventually
11:39 : it just helpfully assumes she'd like to open a channel to t'Lynta. Whose comm beeps.::
11:39 : Aelvna tVecj : Well, when the planet offers... we accept. I think you would find ch'Rihan aesthetically pleasing. But tell me... Is it natural for herbivores to live underground?
11:39 : ookamikuro : Hak> ::dryly:: Is it natural for omnivores to live in space?
11:39 : Erein tLynta : ::looks up from whatever that has caughter or attentino:: +Com+Yes?
11:39 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::going to replicator, getting two teas, bringing them to desk at Main Security, sitting down:: Morning Telar. ::smiles::
11:40 : ::looks up, smiles:: Morning Linds. ::sips at tea:: All moved in hna?
11:41 : ookamikuro : Ll'> I am Dr. Ll'nrraa ::sway wiggle::, I was told you had some interest in planetary studies on our planet. I can guide you on the surface if you like. Only... I don't know where I am right now.
11:41 : Aelvna tVecj : ::laughs:: I mean... would you not live with the plants? Or is it more...lichen?
11:42 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::setting cup down:: Almost. It's nearly done. And I think by now word may be out through the grapevine about ... well, us.
11:42 : Erein tLynta : ::ponders accepting services from a lost guide::: I will be with you shortly. Don't wander too far.
11:42 : ookamikuro : Hak> We eat a wide variety of flora, including lichen and fungus that grows in the caves, but we also have agricultural and foraging outposts on the surface that provide us with food. Please,
11:43 : let us step off the platform so we aren't in the way. ::Truth be told, they aren't in anybody's way, but they seem to create a sort of bubble around them simply by virtue of being aliens--making others wary to approach::
11:43 : Telar trIsmail : ::laughs:: So let it out. Hna ... do au have everything ready for the briefing, when the Enarrain returns?
11:43 : Aelvna tVecj : ::follows without complaint, still straining her neck to look at everything::
11:43 : Erein tLynta : ::closes her station and moves out into the corridor and towards the aliens position.::
11:44 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::nods, reaches for a small pack, sets it on desk:: In here is all the information required.
11:44 : ookamikuro : Ll'> ::waits patiently, taking a seat near the wall. She gazes curiously at all the aliens as they pass--and gets some odd stares in return::
11:44 : Telar trIsmail : ::eyebrowraise:: Impressive.
11:44 : Aelvna tVecj : Our people revere natural beauty... Even if we could send images back home, your world would be considered exotic. Though I suppose you are not interested in having
11:44 : aliens here on a regular basis.
11:45 : Erein tLynta : ::comes around corner and sees the alien...mistakes it for a second as a misplaced potted plant...shakes off the mental image and approaches:: Greetings.
11:45 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::leans forward:: Telar, I don't spend *all* night in bed. If au had been a light sleeper au would have noticed I hadn't been there with au but a few hours.
11:46 : ookamikuro : Hak> While we are happy to accomodate guests, we prefer that they are of small enough number that they can be escorted. There are some dangers in the jungle for the unprepared. Ah, here is
11:46 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods:: Busy io ... I guess some of au'r best work is done at night.
11:46 : ookamikuro : a temple to the All-Mother... You may view our worship service if you wish.
11:47 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > Indeed it has. Here hrrau Security, earlier in Engineering ... I would na sleep easily but rather work my ass off when others would normally be sleeping.
11:48 : ookamikuro : Ll'> Greetings. You must be Erein t'Lynta. I am glad you were able to find me--I haven't been able to learn to read your language, so the directional signs were no help to me.
11:48 : Telar trIsmail : And how do au manage to stay awake in the day?
11:48 : Aelvna tVecj : ::murmurs:: Some people thrive on danger...the All-Mother? Is she your planet?
11:48 : ::wishes K'Yele were here, he'd have actually studied this::
11:48 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::shrugs:: Search me, Telar. I just seem to na require that much rest.
11:49 : ookamikuro : Hak> Not the planet, no. Its creator, in a manner of speaking. Or rather, one of them. ::He leads into the temple--which is rather subtly decorated, there's little to make it look different from the other
11:50 : Telar trIsmail : Just do na push au'rself, au might fall down hrrau the job some time. I do na want that happening to any of my people, na from the lowest grunt up to the second in command here.
11:50 : Erein tLynta : We will have to equip you with a better translator protocal I assume.
11:50 : ookamikuro : buildings around. Inside is a congregation area with cushioned seats, numerous screen-tablets containing reams of holy text, and braziers to give warmth. A small statue sits in the center of the room, of
11:51 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::sipping at tea:: All right, but trust me, this comes naturally.
11:51 : ookamikuro : what looks to be a humanoid female of some kind.::
11:51 : Aelvna tVecj : how was the planet created? ::does not want to state her obvious interpretation::
11:51 : Telar trIsmail : ::drums fingers:: So long as we are here hrrau the Leaf I would want au to go to Medical and have a Maenak examine au.
11:52 : ookamikuro : Ll'> I will be glad to have it. In the meantime, you were interested in study?
11:52 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::barely avoids a SPLURT, almost chokes on tea:: For vah!? Vah have I done? ::dismissive gesture:: Medical. My ass.
11:53 : Telar trIsmail left the chat.
11:54 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Is everyone all right?))
11:54 : Erein tLynta : that was odd
11:54 : Telar trIsmail : ::smiles:: Do na make me *order* au there, e'lev. ::points to rank pips:: Medical conditions may arise totally unexpectedly and Elements know vah may be happening due to lack of rest.
11:54 : ookamikuro : ((It was.))
11:54 : Aelvna tVecj : ((I felt very alone!))
11:54 : ookamikuro : Hak> According to our Texts, the world was created by a team of ... the closest word for Captain Mallory would be 'angels,' I am afraid there is little analog in Rihannsu language and religion. They were formed
11:55 : Telar trIsmail : (( yeah all of a sudden everything stopped ))
11:55 : ookamikuro : under the guidance of the All-Mother to create from the dust of the lifeless world a land of bounty and promise.
11:55 : Erein tLynta : ((trying to remember what I was in the middle of typing))
11:56 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > :::t'SNORK::: Fat chance I go there. ::shudders:: Maenaka. I do *na* like their company.
11:56 : ookamikuro : Hak> ::adds in with a slight shrug of his tentacles:: Which is most likely a reference to a terraforming project by an ancient alien race. We do not hold dogmatically to the literal interpretation of our texts.
11:56 : Telar trIsmail : Hmm an aversion to Medical personnel ... ::smiles:: Then au are going there like it or not.
11:57 : t'Lohan > ::jawdrop:: Telar ... !! Au *can't* be serious ...
11:57 : Aelvna tVecj : ::nods::
11:57 : is a warm room.
11:57 : Telar trIsmail : I am. ::pokerface::
11:58 : Aelvna tVecj : Our religion serves to remind us of our humility. That we are made of things vaster than ourselves. Purer.
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : Elements. ::sigh:: Give me io reason I should go. Just io!
11:59 : Aelvna tVecj : ((5 minute warning!))
11:59 : Erein tLynta : Study, yes. Your planet has some interesting geological layerings and some unexpected foodchain say the least.
11:59 : Telar trIsmail : I myself have na had it all well medically speaking. ::leans forward:: This lack of rest au speak of ... I want an EEG done on au.
11:59 : ookamikuro : Hak> Ours provides a framework for governance as well as an idea of our history in pre-recorded times. Practically, though, it gives our people a chance and a place to congregate and reflect.
12:00 : Sunday, October 28, 2007
12:00 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > And just vah in the name of the Elements is that?
12:00 : ookamikuro : Ll'> Then let us go. Is there any particular place you wished to see?
12:00 : Aelvna tVecj : ::nods:: It seems we have that in common as well.
12:00 : Telar trIsmail : It scans au'r brain waves.
12:01 : t'Lohan > And if au see something ... na normal ... then vah? Are au dismissing me?
12:01 : Far from it.
12:01 : Erein tLynta : A tectonicly active area would be a good start, to see the current processes in the planet's development.
12:01 : Telar trIsmail : The Maenaka may just have to adjust au'r sleep requirements, prescribe medications or vah na.
12:02 : t'Lohan > :::SPLURT::: Oh Areinnye ...
12:02 : Au will have to clean this desk as well ... ::grins::
12:03 : t'Lohan > ::sits and does a slow burn:: *Medical*.
12:03 : ookamikuro : Ll'> There is a tectonic subduction zone not a kilometer off the cost of the northern sea. Will you need the coordinates?
12:03 : Telar trIsmail : It's na the end of the world.
12:03 : Erein tLynta : Yes, our transporter room is just this way.
12:03 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > Pardon me if I do na agree ... Rekkhai.
12:03 : Erein tLynta : ::leads::
12:04 : ookamikuro : Hak> This seems so. For now, let us leave the congregants to their thoughts. Are there any other facilities you wish to see?
12:04 : Telar trIsmail : ::chuckles:: That's how I felt my first time having to be confined to Medical when I had a coronary.
