Love and Marriage

by Jemma

It had been a year since my husbands death and my house, and my life, was beginning to return to normal.

The warm sun streamed into my spotless kitchen as I cut the freshly prepared turkey and lettuce sandwiches into perfect triangles. Transferring them to two separate plates, I added two of my chocolate chip cookies-baked the previous day-to each plate. Setting a glass of water on the counter with everything I started to clean up the small mess I had created in preparing lunch.

Wiping my hands on the thin apron covering my thighs, I smiled. Satisfied. Shaking my hair from it’s neat bun, I let my now wavy cooper tresses fall about my shoulders. Soon came the now familiar sound of the backdoor opening as Lynette’s stylishly sexy heels announced her presence.

Briefcase in hand, Lynette grinned and immediately crossed the room to plant a soft yet deep kiss on my lips.

“Mm.. Sorry I’m late, honey. The Robson meeting ran over.”

Smiling warmly I wrapped my arms loosely about her slender waist. “That’s quite alright sweetie. I made lunch early”

Lynette’s eyes followed mine to the counter and she grinned like an excited child. “Oooh cookies.”

Lightly slapping her manicured hand away I warned, “Ah ah, sandwich first, missy.”

“Yes mommy.” Setting her briefcase down, with a lopsided smirk and a wink of those amazing blue eyes, Lynette took her plate to the table at the same time as quenching her thirst on the large glass of water.

I routinely switched on the coffee machine and took a moment to take in the scene.

Lynette had always been beautiful to me. Even before our relationship grew, from being close friends to lovers. But now that she had gone back to work, I found her irresistible. I had seen Lynette-the mother, an endearing beautiful mess. Lynette-the social party guest, spell bindingly memorising in her evening wear. And now, Lynette-the working woman. Intensely driven and just as intensely attractive. Her soft luscious hair falling around her face, yet still managing to look tidy and professional. Lynette’s amazing figure now accentuated by the cut of her perfectly tailored suits. The breast of her jacket always leaving enough room for a flash of her tantalisingly low, casual top. Her presence now elevated by any of her extensive collection of stiletto’s. Of course it was all advertising. That was her business and she knew just what she was doing. And just how to advertise herself.

The business-woman quirked an eyebrow at me as she polished off her sandwich. “What?”

“I was just thinking.” I smiled, pouring the coffee.

“What about?”

“Us. This. I mean look at you. The busy working lady in your suit, with your briefcase. And me, the doting wife. Making you lunch in my piny.” I chuckled and soon Lynette’s own musical laughter joined mine.

Removing said piny, I brought my plate to the table before going back for the steaming mugs of coffee. Lynette took hers with an appreciating, exasperated look. “Thank you. I know, aren’t I just the perfect husband?” She grinned.

“Yes. Yes you are.” I reached across the small expanse of table to take her hand-I had seated myself at the side next to my love, instead of the opposite end. “Speaking of..”

“Don’t worry. I parked my car around the block. Tom didn’t see me. He still thinks I eat on the go.”

“You, are a very naughty woman Lynette Scavo.” I smirked.

“And, you, are a very sexy lady, Bree Van De Kamp.” With that, she leaned to kiss me with cookie sweetened lips.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Her smile still present, she stroked my cheek so softly I felt I might melt off of my chair, before casually returning to her lunch. I, myself, unaware of the fact I had not even started to eat.

“Will you be back later tonight?” I questioned.

“Of course.” Lynette replied. Her voice muffled by a mouthful of cookie.

“Don’t do that.”

She swallowed. “Yes dear.” Giggling as I rolled my eyes.

Yes, my scars were healing and my life was returning to just the way I liked it….


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