Law and Order: Trial by Jury

Stories by Rysler

"In the Presence of Grace" - After a hard case, Tracey joins Kelly at mass.

"Modern Times" - Tracey and Kelly work on a case that brings them into conflict, and brings up issues a little too close to home.

"Waking Up Next to Someone Else" - Kelly shows up on Tracey's doorstep, hoping for a place to stay for a few days after a water main break renders her apartment unlivable.

"Breaking Her Down" - Tracey broods.

"Those Moments" - Timing is everything when it comes to the hiccups...

"The Visitor in Red" - Tracey awakes in the middle of the night to bloating and irritability. Kelly comforts.

"An Early Snow" - Unexpected snow flurries make Tracey resent the coming Christmas in New York, but Kelly's making plans to warm her.

"Noose" - Tracey deals with being fired.

"Breakfast of Champions" - Sunday mornings, chocolate cupcakes, and Kelly Gaffney, naked. Tracey marveled at her good fortune.

"One Night, One Felony" - Hector and Chris go undercover for a drug bust at a gay bar.

"Donlan" - The defendant in a sexual abuse trial is shot over an alleged drug deal and Alex must work with the prosecutor handling the new case. (Alex Cabot/Tracey)

"Purgatory" - An old friend shows up at Tracey's door in the middle of the night. (Alex Cabot/Tracey)

"Manhattan" - Kelly becomes Jack's assistant A.D.A. (Jack/Kelly)

"Summer Games" - The two women in Tracey's sight could easily be sorority sisters, well-coifed and smiling and carrying around their M.R.S. degrees. If the observer didn't know them that well, well enough to know they had nothing in common, not even the job when their departments were so different and there were a thousand prosecutors in Manhattan. Still, blonde and copper hair mingled well in the summer wind. (Kelly/Casey)

"Ice Cream in September" - Brown, dry, brittle. Not the romantic orange and yellow of a fiery autumn, just the cold reality of old New York.

"Calling" - Kelly's first morning at a new job.

"All in a Day's Work

Episode Screenshots

The Abominable Showman (1.01)
Forty-One Shots (1.02)
Vigilante (1.03)
Pattern of Conduct (1.06)
Bang & Blame (1.07)
Skeleton (1.08)
The Line (1.09)
Day (1.11)
Eros in the Upper Eighties (1.13)


"I hate it when you gloat" - Tracey (WAV)


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