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Untitled - Scene. 'It had never happened in the middle of the day before.' (PG-13)


Excuses - Drabble. 'She makes little muffins for the Wisteria Lane picnic, and wonders what kind of heaven it will be if she's all alone.' (R)
August - Drabble. 'This is Bree's life now: knocked-over tables and Lynette every afternoon.' (PG-13)
In pursuit of punishment - Drabble. 'There are easier ways to go to hell, but this one comes naturally to both of them.'(PG-13)
Work - Drabble. 'This was her life now, this all day away from everyone, all day at the office and when she came home Bree would have muffins and Lynette didn't even know what kind because Lynette wasn't there to watch her bake.'(PG-13)
Scars - Drabble. 'These things to hold her place, now, things to witness what she is missing.' (PG-13)


Lying and Stealing - Companion ficlets. (PG-13)
The Benefits of Lying with your Friend - Lynette ponders love while Bree lies sleeping. (PG-13)
Perception - Drabble. Bree and Lynette from a different point of view. (PG-13)
This love is real - Drabble. Bree loses her religion. (R)


Makes me want to lose myself - Bree and Lynette discuss Andrew. Set after 'Children will listen' (PG-13)
A lifetime of not knowing - Bree thinks about perfection (PG-13)
When no-one is watching - Tom is bored one evening (R - Sex)
Sometimes - Sometimes it's enough (PG-13)
Room Service - Bree, Lynette and a French Maid's outfit. Set during 'Sundays in the Park with George'. (PG-13)
Don't want to be alone - After the S1 finale, Tom makes an announcement.(R - Language)
Comfort - Bree needs Lynette. (set during S1 finale)(PG-13)
Degrees of Happiness - The Scavos move into Wisteria Lane. But some residents look more familiar than others.(R - Sex)
Droplets - Drabble. Set during 'Fear no more'. (PG-13)
A little help - 'They just needed a nudge in the right direction.' (PG-13)
Because of you - Danielle Van De Kamp is an angry young woman. (R)
Secrets - After the Pilot, Bree worries about her own secrets. (PG-13)
Whisper so loud - Bree calls Lynette. *SEASON 2 SPOILERS* (PG-13)
Life goes on - Two POVs on 'The Restaurant scene'. *SEASON 2 SPOILERS* (PG-13)
Arms that know how to rock me - Lynette visits Bree. *SEASON 2 SPOILERS* (PG-13)
Gratitude - Bree and Lynette spend some time together after 'Guilty' (PG-13)
Subtlety - Susan and Gabby talk. (R)


Unhygenic - 'There’s something about showering together that seems even dirtier than the actual sex.'(NC-17)
Got off - A massage between friends. (PG)
Detachment - "Why weren't you watching him?" (PG-13)
What difference does it make? - 'You can never sleep afterwards'(NC-17)
In the dreamhouse - 'There wasn't anything to tell Tom. Really.' (NC-17)


Silence - Bree's musings on silence. (PG-13)

Bree Lindguist

Only you - Bree needs more than a friend. (R)

Cappuccino Girl

Pale Pink - Set after 'Come in, Stranger' (G)


Reverential - 'She desperately whispers to all the deities she can think of.' (NC-17)
Fallen - Watch this space, I'm open to falling from grace.' (Follows 'Reverential') (PG-13)
Lie To Me - All she could think about was how she wanted to walk down Wisteria Lane with Lynette's hand in her own and to just let everyone realise.' (Follows 'Fallen') (PG-13)
Let Go - Fall to pieces... (R)
Not just a river in Egypt - 'It's all she can manage.' (Companion piece to 'Let Go') (R)
Blurring - 'That is the moment your world lightens' (PG-13)
This is their dangerous game - 'Beating heart, is this love for real?' (PG-13)


Always be - Bree and Lynette at age 15. (PG-13)
Penny for your thoughts - Bree helps Lynette think of names for her unborn child. (R)

Chelsea Bateman

One short night - Bree helps Lynette sleep. Set after 'Guilty' (R - Language)
And you will come around - Takes place during 'Come Back To Me' after Bree finds out that Rex's been checked into the hospital by Maisy Gibbons. (PG-13)


Status Quo - Bree and Lynette explore their feelings (PG-13, UNFINISHED)


