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Henry Nyles

Postby Henry Nyles » Tue Feb 14, 2006 12:57 am

PERSONNEL FILE: Nyles, Henry, M.D.
Rank: Ensign
Current assignment: Assistant Medical Officer, USS Phoenix
Full Name: Henry Sebastian Nyles
Year of birth: 2340 (current age 36yrs)
Parents: Charles Franklin Nyles and Penelope Nyles
Education: Starfleet Academy and Medical School, 2358-2366
Marital status: Single
Starfleet Career Summary
2367 With rank of Lieutenant junior grade, assigned to Starfleet intelligence for training. Became very adept in the art of extracting information from humanoid subjects through chemical process.
2369 Quickly promoted to Lieutenant for his work on biomolecular studies, and the high percentage of useful information extracted from enemy operatives utilizing his chemical interrogation techniques.
2370 Demoted to Ensign for refusing to "erase" a Romulan operative, who was planning on asassinating the Andorian delegate to the UFP.
Currently: Serving aboard the USS Phoenix as an AMO

Personnel Profile: Report of Starfleet Intelligence Counselor T'Peq, Vulcan Sector
Apart from his medical routine, Nyles trains to be a well-rounded officer, and worked to improve his tactical skills, phaser marksmanship and even melee ability. He is cool in a medical crisis, and will put himself in harms way to ensure the safety of his patient. He keeps a medical kit on him, at all times. Nyles will perform his duties unquestioningly, unless he is ordered to kill. His dedication to his hypocratic oath, not allowing him to take a life. The ensign hails from a long line of highly proficient physicians and surgeons. His family was not too pleased to hear that he chose Starfleet over private practice.
In medical school, Nyles was an outstanding archer, serving as co-captain of the Starfleet Medical School team. He also was a member of the fencing team, and the equestrian society.
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What a little girl!!!! :-)
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