12:04 : ookamikuro : Ll'> ::follows along, thankful that she didn't have to find it on her own::
12:04 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::looks up:: Au had vah?
12:05 : *Two* as a matter of fact. Na enjoyable. I pulled through as au see.
12:05 : t'Lohan > Well ...
12:05 : ::grins::
12:05 : Aelvna tVecj : ((famous last words, folks))
12:05 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > I guess I had better see the Maenaka then.
12:06 : Good girl Linds.
12:06 : t'Lohan > ::grimace::
12:06 : ::laughs::
12:07 : Aelvna tVecj : #######End Sim########
12:07 : #######End Sim########
12:07 : #######End Sim######
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11:06 : Aelvna tVecj : #######Begin sIm#########
11:06 : #######Begin sIm#########
11:06 : #######Begin sIm#########
11:07 : ::looking around the temple, trying to keep her voice low:: It's strange, not to see all the elements represented together...
11:07 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > All right but this is being done under protest.
11:08 : ookamikuro : Ll'> ::decked out with a bulky pack to store things, strapped over her shoulders just behind her tentacle-base, she's currently busy studying a rock form:: Oh my, I don't
11:08 : Telar trIsmail : So noted. ::rises:: Shall we?
11:08 : ookamikuro : think I've seen any shale selenite this far east before...
11:08 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::rises as well:: I guess so. ::quite glum::
11:09 : Cheer up, Linds, it's only a test.
11:09 : t'Lohan > ::in flat voice:: Ie. *Only* a test. And after that? ::looks at him intently::
11:09 : ookamikuro : Hak> Probably as strange as we would think your temples to be, Enarrain. But I still hope to get the chance to see them sometime. Shall we continue?
11:10 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> ::Observing the surroudings quietly, wondering how long they were going to be underground. He was begnning to feel uncomfortable in the dim lighting, like he was going to be crushed.::
11:10 : Aelvna tVecj : I do, too, Hak. ::surprised to realize that she means it::
11:10 : Ie, let us continue.
11:10 : Erein tLynta : hmm::scanning::
11:11 : Telar trIsmail : After that, the Maenaka shall determine vah will be done. Medication, longer sleep hours, who knows. ::looks at her equally intently:: But if there is any risk of au'r collapsing hrrau the job I will na have it. Ssuegn?
11:11 : ookamikuro : Hak> ::leads through the catwalks:: I am afraid I have been giving all my time thus far to Enarrain t'Vecj. Captain Mallory, is there anything you wished to see in the city?
11:11 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > Ie ... ssuaj-ha. ::sighs, her ample chest heaving::
11:12 : Aelvna tVecj : ((::snicker::))
11:12 : Telar trIsmail : (( yeah ... flat voice, ample chest ... nice combo eh? ;) ))
11:13 : ACTION > Telar and Linds arrive at Medical
11:13 : ookamikuro : Ll'> Hm. It's possible that the selenite was disturbed and brought to the surface by an excavation... But I wasn't aware of any Creator ruins in this area. Oh my, perhaps they're undiscovered...
11:13 : Telar trIsmail : All right here we are. ::looks around::
11:13 : Ne'Maenak > ::noticing them:: May I help au?
11:14 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallor> ::Glad to have something to occupy his mind.:: I was very interested in seeing how your people live - what you do on a daily basis. How your communities operate...
11:14 : Erein tLynta : ::keeps eyes on her own scans:: Do you have much liturature on these Creator ruins?
11:14 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > Ie, I am Ne'Arrain Linds t'Lohan, and my Daise has ordered me here for an examination.
11:15 : ookamikuro : Ll'> Mostly in the Holy Texts. The Temple handles research into the ruins... Laypersons aren't supposed to enter at all, on pain of excommunication.
11:15 : Telar trIsmail : Ne'Maenak > Vah sort of examination, paenhe?
11:16 : ookamikuro : Hak> Certainly. You have seen the way most of our agricuture works on the surface--small settlements connected by the mag-rail system to the cities.
11:16 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::brightens a bit:: An ... ::looks at Telar, then back at the Ne'Maenak:: an EEG, I believe.
11:16 : Aelvna tVecj : ::keeping one eye on Mallory and one eye on all the other aliens was proving difficult::
11:17 : Telar trIsmail : Ne'Maenak > Ah, for the brain, I see. Neurological is this way. Fhaen come.
11:17 : ookamikuro : Hak> Much of the day for my people is taken up by contemplation and by spending time together with family. We tend to have very large families.
11:17 : Erein tLynta : If you're not allowed to read about what you consider truth...sounds like you're already excommunicated.
11:17 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> How large, exactly? I come from a large family myself.
11:18 : Aelvna tVecj : ::opens mouth, closes it, for Mallory has asked her question::
11:18 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::turns and plants a BIG sloppy kiss on Telar, squeezes his hand:: I'll be all right ... au do na have to wait.
11:18 : Erein tLynta : ...if you'll excuse my ethnocentric observatiomn
11:18 : Telar trIsmail : ::flushes green:: If au say so, E'lev ...
11:19 : ookamikuro : Hak> Aside from the primary patriarch and matriarch, there are two each matriarchal and patriarchal partners, and typically between fifteen and thirty offspring among them.
11:19 : Telar trIsmail : Ne'Maenak > ::beckons and leads way to Neurological with t'Lohan::
11:20 : ookamikuro : Hak> Though each matriarchal and patriarchal partner is a primary patriarch or matriarch of his or her own family, so many of the offspring are shared among what your cultures usually consider an "atomic" family.
11:21 : Telar trIsmail : ::watches them depart, sighs, turns and begins walking back towards Main Security::
11:21 : Aelvna tVecj : ::feels she needs a chart::
11:22 : ookamikuro : Ll'> ::tries to come up with something to say to that, but can't:: I suppose it's just tradition. I wonder if we worry about that too much.
11:22 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::following Ne'Maenak::
11:22 : Aelvna tVecj : So, given that the matriarchs and patriarchs are...shared... does that lead to social cohesiveness? Rather than clannishness?
11:22 : Telar trIsmail : Ne'Maenak > Here we are, paenhe. Au may sit hrrau this biobed ... ie ... and the process will na take very long.
11:23 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> Very impressive. ::Glancing about as they travel through the caverns. He wiped away a line of sweat from his forehead.::
11:23 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::lying back on biobed:: So vah do au do for this EEG?
11:23 : Erein tLynta : ::keeps scanning::
11:23 : ookamikuro : Hak> A very good observation, Enarrain. That is one of the primary purposes for our social structure. Another purpose is to more efficiently share genetic material--if you'll forgive an overly medical explanation.
11:24 : Aelvna tVecj : That doesn't lead to mutation? Or is that the desired effect?
11:24 : ::leans over to Mallory:: How is this any different than being cooped up on a ship? In the deep, airless vacuum of space?
11:24 : Telar trIsmail : Ne'Maenak > Very simple, paenhe. We attach electrodes to various parts of the head and activate this machine ::points:: and this records brain waves.
11:24 : ookamikuro : Hak> ::a glance toward Mallory:: Perhaps we should take a moment to rest. Here, we can adjust the environmental controls in this seating area to be more comfortable to your physiology.
11:24 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::nods:: Ie, and how long does this take?
11:25 : Erein tLynta : Well, what I'm seeing is what looks like drilling into an old thermal hotspot. Very simular to geothermal power generators.
11:25 : Telar trIsmail : Ne'Maenak > Well it depends. For vah reason were au sent here for the EEG?
11:25 : ookamikuro : Hak> ::leads into an offset catwalk dais with cushions, fungus-landscaping, and a fountain; after he twiddles with some controls, the temperature decreases slightly and the illumination brightens significantly::
11:25 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::sighs:: I do na sleep much. I am active during the day and work a great deal at night.
11:26 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> That would be much appreciated. ::With a nod to Hak. He offered Ael a wonky (for your K'Yele) smile.:: I don't pretend to understand the human psyche.
11:26 : Telar trIsmail : Ne'Maenak > ::eyebrowraise, almost drops multicorder:: But how many hours *do* au get per day?
11:27 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> But it is somehow different. ::He took a seat and let out a soft sigh, trying to ignore his inner fears.:: Tell me... ::Looking to Hak again.:: What is most important to your people?
11:27 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > Total sleep? Oh, maybe six, maybe five.
11:27 : ookamikuro : Ll'> Hm. 'And to free the planet's lifeblood, the All-Mother gave her veins. All manner of wonders were constructed, with the planet's very core as their heart.'
11:28 : Telar trIsmail : Ne'Maenak > ::shakes head:: Paenhe, no wonder au'r Daise sent au here! ::attaching electrodes:: Au might be in danger of developing a seizure disorder ... perhaps epilepsy.
11:28 : ookamikuro : Hak> That is an interesting question. Contentment, I would say, in its various forms--the freedom from want which comes when one is with loved ones, comfortable, well-fed, safe, and given to quiet contemplation.
11:28 : Erein tLynta : ::doesn't turn around:: That would pretty much define the basics of terraforming.
11:29 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::reaches up, momentarily stops Ne'Maenak from attaching another electrode:: Tell me truthfully ... if I am diagnosed with something like this ... does it mean the end of my career?
