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FKA Election - News From FKA Commander

Postby Capt Kevin Acura » Sun Nov 06, 2005 4:51 am

Greetings all,

Well, it's That Time Of The Year again ... we're heading into Flu Season (get inoculated -- we presume that, by the time of the Kirk era there will be a cure but, alas, not in our day and age) and, of course, this means that, in less than a month, we will be having our annual election for Commander of the FKA Council.

Anyone who is a member of an active FKA Sim and who is also interested in running is eligible as per the FKA Constitution, Article 2, Section 2. Rank, seniority, and position in Sims are no obstacle to running. If someone wishes to run all he/she has to do is write to his/her CO who will in turn forward the nomination to the Council.

Nominations will be placed between Thursday December 1 and Thursday December 15. Beginning Friday December 16 the CO's of the Council will vote for the nominees. This will continue for a maximum of 2 weeks unless all Sims have voted first. Whichever nominee scores a majority becomes Commander for calendar year 2006.

In case of a tie (possible as we have 6 Sims) the Commander, Vice Commander and JAG may form a panel so as to decide the outcome -- unless one or more of them is in the running, in which case we're all in deep doo-doo.

Errr no j/k there. If no candidate gets a majority ... and if the "triumvirate" panel cannot be formed due to one or more of them being in the running ... the membership of the FKA at large votes. And, as some people here obviously belong to more than one Sim, no ballot-box stuffing.

Whoever wins the election becomes FKA Commander on January 1, 2006. He/she will be required to place in nomination the names of those people he/she wishes to serve as Vice Commander and JAG. These people are confirmed "by default"; i.e. if nobody on the FKA Council raises objections to their being named, they automatically assume office without a vote.

There is no limitation placed upon how many terms a Commander, Vice Commander or JAG can serve. All well and good. I've served several terms each as Commander and Vice Commander and by now you know that, more than a year and a half ago, I had a heart attack and managed to muddle my way through. I've had a good year this year until last month when I had to be hospitalized yet again. Nature, I think, telling me it's time to let somebody else step up to the plate next month. I think I can do a better job simply by running the Golden Eagle, seeing what is to be done about the Vendetta (including a complete makeover and possibly hiring a new CO for her), playing on the Hnoiyika (my longest-ever Sim!) and keeping a hand in with Olympus IV and Freedom and, perhaps in the coming year, also exploring at least observing on Phoenix and Daystrom. Plus I am still going to be talking to my crewmates on the Liberty and the Orion, on both of which I serve as XO (which means I'll have quite a full plate for starters), about their possibly joining FKA.

So let's get this message out and come December Let The Games Begin!

Fleet Adm. Isa M. Mansur
Commanding Officer,
SF RES Golden Eagle ARRV 580320Commander
Federation-Klingon (and Romulan, too!) Alliance, calendar year 2005

Passed on to FKA Board announcements by ...
Captain Kevin T. Acura
Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. Daystrom
FKA Commander

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