Bree/Lynette - Slashy Moments

Any dialogue contained below is taken from the Transcripts at: Ultimate DH Thank you.

Pictures are my own screencaps, taken from the DVDs.

Ep 1: Pilot

Bree and Lynette sit next to each other at Mary Alice's wake.  When clearing out Mary Alice's stuff, Bree and Lynette end up with their heads in the back of the car at the same time, ideal for a little smoochin'.  When Gabrielle opens 'the note', Bree and Lynette look at each other, all disapproving

There is a common misconception that, after they toast Mary Alice, Lynette reaches out to touch Bree's cheek.  Unfortunately, it's Susan's cheek she touches as is evidenced by this picture.

Ep 3: Pretty Little Picture

When the girls are discussing the dinner party, Bree and Lynette admonish and mock each other in a very familiar way. Yeah, OK, so they're old friends and this isn't out of place. But still, it's all about the interpretation isn't it?

Susan: "How could we have all forgotten about this?"
Lynette: "We didn't exactly forget. Itís just usually, when the hostess dies, the party is off."
Bree: "Lynette!"
Lynette: "I'm not being flip, I'm just pointing out a reality."
Gabrielle: "Mary Alice was so excited about it. Itís so sad."
Susan: "I think we should go through with it."
Bree: "Really? Wouldnít that be in poor taste?"
Susan: "No, itís sort of a way to honor Mary Alice. It was so important to her."
Gabrielle: "We could all use a fun night."
Bree: "Well good, because I have some new flatware that I've just been dying to show off!"
Susan: "Lynette?"
Lynette: "I'm in."
Bree: "I'll make braised lamb shanks."
Lynette: "I'm still in."

Lynette doesn't seem all that shocked at Rex's revelation about the counselling. She kind of shrugs at Bree. Take from that what you will. I'm not all that sure what I'm taking from it, or even why I'm mentioning it.

Also, at the actual dinner table, all the couples are seated together - Carlos and Gabby, Susan and Mike...and Bree and Lynette.

It is underlined in this episode that neither Bree nor Lynette are happy in their marriages:

Lynette: "I don't know. Rex announced that he and Bree are in counseling. She retaliated with this whole revelation which I won't even go into now, and the bottom line is, he stormed out. Clearly there is trouble in paradise."
Tom: "Honestly, I'm not that surprised."
Lynette: "Why not?"
Tom: "I don't know. I just never got the idea that they were really happy."
Lynette: "Are we happy?"

Ep 4: Who's that Woman?

Lynette and Bree discuss the twins at Lynette's kitchen table on their own. I get the impression that Bree knows more about the Scavo brood than Tom does.

Ep 5: Come in Stranger

Lynette asks Bree to lie for her to get the twins into Barcliff. And Bree agrees. From what we know about Bree, this is very out of character and would require a very deep and important relationship for her to agree to compromise her principles, as well as jeopardize her grandchildrenís chances of getting into Barcliff.

Ep 6: Running to a Standstill

At Paul's yard sale, when Susan is discussing Mary Alice with Paul, Bree and Lynette are chatting away to each other in the background (mostly out of focus).  It looks like Lynette is telling Bree a very amusing story.

Bree loves sex. But she is not a fan of the scrotum. It's official.

Lynette phones Bree to help with her sewing. OK, so she spoils it a bit by saying she's already tried Susan. But maybe she only tried Susan coz Bree was out of the house trying to seduce Rex at the time?

Ep 7:  Anything you can do

Lynette and Bree have been in contact as it is Lynette who informed Bree about Susan finding Zach at the mental institution.

Lynette does not take it well when Tom compares her unfavourably to Bree.  Looks like she has underlying inferiority issues.

Lynette is so strung out on her medication in this ep that she kisses Susan!

Ep 8: Guilty

The famous park scene. Lynette is hooked on ADD medication and has dumped her children on Susan and taken off. Bree and Susan come to find her, leaving the children with Danielle. Oh how we wish Susan hadn't been there.

Surely Danielle was already slightly traumatised by all the lies and crimes that have been happening in her family and forcing the mini-Scavos on her could only increase her mental anguish. What should have happened is that Susan called Bree to tell her what had happened and Bree volunteered to go and find Lynette by herself while Susan watched the kids. Then Bree would have been the one doing all the comforting without Susan getting in the way with her platitudes and hugs. Oh well, we can dream. Or write fan-fic.