11:30 : ookamikuro : Ll'> Likely so. I've always wondered how long ago was Creation. Our histories go back some few hundred cycles, but it's hard to know how long before that we came to be.
11:30 : Erein tLynta : ::lowers scanner, turns around:: Does your mythos deam your species as the apex of your creators work?
11:30 : Telar trIsmail : Ne'Maenak > ::laughs lightly:: Na, paenhe, it only means au need medication, more sleep and the like. We do na tell people their commissions hrrau Galae are ended for something as simple as this.
11:32 : t'Lohan > ::smiles, releases Ne'Maenak's hand:: H ... hann'yyo. ::lets out a shuddering sigh::
11:32 : ookamikuro : Ll'> Depending on how you define 'apex.' According to the Holy Texts, we were the only animal creations--though they created many of the plants and fungi and microbes that thrive in our caverns and give us life to this day.
11:32 : Aelvna tVecj : ::furrows brow at the answer to Mallory's question:: Hak, is that what your people live for?
11:33 : Telar trIsmail : Ne'Maenak > Aefvadh! ::continues work attaching electrodes:: So. I saw au'r E'lev come with au. Who is au'r Daise?
11:34 : ookamikuro : Hak> Not all of us. Certainly there are some who wish always to know more. Otherwise, we would never have reached beyond our own world. But by and large, we are not an overambitious race.
11:34 : Hak> I apologize if you find that disappointing.
11:34 : Erein tLynta : Let me word it this way. Was this world created for your people or are you simply a serving part of it.
11:34 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::suppresses a giggle:: My E'lev *is* my Daise ... he came all the way with me from Main Security.
11:34 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> Not in the least. Many of our people, on many different worlds, feel much the same way. ::He was looking quite a bit calmer.::
11:35 : Telar trIsmail : Ne'Maenak > Really! Well he must truly care about au'r health personally.
11:35 : ookamikuro : Ll'> From my own interpretation of the Texts, the latter. I'm no theology scholar though. Why the sudden interest? Not that you should feel compelled to be uninterested.
11:36 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::nods:: Ie. I used to be in Engineering and he was concerned my working hours would wind up pushing me over the limit.
11:36 : Aelvna tVecj : It's very different from how we live. But our quality of life is not a model for the universe. ::speaking from age::
11:36 : Erein tLynta : ::turns back to scanning:: If I knew the purpose of the Creation....I could better understand the methods of terraforming.
11:37 : Telar trIsmail : Ne'Maenak > ::attaching the final electrodes, nodding:: Ie and he is wise to be so concerned about any person in his department. Hna. I shall be activating the EEG momentarily. Au won't feel a thing, paenhe. Just relax.
11:37 : ookamikuro : Ll'> There are portions of the Texts that say we were created to be servants to the Creators... But why they would create servants, and then not stay here to be served, is less clear.
11:37 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > All right.
11:38 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> More importantly, I would like to know what you and your people hope to gain with an alliance? The Enarrain and I have spoken at length of what we have to offer, but we have not heard
11:38 : Telar trIsmail : Ne'Maenak > ::activates EEG, waits a moment:: Doing mnekha?
11:38 : JhuCaevra tTalia : what you truly desire.
11:38 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::nods:: Ie, mnekha here.
11:38 : Erein tLynta : ....well.... my people have a long history of exploring and colonizing worlds.
11:38 : Telar trIsmail : Ne'Maenak > ::smiles to self:: Au see, it's working and it's painless.
11:39 : ookamikuro : Hak> I would say that answer is quite complex. On the one hand, as I say, there are those among us who thirst for knowledge of any kind, and wish contact with worlds beyond our own.
11:39 : Erein tLynta : Even before our own Empire established many worlds.
11:39 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > Au're right ... I do na feel a thing from it.
11:39 : Erein tLynta : We believe it is our fate to reclaim those worlds.
11:39 : ookamikuro : Hak> We also seek to better understand our own creation and Creators--who, as you have seen, are humanoid. So interacting and studying with humanoid races may teach us more about ourselves.
11:40 : Telar trIsmail : Ne'Maenak > Hna close au'r eyes, relax and try to drift off.
11:40 : t'Lohan > Au want me to sleep? Here and hna?
11:40 : ookamikuro : Hak> Lastly, as I have said, security is important to us. We are on the map, now, so to speak--and we are not technologically prepared to defend ourselves should it come to it.
11:41 : Hak> So, an alliance would also offer us a measure of safety.
11:41 : Erein tLynta : I always find it interesting when we come across a world prepared in our prehistory for colonization...and to see how destiny has shaped it for us.
11:41 : Telar trIsmail : Ne'Maenak > Ie. Best to do a sleep EEG so we can see vah happens when au are asleep, paenhe. An EEG done with au awake would na tell us of any problems that au'r Daise is concerned about.
11:42 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> ::He nodded thoughtfully, but did not comment.::
11:42 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > All right ... ::closes eyes, tries to relax::
11:42 : Erein tLynta : would your people react if the Creators did return...and asked for your....servitude?
11:42 : Aelvna tVecj : ((t'Lynta, that is the most chilling and best thing EVER))
11:42 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::q:: But how long will I have to sleep for?
11:43 : Ne'Maenak > Do na worry. I will wake au when necessary.
11:43 : ookamikuro : Ll'> If the Creators returned? Most of my people have been taught to wait for that day. However, I am afraid that our Creators were not of your race--cousins of yours, humanoids, but not Rihannsu.
11:43 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > All right. ::sighs and tries to relax::
11:44 : Aelvna tVecj : ::wonders if she's supposed to care about these platitudes::thinks WWKD::
11:44 : Telar trIsmail : Ne'Maenak > ::sits at console and monitors EEG::
11:44 : Erein tLynta : ::interest perked:: You have biological evidence of your Creators? Fossils? DNA? Specimens?
11:45 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::lying still but na asleep yet::
11:46 : ookamikuro : Ll'> We do know their physical form, in all our illuminated art. The Temple probably has more information, which they might have gotten from the ruins...
11:47 : Erein tLynta : Which of course is restricted. Makes sense, best not having such information out in the public least some interloper shows up dressed up as a Creator.
11:48 : ::plot,plot,plot, scheme,scheme,scheme::
11:48 : ookamikuro : Ll'> You know, I considered joining seminary as a child. Not because I'm particularly religious... but because I wanted access to their record storage. There must be so much information there.
11:48 : Ll'> But I suppose we are getting sidetracked. You were interested in planetary science.
11:49 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::feeling drowsy::
11:49 : Aelvna tVecj : ::to Mallory::It seems you have some of what they want...but we have the other half.
11:49 : Telar trIsmail : Ne'Maenak > ::observing brainwaves, nods::
11:49 : Erein tLynta : Hmm, Yes. It's such a broad subject it's so easy to get distracted.
11:49 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::falls asleep::
11:50 : Erein tLynta : I assume I can keep these sensor records...or will this site be considered a sacred ruin and thus intelectually quarantened?
11:50 : ookamikuro : Hak> Whatever the Elders' decision, I am sure it will be the wisest one.
11:51 : Ll'> I'm not sure. I don't even know what the precedent is. I mean, there haven't been any new ruins discovered in over a hundred cycles.
11:52 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> ::Looking quite relaxed now, the soothing sounds and colors having helped immensely. He stood and clasped his hands behind his back, gazing at Ael.:: So it seems...
11:52 : Telar trIsmail : Ne'Maenak > ::quietly gets up, goes to office of Maenak, informs him of proceeding, requests him to contact Telar::
11:52 : ookamikuro : Ll'> But I don't see the harm in letting you keep your own sensor readings.
11:52 : Telar trIsmail : Maenak > ::listens, nods, dismisses Ne'Maenak::
11:52 : Aelvna tVecj : ::feels no different::merely thirsty::
11:52 : Telar trIsmail : Ne'Maenak > ::quietly makes her way to console, sits::
11:52 : Erein tLynta : ::nods:: Let's hope that relations with my people will usher in many such new breakthroughs for your people.
11:53 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::still sleeping::
11:53 : ookamikuro : Ll'> That might be premature... The Elders might choose to side with the Federation.
11:54 : ACTION> One wall flickers in the seating area containing Hak and the guests; it shows the Arbiter in his hut.
11:55 : Arbiter> Please return to the village. The Elders wish to announce their decision.
11:55 : Erein tLynta : Well, then I guess you'll muddle through on your own okay enough in that case.
11:55 : Aelvna tVecj : ((5 minute warning!))
11:55 : ookamikuro : Ll'> You seem to have a low opinion of Federation scientists.
11:55 : Telar trIsmail : Maenak +Telar+ Erei'Riov tr'Isma'il, this is Maenak tr'Aimne. The EEG on Ne'Arrain t'Lohan is proceeding quite mnekha.
11:55 : Erein tLynta : I have a high opinion of their abilities. Just a low opinion of their ethics.
11:56 : Telar trIsmail : +tr'Aimne+ Hann'yyo ... how soon can I have the results?
