Only you

by Bree Lindguist

It was a bright and relatively sunny day on Wisteria Lane. Many people were out and about, but not Bree. Bree was stood gazing out the kitchen window, feeling lonely and wishing Lynette was coming over soon. She sighed and turned, brushing the tears from her icy blue eyes. She smoothed her long, deep blue skirt of satin clean and settled alone on the sofa. She carefully looked around, once she was sure that no-one was around she allowed herself to relax a little. She was soon crying, thick heavy tears, silent sobs taking over. Her copper hair swang forward, covering her eyes and face from view. Her light blue top was soon a darker colour from all the tears.

Lynette crossed to the window and sighed. The boys were asleep and Tom was out. What was the point in being stuck here? The boys were going to be asleep for a long time and she could easily use a break. She sighed again and flicked her blonde hair back over her shoulder, looking back to the window and seeing a distinct shadow by the sofa in Bree's house. she wiped her eyes tiredly and yawned. It had been a tough day already. She yawned again then pulled herself together, wiping her hands absentmindedly over her jeans and yanking her shirt into place. She looked into the mirror and smiled slightly. She looked relatively clean and tidy comapred to usual. Her blue eyes shone, gentle and caring all the time. She smiled again slightly, then prepared to visit Bree.

Lynette didn't bother knocking on the door this time, she never did any more. She was used to just walking into Bree's house. She did so now, quietly, not wanting to disturb whatever Bree was doing. When she crossed into the font area of the house that contained the stairs and the sofa, she saw a broken woman. Someone who needed her. Needed her... Lynette. Lynette sighed softly and crossed to Bree and the sofa. Her voice was soft as she spoke. "Bree?"

Bree looked up quietly, still crying. Lynette spoke again. "Hey... hey... shh... it's alright." She settled onto the sofa and gathered the sobbing woman to her. "It's alright..." Luynette said again. She knew Bree needed a friend, someone to cling to. Bree settled willingly into Lynette's arms, a mere shadow of the normally bright and strong woman. She knew it was alright now... Lynette was here.

Lynette smiled softly when Bree settled into her arms, she knew this feeling. It was usual. A love for Bree that had to remain hidden most days... now she could offer the compassion and understanding she'd longed to show all the time when she knew Bree was hurting. Bree felt the same way but was npot going to show it... no... it was too dangerous.

Lynette sighed softly. "Bree...why do you refuse help all the time? I want to help you..." Bree shook her head and muttered something unintelligable. "Oh Bree..." Lynette sighed. "No-one would frown on it..." Bree sighed and muttered another something. "Bree... there's no shame in needing help... god knows you've seen what happens to me... I fall to pieces all the time and you're forever putting me back together... It's ok to need to be fixed now and again..."

Bree looked up then, smiling slightly. "I know..." Lynette smiled back."But I can't... Lynette... you don't understand.." Lynette started to reply but Bree cut her off. "No... don't... don't... I'm not wanting to be rude Lynette but I just... I can't afford to drop my morals..." Lynette murmured something and Bree spoke again. "I know Lynette..."

Lynette looked at Bree then. "But you don't...." Then before Bree could speak again Lynette leant in and kissed her, gently, timidly yet passionatly. When they broke both Bree and Lynette sucked in a deep breath. "Bree..." Bree looked her in the eyes then and Lynette knew... Bree understood.

"Say no more Lynette.." Bree murmured quietly, leaning in to catch Lynette's mouth in another tender kiss. The two looked at each other, not just to cover, the soul also. Lynette saw the beauty of Bree that few could... the needy side, the tender and lost side. Bree saw Lynette's motherly and kind and amazingly sweet side... Lynette was always beautiful but now she shone. Lynette smiled against Bree's mouth then broke the kiss. All that she could say was... "Oh god..."

"I know..." Bree replied quietly. "Lynette..." The two said nothing, they both knew what they wanted. Bree wanted to see Lynette, all of her. Lynette wanted the same of Bree but she also wanted to free the loving soul that hid inside the carefully built barriers. She would have to break them down but that should be no problem.

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