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Information on the Olympus System

Postby Molly D Hall » Mon Apr 03, 2006 12:03 am

There are five planets in the Olympus system. There is an ateroid belt which is believed to have been another planet in between Olympus IV and Olympus III.

Olympus I has no moons, has no breathable oxygen in the atmosphere, and has a hostile environment. Also, it's proximity to the Olympus star creates an extremely high average temperature with no humidity.

Olympus II has three moons, a breathable atmosphere, and a hostile environment. It has extremely dangerous storms and a high humidity level and temperature. It also has a heavily clouded atmosphere which creates a greenhouse effect and blocks out most of the light from the Olympus star. Not much else is known because of the heavy cloud cover. Excursions are planned to study the planet in closer detail.

Olympus III has one moon, a breathable atmosphere, and a non-hostile environment. It is also capable of being settled for it has no known life forms and a reasonable temperature and humidity level. The main reason it wasn't settled is because there are no known oceans.

Olympus IV has high levels of mineral deposits, two moons, oceans, a breathable atmosphere, plant and animal life, a moderate temperature and humidity level. It has seasons that vary from area to area. The colony is settled in an area that has a rainy season and a dry season. Water is available to the colony year round and there are no harsh winters. The heavy snow areas are in the mountains to the north of the colony. The two moons orbit on exactly the opposite sides of the planet from each other, which is a strange phenomenon to be studied.

Olympus V is a cold, barren planet with six moons. There is no known life on this planet and would be great for a military outpost or jailing colony, but that's about it. It has no real atmosphere to think of and the humidity is non-existant.
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