11:56 : Erein tLynta : They poke their noses into everything...but are unwilling to share what they find.
11:56 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Aimne > +Telar+ Right hna she is sleeping and it will take a while. We will let au know as soon as we can. That is the best we can do.
11:57 : +tr'Aimne+ Hann'yyo.
11:57 : Erein tLynta : They hide it behind lofty goals of exploration and noble thoughts of preventing contamination.
11:57 : ookamikuro : Hak> Well. Let us return to the rail station. ::He stands and moves to the environmental controls to return them how they were::
11:57 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Aimne > +Telar+ Aefvadh.
11:57 : Erein tLynta : ...but it's all simply to benefit their own position..... in my, ethnocentric opinion.
11:57 : Aelvna tVecj : ::looks toward the door::
11:58 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Captain Joshua Mallory> ::He tried not to show his relief, but he was thankful that they would be leaving the caverns. Taking a deep breath, he nodded to Hak and waved a hand at Ael for her to precede him.::
11:58 : ookamikuro : Ll'> Forgive me for saying, but they probably feel something similar about you.
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : ::sits back, drums fingers on desk, nervously waiting::
11:58 : Erein tLynta : Yes, but we admit our goals.
11:59 : Aelvna tVecj : ::precedes::
11:59 : Telar trIsmail : ::q, to self:: Seems like forever ...
11:59 : Aelvna tVecj : ((last words!))
11:59 : Telar trIsmail : ::looks over an ISD::
11:59 : Erein tLynta : We march under the wings of the raptor...and no one hides for her eyes or shadow.
11:59 : Telar trIsmail : Elements please tell me ...
11:59 : Erein tLynta : for=from
12:00 : Sunday, November 4, 2007
12:00 : Aelvna tVecj : #########End Sim#########
12:00 : #########End Sim#########
12:00 : #########End Sim#########
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11:10 : Aelvna tVecj : #######Begin Sim##########
11:10 : #######Begin Sim##########
11:10 : #######Begin Sim##########
11:10 : Lt Tebok trKhev : [I need to go. I am sorry]
11:11 : Lt Tebok trKhev left the chat.
11:11 : Aelvna tVecj : ::on the oira, in her chair:: It occurs to me that so much of my position is waiting... so much waiting.. punctuated by moments of terror.
11:11 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::looking up at Ne'Maenak:: So how much longer of this infernal wait?
11:12 : Laehval tTemarr : ::Jhu was occupying one of the stations on the bridge, determined to be... helpful. She didn't do much except monitor interesting communications and check sensor scans once in a while, but she was trying.::
11:12 : Telar trIsmail : Ne'Maenak > Wait? Au mean until au are released? ::shows her ISD:: Au may leave hna if au wish.
11:12 : Aelvna tVecj : Now, we're waiting to see what the Federation will do...and I'm sure they're waiting for us.
11:13 : Tr'l, the Helm Officer> ::waiting for the right moment to mutiny::
11:13 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > Finally ... ::gets out of bed:: +Nveid+ Nveid, come quickly, they've finally set me free.
11:14 : Aelvna tVecj : Tr'l, the Helm Officer> ::looks from Ael to Jhu with disgust::
11:14 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > +t'Kirna+ They have? I'll be right over. ::heads from Main Security to Medical::
11:14 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> ::to Jhu:: you know, back on the Hnoiyika, we could have used you, and I suppose we did... manning a console, carrying a disruptor, going on away teams.
11:15 : Ael> But now... I admire your tenacity, when you certianly have the option of having a real bed to sleep on, instead of a cot, and 500 uhlans willing to serve.
11:15 : Tr'l, the Helm Officer> ::;thinking 500 uhlans does an army make::
11:16 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > When do au think we should be briefing the Enarrain on the new device?
11:16 : ::looks up from desk:: Soon. We'd best make ready.
11:16 : t'Lohan > ::nods::
11:17 : Laehval tTemarr : Jhu> The comforts are pleasing, ie. ::She glanced up from the console to Ael.:: I suppose I shall become soft and less tenacious being waited upon, for the Leaf certainly has willing staff aplenty.
11:18 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::arrives in Medical, finds t'Kirna:: Got here as fast as I could ...
11:18 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> ::smiles:: I doubt the comforts will have much to do with your tenacity.
11:19 : Ael> ::had forgotten Jhu's poverty, feels a sense of shame::but then, that was the last thing anyone would notice about Jhu::
11:19 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::looks up from gathering a few items, smiles:: Well ... vah say we get me out of this Areinnye-hole?
11:20 : Laehval tTemarr : Jhu> Do you expect that we'll remain on the Leaf long? ::She tapped while she talked, keying in sequences to route incoming sensor data to the appropriate stations.::
11:20 : Telar trIsmail : Ne'Maenak > ::overhears, mentally rolls eyes::
11:20 : Laehval tTemarr : Jhu> ::Just call her a futuristic receptionist.::
11:20 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> You're the Advocate. It's more in your hands than mine.
11:20 : Ael> but given the success of this mission... probably not.
11:20 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > Of course, e'lev. This way ... ::takes her by the arm and leads way out of Medical and back towards quarters::
11:21 : Aelvna tVecj : Tr'l, the Helm Officer> ::stands, abandoning his post to approach Jhu::
11:21 : Telar trIsmail : ::rises from desk:: All right. Shall we, Linds? ::gestures towards 'lift::
11:21 : Aelvna tVecj : Tr'l, the Helm Officer> Do you nah think, t'Talia, that you are surrounded by idiots?
11:22 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > Lead on, I'm right with au.
11:22 : Laehval tTemarr : Jhu> I doubt the Senate will see this as a failure. The positioning of the planet would have made an interesting trophy, but it is na... ::She trailed off, turning to peer at Tr'l, one brow arched in mild surprise.::
11:22 : Telar trIsmail : ::heads with t'Lohan to 'lift, steps in:: Oira. ::'lift moves::
11:23 : t'Lohan > Do au think the Enarrain will approve the device?
11:23 : Aelvna tVecj : Tr'l, the Helm Officer> This was once the diplomatic flagship, but now it's commanded by... barbarians!
11:24 : Telar trIsmail : ::shrug:: Why na? We have everything to gain and na a thing to lose with it.
11:24 : Laehval tTemarr : Jhu> What do au mean? ::Giving him a long, hard stare.:: Au believe the crew.. the Enarrain... are barbarians? ::Both eyebrows lifted.:: Do au know the secrets of aur former command staff?
11:25 : Telar trIsmail : ::'lift doors open, steps out onto Oira with t'Lohan::
11:26 : Aelvna tVecj : Tr'l, the Helm Officer> Stealing art is hardly the crime of the millennium. Compared to the failure of not being able to talk a bunch of fvai into our Empire.
11:26 : ::turns to Telar, ignoring Tr'l for the moment:: Greetings, Daise.
11:26 : Telar trIsmail : ::exchanges glances with t'Lohan::
11:26 : ::nods:: Aefvadh back to the ship, Ihhei.
11:27 : Aelvna tVecj : Hann'yyo. It's good--er, well, at least I'm not stuck underground with the enemy anymore.
11:28 : Laehval tTemarr : Jhu> I believe the situation was far more complicated on that. Have au seen the records of the Lloann'na tactics? Would au suggest we lower ourselves to their level? This planet is beneath our notice save for one of location.
11:28 : Telar trIsmail : And it is good to have au back.
11:29 : Laehval tTemarr : Jhu> And their refusal to join us will likely be the counter-weight we need to wrench them from the Federation once the Lloann'na fail to keep their promises.
11:29 : Aelvna tVecj : Tr'l, the Helm Officer> So that's what you'll tell the Senate when we return? Instead of the truth?
11:30 : Ael> ::to Telar, quietly::I thought you were going to have her executed?
11:30 : Telar trIsmail : ::q:: Ihhei?
11:31 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> ::jerks head at t'Lohan::
11:31 : Laehval tTemarr : Jhu> Na. ::Her lips curved into a slow smile.:: I will tell them exactly what has transpired here and let them make their own conclusions, but I am certain their reasonings will mirror what I have just told au.
11:31 : Telar trIsmail : Ah. She has become ... useful. ::smiles:: We have a device au may find ... interesting and she is to thank for it.
11:31 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> A device?
11:31 : Laehval tTemarr : (( Baw chica baw baw. ))
11:32 : Telar trIsmail : Ie, io which will give us an advantage over our enemies.
11:33 : Aelvna tVecj : Tr'l, the Helm Officer> If the Enarrain were here, this never would have happened. You may be rising to luxury, but the majority of us are sinking, Advocate.
11:33 : Ael> What is this...device?
11:34 : Telar trIsmail : ::q:: If I might explain in au'r chambers, Ihhei? ::casts a decidedly disapproving glance at Tr'l::
11:35 : Laehval tTemarr : Jhu> Enlighten me. I wish to know aur situation. If it is something that should be brought to the attention of the Senate, it will be.
11:35 : Aelvna tVecj : ::nods:: Hann'yyo. ::leads the way to chambers::
11:35 : Tr'l, the Helm Officer> ::feels patronized, but is not done with his logic::
11:35 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods and heads to chambers with t'Lohan::
11:37 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> ::settles in behind her desk:: Well. Let's have it.
