Disturbances - Light

by faithinthepoor

The redhead’s skin is slick with sweat as she crawls over her body and back up the bed before collapsing on the sheets beside her. She slowly caresses the soft skin at her partner’s hip as she waits for Bree’s breathing to return to normal. She feels the mattress shift as Bree moves to lie on her side but when she leans over to kiss her, Bree pulls away, “There is something I need to tell you.”

“We can talk later, I have other more important things in mind right now.”

Bree smiles and runs her finger between Lynette’s breasts but then moves to the edge of the bed so that she is out of reach. “I think you need to hear what I have to say.”

“This better not take long.”

“You know impatience really isn’t that becoming.”

“I’m impatient for you that should count for something,” she rolls over to lie on her stomach and runs her hand down Bree’s arm.

“It does but I need you to focus. I don’t really know how to tell you this but you need to talk to Claire.”

Lynette shoots her a confused look, “What do you mean, have you heard something because her references were good.”

“I am sure that they are fine but we, ah, we kind of weren’t entirely alone for a moment there.”

“Are you trying to tell me that Claire walked in on us?” she asks as she reaches over to the other side of bed and grabs the quilt, covering her body with it.

“That would be a reasonable assessment of the situation.”

“Oh my God,” her words are muffled as she has now buried her head under a pillow.

“You can hide all you want but that’s not going to change what happened.”

“Why didn’t you let me know?”

“I kind of had other priorities at the time.”

Her arm emerges and she slaps in the general vicinity of Bree’s head, managing to catch Bree’s nose with the tips of her fingers, “Why didn’t I hear anything?”

“Well, my thighs were wrapped pretty firmly around your head at the time.”

She lifts her head off the bed but continues to hold the pillow over it, “Man I really liked having a nanny.”

“What’s with the past tense?”

“I have to get rid of her Bree, she’ll tell Tom.”

“I don’t think you need to be so drastic, you should just talk to her.”

“I don’t see what good that would do.”

Bree rips the pillow off Lynette’s head only to watch Lynette substitute her arms for the missing item, “Would you just look at me?” she strokes Lynette’s hair as she waits for a response but there is no movement, “Fine, don’t look but you are going to listen. I got the feeling that she was impressed with what she saw, I don’t think she’ll tell.”

“Bree, she saw you naked, God she saw me naked and I was kneeling and…” she can’t complete the sentence and she prays that everyone has lied to her when they have told her that you can’t die from embarrassment, “Christ on top of everything else it was hardly a flattering angle.” Bree’s laughter is deep and rich. “I don’t know how you can possibly find this funny.”

“I was just thinking that is a position that I have always been quite fond of you in.”

“How can you be enjoying yourself?”

“It’s just that you are so adorable some times.”

“As much as I like to be complimented, I really don’t feel any better.”

“Would you just come out from under the quilt so that we can talk properly?”

She doesn’t move, “No, I may never come out, I am going to wear this quilt forever, I will make it into a tracksuit and it doesn’t matter how bad it will look cause I am never leaving the house again.”

“Stop being so melodramatic! Tell me how you got Claire to be your nanny.”

“You know how.”

“I know that you used the fact that you are sleeping with me to get me to reveal information.”

“I did not!”

“Are you going to tell me that if I hadn’t have told you want you wanted to know that you wouldn’t have withheld sex until I caved.”

“You’ll never know but it’s good for me to know that even the possibility of me withholding can get me what I want.”

“Good enough news that you will look at me?”

“I may never look at you again, it’s possible that I am blind from the trauma.”

“Lynette sweetie if anyone is going blind it should be Claire but I maintain that she more than liked what she saw. So tell me how badly did you flirt with her when you were convincing her to take the job?”

“I can’t believe you think I would do that.”

“Lynette you flirt without even trying, I don’t think that you even know that you do it half the time. I’ve been on the receiving end of it enough times but I am not so naive to think that’s it’s limited to me.”

“Well there is the small matter of the man I am married to.”

“I thought it went without saying that it wasn’t limited to him.”

Lynette lifts her head up and moves her arms so that she can rest her chin on them and squints at Bree through eyes that are reduced to slits, as though she believes that if she can’t really see, then no-one can see her, “You think I flirted with her and that she liked it and that’s why she took the job? She’s a child Bree there is no way she is interested in me.”

“I think she’s more than interested, I think she resented that it was me that your tongue was inside.”

Lynette emits an indescribable sound before she replies, “It doesn’t matter, she still has to go.”

“You could find out how she feels, see where it takes you.”

“That wouldn’t bother you?”

“We’ve been over this, we are both married, this is only a bit fun that we are having.”

“A bit of fun shouldn’t get other people fired.”

“You don’t have to fire her, you could have some fun with her”

“I don’t want her, I don’t want anyone but,” her sentence is terminated by Bree’s palm landing over her mouth.

“Don’t you dare even think that, we promised that there would be no feelings involved and that if there were, we would end this and I am having too much fun for us to end this.”

“I don’t want us to end, I am willing to fire my nanny to keep you,” due to the disapproving look on Bree’s face she corrects herself, “to keep this.”

“Are you really going to fire her?”

“She has to go, I’ll find a way to get rid of her.”

“So are we done talking about this cause I have plans for you don’t include talking, I just need you to come out from under there.”

“I told you, I am never coming out from here but I am willing to have you join me,” she waggles her eyebrows lasciviously as she flips the edge up so that it also encompasses Bree and pulls her close, letting herself drown in Bree’s kisses. They progress at a rapid pace, as though they feel that they need to make up for the time that they lost and it is not long before the moans and sighs that Bree’s talented fingers are producing drown out any thoughts of Claire.

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