Ignore Susan, that's Bree's fingers she's playing with.

But as it stands, the scene is still pretty great. Bree calls Lynette 'Baby' and 'Honey' (twice) and strokes her hair away from her face. There is also much knee touching. And I can't be sure but I think Lynette is fiddling with Bree's fingers at one point. Cuteness abounds!

In addition to the actual cuteness of the scene, we have to take into account the fact that Breeís whole life had been thrown into turmoil in this episode. Her precious son had run over Mama Solis and she herself had planned and executed a crime. Despite this, she still came out to look for Lynette and comfort her in her hour of need. A friend indeed.

Ep 9: Suspicious Minds

In this episode, Lynette once again asks Bree to compromise her principles by helping her to poach a nanny from a rich family.

Some heavy flirting going on here, especially on the line: "So come on...where can I score some high grade nanny?"

The fact that Bree caves and complies, again, despite this being against her better judgment, also shows the depth of the women's relationship.

Plus the little smile Bree gives Lynette right at the end of the scene is just delicious.

Ep 10: Come Back To Me

The Ironing Scene. Having successfully stolen a nanny, Lynette finds herself with some free time. So where does she go? She goes to Bree's house to watch her iron.

Someone already slashed up this conversation on bree_lynette way better than I could so I'm not gonna. I cannot for the life of me find the post again so if anyone knows where it is lemme know. But anyway, there are meaningful looks aplenty that could very easily be interpreted any way you see fit.

Ep 11: Move On

At the announcement that Mrs Huber is missing, it's Lynette who knows what's happening with Bree - i.e. that she's bringing Rex home from the hospital that day - and so has obviously spoken with her at some point that the others weren't privy to

Ep 12: Every Day a Little Death

It's Lynette who phones Bree with the news of Mrs Huber's death.

After Felicia's weird and inappropriate speech about her sister's demise, Lynette places a comforting hand on Bree's back.

Ep 14: Love is in the Air

This really isn't slashy at all, but it's a lovely image and implies intimacy so I'm including it - Lynette hands baby Penny to Bree for no apparent reason while the girls are sitting on the porch talking.

Ep 17: There won't be trumpets

A nice slashy episode.

Bree and Lynette are seated next to each other on a bench while Susan is having her crisis re Mike's letter. They exchange many little looks during the scene.

During Mama Solis' funeral Bree and Lynette walk in the procession arm-in-arm, despite the fact that both of their husbands are there. Tom is walking at least three paces behind Lynette. And Bree gives Lynette a rose.

Ep 18: Children will listen

A favour, a fight and a make up scene, all in one episode!

Lynette asks Bree for the immense favour of watching her brood at the last minute. She eventually persuades her by mentioning her panty-hose.

Bree spanks Porter during the baby-sitting session and this comes to light during a later poker meeting. Lynette is very upset and they argue, with Lynette making some unkind remarks about Andrew. Bree looks devastated and leaves. Both women are obviously upset and shaken by this event.

Near the end of the episode, Lynette is in her garden when Bree comes out to check her mailbox. They look at each other across the street, longingly one might say.

Bree turns to go back in and Lynette calls out to her, crossing the street. Bree pauses before she turns to face Lynette, obviously worried about what is to come. The exchange goes as follows:

Lynette: "Hey. Look, I just wanted to apologise."
Bree: "Lynette, don't. The fact that you just crossed that street means the world to me. And if anyone here should apologize, itís me."
Lynette: "Thank you. Looks like Tom's got the mob under control. Want to have some coffee? Sit around, bitch about our kids?"
Bree: "I would love to."
Lynette: "Okay."

The relief is evident on Breeís face when Lynette apologises.

They walk across to Lynette's house, bumping shoulders as they go.

Whether youíre a slasher or not, this is beautifully played by both actresses, as is the argument scene. Lovely.

Inside, Lynette's kids are running wild, she puts her head in her hands and Bree rubs the back of her neck and holds her arm.

Also in this episode, Bree finds out that Andrew thinks he might be gay.

Ep 23: One Wonderful Day

In the hospital waiting room, after Rex has had his second heart attack, it's Lynette who enquires about Bree's state of mind, and itís Lynette who finishes Breeís sentence for her:

Bree: "You know what? I am so happy that you guys came here, I really am, but I am trying really hard to be strong, so if you keep comforting me..."
Lynette: "You're gonna lose it?"
Bree: "Mm-hmm."

And also, hands on bare knees.


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