11:37 : Telar trIsmail : Ne'Arrain t'Lohan thought this up while looking at our security cameras.
11:38 : Aelvna tVecj : Tr'l, the Helm Officer> The major problem...beyond the wrong forks and the wrong accommodations and the complete lack of spying from the ecological perspective...
11:38 : Tr'l, the Helm Officer> Was this. ::gestures to her and the chambers and the oira:: You appealed to their sense of logic and science.
11:39 : Tr'l, the Helm Officer> This is an emotional matter. They should have been seduced. Cajoled. Tricked. Not... pandered to.
11:39 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > Ie, Ihhei. It occurred to me that we could somehow plant this ::shows device:: on board an enemy ship if we could board it ... and from where we are, remotely activate it ...
11:39 : Aelvna tVecj : Tr'l, the Helm Officer> ::disgusted:: As if they were galae.
11:39 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ... and when we do, it would cause their own security systems to be scrambled so we could feed holographic images of whatever sort we want into them.
11:40 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> Intriguing. ::folds hands, already imagining what she could do to Captain Mallory:: What's the advantage over just planting a bomb?
11:41 : Telar trIsmail : Much tidier, I suppose.
11:41 : (( :-D ))
11:42 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> I suppose we could trick them into revealing information.
11:42 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods:: Indeed we could.
11:42 : Laehval tTemarr : Jhu> ::She smiled again, perfectly understanding.:: Such things were done at any available opportunity, but it is difficult to cajole or seduce... ::She moved slightly closer, her voice lowering.:: when others are present that can
11:42 : shatter the illusion with but a word and nullify negotiations totally.
11:45 : Aelvna tVecj : Tr'l, the Helm Officer> ::looks around, nervously:: Advocate, if you have such a mind for strategy and...tactic...
11:45 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > I'm rather proud of this if I say so myself Ihhei. Io of the devices I've thought up as a result of my time in Engineering.
11:45 : Aelvna tVecj : Tr'l, the Helm Officer> Why are you playing Ops officer to the barbarians?
11:46 : Ael> ::to t'Lohan:: You're settling in well, then? How do we know you won't use this to your own gain
11:46 : (?)
11:47 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > Far be it for me to use this for anything but Galae and the Empire, Ihhei. I am na a ... I think the Lloann'na term is freebooter.
11:47 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> I was na implying you did not work hard. I admire the efforts you put into... everything.
11:48 : Laehval tTemarr : Jhu> Tell me... ::Moving closer still, ignoring the looks from others on the Oira.:: What does a starship Operations officer do?
11:48 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > Hann'yyo Ihhei.
11:49 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> Telar, if you can think of a way to get this onto the Lloan'nan ship... You will both be greatly rewarded for your timeliness.
11:50 : Telar trIsmail : By hook or by crook we will, Ihhei. We will think something up.
11:51 : Aelvna tVecj : ::smiles:: Hann'yyo.
11:51 : Telar trIsmail : Aefvadh.
11:51 : Aelvna tVecj : Tr'l, the Helm Officer> ::takes a step back, stumbling, but no longer furious:: He--gives me the power to make the ship go where I tell it. I suppose.
11:54 : Laehval tTemarr : Jhu> ::One corner of her mouth lifted slightly.:: And has access to all incoming and outgoing communications as well as feeds into every major area of the ship. ::She waited for him to come to the realization.::
11:56 : Aelvna tVecj : Ael> ::rises:: I dismiss you.
11:56 : Telar trIsmail : Hann'yyo Ihhei. ::heads out onto Oira with t'Lohan::
11:56 : Aelvna tVecj : Tr'l, the Helm Officer> ::frowns::considers::
11:57 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::following, takes Blackberry out and types something into it, pockets it::
11:57 : ::steps into 'lift with t'Lohan:: Main Security.
11:58 : t'Lohan > Computer, belay order. ::looks at Telar:: Crew quarters. ::'lift moves::
11:58 : Aelvna tVecj : Tr'l, the Helm Officer> ::goes back to the helm station::
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : ::looks at t'Lohan, eyebrow raised::
11:58 : Aelvna tVecj : ((1 minute warning!))
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::flings self forward, plasters Telar against wall of 'lift, kisses him passionately::
11:59 : t'Lohan > ::hands Telar her Blackberry:: Message for au ... ::smiles mischievously::
11:59 : Laehval tTemarr : Jhu> ::Watching Tr'l move back to his station, she smirked to herself and stepped back to her previous console. The first thing she did was to send a memo to herself to put listening devices in Tr'l's quarters.::
12:00 : Sunday, December 9, 2007
12:00 : Telar trIsmail : ::reads message: "Before doing anything, let's take a shower together and really make out royally ..." ... flushes intense green::
12:00 : Well, I suppose we have time ... ::hands her the Blackberry::
12:01 : Aelvna tVecj : ######End Sim######
12:01 : ######End Sim######
12:01 : ######End Sim######
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11:27 : Aelvna tVecj : ########Begin Sim########
11:27 : ########Begin Sim########
11:27 : ########Begin Sim########
11:28 : Erein tLynta : ::at science console::
11:28 : Aelvna tVecj : ::comes out of her chambers to see that Tr'l has calmed down::
11:29 : ::and that Jhu is suspiciously absent::
11:29 : Telar trIsmail : ::in Main Security, addressing officers:: ... so, in conclusion, that's the long and the short of vah we have to accomplish. We have to plant this device on the Lloann'na vessel and use it to our advantage.
11:30 : T'Nal > Why couldn't we just fire quantum torpedoes at it and blow it up?
11:30 : t'Lohan > ::restrains self from rolling eyes:: If I may ...
11:30 : ::nods::
11:31 : t'Lohan > In the first place, awfully messy. In the second place, with this device, we'll be able to get the Lloann'na to think they're perfectly secure when in fact they'll be looking at forged holo-images,
11:32 : t'Lohan > enabling us to board them and take their ship.
11:32 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lynta, did anything happen while you were on the oira and I was not?
11:33 : Erein tLynta : No commander, I just came on shift myself.
11:33 : Telar trIsmail : Precisely. Very artful and we get io of their vessels and Elements knows how many of their crew in the way of prisoners as a result. With hardly a struggle.
11:33 : Aelvna tVecj : ::nods:: Sufficient.
11:34 : With all our other resources exhausted here, we're planning an incursion for the Lloann'an.
11:34 : Telar trIsmail : S'Nac > Do au think it will be hard for us to board them and plant this device for starters, Rekkhai?
11:34 : Aelvna tVecj : Jhu was extolling, earlier, that the natives are far less important than their land.
11:34 : Erein tLynta : ::nods::
11:34 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > It might be ... but na if we come aboard as ... Vulcans. ::smiles::
11:36 : ::laughs:: That's it, Nveid! We must do vahever is necessary to fool them into thinking we are part of them and na enemies. The deception will be complete. I leave it to au to decide how we will accomplish this.
11:36 : Erein tLynta : They did not seem to have the power or numbers to resist even a small outpost being established here. So much unused area they would probably not even notice...except as their resources started to dry up
11:36 : Telar trIsmail : Dismissed all to duty. ::heads to desk as the others wander off::
11:37 : t'Lohan > So ... ::leaning forward over desk:: we'll need plenty in the way of disguise. Lloann'na uniforms for starters.
11:37 : Aelvna tVecj : There are many extraneous people aboard the Leaf. We could leave them with a scout ship and a shield generator?
11:38 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods:: Ie ... forehead surgery as well. ::rubs ridges:: Also training so as to discard emotion at all times. Otherwise our ruse will fail.
11:38 : t'Lohan > Also io last detail, Telar.
11:38 : Erein tLynta : As long as the Federation stayed out of the system. I'd assume they've already sent a gloating message back to their command base.
11:39 : Telar trIsmail : Ie, Linds?
11:39 : Aelvna tVecj : Surely Mallory would leave a delegation as well.
11:40 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > A Lloann'na ship uses a matter-antimatter warp core based on dilithium for propulsion. We use Artificial Quantum Singularities, even in our scout ships.
11:41 : t'Lohan > ::purses lips expressively:: How ... would we go to io of their ships without being detected?
11:41 : Under cloak?
11:41 : Erein tLynta : ::ponders::
11:42 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::shakes head:: Na; how to explain a "hijacked" Rihannsu scout vessel? Vulcans are too ... honest. It would arouse their suspicions instantly.
11:44 : :::ponderponderponder::: ::q:: A faked prisoner exchange with them?
11:44 : t'Lohan > Come again?
11:44 : Aelvna tVecj : ::settles into her command chair, and sends the Quartermaster orders::
11:45 : I wonder how many of the Leaf would relish exile. ::smirks::
11:45 : Telar trIsmail : If we ... if we told them we had a number of Lloann'na prisoners and we wished to make a good-will gesture by releasing them into their custody ...
11:46 : t'Lohan > ::brightens:: I see ... then they would na suspect us taking the "Vulcans" to them in a Rihannsu scout craft, na?