Seelensturm - Bree van de Kamp und Lynette Scavo, langjährige Nachbarinnen und mittlerweile beste Freundinnen. Doch was, wenn aus Freundschaft plötzlich Liebe wird? (R, GERMAN/DEUTSCH)
Aimé avec passion - Der One-Shot eines intimen Moments zwischen Bree und Lynette. (NC-17, GERMAN/DEUTSCH)


Let go - Bree and Lynette take a vacation together.(NC-17)
Happiness is a warm gun - Massage Therapy. (R)


Unseemly - Set after the nanny-poaching exchange in 'Suspicious Minds'(PG-13)
The Theory of Everything - Lynette ponders her actions in 'Suspicious Minds' (PG-13)
Here There be Dragons - Set during 'Every Day a Little Death', Lynette and Bree talk about the thing between them (PG-13)
Somnambulist - Set after 'Impossible, Lynette lies in bed and thinks (PG-13)
Wishin' and Hopin' - Set during 'Ladies who Lunch', Edie gets in the way (PG-13)
Nosology - Set after 'There won't be trumpets', Bree and Lynette discuss their situation while they tidy (PG-13)
Boundary Violations - Set after 'Children will listen', Bree gets a phone call (PG-13)
Fractals - Set during 'Live alone and like it', the Scavos get a visitor (PG-13)
Windmill Tilting - Bree comforts Lynette during 'Fear No More' (PG-13)
Ambitendency - A phone call during 'Sunday in the Park with George' (R)
Heisenberg Territory - Bree and Lynette meet before the intervention in 'Goodbye for Now' (R)
The Illusions of Prisms - Set during and after the events of 'One Wonderful Day' (R)

These fics deal with Lynette firing Claire, in two different ways.
Disturbances - Light(R)
Disturbances - Dark(R)

Retail therapy - A Wisteria Lane shopping expedition. (Post S1) (PG-13)
Revelations - Tom thinks about his marriage. (PG-13)


Two lives - 'Tom lasted six months' (PG-13)
The Storm - 'And Bree didn’t think she’d survive it.' (PG-13)


Disturbance - Lynette comforts Bree after the S1 finale. (PG-13)
The Ballad of Miss Lindquist and Miss Mason - 'Kiss me like you mean it' (R)
Musings - Someone muses on Bree and Lynette's relationship. (R)
College Party - 'I’ve been in love with her ever since' (PG-13)
Sweet the sting - Lynette drinks wine and listens to music. (PG-13)


Dessert - Bree throws a dinner party. (PG-13)
Love and Marriage - Bree throws a dinner party. (PG-13)

Keren Ziv

Kiss and Scold Together - Some are kissing mothers and some are scolding mothers, but it is love just the same, and most mothers kiss and scold together. (R)


Once and again - After Rex's death, and some time apart Lynette stops by Bree's. (PG-13)


Understanding - 'Sometimes, it feels as though no one has ever understood you.' (PG-13)


Makes it hard to tell - '...she assumed Bree would be demure' (NC-17)
The horror of suburban gossip - People will talk. (PG-13)
Flames are never doused completely - 'Better than no repentance at all.' (R)
Rip you apart - Drabble. 'You should stop this now' (R)
Closing in - 'Everyone will find out.' (PG-13)


Slip up - Bree slips up. (PG-13)


A little sugar - 'It was like, the beautiful way her hair always fell the exact place it did before kept Bree in some sort of a rhythm.' (PG-13)


Green - Two hearts uniting. (PG)


Heaven's a lie - It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. (R)
Goodnight, Lover - Bree and Lynette: College Roommates. (Hard PG-13)
Tag, you're it - A phone call. (PG-13)
Determination - 'We'll make it work'. (PG-13)
Cellular warfare - Phone tag. (PG-13)


Sinner - 'Because a sinner won’t turn into a saint.' (R)


Two shades of rose against an eternal path of black - Bree is alone. (G)


The Reaction - Reactions to events in the S1 finale. (G)
The only thing she can think of - Bree finds something Lynette has written. (R)
The way into Bree's sexuality - Everyone has needs, even Bree Van De Kamp. (R)
Seduca - 'but she is equally dirty as she is clean'. (R)
Dress up - The French Maid and the Hussy. (R)
My angel - Bree can't sleep (PG-13)
Someone's POV - Someone watches. (R)


The isolation of silver - In the aftermath of the S1 finale, Lynette comes to Bree. (G)

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