11:46 : ::nods:: Indeed.
11:46 : Aelvna tVecj : And perhaps there are a few of the natives who'd want to leave as well.
11:46 : There are always a handful anywhere, aren't there?
11:47 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > Suppose ... they had na in the way of prisoners to exchange with us?
11:47 : Erein tLynta : I suppose if we gain control of the Federation ship we could just turn it's weapons onto the planet, then swoop in and save the day and simply let things follow their natural course after that.
11:47 : Telar trIsmail : ::laughs:: All the more "generous" of us, eh, Linds?
11:47 : t'Lohan > ::throws head back and laughs loudly with Telar::
11:48 : Erein tLynta : Even in the most peaceful society there are those who would rather be anywhere but where they're at.
11:48 : Aelvna tVecj : ::nods::
11:48 : Telar trIsmail : So. We have a plan at last. +t'Kirna, tr'Moussa+ Ray'hna, Nveid ... report to OD station at once.
11:49 : Aelvna tVecj : I think your plan is a little elaborate...though fun to imagine.
11:49 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::looks at tr'Moussa:: The Daise must be up to something.
11:49 : Erein tLynta : ::nods, going over scans::
11:49 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::nods:: Let's get a move on then. ::heads to main desk with t'Kirna::
11:50 : S'Nac > ::going over ISDs with T'Nal in computer section::
11:51 : T'Nal > ::brushing up against S'Nac:: S'Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaac ...
11:51 : S'Nac > ::starting to flush green:: Ie?
11:51 : Aelvna tVecj : ((4 minute warning!))
11:52 : Telar trIsmail : T'Nal > ::strokes tip of one of his ears with one of her fingertips:: Have I told au ... i-jol au?
11:52 : Aelvna tVecj : The Lloann'na have not made contact. Perhaps we should pretend to leave after Telar's program is complete.
11:52 : Telar trIsmail : S'Nac > I ... I think so, T'Nal.
11:53 : T'Nal > :::begins making out on the job with S'Nac, getting her lipstick all over his collar:::
11:53 : t'Kirna, tr'Moussa > :::arriving at OD desk in Main Security:::
11:53 : Erein tLynta : I'm sure we're making them quite nervouse just hanging around in orbit at the moment. I'm sure they expect something from us.
11:54 : Telar trIsmail : Ah, good. We hna have a plan so as to fool those Lloann'na into thinking there's na a thing to worry from us. ::pause:: A faked prisoner exchange.
11:54 : t'Kirna > ::exchanges glances with tr'Moussa:: Rekkhai?
11:54 : Aelvna tVecj : Well, then, we'll get it.
11:55 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > We tell them we have some Lloann'na personnel in our br'tehh and we're letting them go into their custody.
11:55 : ::nods:: That way they won't suspect a thing when we send our team over on a Rihannsu scout craft. And all except a couple will be disguised as Vulcan "prisoners."
11:56 : Aelvna tVecj : ((They'll get it. THEY'LL))
11:56 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > Ah ... so that way we get aboard and plant the device.
11:57 : I can na wait ... a Lloann'na starship, to call our own. ::q:: Hnoiyika II ...
11:57 : Aelvna tVecj : #####End Sim######
11:57 : #####End Sim######
11:57 : #####End Sim######
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11:13 : #######Begin Sim#######
11:14 : Erein tLynta : ::watching probe telematry as it enters the atmosphere::
11:14 : Aelvna tVecj : Tr'l, the Helm Officer> ::fingers itch on the console, wanting to take the Leaf away from its shame::
11:14 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::rubbing forehead:: I swear, by the Elements, this was never meant to be ... *smooth* ...
11:15 : tr'Moussa > ::nods:: I know, I know ... but we have to look like ... *them* for this mission.
11:16 : t'Kirna > ::snickers:: Indeed ... "Lloann'mahorahel" ... them, from there ... Well, let's get about rounding up our "prisoners."
11:16 : Erein tLynta : ::confirms probe cloak status::
11:16 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::nods:: Let's. ::heads out into Main Security with t'Kirna::
11:16 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Still working at one of the rear consoles, though she did glance to Tr'l briefly. Her fingers slid over the display as she thumbed through the different screens of scans from the planet.::
11:17 : Aelvna tVecj : ::back on the oira, settles into her chair, to wait for the next move::
11:17 : Telar trIsmail : ::looks up from desk, stifles a laugh:: So! Au are ready?
11:18 : Erein tLynta : ::begins scanning planet surface, lets that data pool...turns to another screen with watching the Federation ship::
11:19 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > Ready as we'll ever be, Rekkhai. All we need do is collect the "prisoners" and report to the scout craft area.
11:20 : Aelvna tVecj : ::swivels to face Jhu:: I'm beginning to think you're right. I should only be thinking of this planet as territory.
11:20 : Telar trIsmail : ( magic edit ... :::headdeskbang::: they didn't have their foreheads smoothed ... just the "prisoners" ... aaaaaaaggggghhh )
11:20 : ( take two ... )
11:21 : tr'Moussa > ::reporting to Main Security with t'Kirna:: All set for the mission, Rekkhai ... we'll be reporting to the Scout Craft Bay as soon as we collect the "prisoners."
11:21 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Turning her gaze upon Ael, she arched a brow.:: What changed your mind?
11:21 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::chuckling:: Whose heads are hna delightfully ... smooth.
11:22 : Well ... those Lloann'na will na know vah hit them until too late. Au had best be on au'r way. Urru.
11:23 : t'Kirna, tr'Moussa > ::salute, turn and head towards 'lift:::
11:23 : Aelvna tVecj : Distance. I'm no longer eating their food, riding their trains, learning about their gods. I do na think I will do those things again.
11:23 : :: ponders:: Unless this mission is such a failure that I'm sent here in exile.
11:23 : H'rl: ::smirks::
11:24 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::stepping into 'lift with tr'Moussa:: Scout Craft Bay. ::'lift moves::
11:24 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Not interested in their culture? ::She half-smirked and glanced back to her screens.:: I find the tales of their Gods very interesting. I wonder which warp-capable species created them.
11:25 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > :::standing in Scout Craft Bay, disguised as a prisoner, awaiting the arrival of t'Kirna and tr'Moussa ... idly filing and buffing nails ...:::
11:26 : t'Kirna > :::stepping out of 'lift with tr'Moussa, looking around::: All right everyio let's get moving.
11:26 : t'Lohan > ::looking up, bored:: Au are io siuren late.
11:27 : Aelvna tVecj : Do you believe they are genetic experiences?
11:27 : ::slightly aghast, glances at t'Lynta, who has dissected the most::
11:27 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > And au are io of our ... *prisoners* ... so MARCH! ::indicates Scout Craft with disruptor::
11:28 : t'Lohan > ::blows BIG bubble, SNAPs it, nods and joins the other "prisoners" and boards Scout Craft::
11:28 : tr'Moussa > Let's get this thing over with. ::heads to Scout Craft with t'Kirna::
11:29 : t'Kirna > ::strapping self in, seating self at Helm:: Initiating pre-launch checkout.
11:29 : Erein tLynta : ::looking over data....blinks::
11:29 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > Hatches sealed. ::seats self at Ops and straps self in::
11:30 : t'Lohan, S'Nac, T'Nal > ::strapping selves in to seats, along with other Security personnel::
11:30 : t'Kirna > +Oira+ This is Scout Craft Fury, requesting clearance for launch.
11:30 : Erein tLynta : ::pulls up another screen...double checking biological scans::
11:31 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Perhaps. One theory is that the gods they worship actually worked to genetically enhance them to the beings they are today for some unknown purpose.
11:32 : If we had viable scans of the DNA they claim to still possess, we would be able to run it through our database.
11:32 : Aelvna tVecj : What if those Gods came back?
11:32 : H'rl +t'Kirna+ Cleared for launch.
11:32 : JhuCaevra tTalia : They could claim the planet and the people as their own creation.
11:33 : Erein tLynta : ...Commander. I've got something interesting.
11:34 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > Opening Scout Craft Bay doors ... :::fingers fly over console:::
11:34 : ACTION > Scout Craft Bay doors open and Fury leaves the Leaf, headed towards our Feddie friends.
11:34 : Erein tLynta : I still don't know who their creators are...but I've found some evidence of what this world was before tereformation.
11:35 : Aelvna tVecj : What do you see? ::leans forward::
11:35 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > :::Blows another BIG bubble, SNAPs:::
11:36 : Erein tLynta : Their....holy a sample of the planet before terraforming. was a rich paradise.
11:36 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Guard > :::jerks the bubble gum out of t'Lohan's mouth, places it in waste container::: Na. Na here.
11:36 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Noting the Scout Craft launch, she checked the sensor scans from the USS Vegas to see their reaction - if any.::
11:36 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::is for once speechless::
11:37 : Aelvna tVecj : (ha)
11:37 : Telar trIsmail : :::stepping out of 'lift onto Oira so as to supervise mission, moving to Tactical:::
11:37 : Erein tLynta : It looks like they actually made the planet more hostile to certain lifeforms. And...they eliminated all the preditorial species.
11:37 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::She glanced to Telar as he entered and nodded.:: The shuttle is away. What exactly are they going to be doing over there?
11:38 : Aelvna tVecj : ::to t'Lynta:: Like predators?
11:38 : Telar trIsmail : ::grins conspiratorially:: Plotting mischief. We will shortly have ... an unusual advantage over them.
11:39 : Erein tLynta : That alone was interesting...this is the Really interesting....a sample of the the time of their planets "creation"
11:39 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::sitting still but plotting personal revenge on tr'Guard::
11:40 : Erein tLynta : ::turns to face Ael:: Ma'am, from my view....they made this planet a pastior...for their livestock.
11:40 : pasture
11:40 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::texts to t'Kirna: "Io day, e'lev, we will have to take a flight like this ... just the re of us"
11:41 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::With a slight smirk at Telar, she turned back to Ael and t'Lynta.:: That is an interesting theory. But one I would be inclined to believe.
11:41 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::looks at message, inwardly rolls eyes, texts back: "Shut the Areinnye up, au are almost as bad as t'Lohan there"
11:42 : Erein tLynta : The aliens bulk has increased nearly 40% from their species original state.
11:43 : Telar trIsmail : :::watching the Fury's progress towards the USS Vegas from Tactical console with satisfaction:::
11:43 : Aelvna tVecj : Mischief. ::raises eyebrow:: From all quarters, it seems.
11:43 : Are you implying that their Gods...harvested them?
11:44 : Erein tLynta : HarvestING them.
11:44 : Aelvna tVecj : ::if she were not Rihanha, she would boggle::
11:45 : Erein tLynta : That holy site is active. noticed how few there were. A peaceful race with no preditors...and they are few in numbers.
11:46 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Have already or will? Are there any indications that there have been some taken? Do they have stories of the missing?
11:46 : Aelvna tVecj : Well, they said their larger cities had more of them. You know, in the underground caveds.
11:47 : ::circumspect::
11:49 : Erein tLynta : ::widening scans::
11:51 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::looks at tr'Moussa, nods, hits button:: +Vegas+ Lloann'na ship Vegas, this is the Rihannsu Scout Craft Fury, on a mission from the RES Leaf. We are bringing prisoners to exchange as a gesture of goodwill.
11:51 : t'Kirna > +Vegas+ Fhaen allow us to continue on approach vector to au'r Shuttlebay.
11:52 : tr'Moussa > :::drums fingers nervously on console:::
11:52 : S'Nac > :::squeezes T'Nal's hand:::
11:52 : T'Nal > ::looks at S'Nac, smiles sweetly::
11:53 : t'Lohan > :::is positively ready to HURL::
11:53 : JhuCaevra tTalia : # Vegas OPS> +Fury+ Proceed to Shuttle Bay one.
11:54 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > +Vegas Ops+ Acknowledged. Dropping speed to one quarter impulse and headed to Shuttlebay io.
11:54 : JhuCaevra tTalia : # Captain Joshua Mallory> ::Frowns from his command chair.:: What prisoners? Did they send profiles? And why now?
11:54 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Guard > ::looking at t'Lohan:: Are au all right? Au seem a little more green about the gills than usual.
11:55 : t'Lohan > ::shrug:: I'll be fine.
11:56 : t'Kirna > :::bringing Scout Craft in towards Shuttlebay 1 of the Vegas:::
11:56 : :::watching from Tactical console::: We are almost in, Ihhei.
11:56 : Aelvna tVecj : ((4 minute warning! Argh!))
11:57 : JhuCaevra tTalia : # Commander Josephine Nadiri> Unknown. I've seen nothing from them save for their original message of prisoner transfer. ::She stood from her chair.:: I'll meet them. Chief, you are with me. ::Motioning to the Security Chief.::
11:57 : # I want a team down there now and one to escort our "guests" to security for validation.
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::to all in Fury:: Remember, t'Kirna and I are au'r "guards" ... the rest of au are Lloann'na personnel whom we have taken prisoner. Au'r ID's have been carefully faked.
11:58 : S'Nac, T'Nal, t'Lohan, tr'Guard, others > :::nodnodnodditynod:::
11:59 : Erein tLynta : I've looked over the data we have on their holy rites. There's very little to go on. I'm attempting to scan their data banks directly with the probe.
11:59 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > Moving in and docking. :::reducing speed to thrusters:::
12:00 : Sunday, December 30, 2007
12:00 : Telar trIsmail : ::looks over to Ael:: We're in. Fury has docked.
12:01 : t'Kirna > ::cuts engines:: Stand by all to disembark.
12:01 : tr'Moussa > And remember who au are *supposed* to be ...
12:01 : JhuCaevra tTalia : # Captain Joshua Mallory> ::Nodding as his XO exited the bridge. He frowned back at the data padd in his hand, wondering why the aliens were stalling.::
12:02 : Telar trIsmail : ACTION > Exit hatch opens on Fury in Shuttlebay 1 on Vegas.
12:02 : Aelvna tVecj : #######End Sim#########
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11:09 : Aelvna tVecj : ########Begin Sim#########
11:09 : ########Begin Sim#########
11:09 : ########Begin Sim#########
11:09 : ::kicks over a body, looks at his mutilated face::
11:09 : ::snorts in disgust::
11:10 : Erein tLynta : ::goes a little pale and she wipes some Orion blood off her stations consol::
11:10 : Aelvna tVecj : Our patrols have gotten too lax... too many of our ships at ch'Rihan, cleaning up THOSE messees.
11:11 : ::janitorial uhlan:: ::starting in Engineering with mop:;
11:11 : ::glances at t'Lynta:: Did any of the equipment get damaged?
11:11 : Holo Remus Lupin entered the room.
11:12 : Holo Remus Lupin : Sorry lost track of time watching a documentary
11:12 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Welcome!))
11:12 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::Trying to ignore the puddle of blood oozing about her shoe, Jhu was crouching over one of the downed pirates, searching his clothing for some sort of identification. She paused as the man took a breath.::
11:12 : This one isn't quite dead....
11:12 : Erein tLynta : ::pulls glove from her coat pocket and puts it on before touching the still sticky consol:: Checking now.
11:12 : Aelvna tVecj : ((We're cleaning up the bridge after the pirate attack))
11:13 : Holo Remus Lupin : ::On the bridge::
11:13 : Aelvna tVecj : Telar, I want your team to go over the ship with a fine-toothed comb... and examine all the bodies, check their pockets, see if any of them
11:13 : are carrying anything that can tell us what in ARREINYE is going on.
11:14 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods:: Ie Ihhei. On it hna. ::heads to 'lift, steps in:: Main Security. ::'lift doors close ... 'lift zoooms::
11:14 : ::TL doors open, heads apace down corridor to Security::
11:15 : Erein tLynta : All systems seem operational.
11:15 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::sitting at desk, rises:: Rekkhai.
11:15 : Report.
11:16 : Aelvna tVecj : At least there's that.
11:16 : ::sees Jhu, who took a few of them out::I'm sorry there aren't any left alive for you to question.
11:16 : Or to take back to the Senate and string up.
11:16 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > This ship is absolutely littered with those ... things.
11:17 : Aelvna tVecj : ((hee))
11:17 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods:: The Enarrain says we are to search the ship up and down and find every last one of them and ascertain vah their motives are.
11:17 : Aelvna tVecj : Aensai... Perhaps you should put on a uniform with less...blood on it.
11:17 : Erein tLynta : ::glances over to the one Jhu mentioned was still alive::
11:18 : JhuCaevra tTalia : He's breathing, but I wouldn't guess as to how long. ::She pulled several items from one of the pouches on his vest and stood up to examine them.::
11:18 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::nods:: Ie Rekkhai. On it hna. ::grabs kaleh and hand ieyaak, exits to patrol::
11:18 : Holo Remus Lupin : Aensai>*blinks* Is there not something you need more of me rekkhi? *looks down in disgust at his uniform, more in disgust it might take him away from his duties to the Empire*
11:18 : Telar trIsmail : ::motions to S'Nac and T'Nal::
11:19 : Aelvna tVecj : The pirates are dispatched. you may take your leave briefly until t'Lynta and I find out where they came from.
11:19 : Scans?
11:19 : Telar trIsmail : S'Nac, T'Nal > ::coming to desk in Main Security:: Rekkhai?
11:19 : Holo Remus Lupin : Aensai>As you command Rekkhai *salutes then leaves the bridge*
11:20 : Erein tLynta : Sensors are clear now. Reviewing records of the battle.
11:20 : Telar trIsmail : Take au'r personal weaponry and ISD's and head out towards Medical.
11:20 : Erein tLynta : ::pulls up sensor skematics of the pirate ships::
11:20 : Telar trIsmail : S'Nac, T'Nal > Ie Rekkhai. ::gather weapons and ISD's and head off::
11:21 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Pirate three> ::-Dead, but twitching next to t'Lynta's feet.::
11:21 : Aelvna tVecj : ((I'm imagining us watching battle replays on YouTube))
11:21 : I should have had Aensai take one of the bodies with him. They're starting to smell.
11:22 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna ... au will be my right hand in this ... we'll take the command route.
11:22 : t'Lohan ... au have the Engineering route as au used to work there. Let's be off.
11:22 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Pirate at Jhu's feet> ::Finally gasps for breath, twitches, and whispers something just before he dies.::
11:23 : Erein tLynta : ::doesn't notice the twitching dead....then suddenly does..jumps, gasps silently, and freezes with her eyes closed...with a cold shivver down her back she pushes the body away with her boot::
11:23 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna, t'Lohan, tr'Isma'il > ::gather weapons, ISD's, head off::
11:24 : Aelvna tVecj : ::raises kaleh at all the death rattles:: What in arreinye?!
11:24 : Telar trIsmail : Pirate > ::emerges from out of nowhere, tries to jump tr'Moussa::
11:25 : Aelvna tVecj : ::moves over between t'Lynta and the corpse::
11:25 : Erein tLynta : ::recovering herself:: The ships seemed to be a hodpodge of parts and sources.
11:26 : Aelvna tVecj : Look away, scientist.
11:26 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::dodges, kicks Pirate to ground, slashes him with kaleh::
11:26 : Erein tLynta : ::happily diverts her eyes from the bodies::
11:26 : Aelvna tVecj : ::slits the throat of the one under the science console::no blood flows:: Okay.
11:26 : Telar trIsmail : Pirate in Security > ::chokes, dies quickly::
11:26 : Aelvna tVecj : ::straightens:: What's this about the ships? Any identifiable, um, parts?
11:27 : :;didn't hear the whisper, but keeping a suspicious eye on Jhu::
11:27 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::searches Pirate for any clues::
11:28 : Erein tLynta : The parts were Romulan, Klingon, Federation, Cardassian, Dominion. Looks like they made use of anything left floating in space from the Dominion War.
11:28 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::She nudged the dead pirate with the toe of her boot to make sure he was really dead and then went back to looking at the jewelry she'd looted from him, eventually slipping the pieces into her pocket.::
11:29 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::pulls a bag from Pirate's pocket, rifles through it::
11:29 : Erein tLynta : However, the powerplants all seemed to be either Klingon or Federation in origin. Could simply be those are the easiest to get parts for.
11:30 : Holo Remus Lupin : Aensai>::throws off his uniform once inside and steps in to take a shower::
11:30 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::discovers the usual loot ... plus ... :: Hmmm what's this? ::puts hand inside bag and pulls out ...::
11:31 : JhuCaevra tTalia : (( A shrunken head ))
11:31 : Aelvna tVecj : So they were in the war, and then wandered all the way back here...
11:31 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::... a deck of cards ... ::
11:31 : tr'Moussa > ::double take::
11:31 : Aelvna tVecj : I wonder if we should ask the Klingons :;spits:: or Captain Mallory ::spits:: if there have been similar attacks.
11:32 : Telar trIsmail : tr'Moussa > ::shakes head, deposits deck back in bag, heads back on patrol route::
11:32 : Erein tLynta : Commander, something else. None of the ships had much in the way of fuel storage. Made them lighter and more manuverable...but their range was too small to be from any known system in this area.
11:33 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::peering through Engineering, going like a cat gingerly at night, sticking to the walls::
11:34 : Erein tLynta : <<with all the blood...and spit, kinda hard Not to stick to the walls>>
11:34 : Aelvna tVecj : Then... where did they come from?
11:35 : Erein tLynta : I do not know.
11:35 : Aelvna tVecj : ::looks around the bridge, wondering if anyone else will have an answer::
11:35 : Telar trIsmail : S'Nac, T'Nal > ::looking through Medical::
11:35 : JhuCaevra tTalia : All over, I'd guess. ::She moved to another very dead pirate and went through his pockets, searching for more information.::
11:36 : This one isn't Orion, but seems to be some other type of humanoid. He's bleeding red.
11:37 : Aelvna tVecj : ::walks over and peers down at him:: Inconvenient that you shot most of his face off.
11:37 : Telar trIsmail : t'Kirna > ::with tr'Isma'il, on a deck-to-deck search of the ship::
11:39 : JhuCaevra tTalia : You'd rather be dead? ::Glancing up at Ael as she hovered over the body. She pulled the insignia off of his shirt collar and held it out to her.::
11:40 : Erein tLynta : There would be less paperwork that way.
11:41 : ::goes back to her science stuff::
11:43 : Aelvna tVecj : Na, of course not. I mean, can't we just run his blood against the zoology database?
11:45 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Ie. An easy solution if he is from io of the worlds we have on record. ::She stood, more looted "treasure" in her hand.:: But that is na my department.
11:45 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::continuing her search in a *very* dark area of Engineering ... pauses to shine her wrist lamp around::
11:45 : Aelvna tVecj : ::glances at Jhu's hands:: And your department is...?
11:45 : Erein tLynta : ::turns slowly and winces....then pulls out scanner::
11:46 : ::scans the remains::
11:46 : Telar trIsmail : Pirate in Engineering > ::silently steps forward from behind her, quickly clamps her mouth shut and holds a knife to her throat:: ::q:: One word ... and you are dead.
11:46 : Pirate in Engineering > ::q:: Do you understand me?
11:47 : JhuCaevra tTalia : Na medical. And na science. ::Poking through the pieces in her hand. She held up a particular coin and arched a brow.:: There are still civilizations that use this form of currency?
11:47 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::nods, drops weapons::
11:47 : Pirate in Engineering > ::q:: Gooooood. This way. ::leads her back to his hiding place::
11:49 : Erein tLynta : This one is humanoid. Possibly Terran or one of their colony worlds. No notable features to pinpoint an origin.
11:50 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::There were also several crystal-like cylinders which she held up to the light and peered through, frowning.:: Some form of data device?
11:50 : Telar trIsmail : Pirate in Engineering > ::shines light into her face so her eyes squeeze shut:: ::q:: Ahhh, a Romulan beauty. ::stuffs gag into her mouth, binds her quickly:: You will make a fine one for my collection. ::smirks::
11:51 : t'Kirna > It's been a while Rekkhai ... shall we contact the others?
11:51 : Aelvna tVecj : ::frowns at the crystals:: Not my department...
11:51 : Telar trIsmail : ::nods:: +tr'Moussa+ Nveid, come in. Report.
11:52 : tr'Moussa > +Isma'il+ ::q:: tr'Moussa here Rekkhai. Found io here in Security. Killed the wort.
11:52 : JhuCaevra tTalia : And your department is...? ::She tucked the crystals into her own pocket and held out the random pieces of jewelry.:: Most carry their fortunes with them. Jewelry is easiest to carry, wear, etc.
11:53 : Telar trIsmail : +tr'Moussa+ Mnekha.
11:53 : +S'Nac, T'Nal+ S'Nac, T'Nal, come in. Report.
11:54 : T'Nal > +tr'Isma'il+ ::q:: Rekkhai ... all is well so far here in Medical.
11:54 : +S'Nac, T'Nal+ Mnekha.
11:54 : Aelvna tVecj : ::smirks:: My department is keeping you in the comfort that you have become accustomed to. ::gestures at t'Lynta:: and her. So that you can figure this out without the...smell.
11:54 : To distract you.
11:55 : Telar trIsmail : +t'Lohan+ t'Lohan, come in. Report.
11:55 : Pirate in Engineering > ::hears comm:: What?
11:55 : t'Lohan > HMMM!!!!
11:56 : Aelvna tVecj : ((Mutant!))
11:56 : Telar trIsmail : +t'Lohan+ t'Lohan, come in. Come in. Report! ::exchanges glances with t'Kirna::
11:57 : Pirate in Engineering > ::tears comm off of t'Lohan, flings it away::
11:57 : +t'Lohan+ t'Lohan. Report!! ::hears static::
11:57 : t'Kirna > Something's wrong ...
11:57 : JhuCaevra tTalia : ::She smiled slightly and the jewelry went into one of her other pockets. She'd examine the pieces later to determine the origins. Or perhaps she was just adding to her own collection.::
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : Pirate in Engineering > I warned you. ::holds up knife:: Not a sound, my beauty. Not a sound. ::smirks::
11:58 : Aelvna tVecj : t'Lynta... Please, take half a shift and eat while we clean up here. By then the autopsies will be complete.
11:58 : Telar trIsmail : t'Lohan > ::in a cold sweat::
11:58 : Aelvna tVecj : ((1 minute warning!))
11:59 : Telar trIsmail : Let's head to Engineering.
11:59 : t'Kirna > ::nods and follows tr'Isma'il::
12:00 : Sunday, February 10, 2008
12:00 : Erein tLynta : Yes ma'am. ::logs off her console:: ::removes her gloves and leaves them on the still sticky station for someone else to deal with::
12:00 : Telar trIsmail : ::exiting TL and heading down corridor to Engineering ASAP::
12:01 : t'Kirna > ::likewise::
12:01 : Aelvna tVecj : ######End Sim#########
12:01 : ######End Sim#########
12:01 : ######End Sim#########
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